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Multi-objective Satisfactory Optimization Based on the APSO

YUAN De-guo,WEI Zi-lin,CHENG Yan-rong,LU Ting-jin,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: This paper proposed a satisfactory optimization method for the multivariable control system with multi-parameters and multi-objectives.By designing satisfactory rate functions of performance criterions and comprehensive sati-sfactory rate functions of the system,satisfactory optimization model of multi-objectives control system was constructed,in which satisfactory design of performance criterions and optimization of controller parameters were considered together.Then,the satisfactory optimization design pr...
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Laminated composite constructions of panels and other structural elements are currently being used for many applications in aerospace, automotive, civil and defence industries. Laminated composites have general advantages over more traditional materials such as greater specific strength, specific stiffness, corrosion and fatigue resistance among others. Optimization of composite laminates with respect to ply angels to maximize the strength is necessary to realize the full potential of fiber reinforced materials. In this paper a modified Non- Dominated sorting Genetic Algorithm is used to obtain pareto-optimal design of composite laminate square plate. The objectives are to minimize the weight and deflection of graphite/epoxy square plate subjected to the constraint that the Tsai-Wu failure factor (ζ) should be less than or equal to one. The multi-objective optimization algorithm used in this paper has better sorting, incorporates elitism and no sharing parameter needsto be chosen a priori.
New satisfactory optimization for QoS multicasting routing problems

LI Yan-min,TAN Xian-hai,SUN Hui-li,WEN Bi-li,

计算机应用研究 , 2007,
Abstract: With discussing the key problem of QoS routing, the paper built up a multi-criterion satisfactory optimization model based on satisfactory optimization. The model was more suitable for QoS routing. The simulation results indicate that the model can efficiently shorten the time of routing with strong applicability and flexibility.
Flow and capacity distribution of computer communication networks based on multi-criteria satisfactory optimization

WEN Bi-li,TAN Xian-hai,SUN Hui-li,LI Yan-min,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: The theory of satisfactory optimization was applied to computer communication networks, and the multi-critcria satisfactory optimization method for computer communication networks was proposed. By designing satisfactory rate functions of performance indexes and synthesis satisfactory rate function of computer communication networks, satisfactory optimization mathematic model for computer communication networks was constructed. The satisfactory optimization of capacity and flow distribution was performed based on improved genetic algorithm that has rapid convergence and good global search capability. Experimental results show that the computer communication network designed by this algorithm has more satisfactory performances than traditional methods.
Camping and quality of life  [PDF]
Frank H. Fu, Linxuan Guo, Yanpeng Zang
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.33036

Attaining health and quality of life is universal among global citizens. Since its introduction by Dr. Halbert Dunn in 1962 the term wellness was used to reflect qualify of life and has been widely accepted and defined in the Western culture. In adapting this concept to the Chinese community, the components of adaptation and homeostasis should be considered in addition to physical, mental, social and health fitness. Camping is a common activity among the Western Culture which provides purposive leisure, social, education and therapeutic activities. It allows campers to escape from city life and enjoy Nature. In the Chinese community, the challenges remain to promote and develop camping to an attractive activity in the pursuit of quality of life and wellness. The present study would report the effects of selective camping programs on campers, the lifestyle management practices of Hong Kong residents and a profile of Hong Kong campers. The study was limited with data obtained from surveying 975 Hong Kong secondary school children from 11 - 18 years old using a questionnaire developed earlier [1]. Also, the case study on the effects of camping on anxiety was based on data collected from 130 campers who went to a 3-day camp.

Solution of multi-objective programming with interval coefficients based on satisfactory degree and GA

XIA Hao-ran,WU Tao,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: In the condition of lack of initial knowledge, this paper gave satisfactory degree of constraint function, according to the step of genetic algorithm to solve multi-objective programming, and got non-poor solution set, then according to fitness va-lue, selected the optimal solution. At last, the examples prove the effectiveness and viability of algorithm using the method to solve multi-objective programming with interval coefficients.
Duality in Solving Multi-Objective Optimization (MOO) Problems  [PDF]
Chandra Sen
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2019.93006
Abstract: Multi-Objective Optimization (MOO) techniques often achieve the combination of both maximization and minimization objectives. The study suggests scalarizing the multi-objective functions simpler using duality. An example of four objective functions has been solved using duality with satisfactory results.
Numerical-Experimental Updating Identification of Elastic Behavior of a Composite Plate Using New Multi-Objective Optimization Procedure  [PDF]
Samir Ghanmi, Sofiane Bouajila, Mohamed Guedri
Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology (JSEMAT) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsemat.2013.31003
Abstract: This work focuses on the updating-based identification of the three-dimensional orthotropic elastic behavior of a thin carbon fiber reinforced plastic multilayer composite plate. This consists in identifying the engineering constants that minimize the relative deviations between the first eight experimental and three-dimensional finite element frequencies of the vibrating free plate. For this purpose, a multi-objective optimization procedure is applied; it exploits a Particle Swarm Optimizer algorithm (PSO) that is coupled to a metamodeling by the new response surfaces method procedure (NRSMP); the latter is based on numerical design experiments. The conducted sensitivity analyses indicate that the four engineering constants of the two-dimensional elasticity are the most influent.
A Multi??Objective Optimization for Composite Leaf Springs Using Genetic Algorithms

- , 2015, DOI: 10.7652/xjtuxb201508017
Abstract: 为了使某客车复合材料板簧的性能达到最优,提出了一种针对复合材料板簧的多目标优化方法。综合应用遗传算法中的权重系数变换法和混合法,调用编写的复合材料板簧各项性能的Matlab计算程序,采用Matlab遗传算法工具箱建立了以铺层参数为设计变量,以复合材料板簧的刚度、强度和质量为子目标的多目标优化模型。优化结果表明,簧身的宽度应取最大值,从长度渐变铺层区域末端到中部凸起结构的簧身厚度应以抛物线规律增加。对优化得到的设计方案进行样件试制和台架试验。试验结果表明,优化得到的复合材料板簧质量为钢板弹簧的40%,疲劳寿命是钢板弹簧的3倍,同时也满足整车对板簧刚度和强度的要求。
A multi??objective optimization method for the composite leaf spring of a type of buses is described to optimize the performance of the composite leaf spring. A multi??objective optimization model is established in the genetic algorithm toolbox of Matlab software by using the weighting coefficient transformation method and the hybrid method in genetic algorithms. The variables of the model are parameters of the layer scheme and the stiffness, the strength ratio and the mass of the composite leaf spring are sub??goals of the model. A Matlab program is coded to calculate the performance of the composite leaf spring. The results show that the width of the composite leaf spring should be maximized and the thickness of the composite leaf spring parabolically increases from the end of the layer region with gradient length towards the bump structure. The prototypes of the optimal design scheme are manufactured and a bench test is performed. The test results show that the mass and the fatigue life of the composite leaf spring are 40% and three times of those of the steel leaf spring, respectively. Moreover, the stiffness and the strength of the composite leaf spring also meet the requirements of this type of buses
Satisfactory feature selection and its applications

ZHANG Ge-xiang,JIN Wei-dong,HU Lai-zhao,

控制理论与应用 , 2006,
Abstract: Feature selection is essentially a satisfactory optimization problem in engineering applications.Most of the existing feature selection methods did not consider the cost of feature extraction and automatic decision of the dimension of feature subset.In this paper,a novel approach called satisfactory feature selection method(SFSM) is proposed.SFSM considers compromisingly classification performance of feature samples,the dimension of feature set and the complexity of feature extraction.Feature satisfactory rate and feature set satisfactory rate are defined.Several satisfactory rate functions are designed.Satisfactory feature set evaluation criterion is given in a mathematical way.Satisfactory feature selection algorithm is described in detail.Experimental results of radar emitter signal feature selection and recognition show that SFSM is superior to sequential forward selection using distance criterion,new feature selection method and multi-objective genetic algorithm in computing efficiency and feature qualities.Hence,the validity and applicability of the proposed method are verified.
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