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Study of the standing figures in the five domes of the Virgin Ljevi ka in Prizren  [PDF]
Popovi? Ljubica D.
Zbornik Radova Vizantolo?kog Instituta , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/zrvi0441319p
Abstract: nema
Prizren Sanca ’n n dar Yap s (1864–1912) //// The Administrative Structure of Prizren Sanjak Between 1864–1912
Yücel Yi?it
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2010,
Abstract: Balkanlar n nemli merkezlerinden biri olan Prizren de idar de isikliklerden nasibini alm st r. XIX. yüzy la kadar sancak merkezi olanPrizren, mevcut kosullara g re kimi zaman vilayet kimi zamanda sancakstatüsü verilmistir. dar alanda yap lan yenilikler sonucu 1868’de k sasüreli ine merkezi yine Prizren olan Prizren Vilayeti tesis edilmistir.Ancak mevcut sartlar g z nünde tutularak 1874 tarihinde PrizrenVilayeti la vedilerek nce Manast r sonra da Kosova Vilayeti’ne ba l alt sancaktan biri olmustur. 1877–1878 Osmanl -Rus Savas ve sonras ndaimzalanan Berlin Antlasmas ’yla Prizren’in idar yap s nda s k s kde isiklikler yap lm st r. Hatta bu de isiklikler zaruretten dolay o kadars kl kla yap lm st r ki bazen bir yerlesim biriminin idar durumununtakibini zorlast racak düzeyde olmustur. Tüm bu gelismelere ra menPrizren, sancak statüsünü Osmanl idaresi süresince hi kaybetmedenmuhafaza etmistir.//// Partitioning, which was based on sanjak style in administrativestructure of the Ottoman Empire, continued to 19th century despite thepresence of Ottoman Empire’s states. However, the organization of thestate, which was taken place after the Tanzimat Reforms, shaped with the basis of provincial administrative. After Tanzimat Reforms, it could beseen some changes in the administrative ruling of the states and also inthe physical environment of the states. All these changes were carriedout for the sake of centralizing the administration. However in 19thcentury, accelerated soil loss also brought a team of administrativeregulations.Prizren, one of the important centers of the Balkans also receiveda portion of administrative changes. Prizren, as being the center ofsanjak until 19th century, could get the state statue but some timesanjak statue, that happened according to the conditions. With theresults of reforms that were put in the practice in the administrative sidePrizren became a state in 1868 for a short time. But after a time, forsome reasons Prizren state was abolished than its territory firstconnected to Manastir and after to Kosova. Prizren became one of the sixsanjaks of Kosova. 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian War and after the BerlinTreaty, the frequent changes have been made in administrativestructures in Prizren. Despite all these developments, Prizren had neverlost its sanjak’s statue during the Ottoman rule.
New teratological examples in Neotropical Staphylinidae (Insecta: Coleoptera), with a compilation of previous teratological records
Asiain, Julieta;Márquez, Juan;
Revista mexicana de biodiversidad , 2009,
Abstract: teratology is the study of malformations that affect various organisms and may cause taxonomic confusion. the goal of this work is to compile the previously published information about malformations in species of staphylinidae, to describe 10 teratological cases that have not been previously recorded in neotropical species of this family, and to point out the high frequency of these malformations in the studied specimens. the previously recorded cases were obtained from review of 13 papers, and the studied specimens were obtained on loan from several collections. in total, 43 teratological cases were compiled for staphylinidae, belonging to 39 species from 8 subfamilies. ten teratological cases are described for specimens from belonuchus, agrodes and plochionocerus. one of them occurs in b. apiciventris, 2 in a. elegans, 3 in p. humeralis, 3 in p. fulgens and 1 in p. splendens. most of the anomalies affect the antennae (7 cases), but teratologies that affect mandibles (1 case), midlegs (1 case) and pronotum (1 case) are also presented.
Yücel Y???T
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: On XVIII and XIX Centuries, modernization and nationalism had started in spreading with acceleration and had caused holistic nature with the cracks and distinctions between the east-west, also this situation over time had become downright deep. The unrest that started in this century, continued until World War II. Founded after the 1878 Berlin Congress, Prizren Union Society had intended to establish an independent state by being feed up with nationalism, in Albanian geography. Prizren Union Society, by discarding itself from the first decision of the society foundation, had gained power after became the locomotive of nationalism among the Albanians. However, as it was known at the beginning Prizren Union Society was not in the mood of establishing a free state, also even they didn’t want to part from Ottoman Empire. Despite the uncertainty and incapability on society ideas, Prizren Union Society could achieve to start Albanian national awakening and further more, had prepared the ground for Albanian’s separation from Ottoman Empire as being a free state at 1913. During this period, Britain, Russia, Austria-Hungary and Italy, such a large states, had even opened consulates in Prizren to follow the events closely. XVIII. ve XIX. Yüzy llarda ba lay p h z kazanan milliyet ilik ve modernle me; do u-bat aras nda bütünsel nitelikte atlamalara yol a m , ayr mlar zamanla büsbütün derinle mi tir. Bu yüzy llarda ba layan huzursuzluk II. Dünya Sava ’na kadar devam etmi tir. 1878 Berlin Kongresi sonras kurulan Prizren ttihat Cemiyeti ise milliyet ilik damar ndan beslenerek Arnavut co rafyas nda müstakil bir devlet kurmaya niyetlendi. Cemiyet, ilk kurulu amac ndan saparak Arnavut milliyet ili inin lokomotifi haline geldikten sonra Arnavutlar aras nda gü kazanm t r. Halbuki ba lang ta Cemiyet’in milliyet i bir hareket noktas nda yola kmad aksine Osmanl Devleti’nden ayr lmak gibi bir niyetle kurulmad bilinmektedir. Fikir belirsizli i ve uyumsuzlu a ra men cemiyet, Arnavut milli uyan n ba latm ve 1913 tarihinde Osmanl Devleti’nden koparak müstakil bir devlet haline gelecek olan Arnavutluk Devleti’ne zemin haz rlam t r. Bu d nemde ngiltere, Rusya, Avusturya-Macaristan ve talya gibi büyük devletler olaylar yak ndan takip etmek i in Prizren’de konsolosluklar bile a m lard r.
Teratological forms of diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) as indicators of water pollution in the western part of Puck Bay (southern Baltic Sea)
Monika Dziengo-Czaja, Justyna Koss, Agnieszka Matuszak
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10009-007-0042-1
Abstract: Studies of benthic diatom communities in the surface sediments of the Swarzewo area of Puck Bay were carried out during 1998 and 1999 in order to assess water quality, and in particular the organic load. Among the 192 taxa identified, teratological forms of diatoms were recorded in 17 diatom species, primarily in the species Opephora mutabilis, Planothidium delicatulum and Fragilaria fasciculata. The number of teratological forms was significantly higher in sediments rich in organic matter, which had concurrent high concentrations of phosphorus and nitrite nitrogen compounds. The highest teratological diatom abundances were recorded in α- mesosaprobic conditions, especially during spring and summer. It is postulated that teratological diatom valves are indicative of poor water quality.
Quantification of Teratological Effects of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Isolated from Commercial Poultry in Pakistan
Zaheer Ahmed,Abdul Hameed,Khalid Naeem
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2007,
Abstract: In continuation of our studies with the Infectious Bronchitis prevalence in Pakistan, the current study was conducted to determine the teratological effects of the Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) on developing chicken embryo. The tissues collected (Trachea and Lungs) from clinically positive IB chickens were tested with the indirect immunofluorescence assay against M-41 IBV strain (reported previously). The positive samples were further tested with the RT-PCR against the IBV primers (reported previously). The tissue homogenates from 43 such RT-PCR-positive samples were serially passaged through 11 days old embryos and the effects on the embryonic development in terms of dwarfing, curling, stunting and urates deposits were recorded. The data showed that the passaging sequentially increased the IBV teratological effects. Only 13 out of 43 samples exhibited IBV-associated teratological effects over various passages. These effects were effectively neutralizes by using IBV variant specific antisera in a viral neutralization test. These studies imply that IBV variants isolated from Pakistan are no different in producing teratological effects considered representative of the IBV.
Teratological Effects of Gamma-Irradiation during three Gestaional Intervals in Rats  [PDF]
Elham A. Al-Shaibani, **Nadia, H. Ismail, ***Omaima S. Eissa
Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine , 2009,
Abstract: Aim of the work: The present study aimed to evaluate the teratological effects of gamma-irradiation during three intervals of gestation; pre-implantation, organogenesis and fetal periods in rats. Material and methods: Four groups of pregnant rats were used in this study; the first one (GI) served as control. The second (GII), third (GIII) and fourth (GIV) groups were subjected to whole body -radiation at a sub-lethal single dose level of 4 Gy at the third day, 10th day and 14th day of gestation respectively. Pregnant rats were sacrificed at the 20th day of gestation, implantation sites, resorption, embryonic death, fetal death, growth retarded fetuses, external malformations and skeletal malformation were recorded. Results: The results showed that whole body -irradiation caused resorption in the embryos of pregnant rats especially in those exposed during the pre-implantation period than the two other periods. The embryonic and fetal deaths were prominent in the fetuses maternally exposed to whole body -irradiation during the organogenesis period. The highest percentage of growth retarded fetuses was found in fetuses maternally exposed to -rays during the organogenesis period followed by fetuses maternally exposed to -irradiation during the fetal period and then fetuses maternally exposed to -irradiation during the pre-implantation period. The skeletal malformations as a result of -irradiation were mostly represented in less ossification in the skull bones, less ossification in the vertebral centra and wavy ribs. The most affected fetal skeleton was perceptive in GIII (fetuses maternally exposed to -irradiation during the organogenesis period) followed by GII and then GIV.
Tracing lexical borrowings in the Balkans Albanian loan-words in the Serbian speech of Prizren  [PDF]
Petrovi? Sne?ana
Balcanica , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/balc0334157p
Abstract: During the past centuries the city of Prizren has persisted as a unique multiethnic and multicultural environment atypical even for the Balkans, well-known for its ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious diversity. Various nations used to live and pass through Prizren in the course of more than six centuries – the Serbs Turks, Albanians, Aromanians, Greeks and others – leaving their specific marks, visible on the city itself as well as the life and the mentality of its inhabitants. One of the most vivid testimonies to this long-term coexistence can be seen in vernaculars of the local population. This paper presents some Albanian loan-words from the Serbian speech of Prizren hitherto not registered (or not recognised as such) in the respective etymological dictionaries and linguistic studies. The aim of this work is to offer their etymological analysis, through an investigation of the ways and mechanisms of lexical borrowing in the limited area of this town and to observe this phenomenon in a broader Balkan perspective. Analyzed are the following words: bajmak m., adj. indecl. "with bow legs (of man or horse)", cub adj. indecl. "short; short-tailed", cub m., adj. indecl. "robber, outlaw", ul adj. indecl. "soaking wet", iza f. "kind of crumbly cheese", glistra f. "worm", korse, korsem, krsem adv. "perhaps, as if", kulme n., kuljma f. "top of the roof", ljajka f. "lie", ljaper m. "idler", ljo ka f. "darling, sweetheart", ljum adj. indecl. "dear", ljunga f. "boil; swelling", putarka f. "salted and dried caviar", rav adv. "flat", roktar m. "servant, attendant", kret adj. "lonely, deserted, empty", krum adj. indecl. "dry as ashes".
The Concentration of Pb and Cd to Medicago sativa L. along Lipjan-Prizren Highway and their Influence on Biomass
E. Sherifi,A. Bytyqi,K. Lluga-Rizani
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The concentration of Pb and Cd is searched to 60 plants of Medicago sativa L. along Lipjan-Prizren highway in different distances from the road. While searching, it is used the plant growth on the ground. Based from the searching results, it is noticed that the concentration of Pb and Cd on three searched places has been higher in the locations near the road, except point three which the quantity of Cd has been higher in distance of 10 m far from the road. On all tested plants the highest biomass has been found to the plants which are located in distance of 10 m far from the road. On all three searched points, there are noticed negative correlations among the concentration of Pb, Cd and biomass.
Cypermethrin, a Pyrethroid Insecticide Induces Teratological and Biochemical Changes in Young Chick Embryos  [PDF]
Khurshid Anwar
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: Present study was designed to investigate the toxic effects of 50, 100, 200 and 400 ppm cypermethrin administered as a single dose at > 0 = day of incubation, on the development of chick at day 7 of incubation. The study included the investigation of teratological and biochemical changes in the developing embryos. Among biochemical constituents, activities of a few enzymes and some biochemical contents of the whole embryo were investigated. Activities of the enzymes amylase and AkP were affected with cypermethrin treatment. Activity of amylase increased whereas the activity of AkP decreased. Amylase activity was elevated at 400 ppm by 762%. In contrast, the activity of AkP was inhibited at 100, 200 and 400 ppm by 32, 85 and 53%, respectively. However, the activities of AcP, ALT, AST and LDH remained unaltered. Of the biochemical components, glycogen, free amino acids, total lipids, cholesterol, DNA and RNA contents were seriously affected. Total protein, soluble protein, uric acid and urea contents also remained unaffected with cypermethrin treatment. Cypermethrin treatment had no effect on embryonic glucose content, whereas, it affected glycogen content of the whole embryo in non-consistent manner. Glycogen content was increased at 50, 200 and 400 ppm and decreased at 100 ppm. Free amino acid content was decreased at 100, 200 and 400 ppm. Cholesterol content showed a significant increase at 200 ppm. Total lipid content was increased at 200 ppm and decreased at 400 ppm. DNA was increased at 200 ppm and decreased at 400 ppm, while RNA showed change only at the dose of 50 ppm. Teratological changes observed in the present study included the reduction in crown rump length, the size of brain and the size of eyeballs, incomplete development of eyes, beak and wing buds, micromelia, exocardiogenesis. In some treatment groups, eyes and in some groups beaks were totally absent.
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