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The Deconstructive Reading on Moll Flanders
Li Wang
Theory and Practice in Language Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/tpls.1.9.1245-1248
Abstract: As the first female protagonist in Daniel Defoe’s novels with first-person narrators, Moll Flanders is a highly ambiguous, problematic character. Emerging into the man-dominated, money-orientated society as an orphan from the lowest social class, she courageously defies her birth and eventually manages to achieve the self-designated identity of a gentlewoman. Centering on Moll’s search for personal identity, which is undergone in extreme circumstances, this thesis discusses her three processes, which actually forms a circle to obtain gentlewoman-ship. From the territorialization of gentlewoman-ship at the beginning to the de-territorialization of gentlewoman-ship to the re-territorialization of gentlewoman-ship in the end, Moll has experienced a progress of subversion, rebellion and re-subversion. Therefore, we can find Defoe’s hidden patriarchal discourse in the novel.
The Ratio Monotonicity of the Boros-Moll Polynomials  [PDF]
William Y. C. Chen,Ernest X. W. Xia
Mathematics , 2008, DOI: 10.1090/S0025-5718-09-02223-6
Abstract: In their study of a quartic integral, Boros and Moll discovered a special class of Jacobi polynomials, which we call the Boros-Moll polynomials. Kauers and Paule proved the conjecture of Moll that these polynomials are log-concave. In this paper, we show that the Boros-Moll polynomials possess the ratio monotone property which implies the log-concavity and the spiral property. We conclude with a conjecture which is stronger than Moll's conjecture on the $\infty$-log-concavity.
On the Combinatorics of the Boros-Moll Polynomials  [PDF]
William Y. C. Chen,Sabrina X. M. Pang,Ellen X. Y. Qu
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: The Boros-Moll polynomials arise in the evaluation of a quartic integral. The original double summation formula does not imply the fact that the coefficients of these polynomials are positive. Boros and Moll proved the positivity by using Ramanujan's Master Theorem to reduce the double sum to a single sum. Based on the structure of reluctant functions introduced by Mullin and Rota along with an extension of Foata's bijection between Meixner endofunctions and bi-colored permutations, we find a combinatorial proof of the positivity. In fact, from our combinatorial argument one sees that it is essentially the binomial theorem that makes it possible to reduce the double sum to a single sum.
Notes sobre el Vocabulari del bestiar cabrum d'Antoni Maria Alcover [Notes on the Vocabulari del bestiar cabrum by Antoni Maria Alcover]
Amengual, Guillem Alexandre
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2008,
Abstract: In this article the author attempts to outline the main characteristics of the Vocabulari del bestiar cabrum, a lexicographic work by Antoni M. Alcover published in the Bolletí de Dialectologia Catalana IX (1917). It is demonstrated that the dialectal and lexicographic information of the Vocabulari shows no little difference with the entry cabra of the Diccionari Català-Valencià-Balear.
Les traduccions alemanyes de literatura catalana [German translations of Catalan literature]  [PDF]
Robles i Sabater, Ferran
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2005,
Abstract: The last two decades have witnessed an unprecedented growth in the number of German translations of Catalan literature. The recent publication of F. Robles’s Bibliografia de la literatura catalana en versió alemanya – narrativa, poesia, teatre (2005), which revises and updates all previous bibliographic collections, reopens the debate about the actual importance of the Catalan culture in Europe and aims at a commonly forgotten issue such as the literary relations between Catalonia and the surrounding countries. A brief historical description of Catalan literature translations into German will help determine the facts which have delayed, prevented or facilitated a fluent intercourse between both cultures and answer basic questions such as: When did the first German version of a Catalan text appear? Which authors, works or genres are the most appreciated by German readers? And, in particular, how have the political and social changes of the last decades influenced the relations between the Hispanic and German speaking territories?
A Proof of Moll's Minimum Conjecture  [PDF]
William Y. C. Chen,Ernest X. W. Xia
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Let $d_i(m)$ denote the coefficients of the Boros-Moll polynomials. Moll's minimum conjecture states that the sequence $\{i(i+1)(d_i^2(m)-d_{i-1}(m)d_{i+1}(m))\}_{1\leq i \leq m}$ attains its minimum with $i=m$. This conjecture is a stronger than the log-concavity conjecture proved by Kausers and Paule. We give a proof of Moll's conjecture by utilizing the spiral property of the sequence $\{d_i(m)\}_{0\leq i \leq m}$, and the log-concavity of the sequence $\{i!d_i(m)\}_{0\leq i \leq m}$.
La llengua - La lengua  [cached]
Antoni Milian,Xavier Muro,Anna M. Pla
Revista Catalana de Dret Públic , 2010,
Abstract: El règim de les llengües oficials. Comentari a la Sentència del Tribunal Constitucional 31/2010, de 28 de juny (131-138) Antoni Milian i Massana Valoració dels aspectes relatius a la llengua en la Sentència del Tribunal Constitucional 31/2010, de 28 de juny, sobre l’Estatut d’autonomia de Catalunya (139-143) Xavier Muro Bas El règim lingüístic en la Sentència 31/2010, de 28 de juny (144-148) Anna M. Pla Boix La llengua en la Sentència de 28 de juny de 2010 (149-153) Eva Pons Parera El régimen de las lenguas oficiales. Comentario a la Sentencia del Tribunal Constitucional 31/2010, de 28 de junio (131-138) Antoni Milian i Massana Valoración de los aspectos relativos a la lengua en la Sentencia del Tribunal Constitucional 31/2010 de 28 de junio, sobre el Estatuto de Autonomía de Catalu a (139-143) Xavier Muro Bas El régimen lingüístico en la Sentencia 31/2010 de 28 de junio (144-147) Anna M. Pla Boix La lengua en la Sentencia de 28 de junio del 2010 (148-152) Eva Pons Parera
The Ebers-Moll model for magnetic bipolar transistors  [PDF]
J. Fabian,I. Zutic
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1063/1.1886251
Abstract: The equivalent electrical circuit of the Ebers-Moll type is introduced for magnetic bipolar transistors. In addition to conventional diodes and current sources, the new circuit comprises two novel elements due to spin-charge coupling. A classification scheme of the operating modes of magnetic bipolar transistors in the low bias regime is presented.
Branden's Conjectures on the Boros-Moll Polynomials  [PDF]
William Y. C. Chen,Donna Q. J. Dou,Arthur L. B. Yang
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We prove two conjectures of Br\"{a}nd\'{e}n on the real-rootedness of polynomials $Q_n(x)$ and $R_n(x)$ which are related to the Boros-Moll polynomials $P_n(x)$. In fact, we show that both $Q_n(x)$ and $R_n(x)$ form Sturm sequences. The first conjecture implies the 2-log-concavity of $P_n(x)$, and the second conjecture implies the 3-log-concavity of $P_n(x)$.
Llengua i Internet: text i pretext  [cached]
Antònia Martí
DIGITHUM , 1999,
Abstract: Una taula rodona ens pot donar moltes sorpreses. Si el tema és la "llengua i les noves tecnologies" hem d’estar disposats a sentir de tot, fins els punt de no saber si els participants parlen del mateix. L’espectacle està garantit si i la taula està constitu da per una mostra representativa dels poders "fàctics" que es mouen entorn de la llengua: representants d'institucions que vetllen per la seva difusió i conservació, un ejecutiu d'una de les empreses més importants de software del món, un periodista i un escriptor. La llengua objecte del debat és el castellà. és un detall no trivial que puntualitzo per raons estrictament de rigor; si la llengua hagués estat una altra, el fil discursiu d’alguns del ponents hagués seguit una altra trajectòria: ni millor ni pitjor, diferent.
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