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Keynes, Hobson, Marx
Robert Slidelsky
PSL Quarterly Review , 2013,
Abstract: The work compares the relative strenghts, in understanding the current crisis, of the Keynesian tradition with those of two non-Keynesian traditions: those which emphasise income inequality and those which emphasise power. In other words, Hobson and Marx. Text of a speech given at the Post-Keynesian conference ‘Reclaiming the Keynesian Revolution’ in Kansas City.
Marx, Keynes y la posibilidad de crisis Marx, Keynes and the Possibility of crisis  [cached]
Kenway Peter
Cuadernos de Economía , 1992,
Abstract: En este artículo Peter Kenway plantea que las teorías desarrolladas por Marx y Keynes para explicar el funcionamiento de la economía capitalista son complementarias. Debido a la existencia del dinero, en Marx la crisis económica es siempre una posibilidad que puede ocurrir cuando una ruptura en el circuito del capi tal separa el acto de compra del de venta. Esta posibilidad emerge de la anarquía de la producción capitalista, su característica fundamental, y plantea interrogantes sobre el nivel de demanda requerido para realizarla. La teoría de la demanda efectiva en Keynes sostiene que la crisis ocurre cuando los flujos y escapes de inversión no proveen la demanda agregada suficiente para realizar el producto. Según el autor la característica común a ambos enfoques es así el intento por construir una teoría monetaria de la producción capitalista, en la que la teoría de la posibilidad complementa la de la demanda efectiva en la explicación de porqué el dinero desempe a un papel operativo en el proceso de producción. A su vez, la teoría de la demanda efectiva complementa a la teoría de la posibilidad para explicar el nivel de demanda que se requiere para la realización del producto entre los diferentes departamentos de la economía. Así, en el análisis de Kenway, Marx y Keynes comparten un mismo terreno en cuanto a la teoría de la posibilidad de crisis. La teoría de la realidad sería campo para otro análisis. In this article Peter Kenway states that the theories developed by Marx and Keynes to explain the operation of the capitalistic economy complement each other. Due to the existence of money, in Marx the economic crisis is always a possibili ty that may occur when a rupture in the capi tal circuit separates the act of purchasing from the act of selling. This possibility arises from the anarchy of capitalistic production, its basic characteristic, and raises questions on the demand level required in orden to carry it out. Keynes' theory of the effective demand asserts that the crisis occurs when the inflows and outflows of investment do not provide the sufficient aggregated demand to carry out the producto According to the author, the common characteristic to both approaches in then, the attempt to build a new monetary theory of capitalistic production, in which the theory of possibility supplements that of effective pemand in the explanation of why money performs an operative role in the production process. In turn, the theory of effective demand supplements the theory of possibili ty to explain the demand level required to carry out the product between
Marx y Keynes: sobre crédito, tasa de interés y crisis  [cached]
Sánchez Torres Fabio
Cuadernos de Economía , 1985,
Abstract: Este ensayo tiene por objeto presentar la visión de Marx y Keynes del crédito y la tasa de interés en relación a las condiciones de acumulación, teniendo éstas condiciones su expresión, de acuerdo con las concepción de Marx, en el comportamiento de la tasa de ganancia.
Several Thoughts on Alienated Labor Theory by Marx  [cached]
Linlin Jiang
Asian Social Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v8n7p100
Abstract: The alienated labor theory that was proposed by Marx in “Economic & Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844” is the core of Marx’s alienation concept and is also the most component of the theory of Marx. The alienated labor theory of Marx was gradually mature in the process of sublating the traditional alienation concept and its formation and development mainly underwent three phases and finally turned to become a complete theory system.
The 21st Century Scandal Must Be Prevented: Keynes vs Hazlitt  [PDF]
Ezra Davar
Modern Economy (ME) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/me.2016.73039
Abstract: This paper shows that the return to Keynes’s irrelevant and incorrect doctrines from his General Theory has begun; hence, it must be prevented. This paper shows: 1) Hazlitt’s criticism of Keynes’s concept of the investment multiplier is entirely correct, revealed and based on Keynes’s fundamental flaw using throughout of the General Theory, namely replacement between cause and effect; 2) Hazlitt correctly criticized Keynes’s extremely vague and incomplete definition of involuntary unemployment and full employment; however, he incorrectly stated that involuntary unemployment couldn’t be equilibrium phenomenon; 3) Hazlitt successfully demonstrated that Keynes’s monetary theory was confusing, incomplete, and even incorrect.
Thoughts on Geographic Imaginaries for the 21st Century  [PDF]
Diana Sorensen
Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis , 2011,
Abstract: My thoughts are informed by my five years as Dean for Arts and Humanities at Harvard University, where I have been able to observe the intellectual configurations that have emerged and taken shape in response to the ways in which the world is being reimagined and represented in the first decade of this century. By tracing how the categories of space,materiality and movement are being thought about, I want to understand the institutional and intellectual transformations that are taking place in the humanities and the interpretive social sciences. One of my goals is to reduce the distance that tends to separate the institutional, administrative world from the strictly intellectual one, and further their coexistence under the larger academic umbrella which shelters both.
A new inventory for assessing cognitions in social phobia: The validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the social thoughts and beliefs scale  [cached]
Tayfun Do?an,Tar?k Totan
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the psychometric properties of The Social Thoughts and Beliefs Scale (STABS), it’s developed for assessing cognitions in social phobia by Turner and et al. (2003). STABS was administered 532 university students (343 female and 188 male) from two different universities in Turkey. In order to examine the structure validity and of STABS confirmatory factor analysis have been carried out. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that the two-factor model fitted the research data. The reliability of the scale was examined by test re-test and Cronbach alpha methods. The Cronbach alpha for the STABS’ total score was .90. The computed test re-test reliability coefficient for the STABS was .88. Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1965), and Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions Scale (Hamamc and Büyük ztürk, 2003) was used for the criterion validity. There were statistically significant positive correlations between STABS and these scales. The Turkish version of STABS demonstrated good psychometric properties, with a high level of internal consistency.
Estado e sociedade civil no pensamento de Marx
Souza, Jamerson Murillo Anuncia??o de;
Servi?o Social & Sociedade , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-66282010000100003
Abstract: this article presents a critical rescue of the construction of the categories state and civil society in karl marx's thinking. to do so, it focuses on the guidelines of the elaboration of contractualism, as well as on the meaning and scope of hegel's thinking to the theoretical remodeling of this essential mediation of the social life. this is required to express clearly the revolutionary specificity of marx's thoughts.
Marx y Keynes: dos teorías incompatibles?  [cached]
Sánchez Acosta Jairo
Cuadernos de Economía , 1984,
Abstract: En 1642, el mismo a o en que moría el destacado astrónomo italiano Galilee Galilei, nacía en Inglaterra el genial matemático y físico Isaac Newton. Esta rara coincidencia marcaria el desplazamiento del centro de la actividad académica en las ciencias físicas del mediterráneo a la Europa septentrional, pero también se alaría la continuidad del desarrollo científico y el incontenible y acelerado avance de la investigación y el conocimiento que tendrían lugar a partir del siglo XVII.
La economía de Keynes  [cached]
Cata?o José Félix
Cuadernos de Economía , 1998,
Abstract: Cartelier, Jean. L'economie de Keynes, De Boeck-Wesmael, Bruselas, 1955.
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