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Educational Policies of European Union and Evaluation of Turkey’s Adaptation Process to These Policies  [PDF]
International Online Journal of Educational Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: Education has never been so important in the lifetime of an individual as it has been today. Education is regarded as a necessity in an individual’s life. It is the fact that, in modern societies the perception of education has been undergoing significant changes. Education that is assumed to be under the responsibility of family in traditional societies is within the scope of interests of the state and international institutions in modern social structure. Nation states in the world are paying too much effort in developing their educational systems to educate individuals capable of adaptation to the changes in the process of globalization. The aim of this study was to focus on the educational policy of European Union (EU) which has the target of maintaining collaboration and integration among the members of the union within the framework of common cultural values, and also to evaluate of Turkey’s adaptation process to these policies. Issue of Education in EU is rather crucial for Turkey to advance in her candidacy progress and elevate her global competition power. The EU holds the nature of a forum where, rather than setting one politics in the field of education, opinion exchanges across countries take place. The EU provides opportunities such as international education, vocational training and youth partnerships, exchange programs and education abroad, innovative training and education programs, application of new technologies in education, collective recognition of diplomas, web of academicians and professional expertise and advisory platforms aiming comparison and policy making. Educational policy of EU covers all stages of education (private schools, universities, professional associations etc.) and components of education (student, teacher, parent, director etc.) as well as complementing the programs of member states.Life-long learning has become the main point in EU’s educational strategy. This concept includes in itself all the stages and forms of education and besides combines them. Currently, what is expected from modern education systems is to be structured in a model that allows life-long learning. Independent learning and learning to learn have gained importance more than anything else. The individual is supposed to achieve self-improvement and conduct innovative and cooperative tasks. As a candidate of EU, Turkey has internalized the educational reforms that were stated as in Lisbon Strategy, and aimed at applying them. Thus, the process of Turkey’s future membership of EU maybe considered to be a perfect occasion and an impulsive pow
The educational market. a comparison between Romania and the European Union
Enache, I.-C.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series V : Economic Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: For both Romania and the European Union, the educational market plays an increasingly important role in the social and economic life. Being the supplier of specialized work force, the market is carefully supervised by governments and mass-media. One of the options that can handle the educational market situations is provided by educational marketing. The analysis of these markets can be the first step for a better understanding of the future trends. The article takes into account the structure and the evolution of both markets and it matches the observed differences with several changes in the marketing environment.
European Union legislation on migration  [cached]
Dan Drug?
Sfera Politicii , 2011,
Abstract: The European Union has created a robust framework for the welfare of citizens by establishing and strengthening their rights as citizens, consumers and workers in many areas, including mobility, health and safety, social security, working conditions, information and consultation, equal and gender discrimination.Immigration policy is an integral part of the goal of creating an European area of freedom, security and justice. European Union treaties have established chapters management of migration and asylum issues by European Union member states. Since the formation of European Union Member States have paid attention to management of this matter, the desire to evolve to have a common European policy on asylum and immigration, based on solidarity between Member States of the European Union and is fair towards third-country nationals, as stated by the Treaty on European Union.
The principle of empowerment in the European Union
Ioana Nelly MILITARU
Juridical Tribune , 2011,
Abstract: Delimitation of competences in the EU is governed by the principle of conferral. Based on the content of these provisions work in the first three parts of it, defining and classifying skills appropriate attribution Treaties underlying the European Union (Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union) and the Court of Justice. The next three parts of the paper detailing each classification in hand, highlighting, clear delineation of the Union competences of the Member States carried out by the Lisbon Treaty and the amendments made by this treaty.
Avrupa Birli i sürecinde Avrupa Siyasi Partileri (European Political Parties in the Process of European Union)  [PDF]
Hüseyin GüL
Dokuz Eylül üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: Political parties at the European level are important as a factor of integration within the Union. They contribute to forming a European awareness and to expressing the political will of the citizens (Treaty on European Union, Article 138a). It is also problematic, as these parties do not constitute a European party system above the article. The article traces the development of transnational cooperation link among the parties of the European Parliament from 1952 to days, illustrates that, from the earliest stages of European integration, organizational structure and norms that were transnational and supranational in style and representation.
Strategy of Ukraine : Economics, Sociology, Law , 2011,
Abstract: This article considers to the essence the macro-financial assistance of the European Union, precondition of its receiving. Considerable attention is also devoted to the structure the Memorandum of understanding between Ukraine and the European Union and the Loan agreement between Ukraine (as Borrower), the European Union (as Lender) and the National bank of Ukraine (as Agent to the Borrower), and also the preparatory stages of obtaining the macro-financial assistance. В статье рассмотрена сущность макрофинансовой помощи Европейского Союза, предпосылки ее получения. Значительное внимание уделено составляющей структуре Меморандума о взаимопонимании между Украиной и Европейским Союзом и Кредитного Соглашения между Украиной (как Заемщиком) и Европейским Союзом (как кредитором) и Национальным банком Украины (как Агентом заемщика), а также этапам подготовки получения макрофинансовой помощи. В статт розглянуто сутн сть макроф нансово допомоги вропейського Союзу, передумови отримання. Значну увагу прид лено складов й структур Меморандуму про вза морозум ння м ж Укра ною та вропейським Союзом Кредитно Угоди м ж Укра ною (як Позичальником) та вропейським Союзом (як Кредитором) та Нац ональним банком Укра ни (як Агентом позичальника), а також етапам п дготовки отримання макроф нансово допомоги.
The european union as subjects of law  [cached]
Fila R.
SHS Web of Conferences , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/shsconf/20120200011
Abstract: At the international level it is recognized that development and progress of the new and unique international organization – European Union – is one of the appropriate form of the international organization’s integration. Although European Union was establish as international economic organization, it has gradually integrated the various “best practices” ideas from different governmental systems. Encouragement and motives for cooperation of Member states indicate that member states give more competences of government to the international organization’s institutes. Wherewith, it is observed that the economic and political internationalization has led to disappearance of integrity of territory of member states. The above mentioned opinion is not based on research of the European Union as international organization from standpoint of international law, but from standpoint of theory law – could give juridical estimate regarding executive power in European Union and who could define particular source and entity of administrative law of European Union.
Vocational Training in the European Union
Mehmet BALCI,Yüksel ?EL?K,Hüseyin ELDEM,Ay?e ELDEM
Yüksek??retim ve Bilim Dergisi , 2013, DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2013.057
Abstract: European Union requires some standards in all areas. Today, the importance of training qualified individuals which holds an important place in the development of countries increases and certain standards are adopted creating common European Union tools in the field of vocational and technical education. In this study, vocational education and training policies system and the standards adopted by the European Union are discussed. Furthermore, this study was accepted as a European Union project in 2010 and the results obtained from the Leonardo Da Vinci Life Learning European Union project called “Web Based Basic Vocational Training” between the years 2010-2012 were presented. Since the partners of these projects are Turkey, Spain and Germany, the structure of vocational education, institutions of public and private vocational education and the diplomas and certificates entitled after these educations are included. As Turkey is on its way to become a European Union member, a number of advices are presented for Turkey to reach its destination about vocational education standards that European Union has aimed. The purpose of the study is not only to be a guide for the young who want to get professional training in the countries that are European Union members or candidates about how and where to have education opportunities but also to give a chance for trainers and training managers, participating in vocational training, so as to glimpse different practices from different countries and compare these practices between the countries of European Union and their countries. The study is also very important as it has the opportunities for training managers to see if their countries' vocational education is close enough to vocational education in European Union.
Zbigniew B. Rudnicki
Studia Humanistyczne (Kraków. 2003) , 2009,
Abstract: The political ideas of the European Union take their roots in the writings of the founding fathers of the West European integration. However, the theoretical reflections are not profound, since the authors were in the first place pragmatists like Jean Monnet. The first political visions aimed, first of all, at convincing both political elites as well as European masses to undertake the work of the unification of Europe. The theoretical ideas related to the political dimension of the European integration awake emotions. Apart from reflections on international and regional integration, which can be found in the works on the theories of international relations, the political regime of the European Union did not await any profound study. Nevertheless, the theoretical discussion on the political shape of European Union was caused by the process of constitutionalisation of the European Union. In the course discussions on the Constitutional Treaty, the more influential authors of theoretical works presented their opinions. The most important debates turned to be questions concerning the sovereignty of the Community supranational structure as well as the democratic deficit of the European Union. This article focuses on the most important discussions led from the position of the theory of democracy as well as the international political theory.
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2009,
Abstract: The budget represents a complex system of acts and operations that together lead to a financial balance, very important for the state and citizens. The European budget has known many changes by now due to the fact that Union is continuously changing.
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