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Restructuring the Schoolbook Provision System in Indonesia
Dedi Supriadi
Education Policy Analysis Archives , 1999,
Abstract: Schoolbooks account for between 65% and 75% of all publishing activity in Indonesia. The amount of money allocated is continually increasing. Priority is given to the primary and junior secondary school levels (6+3 years), which are compulsory. Between 1969 and 1988, the Government of Indonesia (GOI) has produced some 550 million primary textbooks and library books. Up to the year 2000, the GOI has decided to allocate the total of US$ 355.2 million to produce 250 million copies of primary and junior secondary school textbooks to reach the ratio of one book for each student. In addition, around Rp 20-50 billion (US$ 10-20 million) annually is spent to purchase 8-17 million copies of reading books which are aimed at stimulating the reading interest of primary school children. These books are distributed free to some 168,000 primary and 26,969 junior secondary schools throughout Indonesia. Following the massive efforts to increase book availability at schools, some innovative policies are being taken. Book evaluation standards have been improved to ensure that only high quality books are used at schools. The distribution system has been restructured to guarantee that books reach targeted schools. Consequently, the book monitoring system has had to be strengthened to examine whether or not the books really reach the schools and are used properly by students and teachers in the classrooms. In the last three years, there has also been a growing concern with multicultural issues in schoolbook provision programs. In such a culturally diverse nation as Indonesia, schoolbooks should also be culturally sensitive and be recognize the varied sociocultural backgrounds which affect students' learning.
El manual como texto Schoolbook as text  [cached]
Agustín Escolano Benito
Pro-Posi??es , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0103-73072012000300003
Abstract: Este trabajo aborda la cuestión de la identidad del libro escolar como un género textual específico en el contexto de la manualística clásica y moderna, contextualizando los análisis en el marco de la cultura de la escuela tradicional y en la era de la revolución digital y bajo una perspectiva historiográfica y teórica. También plantea el nacimiento y primeros desarrollos de la manualística como campo intelectual y académico y sus contribuciones a la definición de la identidad del libro escolar. This paper discusses the question of identifying a coursebook as a specific text genre in the context of the classical and modern manualistics, situating the analysis within the traditional school culture and the digital revolution era, under a historical and theoretical perspective. It also covers the birth and initial development of manualistics as an intelectual and academic field and its contributions to the definition of the schoolbook identity.
The Image of Brazil as a Tourism Destination: An Exploratory Study of the American Market  [cached]
Fabiana Gondim Mariutti,Janaina de Moura Engracia Giraldi,Edson Crescitelli
International Journal of Business Administration , 2013, DOI: 10.5430/ijba.v4n1p13
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to evaluate the image of Brazil as a tourism destination as perceived by travel agents and tourism experts in the United States. The research was qualitative and exploratory, consisting of a literature review followed by an empirical investigation using in-depth interviews with travel agents and tourism experts located in the cities of New York, Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta. The findings reveal that images of Brazil have been converging in terms of diversity and ambiguity. It is important to review the negative and positive aspects cited in this study to minimize the negative elements and highlight the positive or attractive elements.
Oversea dissemination of American books and construction of American image in the background of Cultural Cold War

- , 2016, DOI: 1672-3104(2016)02-0186-07
Abstract: 摘 要: 冷战期间,出于反击共产主义与消解“反美主义”的政治、文化需要,美国在全球范围内输出大量的图书,致力于展现一幅“经济富足、政治民主、文化多元与社会充满活力”的美国形象,以一种非常隐性的方式推动了反共宣传,并在一定程度上强化了美国身份的文化建构和外界的心理认同,从而推动了美国文化边疆的扩张。
Abstract: During the Cold War, because of the need of counter-attacking communism and dispelling “anti- Americanism” culturally and politically, USA exported a large number of books on the global scale as an endeavor to build American image characterized as “economic affluence, political democracy, cultural diversity and social vitality.” With an implicit propaganda against communism, it also contributed to expanding the cultural borders of America, enhancing cultural construction of American identity and psychological identification
L’iconographie de l’Indien dans le cinéma américain : de la manipulation de l’image à sa reconquête The Visual Representation of the Indian in American Cinema: from the Manipulation of Image to its Conquest  [cached]
Anne Garrait-Bourrier
Revue LISA / LISA e-journal , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/lisa.2756
Abstract: The Native American ethnic group has always been used and abused, not to say manipulated, by the medium of cinema. Such an exploitation of the image of the Indian responded to the demands of a new form of artistic expression which was extremely graphic and violent, as were graphic and visually violent the first western movies. As an artistic genre, cinema really manipulated the classical stereotypes related to the Indian in order to use him as a character detached from any historical reality. It is not surprising though to see that the evolution over time of this widely exploited character can be equated to a long wandering from exaggeration to understatement, to eventually reach the political expression of the Indians themselves. All this turmoil and agitation did correspond to the modus operandi of the Hollywoodian system .
American Nationality in Postethnic Perspective  [cached]
David A. Hollinger
Scienza & Politica : per una Storia delle Dottrine , 1995, DOI: 10.6092/issn.1825-9618/2970
Abstract: American Nationality in Postethnic Perspective
American Ethnicity in Postnational Perspective  [cached]
Craig Nation
Scienza & Politica : per una Storia delle Dottrine , 1995, DOI: 10.6092/issn.1825-9618/2971
Abstract: American Ethnicity in Postnational Perspective
Análise crítica das analogias do livro didático público de Química do estado do Paraná Critical analysis of Paraná State's chemistry public schoolbook analogies  [cached]
Mychelle Amorim Defenti Bernardino,Maria Aparecida Rodrigues,Luzia Marta Bellini
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2013,
Abstract: As analogias no ambito da educa o, em particular nas ciências da natureza, podem ser consideradas um recurso com grande potencial didático no processo ensino-aprendizagem, já que têm a fun o de auxiliar o aluno na compreens o de conceitos e fen menos desconhecidos, por meio de compara es de atributos de similaridade com outros já conhecidos. Tendo em vista que os livros didáticos s o, em muitos casos, o principal material utilizado, esta pesquisa teve como objetivo identificar e analisar as analogias do Livro Didático Público de Química do Estado do Paraná. Como resultados, foram encontradas vinte e cinco analogias, abrangendo diferentes tópicos de Química do livro. Os tópicos que apresentaram predominancia de analogias foram os de liga es químicas e estrutura at mica. De acordo com o critério nível de enriquecimento, vinte e duas das analogias encontradas s o simples, ou seja, compartilham um único atributo. The analogies in education, particularly in the natural sciences, have the role of helping the student to understand unknown concepts and phenomena, through comparisons of similar attributes with other ones already known. In this context, analogies can be considered a resource with great didactic potential in the teaching and learning process. Considering that schoolbooks are the main material for many teachers, the purpose of this research is to identify and study the Paraná State's Chemistry public schoolbook analogies. As results, we found twenty five analogies, covering the different Chemistry topics of the book. It is necessary to emphasize that the topics that presented more analogies were chemical bonds and atomic structure. According to level of enrichment criteria, twenty-two of the analogies were found to be simple, that is, they share a single attribute.
Ribut Basuki
K@ta : a Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and Literature , 2004,
Abstract: Melodrama reflects and constructs ideology. In American melodrama, the dominant social group imposed its ideology by constructing the standard American identity and its opposite through the heroes and villains. In the four plays discussed, the standard is pictured through the heroes in terms of their ability to get financial success, their acceptance of the Protestant moral codes, and their being white. Thus, in the world of melodrama people of color as well as financially deprived people are marginalized.
The Religious American  [cached]
Mihaela Paraschivescu
Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies , 2006,
Abstract: The paper is in itself a statement of facts: that the American has always been a “homo religiosus”, and that religion has shaped the American character starting with the early construction of America and until the current 21st secular century. America today is still indebted to the Puritans’ utopian consciousness of a divine call to restore Paradise on earth. Mircea Eliade helps this reading of America, he himself an exiled that experienced the quest for the Center of the world and of the self. To the eyes of a Romanian, America of the past two decades has revealed a steady growing Eastern Orthodox Church rooted in unspoiled traditions and values, a path worthy of further exploring.
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