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Sustainable Education and Socialization Through Mistakes
Mare Leino
Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability , 2007, DOI: 10.2478/v10099-009-0006-5
Abstract: The central question in this article is how teachers socialize pupils. Our hypothesis is that socialization takes place when an individual identifies something as a problem or as undesirable. In the process of socialization, teachers sometimes make mistakes. Attempting to hide these mistakes, however, may result in new or even greater mistakes. D. Kahneman implies that people do not like loss or failure. People attempt to justify earlier incorrect decisions by often undergoing senseless stress and exertion. People agree to exert themselves to guarantee what in their opinion is a fair and equitable solution to a particular situation. Subjective probabilities play an important role in our lives. This paper presents the results of an ethnographical study of education. Our findings suggest that mistakes and negativity contribute to strengthening norms be cause "bad is more representative than good". In addition to negativity, teachers try to teach norms through collegial responsibility and conscience, and regulation is important at every step. This study concludes that both success and failure are constantly renewed in a cycle. That is why people tend to use earlier behaviour models, including self-evaluation and beliefs, which are continually actualized. The importance of a supportive, positive, and optimistic learning environment cannot be underestimated. The concept of psychologically sustainable education requires greater in-depth study.
Review and Reflection of Sports Socialization Reform

- , 2015, DOI: 10.19582/j.cnki.11-3785/g8.2015.12.001
Abstract: 摘要:采用文献资料法,以我国体育社会化改革为研究对象,在对建国以来我国体育社会化发展的历程进行回顾的基础上,反思了我国体育社会化改革发展过程中存在的问题,详细分析原因,从而根据国务院《关于加快发展体育产业促进体育消费的若干意见》文件的精神提出针对体育社会化改革出路的思考,力求推动体育社会化改革研究进一步深化发展,提出路径有:1)树立“体育文化本位”发展思路,转变大众体育消费理念;2)深化体育体制改革,设计新的发展战略构架体系;3)深化职业体育改革,建立职业体育联盟制发展机制;4)加强体育社会组织发展,提高体育公共服务能力;5)加强体育市场法制化建设,促进体育公平公开发展。
Abstract: This paper reviewed China sports socialization progress after 1949 and reflected its problems and reasons by the method of literature review. And this paper put forward some suggestions for sports socialization reform based on “Several Opinions About Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption” that was issued by State Council. We hope this will deep the reform. The suggestions are as follows: 1) set up the development idea of “Culture Basis of Sports”, change mass sports consumption concept; 2) deepen sports system reform by designing a new strategic development framework system; 3) deepen professional sports reform and set up professional sports confederate development mechanism; 4) reinforce the development of social sports organizations and improve the ability of public sports service; 5) enhance the legal construction of sports market to promote its fair and open development
The Strategies for Character Building through Sports Participation  [PDF]
M.S. Omar-Fauzee,Mohd Nizam Nazarudin,Yudha M. Saputra,Nina Sutresna
International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The sport participation has been a major part of our life in the societies. Studies on sports participation have found that sports have both positive and negative influence on character buildings. It has been on-going debate on whether ‘sports build character’ but through literature analysis, author had found that ‘with the intention, sports do build character.’ Therefore, strategies of building character through sports are suggested in this paper.
Relationship of Sports with Morality and Sports Morality of Individuals Interested in Sports
Mehmet Goral,Gokhan Caliskan,Azmi Yetim
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: In this study, problems of sports morality encountered frequently in today have been tried to be explained. Sports morality is face to face very serious problems. Because, lots of events do not suit to sports morality and bruises gentlemanliness occur in sports arenas. Especially use of sports to politics and professionalization caused gentlemanless to suffer harm. Thus, it made happen universal morality principles to be harmed. Sportsmen had lots of money that is obtained through unfair ways and politicians had misbehaviors, which will overshadow to the meaning of sports for the sake of propaganda and politics. Young minds are encouraged to win by families, educators, trainers, administrators, audience and also countries any mora and they are rewarded for that. Everybody wants success and all of rewards are given for it. Therefore, sportsman become to far away from virtue of sports and applies to immoral ways for success that do not abide to moral perspectives. Birth and development of sports are parts of socialization and civilization of human beings. War of first human with nature has a role in birth and development of sports who perceived himself in and under danger. Physical and psychological power that are needed to win this war, struggles, confidence existed as a result of achievement, pleasure are consisted the common basis of sports, which present day. Sports especially appear as humane activity attracts heaps, be an advertisement to politics and ideologies, being commerced has been exposed to change of meaning. Even in olympic games, accepted essence and show arena of sports sports and sportsman brought into a commerce item and this led Olympic thinking to involve in second plan.
Dilshad Ali,Dr. Kabir Shah Khan
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: One of the challenges the physical education programs face is how to use feedback and bio-feedback effectively as an important tool in competitive sports while at the same time coaching to athlete and to incorporate feedback into their own physical education program which should e encouraged to take into account other factors to improve the learning style and executing skills in various sports and games and master in various styles by a combination of peer teaching unit as well as it is important to continue modulation for further achievement.The athlete can have intermediate success to maintain his interest and motivate further achievement. The bio-feedback access should be in both the teaching and coaching version.
MoodBar: Increasing new user retention in Wikipedia through lightweight socialization  [PDF]
Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia,Dario Taraborelli
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1145/2675133.2675181
Abstract: Socialization in online communities allows existing members to welcome and recruit newcomers, introduce them to community norms and practices, and sustain their early participation. However, socializing newcomers does not come for free: in large communities, socialization can result in a significant workload for mentors and is hard to scale. In this study we present results from an experiment that measured the effect of a lightweight socialization tool on the activity and retention of newly registered users attempting to edit for the first time Wikipedia. Wikipedia is struggling with the retention of newcomers and our results indicate that a mechanism to elicit lightweight feedback and to provide early mentoring to newcomers improves their chances of becoming long-term contributors.
The Status of Female Sports Marketing Products Through Online in the City of Sanandaj, Iran  [cached]
Mohammad Yaser Mazhari,Abdolrazagh Madahi,Yousef Sharifpour,Maryam Mirzai
Management Science and Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/j.mse.1913035x20120602.3015
Abstract: Growing internet using in the third world countries, especially between the Iranian people, encourages marketers to be more concentrated on electronic trade and attracting customers through online. This research consists of two goals which they are: the study of sellers and sports experts about effect of products, price, place and promotion of 4 Ps that propagated through online on sales and studying the effect of marketers and sports products sellers’ relationship with buyers through online with emphasis on 4 Ps of marketing factors. This study is a descriptive study method that it has been done through scaling method. The statistical society of this research is 300 professors and sport management experts and marketing companies or sports products sellers in Kurdistan province (Iran). The tool for collecting data was questionnaire and the data has been analyzed by the regression method. Findings indicated that from the sports marketers and the experts point of view, between the amount of influence through online on the 4 Ps elements and women’s sports products in the current and desirable conditions, there is a meaningful positive relationship and finally respondents have had different attitude and assess on the impact of propagated 4p through online on the selling. Key words: Female sports marketing; 4 Ps of marketing; Online marketing; Sanandaj-Iran
Playing through the Pain: A University-Based Study of Sports Injury  [PDF]
Geneviève Jessiman-Perreault, Jenny Godley
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2016.63020
Abstract: This paper presents findings from a survey that assessed university students’ opinions about sports injury. Specifically, the paper seeks to understand whether university students who participate in sports at different levels would choose to participate while injured, and who or what influences these decisions. An online survey was administered to 275 university students. Results indicate that the concept of the “sports ethic” was a major determinant in respondents’ reported willingness to play through injuries. The sports ethic influenced participants at all levels of sport (casual, amateur, and professional). We suggest that once the sports ethic is internalized, it may counter the potential buffering capacity of injury prevention programs. The implications of these findings for injury prevention education are assessed.
Treatment and Prevention of Osteoarthritis through Exercise and Sports
Victor Valderrabano,Christina Steiger
Journal of Aging Research , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/374653
Abstract: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease with a high prevalence among older people. To date, the pathogenesis of the disease and the link between muscle function and OA is not entirely understood. As there is no known cure for OA, current research focuses on prevention and symptomatic treatment of the disorder. Recent research has indicated that muscle weakness precedes the onset of OA symptoms. Furthermore, several studies show a beneficial effect of land-based aerobic and strengthening exercises on pain relief and joint function. Therefore, current research focuses on the possibility to employ exercise and sports in the prevention and treatment of OA.
Growth of an Out-of-Class Learning Community through Autonomous Socialization at a Self-Access Centre  [cached]
Leander S. Hughes,Nathan P. Krug,Stacey Vye
Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal , 2011,
Abstract: This study investigates the benefits of attending the Saitama University English Resource Center (ERC), a self-access center for English language learning open to all students at the university and managed by full-time faculty who alternate as center advisors. The study builds on previous research to explore how advisors promote language learning through facilitating autonomous socialization in the L2 among center attendees. This authentic social interaction not only exposes learners to patterns of discourse and other language input unavailable to learners in most institutional settings, it has also served as the means through which visiting students have formed an out-of-class learning community that now extends well beyond the center’s walls. Findings of a significant increase in center attendees and meaningful gains in the number of frequent attendees over the past year provide evidence that supports informal observations of the growth of this extraordinary L2-based community.
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