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Enhancing and Optimizing Operating Systems: A Case Study of Windows XP
E.Y. Baagyere,E.O. Oyetunji
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The windows registry provides an extensive range of tweaks, tricks and hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing windows. When, it comes to optimizing and enhancing windows, no other tool comes close to the Registry Editor (RE). In this study, we outline several comprehensive procedures for enhancing and optimizing the performance of windows with emphasis on windows XP. We believe these outlines will help computer users especially system administrators, to make a maximal use of the computer resources.
Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling on Windows Platforms
L. Yu,N. N. B. Salvador
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents a developed professional software in engineering, made by using up-to-date application software technology, namely Air-1.0, for operating microcomputers under Window System. The Software is of great operational and of fast execution, adopting completely Graphical User Interface (GUI) technique. The model, used by Air-1.0 software for simulating atmospheric pollutant dispersion, is based on the formulations of Gauss and of Holland, taking into account different environmental characteristics and conditions of source emissions with suitable hypotheses. By using this informatics system relative to air quality, it is possible to determine various useful engineering parameters, such as permitted maximum pollutant load, which can be emitted from a chimney; pollutant concentration to a certain distance away from the emitting point; minimal inner diameter and lowest height of the chimney; and efficiency required by control equipments, and so on. With the help of this software, the user can also determine the size of a sanitary protection strip, related to air pollution.
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: CATApp is a mobile application developed for MBA aspirants to help them prepare on the go. It basically lets the user take test on the mobile device and track progress for each category of questions. It is currently available on Android and iOS platforms. Owing to the upcoming release of Windows 8 SDK supporting metro interface, we are planning to develop the app for Windows platform. Windows version of the app will mainly focus on tablets and phones. As Microsoft is working hard to compete with Android and iOS by implementing cuttingedge features required for mobile platform, it is the right time to start developing apps for Windows Phone.
Contemporary Internet of Things platforms  [PDF]
Julien Mineraud,Oleksiy Mazhelis,Xiang Su,Sasu Tarkoma
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: This document regroups a representative, but non-exhaustive, list of contemporary IoT platforms. The platforms are ordered alphabetically. The aim of this document is to provide the a quick review of current IoT platforms, as well as relevant information.
Aneka Cloud Application Platform and Its Integration with Windows Azure  [PDF]
Yi Wei,Karthik Sukumar,Christian Vecchiola,Dileban Karunamoorthy,Rajkumar Buyya
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: Aneka is an Application Platform-as-a-Service (Aneka PaaS) for Cloud Computing. It acts as a framework for building customized applications and deploying them on either public or private Clouds. One of the key features of Aneka is its support for provisioning resources on different public Cloud providers such as Amazon EC2, Windows Azure and GoGrid. In this chapter, we will present Aneka platform and its integration with one of the public Cloud infrastructures, Windows Azure, which enables the usage of Windows Azure Compute Service as a resource provider of Aneka PaaS. The integration of the two platforms will allow users to leverage the power of Windows Azure Platform for Aneka Cloud Computing, employing a large number of compute instances to run their applications in parallel. Furthermore, customers of the Windows Azure platform can benefit from the integration with Aneka PaaS by embracing the advanced features of Aneka in terms of multiple programming models, scheduling and management services, application execution services, accounting and pricing services and dynamic provisioning services. Finally, in addition to the Windows Azure Platform we will illustrate in this chapter the integration of Aneka PaaS with other public Cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2 and GoGrid, and virtual machine management platforms such as Xen Server. The new support of provisioning resources on Windows Azure once again proves the adaptability, extensibility and flexibility of Aneka.
Protecting Windows Registry Directory and Hence Increasing the Security Level of the Windows Operating System  [PDF]
M.H.N.M. Nasir,N.H. Hassan,S.S.M. Fauzi
Information Technology Journal , 2008,
Abstract: This study will point out the major windows registry security issues in windows-based platforms and explain how the development of an automated tool can enhance the security level and optimize the performance of the system by tuning the windows registry settings. This security tool named registry tuning tool can assist the system administrator to optimize The registry settings in a simpler, faster way than manually configured tools. With added features such as dynamic-binding mechanism, multi-user environment support and user authentication, this tool is more usable, flexible and secure and applicable for any level of users. The tool developed then test by 50 users to see the usability, reliability, security and correctness of its functionality.
Optimization of the Allowed Drilling Domain in the Exploitation of Marine Floating Platforms
H. Mamedov,Ch. Hajiyev
Sel?uk Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: An algorithm for optimizing the allowed drilling domain with allowance for the errors of measuring instruments has been developed to allow more reliable control of the positioning of Marine Floating Platforms. Minimum risk is used as the optimization criterion and the optimal limits of the feasible drilling area are found for different positioning systems.
A Developed Mathematical Computerized Approach for Designing Cellular Manufacturing Systems
Adnan M. Mukattash,Mohammad D. Al-Tahat
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: The main objective of this research is to develop a mathematical computerized approach for designing cellular manufacturing systems. This method is based on extraction and optimizing the initial cells from the similarity coefficient matrix by using eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Furthermore, alternative solutions will be generated by identifying the required number of cells. Part assignment is then done by using any method from the literature. The last step of this developed computerized approach is to choose the optimal solution (s) from the alternative optimal solutions. A program was developed by the researchers to find all the above steps of the developed mathematical computerized approach directly. The optimal solution is the solution which gives the minimum sum of voids and exceptions. This method gives the designer the ability and flexibility of choosing between alternative optimal solutions. To evaluate and compare the performance of our developed mathematical computerized approach with the original mathematical approach, three of the well known methods have been used for this comparison and evaluation (grouping efficiency, grouping efficacy and grouping index). The grouping measures obtained by using our developed computerized approach is better than the results obtained by using the original mathematical approach, which means that our developed computerized approach gives the optimal solution (minimum sum of voids and exceptions).
Designing Gabor windows using convex optimization  [PDF]
Nathana?l Perraudin,Nicki Holighaus,Peter L. S?ndergaard,Peter Balazs
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Redundant Gabor frames admit an infinite number of dual frames, yet only the canonical dual Gabor system, con- structed from the minimal l2-norm dual window, is widely used. This window function however, might lack desirable properties, such as good time-frequency concentration, small support or smoothness. We employ convex optimization methods to design dual windows satisfying the Wexler-Raz equations and optimizing various constraints. Numerical experiments suggest that alternate dual windows with considerably improved features can be found.
Petri?or MANDU
Journal of Defense Resources Management , 2011,
Abstract: The occurrence of risk situation and the manager’s awareness of it are serious threats for the organization and its objectives. Consequently, the manager has to have available, analyze, select and interpret many pieces of information, under stress, before making a decision for avoiding a disaster. Under these circumstances, a computerized model of risk management is the most adequate solution to make the intervention possibilities effective through a quicker and more accurate intervention. The model offers enough confidence and a favorable psychological state for managing risk. In accordance with this model, the risk manager processes the information by means of some operational (mathematical) methods and that favors reaching optimum solutions in the shortest delay, based on some estimated anticipations through a rational model.
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