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A quantum method to test the existence of consciousness  [PDF]
Rui Qi
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: As we know, "Who can be said to be a conscious being?" is one of the hard problems in present science, and no method has been found to strictly differentiate the conscious being from the being without consciousness or usual matter. In this short paper, we present a strict physical method based on revised quantum dynamics to test the existence of consciousness, and the principle is to use the distinguishability of nonorthogonal single states. We demonstrate that although the dynamical collapse time can't be measured by a physical measuring device, a conscious being can perceive it under the assumed QSC condition, thus can distinguish the nonorthogonal single states in the framework of revised quantum dynamics This in principle provides a quantum method to differentiate man and machine, or to test the existence of consciousness. We further discuss the rationality of the assumed QSC condition, and denote that some experimental evidences have indicated that our human being can satisfy the condition. This not only provides some confirmation of our method, but also indicates that the method is a practical proposal, which can be implemented in the near future experiments.
Advanced age, altered level of consciousness and a new diagnosis of diabetes are independently associated with hypernatreamia in hyperglycaemic crisis
Chukwuma O Ekpebegh, Benjamin Longo-Mbenza, Augustin Nge-Okwe, Anthonia O Ogbera, Nomawethu T Tonjeni
BMC Endocrine Disorders , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6823-11-8
Abstract: This was a retrospective review of data for hyperglycaemic crisis admissions in Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Mthatha, South Africa. The prevalence of hypernatreamia (uncorrected Serum Sodium at presentation >145 mmol/L) was determined. Hyperosmolality was defined by calculated effective osmolality >320 mosmols/Kg. Multivariate logistic regression was undertaken using variables that were statistically significant in univariate analysis to ascertain those that were independently associated (Odds Ratio (OR) with 95% Confidence Interval (CI)) with hypernatreamia.The prevalence of hypernatreamia in our admissions for hyperglycaemic crisis was 11.7% (n = 32/273 including 171 females and 102 males). All admissions with hypernatreamia met the criteria for hyperosmolality. Age ≥ 60 years (OR = 3.9 95% CI 1.3-12.3; P = 0.018), Altered level of consciousness (OR = 8.8 95% CI 2.3-32.8; P < 0.001) and a new diagnosis of diabetes (OR = 3.7 95%CI 1.2-11.5; P = 0.025) were independently associated with hypernatreamia.The prevalence rate of hypernatreamia in hyperglycaemic admissions was high with all hypernatreamic admissions meeting the criteria for hyperosmolality. Advanced age, altered conscious level and a new diagnosis of diabetes were independently associated with hypernatreamia.Serum sodium measurement is useful in the management of hyperglycaemic crisis as it enables the determination of serum osmolality and anion gap [1]. Hyponatreamia, albeit, a pseudo phenomenon is the predominant serum sodium abnormality reported in hyperglycaemic emergencies [2,3]. While there is considerable literature on hypernatreamia in general [4-7], data on hypernatreamia occurring in the context of hyperglycaemic crisis is limited. Hypernatreamia can have varied aetiology including diabetes insipidus, mineralocorticoid excess, infusions of hypertonic saline and sodium bicarbonate [5]. However, a raised serum sodium level at presentation of hyperglycaemic crisis usually reflects marked dehyd
When will Consciousness emerge?  [cached]
Imants Vilks
Buletin Teknik Elektro dan Informatika , 2013,
Abstract: The article is a short rewiev about one particular but important and essential question in the field of AI: the consciousness. The main idea is to cast away non-scientific pronouncements about mystics and impossibility in the field. To clear up the basic notions (emergence) and define the main theme - consciousness. The article proposes temporary definition of consciousness, consciousness emergence conditions and how to recognize and test the consciousness.
Lawfare: The Legal Front of the IDF
Avihai Mandelblit
Military and Strategic Affairs , 2012,
Abstract: Lawfare is closely linked to the theme of this issue of Military and Strategic Affairs: the challenges facing the regular armies of law-abiding nations engaged in asymmetrical confrontations in densely populated civilian urban areas. Therefore, as part of its preparations for the challenges it may have to face in the future, particularly in this type of fighting, the IDF must give the proper weight to the legal front that is likely to develop as an integral part of the same confrontation.
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2010,
Abstract: Within the framework of an audit of accounting data, the most important thing is to determine whether the information registered in financial reports reflects in an accurate way the economic events happened during the accounting period. The definition of the threshold of signification allows to the auditor even from the beginning of his mission to appreciate better the systems and the account liable to contain errors or significant inaccuracies, and at the end of the mission to appreciate if the anomalies discovered have to be correlated during the taxable year, for the purpose of expressing an opinion without reservation. Within the pages of this article, I tried to present a little inroad through the specialty literature in view of studying thoroughly the notion of threshold of signification and its relation with the audit risk, committing to paper their most significant aspects.
Consciousness of Water Resources Crisis and the Innovation of the Water Resources Management System in Beijing

GAO Yuan-yuan,WANG Hong-rui,HAN Lu-jie,WANG Yan,WANG Zhe,

资源科学 , 2010,
Abstract: The scarcity of water resources and the rapid development of economy and society have made Beijing one of the cities facing severe water shortage in China, especially under the condition that the Project of Water Transfer from the South to the North in China was postponed for 5 years. Water resources shortage crises with its characteristics are presented in this paper on the basis of investigating residents' consciousness on water resources crisis. The severe deficiency and contamination of water resources were found to be major water challenges in Beijing, causing great pressures on sustainable development of water resources, economy and society. In the context, more attention should be paid to improve residents' consciousness of water resources crisis, which would also be an efficient approach to getting more public to participate in water resources management. In fact, some substantial measures have been taken by relevant administrative departments, including 1) raising water price. Beijing has elevated water prices for 4 times during the period 1999-2004; 2) adjusting and optimizing industrial structures. Agriculture was strictly controlled and adjusted for using water efficiently; and 3) establishment of the Beijing water authority, which greatly facilitated the integrated water resources management. A grim situation of water resources crises has therefore been significantly changed due to implementation of these measures. In addition to enormous effort that has been made, there are still some other critical measures and strategies that can ensure the water resources management to work more effectively and efficiently. Relevant studies showed that per capital water consumption for domestic use in Beijing was the highest in 31 provinces (municipalities) in China. Therefore, if residents are willing to use less water in a more efficient manner, large amount of water can be saved. These measures include enforcement of the consciousness about water resources crisis and water security, improvement of water use efficiency in the processes of water utilization, and paying more attention to the use of rainfall and virtual water resources. Agricultural techniques with regard to water saving should also be taken. On the other hand, the groundwater of Beijing should be reserved, especially after the Project of Water Transfer from the South to the North is conducted. It was suggested that the water resources management in Beijing should be shifted from increasing water supplies to water demand control. The enforcement of the consciousness about water resources crisis is a basic driving force for constructing water-saving society.
The crisis of crises  [PDF]
Eleni Laloumi
Intellectum , 2010,
Abstract: This short story describes in imaginary terms the circumstances under which economic crisis was born as well as its characteristics. It attributes the responsibilities for crisis-crises to greed and excessive ambition of certain people and characterizes the rest as ‘convenient bears’, obedient and with no trace of revolutionary consciousness.
Signification, communication, and the subject of desire  [cached]
Flávio Vinicius Cauduro
Galáxia , 2008,
Abstract: Every product of design must evoke appropriate sensorial and symbolic resonances in the subjects to which it is offered, not simply by satisfying to their specific .rational. needs but mainly by appealing to their 'irrational' desires. Thus, a successful product is one that evokes a polymorphous, complex 'image' of itself in people's minds, onto which targeted subjects may project their respective desires. According to Lacan.s theories, therefore, any successful product is one that becomes a mediating sign between the conscious subject and his unconcious 'object' of desire, which means that products are consumed not merely for their 'objective' properties, as commodities, but as brands imbued with specific images and fantasies. Keywords: signification; desire; design Resumo Significa o, comunica o e o sujeito do desejo - Todo produto de design precisa despertar ressonancias sensoriais e simbólicas apropriadas nos sujeitos aos quais se oferece. N o simplesmente apelando para necessidades racionais específicas de seus consumidores em potencial, mas principalmente se dirigindo aos seus desejos. Por isso, qualquer produto de sucesso, de acordo com as teorias de Lacan, é aquele que se torna um signo mediador entre o sujeito consciente e seu inconsciente 'objeto' de desejo, o que significa que produtos n o s o simplesmente consumidos por suas propriedades 'objetivas', como mercadorias, mas como marcas, com imagens e fantasias específicas. Palavras-chave: significa o; desejo; design
The Prospects of Monetary Cooperation in Developing Countries —Test of the World Finance Crisis
Liang CAO,Shi-xiao WANG,Liang-hua WANG
Management Science and Engineering , 2009,
Abstract: Since the 20th century, cooperation in financial field between many countries is getting closer with the rapid development of the world economy and trade. Some developing countries united for monetary cooperation or participated in the monetary system of developed countries. This article analyze the regional monetary system which is established by developing countries or the system they joined in, and give suggestions based on the economic development of each system during the recent decade and the global finance crisis in 2008. Key words: monetary cooperation; exchange rate system; finance crisis; developing countries
Consciousness in Physics  [PDF]
Joe Henson
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: This essay discusses the idea that a Theory of Everything would not be complete without a theory of consciousness as one of its parts, and the suggestion that new physics may be needed to describe consciousness. I argue that the motivations behind searching for such a theory arise as the result of misunderstandings over the use of language when talking about consciousness.
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