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Gürkan GüMü?ATAM
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: In this study examined use of additional action on Turkish Cypriot dialects and listed compound tense. This substantive verb when compared with standart Turkish. First, substantive verb features evaluated in phonetics. After that, substantive verb modes of action are listed. The next stage of the study, compound tenses of imperfect, narrative and stipulation on the Turkish Cypriot Dialects transferred. The data collected is supported by examples. The results compared with a standard Turkish and other Turkey Turkish accent, Turkish Cypriot dialects identified specific uses. Bu al mada, ek eylemin K br s a zlar ndaki kullan mlar incelenmi ve birle ik ekimler s ralan p l ünlü Türk eyle kar la t r lm t r. nce ek eylemin ses bilgisi zellikleri de erlendirilmi tir. Bunun ard ndan ek eylemin kipleri s ralanm t r. al man n sonraki a amas nda hikaye, rivayet ve art birle ik ekimlerinin K br s a zlar ndaki ekimi aktar lm t r. Veriler derlenen rneklerle de desteklenmi tir. Sonu lar l ünlü Türk e ve di er Türkiye Türk esi a zlar yla kar la t r lm , K br s a zlar na zgü kullan mlar saptanm t r.
Gürkan GüMü?ATAM
Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken , 2012,
Abstract: Collecting consistent and standardized features, standard language, person affixes is collected in three separate categories: Person suffixes Origin of Person pronoun, person suffixes origin of possessive suffixes, order affixes. Which mode is standard and the shape of the language system in which receivables as a person affixes, institutionalized, local says are there are groups in the dialects. Mentioned in the institutionalized structure of Turkey Turkish person suffixes should be added to their dialects. Adopted standard language, structure, particularly changes in many areas, including West Group shows Their dialects. Evaluation of all aspects of a language other dialects of that language in conjunction with standard language requires review. From this point, Turkey Turkish person affixes, and the accents of many multilingual feature is discussed as well. Still waiting for the investigation of different aspects of a particular regional dialects. To date, despite the person affixes to take place in Turkey Turkish dialects without affixes of action for the review on the use of one of the Cypriot Turkish dialects. The present review of Turkish Cypriot dialects, acting in their that focuses on the use of possessive suffixes and personal pronoun based person in the affixes to change their origin, in some cases reveals dual use.
Nice surjections on spaces of operators  [PDF]
T s s R K Rao
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: A bounded linear operator is said to be nice if its adjoint preserves extreme points of the dual unit ball. Motivated by a description due to Labuschagne and Mascioni \cite{LM} of such maps for the space of compact operators on a Hilbert space, in this article we consider a description of nice surjections on ${\mathcal K}(X,Y)$ for Banach spaces $X,Y$. We give necessary and sufficient conditions when nice surjections are given by composition operators. Our results imply automatic continuity of these maps with respect to other topologies on spaces of operators. We also formulate the corresponding result for ${\mathcal L}(X,Y)$ thereby proving an analogue of the result from \cite{LM} for $L^p$ ($1

Gary Lutz,Ben Segal
continent. , 2011,
Abstract: Ben Segal introduces the first electronic publication of Gary Lutz' short story "This Is Nice of You" (copyright Four Walls Eight Windows, 2003).
Innovation Drivers in the Cypriot Food and Beverage Industry
Efstathiades A., Boustras G., Bratskas R. and Michaelides A
The Open Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Journal , 2008, DOI: 10.2174/1874152500801010019]
Abstract: The Food and Beverage industry, a leading sector of the Cypriot manufacturing industry is under investigation in our study. The influence of innovation as a development vehicle is considered and factors affecting it have been investigated. In order to define and introduce these factors affecting innovation in the Cypriot manufacturing sector a nationwide survey is carried out. All five prefectures (Nicosia, Ammochostos, Limasol, Larnaca and Paphos) are covered and a sample of 5% of the whole Food and Beverage sector is surveyed. A closed questionnaire, made of five sections is used in order to collect information that will be used in a second stage in order to introduce the innovation factors affecting industrial development. The results illustrate the gradual adoption of a pro-innovation culture in the Cypriot Food and Beverage Industry. Among others it was shown, that companies that have proceeded with product innovation, process innovation and organizational innovation have experienced the impact of innovation on their organizational performance.
On the density of nice Friedmans  [PDF]
Michael Brand
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: A Friedman number is a positive integer which is the result of an expression combining all of its own digits by use of the four basic operations, exponentiation and digit concatenation. A "nice" Friedman number is a Friedman number for which the expression constructing the number from its own digits can be represented with the original order of the digits unchanged. One of the fundamental questions regarding Friedman numbers, and particularly regarding nice Friedman numbers, is how common they are among the integers. In this paper, we prove that nice Friedman numbers have density 1, when considered in binary, ternary or base four.
On the Monomiality of Nice Error Bases  [PDF]
Andreas Klappenecker,Martin Roetteler
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: Unitary error bases generalize the Pauli matrices to higher dimensional systems. Two basic constructions of unitary error bases are known: An algebraic construction by Knill, which yields nice error bases, and a combinatorial construction by Werner, which yields shift-and-multiply bases. An open problem posed by Schlingemann and Werner (see http://www.imaph.tu-bs.de/qi/problems/6.html) relates these two constructions and asks whether each nice error basis is equivalent to a shift-and-multiply basis. We solve this problem and show that the answer is negative. However, we also show that it is always possible to find a fairly sparse representation of a nice error basis.
Nice Banach Modules and Invariant Subspaces  [PDF]
Stanislav Shkarin
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Let $\A$ be a semisimple unital commutative Banach algebra. We say that a Banach $\A$-module $M$ is nice if every proper closed submodule of $M$ is contained in a closed submodule of $M$ of codimension 1. We provide examples of nice and non-nice modules.
Nice enumerations and extreme amenability  [PDF]
Aleksander Ivanov
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We study properties related to nice enumerability of countably categorical structures and properties related to extreme amenability of automorphism groups of these structures. The text substantially differs from the previous version. In particular the example of Section 3 is transported to arXiv: 1403.7610. This version is not final.
Nice reflection arrangements  [PDF]
Torsten Hoge,Gerhard Roehrle
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: The aim of this note is a classification of all nice and all inductively factored reflection arrangements. It turns out that apart from the supersolvable instances only the monomial groups $G(r,r,3)$ for $r \ge 3$ give rise to nice reflection arrangements. As a consequence of this and of the classification of all inductively free reflection arrangements from our earlier work, we deduce that the class of all inductively factored reflection arrangements coincides with the supersolvable reflection arrangements. Moreover, we extend these classifications to hereditarily factored and hereditarily inductively factored reflection arrangements.
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