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The Republic against Impossible Love  [cached]
?. Hakan D?nmez
Fe Dergi : Feminist Ele?tiri , 2010,
Abstract: In this study, “Hüküm Gecesi”, “Ankara” and “Hep O ark ” named novels of Karaosmano lu were analyzed referring to his other novels. Karaosmano lu is one of the enlightened people that shares republic idea, worked in his all novels except in “Ankara”, the critics of tradition and past with parallel to “impossible love” fiction. But, he only studied about “possible love” in his “Ankara” novel. Traditional and patriarchal concepts of Karaosmano lu also formed relations with political power, expressed by metaphor of “impossible love” coated with man pride and woman pudicity. Karaosmano lu idealized the sample of modern concept depended on science and logic in “Ankara” novel by the fiction of “possible love”. In 1956, the reasons of his turning back to fiction of “impossible love” in his last novel “Hüküm Gecesi” are considered according to political and social appearance in his period.
On the Axiomatizability of Impossible Futures  [PDF]
Taolue Chen,Wan Fokkink,Rob van Glabbeek
Computer Science , 2015, DOI: 10.2168/LMCS-11(3:17)2015
Abstract: A general method is established to derive a ground-complete axiomatization for a weak semantics from such an axiomatization for its concrete counterpart, in the context of the process algebra BCCS. This transformation moreover preserves omega-completeness. It is applicable to semantics at least as coarse as impossible futures semantics. As an application, ground- and omega-complete axiomatizations are derived for weak failures, completed trace and trace semantics. We then present a finite, sound, ground-complete axiomatization for the concrete impossible futures preorder, which implies a finite, sound, ground-complete axiomatization for the weak impossible futures preorder. In contrast, we prove that no finite, sound axiomatization for BCCS modulo concrete and weak impossible futures equivalence is ground-complete. If the alphabet of actions is infinite, then the aforementioned ground-complete axiomatizations are shown to be omega-complete. If the alphabet is finite, we prove that the inequational theories of BCCS modulo the concrete and weak impossible futures preorder lack such a finite basis.
Rita de Cássia de Araújo Almeida
Psicanálise e Barroco em Revista , 2009,
Abstract: Freud believed analyze as well as educate and govern, a task impossible. Lacan part of this freudian statement to build his theory of speech. The master's speech, the universitary’s speech, the histeria's speech and the analyst's speech are the four modes of tie considered by Lacan - in four different ways to relate to the other - all equally unable to give an account of the real, all fragile and imperfect. The uneasiness and failure modes inherent to our lacings reach, however, a privileged place in the analyst's speech, which makes this the only speech that is based be capable of assuming its impossibilities.
General impossible operations in quantum information  [PDF]
Arun K. Pati
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.66.062319
Abstract: We prove a general limitation in quantum information that unifies the impossibility principles such as no-cloning and no-anticloning. Further, we show that for an unknown qubit one cannot design a universal Hadamard gate for creating equal superposition of the original and its complement state. Surprisingly, we find that Hadamard transformations exist for an unknown qubit chosen either from the polar or equatorial great circles. Also, we show that for an unknown qubit one cannot design a universal unitary gate for creating unequal superpositions of the original and its complement state. We discuss why it is impossible to design a controlled-NOT gate for two unknown qubits and discuss the implications of these limitations.
Quantum convolution and quantum correlation algorithms are physically impossible  [PDF]
Chris Lomont
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: The key step in classical convolution and correlation algorithms, the componentwise multiplication of vectors after initial Fourier Transforms, is shown to be physically impossible to do on quantum states. Then this is used to show that computing the convolution or correlation of quantum state coefficients violates quantum mechanics, making convolution and correlation of quantum coefficients physically impossible.
Quantum coin flipping with arbitrary small bias is impossible  [PDF]
Yuki Tokunaga
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: Lo and Chau showed that an ideal quantum coin flipping protocol is impossible. The proof was simply derived from the impossibility proof of quantum bit commitment. However, the proof still leaves the possibility of a quantum coin flipping protocol with arbitrary small bias. In this paper, we show that a quantum coin flipping protocol with arbitrary small bias is impossible and show the lower bound of the bias of quantum coin flipping protocol.
Why Classical Certification is Impossible in a Quantum World  [PDF]
Adrian Kent
Computer Science , 2004, DOI: 10.1007/s11128-011-0262-x
Abstract: We give a simple proof that it is impossible to guarantee the classicality of inputs into any mistrustful quantum cryptographic protocol. The argument illuminates the impossibility of unconditionally secure quantum implementations of essentially classical tasks such as bit commitment with a certified classical committed bit, classical oblivious transfer, and secure classical multi-party computations of secret classical data. It applies to both non-relativistic and relativistic protocols.
Dictatorship, liberalism and the Pareto rule: Possible and impossible  [PDF]
Bori?i? Branislav
Economic Annals , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/eka0981045b
Abstract: The current economic crisis has shaken belief in the capacity of neoliberal 'free market' policies. Numerous supports of state intervention have arisen, and the interest for social choice theory has revived. In this paper we consider three standard properties for aggregating individual into social preferences: dictatorship, liberalism and the Pareto rule, and their formal negations. The context of the pure first-order classical logic makes it possible to show how some combinations of the above mentioned conditions, under the hypothesis of unrestricted domain, form simple and reasonable examples of possible or impossible social choice systems. Due to their simplicity, these examples, including the famous 'liberal paradox', could have a particular didactic value.
Review: Past Futures. The Impossible Necessity of History (Ged Martin)
Don Beer
Reviews in History , 2005,
Abstract: Review of Past Futures. The Impossible Necessity of History, by Ged Martin. Review by Don Beer.
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round ARIA and Camellia
Wen-Ling Wu,Wen-Tao Zhang,Deng-Guo Feng,
Wen-Ling Wu
,Wen-Tao Zhang,and Deng-Guo Feng

计算机科学技术学报 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper studies the security of the block ciphers ARIA and Camellia against impossible differential cryptanalysis. Our work improves the best impossible differential cryptanalysis of ARIA and Camellia known so far. The designers of ARIA expected no impossible differentials exist for 4-round ARIA. However, we found some nontrivial 4-round impossible differentials, which may lead to a possible attack on 6-round ARIA. Moreover, we found some nontrivial 8-round impossible differentials for Camellia, whereas only 7-round impossible differentials were previously known. By using the 8-round impossible differentials, we presented an attack on 12-round Camellia without FL/FL^-1 layers.
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