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Theodore Roosevelt explorateur
Armelle Enders
Nuevo mundo - Mundos Nuevos , 2005, DOI: 10.4000/nuevomundo.607
Abstract: De décembre 1913 à la fin d'avril 1914, l'ancien président des Etats-Unis Theodore Roosevelt dirige une expédition scientifique à l'intérieur des Etats brésiliens du Mato Grosso et d'Amazonie. Le but principal de celle-ci consiste à reconna tre environ 700 km du cours d'un fleuve considéré comme "inconnu", lequel re oit le nom de "Roosevelt" au terme d'un voyage périlleux. La logistique de l'expédition est assurée par le gouvernement brésilien, représenté par le colonel Candido Mariano Rondon, célèbre par ses explorations dans l'intérieur du pays et sa politique à l'égard des Amérindiens. A son retour dans l'hémisphère nord, Theodore Roosevelt met sa notoriété au service de sa propre légende, mais aussi de la propagande des missions militaires brésiliennes et des apports de celles-ci à l'extension de la Civilisation à travers la forêt vierge. From december 1913 to the end of april 1914, the former president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt led a scientific expedition across the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Amazonia. Its main purpose aimed at putting on the map a river then considered as "unknown", which took the name of "Roosevelt" after the conclusion of this dangerous journey. On the Brazilian side, the expedition was led by colonel Candido Mariano Rondon, famous in his country both by his explorations of the wilderness and audacious politics towards Indians. When he came back in the northern hemisphere, Theodore Roosevelt used his Brazilian journey for the benefit of his own legend, but also spread the fame of the Brazilian military missions and its contribution to the progress of Civilization.
Mixing Metaphors  [PDF]
Mark Lee,John Barnden
Computer Science , 1999,
Abstract: Mixed metaphors have been neglected in recent metaphor research. This paper suggests that such neglect is short-sighted. Though mixing is a more complex phenomenon than straight metaphors, the same kinds of reasoning and knowledge structures are required. This paper provides an analysis of both parallel and serial mixed metaphors within the framework of an AI system which is already capable of reasoning about straight metaphorical manifestations and argues that the processes underlying mixing are central to metaphorical meaning. Therefore, any theory of metaphors must be able to account for mixing.
Internet metaphors  [cached]
Francesc Nú?ez Mosteo
DIGITHUM , 2004,
Abstract: This article analyses the role of metaphors in an electronic communication arena based on the data collected in wide-ranging research, carried out by the GIRCOM research group, into sociability in a Universitat Oberta de Catalunya virtual forum. Initially, the analysis observed how metaphors for the "new" media were used as a resource by participants in the forum to structure an emergent experience and field of meaning. Indeed, the use of these metaphors in certain messages on the forum, and their use by participants interviewed, allowed for the confirmation of an old hypothesis: metaphors served (the students) to be able to understand one thing in terms of another. Subsequently, the analysis, (taking into account that in the same way that a metaphor was able to aid understanding of a new concept in terms of another, it was also able to hide or ignore other possible conceptions), led us to suspect that the different metaphors chosen by the participants responded to the various interests in the social space generated in the virtual forum. The hypothesis proposed would require further research for its verification, but we believe the "elective affinity" between social position and the field of semantics configured by the metaphors that the social agents that occupy these positions use to talk about the emergent social space to be significant.
The use of metaphors in academic communication: traps or treasures
Dehui Zhou,Edgar Heineken
Ibérica , 2009,
Abstract: The rationalists and the empiricists in the 17th century once argued that metaphor is an inferior device to convey objective truth and should be replaced by literal statements. On the one hand, this article shares Lakoff and Johnson’s (1980 & 1999) view that metaphor is useful to pursue experiential truth and explains why “metaphors are necessary and not just nice” (Ortony, 1975: 45). On the other hand, it reports a cognitive psychological experiment, which shows that metaphor comprehension can be greatly influenced by people’s pre-existing conceptual knowledge and the context, in which the metaphor appears. The authors advocate a conscious use of metaphors in academic communication with full awareness of the factors that may influence metaphor comprehension.
Metaphors in Advertising Discourse
Luu Trong Tuan
Studies in Literature and Language , 2010,
Abstract: Metaphors are the mappings of the abstract world into the concrete world through human senses or experiences. In Vietnamese advertisements, brands are metaphorized and brand metaphors can be categorized into ontological and structural metaphors. BRAND IS MOTION is a structural metaphor, and BRAND IS A CONTAINER, BRAND IS A VALUABLE RESOURCE, BRAND IS A COMPANION, and BRAND IS A GLADIATOR are instances of ontological metaphors. Keywords: conceptual metaphors; ontological metaphors; structural metaphors; brand; Vietnamese advertisements
Metaphors and activity
Mey, Jacob L.;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44502006000300005
Abstract: this paper considers metaphor as a kind of activity in the spirit of levinson's 'activity types' or of mey's 'pragmatic acts'. contrary to what has been suggested in the literature, metaphors neither belong exclusively to the domain of abstract reasoning (such as by analogy; max black), nor are they merely linguistic and/or psychological processes (of cognition; george lakoff). metaphors do not originate and live in the brain only, neither do they exclusively belong to some conceptual domain from which they can establish relations to other domains, or blend with them. metaphors are primarily pragmatic activities.in my contribution, i will concentrate on the pragmatics of what is called 'embodiment': while metaphors represent, respectively support or illustrate, an activity that is performed by the total human being, the body part of the metaphoric deal is often neglected. yet, as many researchers in the humanities and the sciences have shown, the role of the body in solving problems through appropriate metaphoring cannot be overestimated. an embodied perspective on thought, and especially on metaphor, will allow us to form a better understanding of the things we do with words, when we use words to do things.
Вольное переложение Жития Феодора Студита
"Free transposition" of The Life of Theodore Studite

Tamara P. L?nngren
Poljarnyj Vestnik , 2012,
Abstract: This article deals with the manuscript tradition named "free transposition" applied to The Life of Theodore Studite in Old Russian literature. Evidence is presented that the author of this "free transposition" was indeed Nil Sorskij. The investigation of eight recently discovered copies has made it possible to establish their mutual interdependence and to construct the corresponding stemma.
Metaphors in systolic geometry  [PDF]
Larry Guth
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: This is an expository essay about systolic geometry. It describes a central theorem in the subject and why the proof is difficult. Then it discusses different metaphors which suggest ways to approach the problem. The metaphors connect the systolic inequality to minimal surfaces, topological dimension, scalar curvature, and hyperbolic geometry.
About primary metaphors
Lima, Paula Lenz Costa;
DELTA: Documenta??o de Estudos em Lingüística Teórica e Aplicada , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-44502006000300009
Abstract: one important contribution to the contemporary theory of metaphor is grady's primary metaphor hypothesis (1997), which claims that the emergence and nature of conceptual metaphors are often grounded in more experiential metaphorical patterns, called primary metaphors. the new hypothesis changes considerably the ideas concerning the generation of metaphors, in comparison to the former view. in this paper we discuss some of these main changes, namely the characteristics of source and target domain, the fundamental construct, and the licensing of metaphorical expressions.
Chemists in Rijeka Together for Fifty Years  [PDF]
Milin, C.
Kemija u Industriji , 2009,
Abstract: Whatever part of the World you come from, when you come to Rijeka you came to the heart of Europe. Rijeka is waiting for you with the scent of its sea and the hospitality of its people. Rijeka is a town of unusual, turbulent and intersected history. At the end of the IX Century the area of Rijeka was one of the most powerful industrial zones in Europe. Prof. Eugen Cerkovnikov, Ph. D., a much-respected chemist, first Head of the Department for Chemistry and Biochemistry on the then newly established Medical School in Rijeka, launched the initiative to form a branch-office of the Croatian Chemist Society in Rijeka. On 18 January, 1958 in the Big Classroom of the Medical School in Rijeka the Founding Assembly was held, and many respected scientists of that period were present.In 1960, the Rijeka branch-office of the Croatian Chemist Society merged with the Society of Chemists and Technologists and in 1973 the Biochemists section joined. In the five decades of its existence, the love towards chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, technology and chemical engineering, the love towards the basis of natural sciences and the wish to educate new, progressive generations formed the mission of the Society. The Society does not want to be closed in a guild organisation; its aim is to open its doors towards all those striving to progress.Former presidents of the Society were: Eugen Cerkovnikov (1958-1974), Marijan Kolombo (1974-1980), Josip ilipeter (1980-1984), Marinko Or ia (1984-1996) i Nikola Bla?evia (1996-); and each one of them marked his era. Transitional circumstances have shut down forever many, until recently, extremely powerful industries in Rijeka. Today, Rijeka is searching for new paths, and we believe that our Society will continue to work on and give its contribution to this search.
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