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Poèmes  [cached]
Sonia Lamontagne
Voix Plurielles , 2013,
Abstract: Poèmes
édouard Glissant: une ame inquiète du monde! [suivi du poème Pour édouard Glissant]
Ernest Pépin
?édille : Revista de Estudios Franceses , 2011,
Abstract: Texte en hommage à édouard Glissant suivi d'un poème
Acto poético?  [cached]
Burgos Cantor Roberto
Desde el Jardín de Freud , 2009,
Abstract: Resumen Este texto poético sobre el acto poético indaga sobre las nociones que los mismos poetas o movimientos poéticos tienen sobre su producción, y conjetura si es posible la poesía fuera del poema. Palabras clave: poesía, realidad, escritura, lectura, instante. Poetic act? Abstract This poetic text on poetic act questions the notions that both poets themselves and poetic movements have about their creations, and it inquires if poetry is possible outside the poem. Keywords: poetry, reality, writing, reading, instant. Acte poétique? Résumé Texte poétique sur l’acte poétique pour s’enquérir sur les notions qu’ont les poètes mêmes ou les mouvement s poétiques sur sa production et pour conjecturer si la poésie est possible hors poème. Mots-clés: poésie, réalité, écriture, lecture, instant.
~(208)Po示踪剂浓度的标定  [PDF]
科学通报 , 1984,
Abstract: ~(208)Po是实现~(210)Pb方法测定地质年龄必不可少的示踪剂,因此准确标定示踪剂中~(208)Po的浓度(dpm/克)至关重要。本文目的在于运用国外已知浓度的~(208)Po溶液,通过国产的~(210)Po和α谱仪测试标定国产~(208)Po溶液(示踪剂)的浓度。
Les voyelles Les voyelles  [cached]
J. R. Léveillé
Voix Plurielles , 2010,
Abstract: poésie poésie
There is only one po-  [cached]
Kate?ina Sou?ková
Nordlyd : Troms? University Working Papers on Language & Linguistics / Institutt for Spr?k og Litteratur, Universitetet i Troms? , 2004,
Abstract: In the present paper I argue that, in Czech, all occurrences of po- that contain some notion of small quantity are in fact instantiations of a single prefix, so called delimitative po- (analyzed as containing an extensive measure function, following Filip (e.g. 2000)), though it might not seem to be the case at first sight. In order to do that, I first demonstrate that there is no need to have more po-'s (hence, the unifying analysis is superior); and second, I try to show that the po- that attaches to quantized and the one attaching to non-quantized predicates can be unified, too (i.e. there is no need of any homogeneity requirement for extensive measure functions).
Investigation of In vitro Release Kinetics of Carbamazepine from Eudragit RS PO and RL PO Matrix Tablets
AS Apu, AH Pathan, D Shrestha, G Kibria, R Jalil
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research , 2009,
Abstract: Purpose: The objective of this research work was to prepare and evaluate the effect of Eudragit RS PO and Eudragit RL PO polymers on the physical property and release characteristics of carbamazepine matrix tablets. Methods: Matrix tablets containing carbamazepine were prepared with Eudragit RS PO alone as the rate-retarding polymer (coded batch series ‘A’) and also with a combination of Eudragit RS PO and RL PO (coded batch series ‘B’). The tablets were characterized for hardness as well as for carbamazepine release. The release data were subjected to different models in order to evaluate their release kinetics and mechanisms. Results: The hardness of batch series ‘A’ matrix tablet was >160 kg/cm2 while for batch series ‘B’, it was >170 kg/cm2. Carbamazepine tablets containing only Eudragit RS PO showed very slow release (less than 6% in 8 h) but when Eudragit RL PO was blended with Eudragit RS PO, the release rate improved significantly to 44% in 24 h (p < 0.05). Drug release mechanism was a complex mixture of diffusion and erosion. Conclusion: Carbamazepine matrix tablets of satisfactory hardness were produced. Furthermore, by blending Eudragit RS PO with Eudragit RL PO in the matrix, tablets of varying release characteristics can be prepared.
Léveillé, J.R. Poème pierre prière  [cached]
Swann Paradis
Voix Plurielles , 2012,
Abstract: Léveillé, J.R. Poème pierre prière. Compte rendu
En hiver  [cached]
Frédéric Torterat
Voix Plurielles , 2013,
Abstract: Poèmes
Trois poètes corses  [cached]
Babel : Littératures Plurielles , 2012,
Abstract: On doit les traductions de ces poèmes (y compris des siens) au poète Francescu-Micheli Durazzo qui uvre avec obstination pour la poésie corse (A filetta, onze poètes corses contemporains, aux éditions Phi ; et le numéro spécial Poètes corses de la revue basque Zurgai, Bilbao, avec une très éclairante préface du même). Je me suis permis une ou deux très minimes interventions dues à ma sensibilité personnelle ; elles traduisent, sous une forme moins parfaite que la sienne, mon souci de col...
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