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Almost ps-continuous functions
Alias Barakat Khalaf,Baravan A. Asaad
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.5556/j.tkjm.43.2012.33-50
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new class of functions called almost ps-continuous function by using ps-open sets in topological spaces. Some properties and characterizations of this function are given.
Almost 3-continuous functions  [cached]
F. Cammaroto,T. Noiri
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1992, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171292000498
Abstract: In this paper, a new class of functions called “almost 3-continuous ” is introduced and their several properties are investigated. This new class is also utilized to improve some published results concerning weak continuity [6] and 3-continuity [2].
Oscillation of H?lder Continuous Functions  [PDF]
José González Llorente,Artur Nicolau
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Local oscillation of a function satisfying a H\"older condition is considered and it is proved that its growth is governed by a version of the Law of the Iterated Logarithm.
The discontinuity point set of A-continuous functions (in Ukrainian)
O. V. Maslyuchenko
Matematychni Studii , 2012,
Abstract: We characterize the set of discontinuity points of A-continuous quasi-continuous functions of the first class defined on hereditarily normal weakly pairwise attainable spaces. Besides, we obtain several sufficient properties of a subset of a normed space which guarantee an existence of a linearly continuous function with the given discontinuity point set.
On some properties of the spaces of almost continuous functions
Ryszard Jerzy Pawlak
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1996, DOI: 10.1155/s016117129600004x
Abstract: In this paper we prove that, in the space ° ’ of almost continuous functions (with the metric of uniform convergence), the set of functions of the first class of Baire is superporous at each point of this space
Two examples concerning almost continuous functions  [PDF]
Krzysztof Ciesielski,Andrzej Roslanowski
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: We construct, under the assumption that union of less than continuum many meager subsets of R is meager in R, an additive connectivity function f:R-->R with Cantor intermediate value property which is not almost continuous. This gives a partial answer to a question of D. Banaszewski. We also show that every extendable function g:R-->R with a dense graph satisfies the following stronger version of the SCIVP property: for every aR which has the strong Cantor intermediate value property but is not extendable. This answers a question of H. Rosen. This also generalizes Rosen's result that a similar (but not additive) function exists under the assumption of the continuum hypothesis.
Cardinal invariants concerning functions whose sum is almost continuous  [PDF]
Krzysztof Ciesielski,Arnold W. Miller
Mathematics , 1994,
Abstract: A function f from reals to reals (f:R->R) is almost continuous (in the sense of Stallings) iff every open set in the plane which contains the graph of f contains the graph of a continuous function. Natkaniec showed that for any family F of continuum many real functions there exists g:R->R such that f+g is almost continuous for every f in F. Let AA be the smallest cardinality of a family F of real functions for which there is no g:R->R with the property that f+g is almost continuous for every f in F. Thus Natkaniec showed that AA is strictly greater than the continuum. He asked if anything more could be said. We show that the cofinality of AA is greater than the continuum, c. Moreover, we show that it is pretty much all that can be said about AA in ZFC, by showing that AA can be equal to any regular cardinal between c^+ and 2^c (with 2^c arbitrarily large). We also show that AA = AD where AD is defined similarly to AA but for the class of Darboux functions. This solves another problem of Maliszewski and Natkaniec.
Existence of continuous functions that are one-to-one almost everywhere  [PDF]
Alexander J. Izzo
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: It is shown that given a metric space $X$ and a $\sigma$-finite positive regular Borel measure $\mu$ on $X$, there exists a bounded continuous real-valued function on $X$ that is one-to-one on the complement of a set of $\mu$ measure zero.
Hahn’s functions and Baire classifications (in Ukrainian)
H. A. Hlushko,V. K. Maslyuchenko
Matematychni Studii , 2011,
Abstract: Hahn’s results about Baire classifications the real values separately continuous functions are moved on the functions with values in arbitrary local convex spaces.
Extension of Functions with Small Oscillation  [PDF]
Denny H. Leung,Wee-Kee Tang
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: A classical theorem of Kuratowski says that every Baire one function on a G_\delta subspace of a Polish (= separable completely metrizable) space X can be extended to a Baire one function on X. Kechris and Louveau introduced a finer gradation of Baire one functions into small Baire classes. A Baire one function f is assigned into a class in this heirarchy depending on its oscillation index \beta(f). We prove a refinement of Kuratowski's theorem: if Y is a subspace of a metric space X and f is a real-valued function on Y such that \beta_{Y}(f)<\omega^{\alpha}, \alpha < \omega_1, then f has an extension F onto X so that \beta_X(F)is not more than \omega^{\alpha}. We also show that if f is a continuous real valued function on Y, then f has an extension F onto X so that \beta_{X}(F)is not more than 3. An example is constructed to show that this result is optimal.
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