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The Professional Orientation Bases for the Public Affairs Administration Major
Jie Ma
Canadian Social Science , 2010,
Abstract: Public affairs administration is the major that needs to establish professional orientation most. And it is a common issue needs to be addressed urgently to scientifically define the bases of the professional orientations. Professional orientation determination primarily depends on four primary bases of major property, subject advantage, industry dependence, and employment guidance. The major property is the core basis and any party can not break this bottom line. Both the subject advantage and the industry dependence highlight the feasibility of the professional orientation. And the employment guidance is the driving force to maintain the vigorous vitality of the professional orientation. An excellent professional orientation is supposed to be the outcome based on the comprehensive consideration on these bases. Keywords: public affairs administration; major orientation; orientation basis Résumé: La gestion des affaires publique est une spécialité qui nécessite le plus une orientation professionnelle. Les bases de définitin scientifique de l'orientation restent des problèmes communs à résoudre. Les bases principales de la définition de l'orientation professionnelle sont les attributs professionnels, les avantages de la spécialité, les supports professionnels et le guide de l'emploi. Les attributs professionals est la base fondamentale qui ne peut pas être dépassée. Les avantages de la spécialité et les supports professionnels mettent en évidence la faisabilité de l'orientation professionnelle. Le guide de l'empoi est de maintenir la vitalité de l'orientation professionnelle. Une orientation professionnelle de bonne qualité devrait être fondée sur une prise en considération complète de tous ces éléments. Mots-clés: gestion des affaires publiques; orientation professionnelle; bases de positionnement
Research on Community Public Affairs Management after “Removing Villages and Building Houses”  [PDF]
Jinmeng Liu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2019.78006
Abstract: In 2013, according to the opinions of Linan municipal government, the civil affairs bureau conducted a survey on the 11th neighborhood committee in the main urban area and carried out the work of removing villages and building houses. At that time, the 11 turnover neighborhood committees in Lin’an were actually run in accordance with the administrative villages since 2002, which were only nominally called the residents’ committees. In August 2017, according to the instructions of the state council, Lin’an was officially designated as Hangzhou’s administrative jurisdiction. In order to speed up the integration into the main urban area of Hangzhou, promote the internationalization of the city, solve the urban governance problems, and respond to the needs of the masses, a new batch of “remove villages and build houses” work began to be carried out in Lin’an district. With Lin’an withdraw after completion of work to make the city divided into districts, the acceleration of urban development, urban management needs more and more obvious, residents living environment, social services and so on various aspects of expected to improve, especially the villagers living in the city center area, use rural management way, farmer’s way of life, do not coordinate with the rapid urbanization, the operation mode of the community of residents’ desire for community, to accelerate the withdrawal village into the community. However, whether the public service capacity of various government departments can keep up with the pace of urbanization, and whether the connection between different departments is smooth and appropriate, are the questions we urgently need to know at present.
Social technologies and socialization of research
Jos Leijten
JCOM : Journal of Science Communication , 2009,
Abstract: Whether we like it or not, and how many difficulties this may pose, scientific research and technology are becoming the “property” of everybody and increasingly will become subject of public guidance and political decision making. Socialization happens because what people think, want and do has become central to the development of science and technology. Socialization of research is simply happening because it is the development characteristic of a society in which knowledge is becoming the main driving force. And just like in agricultural or industrial societies in the past it leads to (re-)invent the institutions and mechanisms which allow the knowledge society to function properly.This note will further explore the developments contributing to the socialization of research and their impact on research and research institutes. It will focus more on technologies than on science per se, because applications and usage will become the main drivers.
Further Research is Required to Determine Which Database Products Best Support Research in Public Administration. A review of: Tucker, James, Corey. “Database Support for Research in Public Administration.” Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian 24.1 (2005): 47-60.  [cached]
David Hook
Evidence Based Library and Information Practice , 2006,
Abstract: Objective – To examine the extent to which six commercial database products support student and faculty research in the area of public administration. Design – Bibliometric study. Setting – Academic library in the United States. Subjects – Six commercial business‐related database products were examined: Proquest’s ABI/INFORM Global edition (ABI), EBSCO’s Business Source Premier (BSP), Gale’s General BusinessFile ASAP (GBF), EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier (ASP), EBSCO’s Expanded Academic Index (EAI) and Proquest’s International Academic Research Library (ARL). Three of the databases (ABI, BSP, GBF) were chosen because they address the management, human resource, and financing elements of public administration. The other three (ASP, EAI, ARL) were included because of their multidisciplinary coverage. Methods – A list of journal titles covering public administration was assembled from the Institute of Scientific Information’s Social Sciences Citation Index and previously published lists of recommended journals in the field. The author then compared the compiled list of journal titles against the journal titles indexed by the six database products. He further analyzed the results by level of journal coverage (abstract only, full‐text, and full‐text with embargo) and subject area based on categories described in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. Main Results – The study found that three of the six database products ‐‐EAI, BSP, and ARL ‐‐ provide indexing for the greatest number of public administration journals contained in the compiled list. EIA and ARL cover the greatest number of those that are full‐text journals, while BSP and ASP cover the greatest number of those full‐text journals limited by publisher embargoes. Conclusion – The author concludes that of the six databases examined, EAI, BSP, and ARL are the best for public administration research, based on their strength in the subject areas of public administration and public finance. The author also recommends that librarians in the field of public administration “carefully evaluate each database to see which one best fits the needs of the library and patrons” (56).
István TóZSA
Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: This study serves as an introduction to how virtual reality systems could be applied in public administration and what research tasks would be necessary to accomplish a project. E-government solutions began to emerge in public administration approximately a decade ago all over the developed world. Administration service facilities via the Internet did not attract many customers, because of the digital divide. E-government solutions were extended to mobile devices as well, but the expected breakthrough of usage has not ensued. The virtual reality form of public administration services recommended in this study has the most attractive outlay and the simplest navigation tools if compared to ‘traditional’ Internet based e-government. Thus, in accordance with the worldwide amazingly quick spread of the virtual reality systems of Second Life and 3 D types of entertainment, virtual reality applications in public administration could rely on a wide range of acceptance as well.
Socio-Statistical Research on the Internalization of European Administrative Space Principles in the Romanian Public Administration  [PDF]
Ani Matei,Lucica Matei,Diana-Camelia Iancu
Administrative Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/admsci1010045
Abstract: The authors propose an analysis of the public administration reform in Romania by assessing whether the Romanian civil servants perform their duties according to the regulations of the European Administrative Space. The paper offers a socio-statistic perspective on the internalization of the European Administrative Space principles, namely, the rule of law, openness towards citizens, and public administration responsibility in a Romanian context, after the European Union accession. Designed within the framework of modern theories of organizational sociology that see internalization as a process of organizational learning and change, and using a relevant sample of Romanian civil servants, the paper offers important and useful results for the future Romanian policies and strategies in an integrated European arena.
Shareholders' Participation in the Affairs of Public Companies: An Insight
Lokulo-Sodipe, J. O.
International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to have an insight into theparticipation of shareholders in the affairs of publiccompanies. The information gathered in relation tothis study revealed that the only way shareholders canactively participate in the affairs of public companies wasby attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) andexercise the powers reserved for them. However, as a matterof law, there is no enforceable obligation on the shareholdersto attend the AGM of their companies for that matter, orindeed, actively participate in the affairs of the company,but such shareholders remain bound by any decision themeeting may take, their nonparticipation notwithstanding.Conclusively, the study submitted that active participationof shareholders in the AGM is capable of saving theircompanies from possible lapses that may be as a resultof mismanagement. Therefore shareholders should attendmeetings of their companies, mostly the AGM.
The Professionalization of Public Administration in Romania
Mihaela V. C?r?u?an
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Administratio , 2012,
Abstract: The general configuration of the state and its responsibilities has changed and this has introduced important modifications both in the policy arena and in the State’s requirements for high-level skills, qualitatively and quantitatively. Even if Romanian public administration is mainly seen as bureaucratic, oversized and unable to attract the best trained civil servants, the issue of the professionalization of its human resources has never been brought to the fore. Moreover, public functions are not included in the category of the most desired ones the vast majority of people try to obtain such a job, considering that it provides stability. Turnaround professional qualification indicates the rate of experience, knowledge, and integrity necessary to conduct renewal work. Unfortunately, formal barriers hindering the promotion (e.g. waiting time, professional seniority) and limited development opportunities (flat management structures, lack of visible career paths, inadequate information on vacancies) have a negative impact on the degree of motivation and commitment at work, and of course they adversely affect service quality. In this regard we undertake a study among students and graduates of schools of public administration in Romania, Bucharest, from which we determine the worst and the best 10 jobs you can get today in public administration. Moreover, we will seek to find out which is their motivation to have an education in administrative sciences. Also, we focus our attention on those employed in public institutions to pursue their professional route and their professional qualification. Once established, we will endeavour to create the axis of professional career in public administration. This research will hold a discussion on professional qualification, articulated with the unemployment caused by the present crisis. It will aim to demonstrate the consolidation of the professional (dis)qualification as a tool. We will see that professional qualification in public administration involves several factors which are interconnected in one and the same process, such as politics, motivation and quality of life.
On the Logic of Separating the Fiscal Policy from the Fiscal Administration
Emil Dinga,Cornel Ionescu,Elena Padurean,Camelia Baltaretu
EIRP Proceedings , 2010,
Abstract: One of the problems yet to be solved in a satisfactorily manner in Romania is the decentralisation of the public administration. In general, by decentralisation we understand the separation of the central decision from the local (or regional) decision based on the principle of subsidiarity. In our opinion, The National Agency for Fiscal Administration should function, in a decentralised manner, meaning outside of the Ministry of Public Finances. In support of this statement we will present two modules or arguments: a) wewill first debate on the matter of public administration decentralisation; b) second, we will debate in favour ofthe institutional separation of ANAF from the Ministry of Public Finances. Objectives: Implementation of concrete desire for decentralization of public administration; Identification of conceptual distinctions, structural and functional development of tax policy and administration of fiscal policy. Prior work: Assessment of net tax burden; Phillips curve assessment for Romania; Automatic fiscal stabilizers; Sustainability of fiscal policy. Approach: Logical analysis of the concepts involved in the study; Highlighting the distinctions of semantic and pragmatic nature of the concepts involved in the study. Results: decisive arguments concerning the desirability of the structural separation of the fiscal policy from the fiscal administration. Implications: providing arguments for a separation of fiscal policy decision to tax administration; a collection efficiency of budgetary obligations. Potential beneficiaries : The Ministry of Finance; the National Agency for Fiscal Administration; the Government of Romania; the Ministry ofInternal Affairs and Administration. Value: Contributions from conceptual nature: semantic separation of fiscal policy from tax administration; from methodological nature: demonstrating scientific research force of un application logic analysis method; from empirical nature: demonstrating the need, possibility,effectiveness and appropriateness of the structural separation of fiscal policy from tax administration. Originality from the research methodology: the use of logical method.
Research Status and Development of University Students’ Political Socialization  [cached]
Xiaochuan Zhang
Asian Social Science , 2013, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v9n3p239
Abstract: This paper generalizes research of university students’ political socialization as four issues, namely, the issue of formation of university students’ “political self”, the issue of a variety of transmission media for political culture, the pattern of university students’ political socialization and the mechanism of university students’ political socialization. It also summarizes and analyzes studies on these four issues in the recent years with an expectation to provide reference for further research.
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