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Sanja ?ori?
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Isto?nom Sarajevu , 2011,
Abstract: This paper is based on the factsthat today’s market is very concentrated andsaturated, especially consumer goods market, andthat companies are forced to invest significantassets in marketing activities in order to increasesales volume and profit. Investments in media arebecoming very expensive, so in the last couple ofdecades, the ratio of marketing investments inmedia is shifting towards promotion activities at thepoint of sale, that is, in favor of sales promotions.The paper lists the main types of promotionalactivities and their characteristics. Also, itdescribes sales promotion mechanisms and theireffects. It defines the phases management goesthrough in creating, implementing and evaluatingpromotional strategy and emphasizes the need forgood, clear and effective communication betweenmarketing and sales departments. In this paper aspecial attention is dedicated to evaluation ofpromotional results, as well as to models used forthat purpose. This paper, through classification anddescription of sales promotion elements, has tocreate a platform for better understanding ofpromotion activities. The main goal of this paper isto emphasize importance of the leading salespromotion drivers, such as increase of the salesvolume and profit.
An evaluation of a model for the systematic documentation of hospital based health promotion activities: results from a multicentre study
Hanne T?nnesen, Mette E Christensen, Oliver Groene, Ann O'Riordan, Fabrizio Simonelli, Lagle Suurorg, Denise Morris, Peder Vibe, Susan Himel, Poul Hansen
BMC Health Services Research , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-7-145
Abstract: A simple model has been described to structure the registration of the HP procedures performed by the clinical staff. The model consists of two parts; first part includes motivational counselling (7 codes) and the second part comprehends intervention, rehabilitation and after treatment (8 codes).The objective was to evaluate in an international study the usefulness, applicability and sufficiency of a simple model for the systematic registration of clinical HP procedures in day life.The multi centre project was carried out in 19 departments/hospitals in 6 countries in a clinical setup. The study consisted of three parts in accordance with the objectives.A: Individual test. 20 consecutive medical records from each participating department/hospital were coded by the (coding) specialists at local department/hospital, exclusively (n = 5,529 of 5,700 possible tests in total).B: Common test. 14 standardized medical records were coded by all the specialists from 17 departments/hospitals, who returned 3,046 of 3,570 tests.C: Specialist evaluation. The specialists from the 19 departments/hospitals evaluated if the codes were useful, applicable and sufficient for the registration in their own department/hospital (239 of 285).A: In 97 to100% of the local patient pathways the specialists were able to evaluate if there was documentation of HP activities in the medical record to be coded.B: Inter rater reliability on the use of the codes were 93% (57 to 100%) and 71% (31 to 100%), respectively.C: The majority of the study participants found the codes to be useful (71%), applicable (92%) and sufficient (92%).Systematic registration of HP activities is relevant in clinical day life and the suggested codes proved to be applicable for international use. HP is an essential part of the clinical pathway or the value chain. This model promises to improve the documentation and thereby facilitate analysis of records for evidence based medicine as well as cost and policy analyses.There is in
Development of complex sales promotion of educational services in the specialty Management of innovation activities
V.V Bozhkova,J.O. Timokhina
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2011,
Abstract: In this article describes the complex of sales promotion of educational services in the specialty "Management of innovation activity" and proposed plan of decision to boost sales promotion for a new specialty in the Ukrainian education market.
Effect Of Sales Promotion On The Volume Of Sales Of Agroproduct (ROYCO)
CC Ifeanyi-Obe, J Lemchi, B Isife
Journal of Agriculture and Social Research (JASR) , 2008,
Abstract: Increase demand of agricultural products has been viewed as a means of inducing greater production in the agricultural sector. Therefore, efficient marketing of Agro-products will result to increase in demand of farm products and this will serve as a great incentive to increase production in the Agricultural sector. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of sales promotion on the volume of sales of Royco in Onitsha Urban city of Anambra State for the years 1998 and 1999. Data for the study was collected from 40 respondents (20 staff of UniLever Nig. Plc, producers of Royco and 20 Distributors of Royco) who were selected based on purposive sample technique. Also data from the company’s sales record for the 1998 and 1999 sales promotion period was also used. These data were analyzed using simple statistical tools such as, percentages, tables, charts/graphs. Chi-square was used to test the hypothesis at 0.95 significant level. Results from the findings of this research established a positive relationship between sales promotion and sales volume leading to rejection of null hypothesis. That is, it was established that effective sales promotion of Royco induces greater sales of Royco, which in turn results to greater demand of Agro-Products used in the production of Royco. Necessary policy recommendations were made on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of sales promotion.
Sales Promotion  [PDF]
Miklautsch M,Prem M
Journal für Ern?hrungsmedizin , 2010,
Abstract: Das verkaufsf rdernde Instrument der Sales Promotion k nnte durchaus genutzt werden, um auch den Absatz von als "gesund" bezeichneten Lebensmitteln zu f rdern. Um nachhaltige nderungen im Konsumationsverhalten zu erzielen, sind jedoch zus tzliche Ma nahmen erforderlich.
Felicia Sabou
Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis Arad, Seria Stiinte Economice , 2012,
Abstract: The paper focused on importance and benefits of control and evaluation of marketing activities. The control of efficiency review the assessment of the resources for marketing activity, checking also the efficiency of the human resources, advertising, promotion activities and distribution activities. In the analyse of human resources the most important ratio are: the average of costumers visits on a day, the number of custom order received from 100 visits, the number of new customers from a period, the number of lost customers from a period, the marketing human expenditures from all the sales.The strategic control is made to check if the objectives and the company strategy are adapted to the marketing environment.
Sales Promotion Strategies of Financial Institutions in Bayelsa State  [cached]
Banabo Ekankumo,Koroye Braye Henry
Asian Journal of Business Management , 2011,
Abstract: Sales promotion is a veritable tool in the hands of marketers to not only serve as a defensive strategy but an offensive weapon to combat the ever increasing competitive environment of the organization. Its primary objective is to act as a conduit through which marketers can build loyalty of consumers as well induce quick profit as a result of return purchase. Therefore, the study is an attempt to critically and empirically examine the sales promotion strategies of financial institution in Nigeria. The main objectives was to find out if such a review is necessary in a dynamic business environment and to underscore whether or not sales promotion strategies are effectively adopted in the banking industry in Bayelsa State. Total is 15 banks was randomly selected with 278 respondents who are marketers structured questionnaires were admitted and results gathered were analyzed using tabulation and single percentage method. The summary of the result was that sales promotion is aptly adopted by majority of banks in Yenagoa, and it subsequently recommended that the widest possible understand of the strategy has to be communicated to all levels of the organization to provide the detailed promotional plan of the banks.
The Effect of Marketing Communications on the Sales Performance of Ghana Telecom (Vodafone, Ghana)
Nana Yaa Dufie Okyere,Gloria K.Q Agyapong,Kwamena Minta Nyarku
International Journal of Marketing Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ijms.v3n4p50
Abstract: One of the problem areas in marketing of great practical and theoretical significance about which much remains to be learned is the nature of market response to a firm's marketing mix. Marketers are therefore concerned about the coordination between communications and their sales and the expenses thereof. This study sought to examine the relationships existing between marketing communications activities and the sales performance of Vodafone. The study also made use of simple statistical tools such as tables, graphs, together with multiple regression analysis to determine the degree of variation between the dependent (sales volume) and independent variable (communication tools). The results indicated strong relationships between sales promotion, advertising budgets and total sales. There was however an inverse relationship between TV advertisements and sales. In addition, a negative relationship was also found to exist between sponsorship budget and total sales. The outcome indicates that Vodafone was not paying much attention to its total communication costs and the return on investment (ROI) on such expenditures. It is recommended therefore that management and other marketers in the industry regularly evaluate the marketing communications activities they engage in as this will inform them on how effective their communications activities are and what returns to expect on these marketing communications activities.
Mehmet KARA,Duran KURU
Ad?yaman University International Journal of Social Science , 2013,
Abstract: Sales promotion refers to those marketing activities other than personal selling, advertisement and publicity, which stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, such as displays, shows and expositions, demonstrations and various non-recurrent selling efforts not in the ordinary routine. In this study, applied to banks in Yozgat, it is aimed to determine in which direction and how promotion efforts affect customers while taking into account of the demographic characteristics of them and to make recommendations on sales promotions which should be applied for banks. The data was obtained via questionnaire. By using the percentage and frequencies of the data, whether sales promotion activities of banks taking into account of demographic characteristics of customers affect sales decision is observed.
The Role of Promotion in Milling and Bakery Products Sales
Sergiu-Bogdan Constantin
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2009,
Abstract: Irrespective of the avenue chosen for the retail of milling and bakery products, a key role in sales growth is the one played by promotion, information of the future customers as to the characteristics of the products, the execution and sale conditions. Such information process takes place by means of the promotional mix, consisting of a blend of advertising, sales promotion, public relations tools, trademarks, promotional events, and sales forces. The milling and baking industry uses, to certain extent, all the components of the promotional mix. Product promotion is central both to sales growth, as well as to educating, advising and informing consumers as to how they can select quality milling and bakery products.
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