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On Stereographic Lognormal Distribution
International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.11591/ijaas.v2i3.1929
Abstract: Circular data arise in various walks of life, where we consider the unit circle to be the sample space. Minh &Farnum (2003) developed that Mobius transformation or Stereographic projection is applied to generate probability distributions on real line. We derive an asymmetric distribution called Stereographic Lognormal distribution to model circular data with an emphasis on the Inverse Stereographic Projection. The graphs of probability density function, cumulative distribution function and characteristic function are drawn. Since Stereographic Lognormal distribution is an asymmetric, a complex-valued characteristic function is derived and population characteristics are also studied. Goodness of fit is verified for the data Set of cross – bed azimuths of palaeocurrents of size 40 which contains angular data.
Production and mass partitioning in Peruvian carrot plants grown under artificial shading period and intensity
Barrella, Tatiana Pires;Puiatti, Mário;Santos, Ricardo Henrique Silva;Cecon, Paulo Roberto;
Acta Scientiarum. Agronomy , 2011, DOI: 10.4025/actasciagron.v33i2.6099
Abstract: due to its long production cycle, the peruvian carrot has been cultivated on marginal land, resulting in low yields. intercropping is an option for planting in better areas, but there is a lack of research on crop shade tolerance. this study aimed to evaluate the effect of period and intensity of artificial shading on mass partitioning and root yield on peruvian carrot 'amarela de carandaí'. the treatments were four shading intensities (18, 30 and 50% of shading with sombrite? cover and full sun), imposed either from 30 to 120, or from 30 to 210, or from 120 to 210 days after planting (dap), totaling 10 treatments at harvest (210 dap), with four repetitions. light restriction above 18% from 30-210 dap and from 120-210 dap reduced marketable root yield. the marketable root yield was less reduced when shading was imposed earlier (30-120 dap) than later (120-210 dap) on the growth cycle. regarding light competition, peruvian carrot should be intercropped with crops that promoted up to 50% of shading from 30-120 dap, or up to 18% of shading from 120 to 210 or 30-120 dap.
Physiological characters of kimpul (Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott) in various of light intensity (shading) and water availability
Biodiversitas , 2008,
Abstract: The aim of this research was to study the physiological characters of kimpul [Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott] in various light intensity (shading) and water availability. The physiological characters are growth, photosynthetic apparatus, tissue nitrogen and polyphenol content. Information about physiological character of tannia is important in order to their cropping development. The research done in randomize complete block design with 2 factors and 3 replicates. The first factor was light intensity (shading) in 3 levels (0%, 55%, and 75%). The second factor was water availability in 4 different fields capacities (40%, 60%, 80% and 100%). The treatments were be done in 6 weeks. There were 8 parameters measured (plant height, dry plant weight, total chlorophyll content, stomata index, nitrogen and polyphenol content. The data were analyzed by analysis of varians, followed by DMRT in 5% confident level. The result showed that the plant height significantly affected by the combinations of treatment (shading and water availability). The treatment also influenced the total chlorophyll content and leaf nitrogen content. The treatment didn’t give significantly effect on stomata index, and pholyphenol content.
P. Lukkunaprasit,A. Ruangrassamee
Science of Tsunami Hazards , 2009,
Abstract: Reinforced concrete (RC) buildings with openings in the masonry infill panels have shown superior performance to those without openings in the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Understanding the effect of openings and the resulting tsunami force is essential for an economical and safe design of vertical evacuation shelters against tsunamis. One-to-one hundred scale building models with square shape in plan were tested in a 40 m long hydraulic flume with 1 m x 1 m cross section. A mild slope of 0.5 degree representing the beach condition at Phuket, Thailand was simulated in the hydraulic laboratory. The model dimensions were 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm. Two opening configurations of the front and back walls were investigated, viz., 25% and 50% openings. Pressure sensors were placed on the faces of the model to measure the pressure distribution. A high frequency load cell was mounted at the base of the model to record the tsunami forces. A bi-linear pressure profile is proposed for determining the maximum tsunami force acting on solid square buildings. The influence of openings on the peak pressures on the front face of the model is found to be practically insignificant. For 25% and 50% opening models, the tsunami forces reduce by about 15% and 30% from the model without openings, respectively. The reduction in the tsunami force clearly demonstrates the benefit of openings in reducing the effect of tsunami on such buildings.
Planes and Spheres as Topological Manifolds. Stereographic Projection
Marco Riccardi
Formalized Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.2478/v10037-012-0006-0
Abstract: The goal of this article is to show some examples of topological manifolds: planes and spheres in Euclidean space. In doing it, the article introduces the stereographic projection [25].
Thermal Performance in Building Without Shading Devices
K.O. Kadiri,J. Okosun
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Most of the buildings in Ile-Ife were not designed with shading devices to shield the building interior from direct solar radiation. In order to see how effective is shading device an investigation was carried out on buildings with one side shaded and the other exposed to solar radiation between the times of 12.00-3.00 pm. Seventy percent of the occupants felt hot and uncomfortable due to solar heat gain from the window without shading devices.
Stationarity of SLE  [PDF]
Antti Kemppainen
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1007/s10955-010-9929-4
Abstract: A new method to study a stopped hull of SLE(kappa,rho) is presented. In this approach, the law of the conformal map associated to the hull is invariant under a SLE induced flow. The full trace of a chordal SLE(kappa) can be studied using this approach. Some example calculations are presented.
Christina E. Mediastika,Floriberta Binarti
Dimensi : Journal of Architecture and Built Environment , 2004,
Abstract: In low cost housing of warm humid regions where natural ventilation is usually employed, the presence of large openings will also cause unnecessary glare and heat gain of solar radiation This paper reports a preliminary study to handle glare issue without impairing natural ventilation. The use of climbing vegetation planted on a frame with fully adjusted foliage dense as shading devices is investigated. The frame is placed at the most possible position of the low cost housing and two variables, i.e. foliage porosity and leaf surface reflectance is studied using two computational simulation methods. Radiance is employed to calculate glare index after the vegetative shading and Brevent is used to assess ventilation flow rates occurred indoors toward indoors thermal comfort of the modelled housing. The study indicates that using climbing vegetation is possible for both reducing glare and supplying the required ventilation flow rates at the same time.
A method for comparing chess openings  [PDF]
Jamal Munshi
Statistics , 2014,
Abstract: A quantitative method is described for comparing chess openings. Test openings and baseline openings are run through chess engines under controlled conditions and compared to evaluate the effectiveness of the test openings. The results are intuitively appealing and in some cases they agree with expert opinion. The specific contribution of this work is the development of an objective measure that may be used for the evaluation and refutation of chess openings, a process that had been left to thought experiments and subjective conjectures and thereby to a large variety of opinion and a great deal of debate.
Conformal Powers of the Laplacian via Stereographic Projection  [cached]
C. Robin Graham
Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry : Methods and Applications , 2007,
Abstract: A new derivation is given of Branson's factorization formula for the conformally invariant operator on the sphere whose principal part is the k-th power of the scalar Laplacian. The derivation deduces Branson's formula from knowledge of the corresponding conformally invariant operator on Euclidean space (the k-th power of the Euclidean Laplacian) via conjugation by the stereographic projection mapping.
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