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Antistreptolysin O Levels in Patients with Behcet’s Disease  [cached]
Hulya Uzkeser,Saliha Karatay,Kadir Yildirim,Ali Karakuzu
Eurasian Journal of Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: Behcet’s disease is a multisystem inflammatory disorder, and its etiology has not been defined clearly yet. In this study, we aimed to investigate the antistreptolysin O (ASO) levels of patients with Behcet’s disease. Materials and Methods: Thirty patients with Behcet’s disease and 30 healthy controls were enrolled in this study. We measured erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), serum C-reactive protein (CRP), and ASO levels in both groups.Results: There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups with respect to demographic data (p>0.05). The ASO levels of the patients and the controls were 288.4±145.7 and 170.6±142.4 ng/ml, respectively. In the patients with Behcet’s disease, ASO (p<0.01) and ESR (p<0.05) values were significantly higher than in the healthy controls. There was no other significant difference in serum CRP levels between the patients and the controls. We could not find any correlation among ASO, CRP, and ESR values. Conclusion: Our results suggest that serum ASO levels may increase in patients with Behcet’s disease. Further studies are needed in order to define the relationship between ASO levels and inflammation status in Behcet’s disease.
A rapid screening test by the latex antistreptolysin O test for streptococcal infections in CMS Teaching Hospital, Bharatpur, Nepal  [PDF]
BL Dewasy,YI Singh,BK Jha,J Kapil
Journal of College of Medical Sciences-Nepal , 2010, DOI: 10.3126/jcmsn.v6i2.3613
Abstract: Streptococcus pyogenes (group A Streptococci) infection is diagnosed by either bacterial culture or serological test. For the serodiagnosis, antistreptolysin O (ASO) and antideoxyribonuclease B (DNAase B) are the most widely accepted tests. To measure the antibodies (ASO) of Streptococcus with the help of Rapitex antistreptolysin as a screening test is widely used in cases of suspected streptococcal infections and its sequelae. There were 4230 serum samples of rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis, rheumatic heart disease and rheumatic arthritis. They were tested for Antistreptolysin O (ASO) antibodies by latex agglutination test. The test is very simple, cheap, rapid, convenient and reliable. Correlation with the clinical diagnosis is possible for routine use. Key Words : ASO; rheumatic fever; latex agglutination DOI: 10.3126/jcmsn.v6i2.3613 Journal of college of Medical Sciences-Nepal, 2010, Vol.6, No-2, 24-28
Significance of Dietary Antioxidants for Health  [PDF]
Michael H. Gordon
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms13010173
Abstract: Since evidence became available that free radicals were involved in mechanisms for the development of major diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, there has been considerable research into the properties of natural dietary antioxidants. However, it has become clear that dietary antioxidants can only have beneficial effects in vivo by radical scavenging or effects on redox potential if they are present in tissues or bodily fluids at sufficient concentrations. For many dietary components, absorption is limited or metabolism into derivatives reduces the antioxidant capacity. For many dietary phytochemicals, direct antioxidant effects may be less important for health than other effects including effects on cell signalling or gene expression in vivo.
Significance of thyrotrophic receptor antibody(TRAb) in clinical diagnosis of Graves’ disease
Ning-ling WU,Zhao-hui LV,Jing DU,Guo-qing YANG
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To investigate the clinical significance of serum thyrotrophic receptor antibody(TRAb) in the diagnosis of Graves’ disease(GD).Methods Serum level of TRAb was measured with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) in 298 untreated patients with GD,212 cases with hypothyroidism,47 cases with subacute thyroiditis,161 cases with thyroid nodule and 73 health controls.ROC curve with SPSS 13.0 was drawn according to the data from patients with GD and subacute thyroiditis.Results The mean value of serum TRAb was significantly higher in Graves’ patients than in patients with other thyroid diseases.The positive rates of TRAb was highest in GD patients(93.3%),followed by the patients with subacute thyroiditis and hypothyroidism(14.9% and 11.3%),and the lowest in the patients with thyoid nodule(1.2%).Serum levels of TRAb in untreated GD showed various titers,and TRAb>30U/L was more commonly found(38.3%).ROC analysis showed that diagnostic code on TRAb for subacute thyroiditis and GD patients was 1.495U/L(93.5% sensitivity and 85.1% specificity),and the doubtable value interval of 1.11U/L to 13.65U/L was determined.Finally,there was a positive correlation between the serum titer of TRAb and TPOAb(P < 0.01).Conclusion TRAb measured by ELISA is a stimulating antibody,and may be used in the differential diagnosis of GD and subacute thyroiditis.
Health and historical levels of freedom
Samantha L Biggs, Evelyn M Dell, Vanessa L Dixon, Michel R Joffres, Chris Beyrer, Kumanan Wilson, James J Orbinski, Mills J Edward
Globalization and Health , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1744-8603-6-11
Abstract: We obtained countrywide health indicators for life expectancy, infant mortality, maternal mortality ratio, % low birth weight babies, Gini coefficient (a measure of wealth inequality) and various markers of freedom based on political rights and civil liberties. We applied multivariable logistic regression to examine the association between health indicators and within-country years of freedom as determined by Freedom House rankings.The total proportion of free years from 1972-2005, the duration of current freedom level, and the Gini coefficient show independent positive associations with health indicators, which remain after the adjustment for national wealth, total government expenditure, and spending on health. Countries identified as having high total proportion of free years demonstrated significantly better health outcomes than countries with low levels of freedom (life expectancy, Odds Ratio [OR] 7.2, 95% Confidence Interval [CI], 2.3-22.6, infant mortality OR 19.6, 95% CI, 5.6-67.7, maternal mortality ratio, OR 24.3, 95% CI, 6.2-94.9, and % low birth weight babies OR 3.8, 95% CI, 1.4-10.8). This was also the case for infant mortality (OR 3.4, 95% CI, 1.0-8.4), maternal mortality ratio (OR 4.0, 95% CI, 1.2-12.8), and % low birth weight babies (OR 2.6, 95% CI, 1.0-6.6) among countries considered as having medium levels of freedom.We found strong associations between country-level freedom and important health outcomes. The cumulative level of freedom over time shows stronger associations with all health indicators than the duration of current freedom level.Although the link between politics and health is often discussed,[1,2] few studies have determined the specific influence of national political rights and civil liberties on the health of individuals and populations living under them. With various organizations now providing data on political and health indicators from all over the world, large-scale global comparisons are now possible[3].In this analysis, we
Significance of serum butyrylcholinesterase levels in oral cancer
Prabhu K,Naik D,Ray S,Vadiraj
Australasian Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: BackgroundOral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a relatively commonepithelial malignancy, and thus represents a significantpublic health problem. Early detection improves quality oflife for affected patients. Identification of molecularmarkers (or biomarkers) which can predict diseaseprogression is necessary for better management of thesedisorders. A correlation of cholinesterase withtumourigenesis, cell proliferation and cell differentiationhas been observed. Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE;pseudocholinesterase) has been shown to be a biochemicalmarker for cervical cancer which is also an epithelialmalignancy. In this study, we sought to estimate andcompare serum BChE levels in healthy controls and patientswith biopsy-proven oral squamous cell cancer (also anepithelial malignancy) before definitive therapy asradiotherapy or chemotherapy may alter the levels of BChEand may act as a confounding variable.MethodAfter obtaining consent from biopsy proven oral cancerpatients (n= 39) (before onset of any definitive treatment),and from age- and sex-matched healthy controls (n = 20),2ml of blood was collected. After clot formation sampleswere centrifuged, serum was collected for estimation ofBChE.ResultsPre-treatment serum BChE levels were significantly elevated(p < 0.0001) in oral cancer patients compared to that ofcontrols. BChE levels showed a significant increase (p =0.005) with advancing stage in oral cancer patients.ConclusionOur results show there could be a role for serum BChE indetermining the prognosis of oral cancer.
A survey of canine filarial diseases of veterinary and public health significance in India
Puteri Azaziah Megat Abd Rani, Peter J Irwin, Mukulesh Gatne, Glen T Coleman, Linda M McInnes, Rebecca J Traub
Parasites & Vectors , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1756-3305-3-30
Abstract: A total of 139 from 525 dogs (26.5%; 95% CI 22.7, 30.3) were positive for microfilariae. The most common species of canine filaria identified in this study was A. reconditum (9.3%) followed by D. repens (6.7%) and D. immitis (1.5%). Three out of 525 dogs were found to have mixed infections on PCR. The morphological and molecular evidence on the sequence of the 18S gene and phylogenetic analysis of the ITS-2 region provided strong evidence that the canine microfilariae discovered in the Himalayan city of Ladakh belong to a novel species of Acanthocheilonema. Two dogs in Ladakh were also found to have mixed infections of the novel species described above and a unique microfilaria which morphologically resembled Microfilaria auquieri Foley, 1921.At least six species of filarial nematode are now known to infect dogs in India, two of which were reported for the first time in this study. The study also confirms and extends the geographical distribution of canine heartworm (D. immitis) which overlaps with D. repens, emphasising the importance for veterinary clinicians and diagnostic laboratories to utilise immunodiagnostic tests that will not cross-react between those two filarial species. From a public health viewpoint, the distribution and prevalences of these nematodes warrant an appropriate prophylaxis to be administered to dogs.Filariasis in dogs is caused by several species of filariids. Dirofilaria immitis, the most pathogenic canine filarid is responsible for heartworm disease in dogs. Both D. repens and Acanthocheilonema spp. develop into adult worms in the subcutaneous tissue resulting in skin nodules. Adults of Brugia spp. are usually recovered from the mandibular, retropharyngeal and axillary lymphatics. Most infections with D. repens, Acanthocheilonema spp. and Brugia spp. are of minimal veterinary clinical significance, however all canine filariae have the potential to infect humans and remain important from a public health perspective [1,2].Diagnostic method
Developmental levels in adult's conceptions of health and disease
Reis, Joaquim C.;Fradique, Fernando S.;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722010000300012
Abstract: a socio-cognitive developmental perspective suggests that conceptions regarding health and disease processes may present different levels of openness, flexibility, inclusiveness and differentiation, and thus can be ordered into different levels. we present a qualitative study on lay significations regarding health and disease processes, endorsed by 67 adults. the results show that these adults have different socio-cognitive developmental competences related to health and disease processes. for each dimension of significations of health and disease, it is possible to sequence lay person's conceptions developmentally. each level is distinct qualitatively, including responses characterized by a higher degree of differentiation, integration and complexity than the previous level. finally, the implications of this approach to clinical and educational methods are discussed.
HBV variants: Clinical significance and public health implications
Revill Peter,Locarnini Stephen
Hepatitis B Annual , 2005,
Abstract: Inadequate and/or inappropriate host immune responses, are mainly responsible for the liver disease of chronic hepatitis B. Infection of the hepatocyte with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) results in very high levels of viral replication without actually killing the infected cell directly. The HBV uses reverse transcription to copy its DNA genome and because of a lack of proof-reading capability, mutant viral genomes or quasi species, emerge continually. All the selection pressures, both endogenous (host immune clearance) and exogenous (vaccines and antiviral drugs), readily select particular quasispecies with increased replication fitness, which then emerge as the new dominant population. The specific viral mutations or combination of mutations that play a role in the final clinical outcome of HBV infection are not fully known, but certain patterns and associations are starting to emerge. In particular, the expression of a novel protein, the hepatitis B splice protein (HBSP), has been linked to liver fibrosis and liver disease progression. Further studies are needed to identify the molecular pathological basis and subsequent clinical sequelae arising from the selection of these quasispecies in infected individuals.
Evaluation of Burnout Levels of Health Managers in Kayseri City  [cached]
Ahmet ?ztürk,Yasemin Tolga,Vesile ?enol,Osman Günay
Erciyes Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Purpose: The present study was performed to determine the burnout levels and the factors related with this situation of health care managers in Kayseri City. Material and Methods: Between April and May 2005, 119 care managers who were employed in health facilities of health ministry and Erciyes University were recruited in this study. Data collection was performed with Maslach burn out scale and an interview form with information on their working environment. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), Kruskal Wallis H tests and the significance test of the difference between two means in independent groups were used in data analysis.Results: We found that managers with commensurate authority and responsibility those who like both their jobs and job environment experienced more lower burnout and were more sensitive to their professions and jobs. It was determined that managers who were medical doctors were experiencing more burn out than other managers who were not medical doctors. Conclusion: Burnout levels of those health care managers, who are single, medical doctors with post graduate education, who are not satisfied with their jobs, and those who do not have authorization commensurate with their professions, are higher. Age, sex and weekly working hours did not affect their burnout levels.
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