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Zero-One Programming Model for Daily Operation Scheduling of Irrigation Canal  [cached]
B. R. Ramesh,K. Venugopal,K. Karunakaran
Journal of Agricultural Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/jas.v1n1p13
Abstract: Irrigation scheduling is one of the important managerial activities that aim at effective and efficient utilization of water. A number of scheduling techniques are available today. Despite this, irrigation scheduling is only at inception level in most of developing countries. In India also there are many methods of irrigation scheduling to canals are available. The drawback of this method of operation of laterals is highlighted in this paper. Further, operations of the laterals are to be simple so that the system can be managed easily. In addition, the supply to laterals should match with the day supply in the canal and total supply for the period. In this paper a Mixed Linear Integer Programming model is described, which aims at daily scheduling of laterals from the canal considering the constraints of the system. It is proposed to run the laterals, (except a lateral which is proposed to operate at variable discharge) either full/half or closed condition for making the laterals operation simple. This Zero-One Mixed Linear Integer Programming model is applied to a field problem to derive daily operation scheduling of laterals of the system.
Simulation of a Vehicle’s Operation Controlled by Active Suspensions  [PDF]
T.R. Ori,P. Gbaha,J.T. Balou Bi,O. Asseu
Asian Journal of Scientific Research , 2011,
Abstract: The current cars are designed to go more quickly and they must adapt to all extreme situations of urgencies to avoid accidents. Active systems of safety already exist to reduce the task of the drivers but several investigations are still made. The purpose of this research carried out is to improve the existing systems or to propose ones more effective. In this work, a proposal is made to improve control by using the suspensions. These suspensions are controlled by a synthesized LQ law which proved its effectiveness on the braking distance of a vehicle. These same suspensions are tested in this work for an operation of the roundabout type. For this, a model of vehicle in three dimensions is presented to simulate this configuration of control.
THE RESEARCH OF THE EQUIPMENT OPERATION EFFICIENCE FOR FINE GRINDING OF THE ANIMAL ORIGIN FEEDS Исследование эффективности работы оборудования для тонкого измельчения мясо-рыбных кормов
Gavrilov T. A.
Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University , 2013,
Abstract: The article presents the results of the research of the equipment operation for animal origin feeds fine grinding, and also its operation efficiency index
Co-operation Amongst Polish Research Libraries  [cached]
Ewa Dobrzyńska-Lankosz
Liber Quarterly : The Journal of European Research Libraries , 2007,
Abstract: Polish research libraries have a long tradition of co-operating with one another, particularly when certain solutions require a collective effort. Co-operation can take place either at local, national or international level. In the past, we were able to observe close co-operation at the national level between libraries in similar disciplines (for instance, co-operation of groups of medical, technical and economics libraries). This form of co-operation has existed until today. Then, at the beginning of the 1990’s a new ‘configuration’ of library co-operation was initiated, that is, co-operation between libraries in various disciplines within one consortium aimed at choosing, purchasing and implementing the same integrated library system. The next step was co-operation undertaken within an inter-system consortium in order to fund a national union catalogue. This was an enormous enterprise, whose aim was to facilitate access to catalogue information on the collections of Polish research libraries and accelerate the process of cataloguing books. The National Union Catalogue NUKAT is based on shared cataloguing. At present, the catalogue is being created by 60 libraries, mainly academic.
Controlled Unitary Operation between Two Distant Atoms  [PDF]
Jaeyoon Cho,Hai-Woong Lee
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.72.052309
Abstract: We propose a scheme for implementing a controlled unitary gate between two distant atoms directly communicating through a quantum transmission line. To achieve our goal, only a series of several coherent pulses are applied to the atoms. Our scheme thus requires no ancilla atomic qubit. The simplicity of our scheme may significantly improve the scalability of quantum computers based on trapped neutral atoms or ions.
Operation Research Based Techniques in Wireless Sensors Networks  [PDF]
Ahmed Redha Mahlous, Mohamed Tounsi
Communications and Network (CN) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2017.91003
Abstract: In recent years, we have seen an increasing interest in developing and designing Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). WSNs consist of large number of nodes, with wireless communications and computation abilities that can be used in variety of domains. It has been used in areas that have direct contact with monitoring and gathering data, to name few, health monitoring, military surveillance, geological monitoring (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunami), agriculture control and many more. However, the design and implementation of WSNs face many challenges, due to the power limitation of sensor nodes, deployment and localization, data routing and data aggregation, data security, limited bandwidth, storage capacity and network management. It is known that Operation Research (OR) has been widely used in different areas to solve optimization problems; such as improving network performance and maximizing lifetime of system. In this survey, we present the most recent OR based techniques applied to solve different WSNs problems: the node scheduling problem, energy management problems, nodes allocating issues and other WSNs related complex problems. Different Operational Research techniques are presented and discussed in details here, including graph theory based techniques, linear programing and mixed integer programming related approaches.
THE ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH OF PROJECTING, BUILDING AND OPERATION OF CARGO TERMINALS OF THE CIS AIRPORTS Анализ опыта проектирования, строительства и эксплуатации грузовых терминалов аэропортов СНГ Анал з досв ду проектування, буд вництва та експлуатац вантажних терм нал в аеропорт в СНД
V.N. Pershakov,S.S. Vinograd,D.V. Skalova,E.Y. Grebenyuk
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2005,
Abstract: Summing up and analysis of research of projecting, building and operation of cargo complexes of CIS airports are made based on the normative documents, typical projects and existing cargo complexes. Проведено обобщение и анализ опыта проектирования, строительства и эксплуатации грузовых терминалов аэропортов СНГ по нормативным документам, типовым проектам и действующим грузовым комплексам. Проведено узагальнення й анал з досв ду проектування, буд вництва та експлуатац вантажних терм нал в аеропорт в СНД за нормативними документами, типовими проектами д ючими вантажними комплексами.
Original paper Estimation of testis volume in patients with varicocele treated by laparoscopic operation
Zbigniew Jab?onowski,Eugeniusz Mi?ko?,Waldemar Ró?ański
Archives of Medical Science , 2005,
Abstract: Introduction: Seminal cord varices cause degenerative processes in testicles described as “orchidopathia e varicocele”. One of the coefficients of surgical treatment efficacy could be an increase of the testicle volume after surgical procedure. Material and methods: In 83 patients operated due to left side seminal cord varices the ultrasound examination of scrotum was performed aiming, among others, at the evaluation of both testicles volume. The examination was performed before the surgical procedure and then in the period of 6-8 months after the laparoscopically performed surgical procedure. The ultrasound examination was made by means of sector head (frequency of 7.5 MHz) and the examination unit B&K Medical 3535. During the examination the patient was in standing position. The testicle volume (in cm3) was calculated by means of urological measurement module, which was the part of ultrasound examination unit software. Results: In the patients with seminal cord varices a statistically significant increase of the left testicle volume after applied laparoscopical surgery treatment was gained (p<0.001). The increase of the left testicle volume was found in 71 of 83 operated patients. Conclusions: 1. The application of the laparoscopic method in the patients with left seminal cord varices causes an increase of the testicle volume on the operated side. 2. The ultrasound evaluation of the testicle volume is safe for the patient and simple for the physician diagnostic method.
A. Timkov,N. Faychuk
Аvtomob?lnyi Transport , 2011,
Abstract: The analysis of statistical data concerning the technical condition of trucks suspension and lorry convoys in operation is carried out. The characteristics of random variables distribution are calculated, and their graphic characteristics are calculated.
Research progress of antagonistic interactions among root canal irrigations disease  [cached]
Chen QU,Ping WANG
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2013,
Abstract: Root canal therapy is the most effective way to treat various pulposis and periapical disease. Simple mechanical apparatus can not clean root canal thoroughly, but may affect tight filling instead. It can achieve a satisfactory cleansing effect only when it is combined with a chemical solution. Irrigation fluid for root canal should possess the properties of tissue dissolution, antimicrobial, lubrication, and removal of smear layer. So far, no solution is able to fulfill all these functions. Therefore, a combined use of multiple irrigation solutions is suggested. It can not only achieve good effect in cleaning and disinfection, also it can lower the concentration of different solutions, thus reducing the side effects. Nevertheless, some experiments proved that antagonism existed among the chemicals used for irrigations. The purpose of present article is to review the antagonistic effect among the chemicals used for irrigation when they are used together for root canal treatment.
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