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Impact of Globalization of Education and Dynamics of Social Changes in Pakistan: Attitude Scale Construction and Analysis  [cached]
Alyas Qadeer Tahir
International Journal of Education , 2011,
Abstract: Globalization has been largely influenced and spread due to advancement of technology of communication. There has been emphasis in developing countries to seek public opinion on various aspects of globalization. The trend of globalization has opened up doors for country like Pakistan to explore opinion of its intellectuals on this particular dimension. A study was conducted on this particular issue of international importance. For this purpose, a scale was constructed on the attitude of professors of universities, educationists and the members of Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Pakistan. Initially, a likert scale of twenty five items was constructed and tried out to the respondents. After a comprehensive analysis, the scale was redefined and cut down to sixteen items for administration at larger scale at national level. This study provided an ample opportunity for item’s analysis and exploring the opinions about globalization of education and perspectives of social changes. It was found that respondents generally look in favor of globalization. The result of the t-test showed that no statistically difference exist between opinion of the university professors and educationists whereas there was a statistically significant differences noted between university professors and members of Chambers of Commerce and Industries and similarly between the opinion of educationists and the members of Chamber of Commerce and Industries. There was statistical significance noted at p<0.05 level in academic performance for the two groups F (1. 58) = 5.5351 p=.001 as result of one-way ANOVA. A two-way between-groups ANOVA was also conducted to see the impact of globalization on university professor’s subjects they teach in the category of management sciences, economics/commerce, and natural sciences and the years of experiences they possess. The interaction effect between the subject they teach and their experience was not statistically significant, F (3,94) = .563, p = .471. The main effect for the subject areas, F (3, 96) = .152, p = .736; and the experience of professors possess, F (3, 96) = 1.241, p=.138 did not reach the statistical significance. The results of the study can be viewed in Pakistani perspectives and need to be explored further in regional context.
Edwin S. Shneidman on Suicide  [PDF]
Antoon A. Leenaars
Suicidology Online , 2010,
Abstract: Edwin S. Shneidman (DOB: 1918-05-13; DOD: 2009-05-25) is a father of contemporary suicidology.His work reflected the intensive study of suicide. His contributions on suicide are some of the essential studies in the field. The works on suicide can be divided into five parts: Definitional and Theoretical, Suicide Notes, Administrative and Programmatic, Clinical and Community, and Psychological Autopsy and Postvention. In this paper, not only are the selected works explicated, but also Dr. Shneidman’s writings are shared on each category, to allow reader to understand suicide and Edwin S. Shneidman better.
The controversial pen of Edwin Holmes  [PDF]
Jeremy Shears
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Edwin Alfred Holmes (1839 -1919) is best remembered for his discovery of a bright comet in 1892, now known as Comet 17P/Holmes. An amateur astronomer and authority on optics, he was an original member of the BAA and contributed to its Journal and meetings for many years. As a prolific writer of letters to the English Mechanic, he developed a reputation for his controversial and acerbic penmanship.
Sports Globalization: China Sports’ Attitude and System Answer

- , 2016, DOI: 10.19582/j.cnki.11-3785/g8.2016.02.001
Abstract: 摘要:主要采用文献资料法,对中国体育在全球化过程中应持有的态度与制度设计进行了研究,目的在于使中国体育的制度设计符合世界历史的发展趋势。研究认为,一方面,中国体育应积极融入体育全球化并与世界体育进行积极对话,唯有如此才能正确看待中国体育在世界历史和中国历史中的伟大意义,这是对待体育全球化背景下中国体育发展的正确态度;另一方面,中国体育应积极参与国际体育体制并进行制度建设,为国内公民和国外公民提供公共产品,只有这样才有可能成为制度的发起者和国际制度的领导者,如此才能拥有更多的关于体育国际制度的话语权与议程设置能力,这是中国体育面对体育全球化的重要制度应对策略。
Abstract: For the purpose of following world development trend, this paper analyzed China sports’ attitude and system designing about globalization by the methods of literature review and logical analysis. Conclusions: On the one hand, China sports should join in sports globalization and dialog with world sports, which is a right view on China sports’ meaning in world history and China history, and is the right attitude for China sports development in sports globalization background. On the other hand, China sports should join in international sports system and develop system to provide public product for Chinese citizens and foreign citizens. Only this way may make China be the system initiator and international system leader, make China have more discourse power on sports international system and agenda setting. This is an important system coping strategy for China sports to sports globalization
Strategic Approach to the Globalization of Sasang Constitutional Medicine
Myeong Soo Lee
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2011, DOI: 10.1093/ecam/nep202
Abstract: The workshop on “Strategic Approach to the Globalization of Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM)” was held in the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM) on September 18, 2009. This workshop was designed to discuss and brainstorm the strategic approach to the globalization of SCM, one of the unique systems in Korean Traditional Medicine, with three topics and an extensive panel discussion. Professor Edwin Cooper, Editor-in-Chief of eCAM, gave a commemorative lecture for publication of the second supplement of eCAM entitled “Sasang Constitutional Medicine as a Holistic Tailored Medicine”. The other two presenters suggested some practical methods for globalization of SCM on the basis of their experiences. After the three main presentations, there was a panel discussion session for further development of workshop topics, extended by five other external experts. They discussed the benefits, limitations and essentials for globalization of Korean Traditional Medicine, specifically SCM, from bench to bedside.
The globalization debate: The globalists
Tadi? Tadija
Panoeconomicus , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/pan0601051t
Abstract: One of the main questions most of the globalization theorists have been dealing with is how to provide an adequate classification and systematization of vast and different theories of globalization. In this work we give a closer look to an infamous and highly influential Held's division of globalization theorists on globalists and skeptics. According to globalists globalization represents a real and significant historical process without a precedent, which generates new forms of global economy, global politics and global culture. On the other side, there are skeptics who discard globalization discourse simply as a myth or alternatively as an ideological project of the West. The first part of our investigation of the great globalization debate is dedicated to investigation of the globalist perspective (both the hyper-globalists and transformationists).
Computer Networks and Globalization  [cached]
D. Martinovic,J. Magliaro
Brock Education : a Journal of Educational Research and Practice , 2010,
Abstract: Communication and information computer networks connect the world in ways that make globalization more natural and inequity more subtle. As educators, we look at these phenomena holistically analyzing them from the realist’s view, thus exploring tensions, (in) equity and (in)justice, and from the idealist’s view, thus embracing connectivity, convergence and development of a collective consciousness. In an increasingly market- driven world we find examples of openness and human generosity that are based on networks, specifically the Internet. After addressing open movements in publishing, software industry and education, we describe the possibility of a dialectic equilibrium between globalization and indigenousness in view of ecologically designed future smart networks
L’Amérique selon Frederic Edwin Church
Fran?ois Specq
Transatlantica : Revue d'études Américaines , 2006,
Abstract: Dans son récit Chesuncook — publié d’abord en 1858, avant de former la seconde partie de The Maine Woods en 1864 — , Henry David Thoreau regrette que la nature sauvage soit davantage fréquentée par les b cherons que par les poètes et les peintres, et met en avant les vertus d’un mouvement de va et vient entre la civilisation et la wilderness (Thoreau, 120 et 155 56). A la même époque, Frederic Edwin Church, New Yorkais d’adoption, commence précisément à manifester un intérêt durable pour ...
Globalization and democracy: four paradigmatic views
Kavous Ardalan
Transcience : a Journal of Global Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Any explanation of globalization and democracy is based on a worldview. The premise of this paper is that any worldview can be associated with one of the four broad paradigms: functionalist, interpretive, radical humanist, and radical structuralist. This paper takes the case of globalization and democracy and discusses it from the four different viewpoints. It emphasizes that the four views expressed are equally scientific and informative; they look at the phenomenon from their certain paradigmatic viewpoint; and together they provide a more balanced understanding of the phenomenon under consideration.
The Aftermath of Globalization on African Identity  [PDF]
Bonachristus Umeogu
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2013.31A029

The rope nations and people have held on in order to climb up to a better life, is now threatening to draw them back into a pit of oblivion. What will it profit a nation to become civilized and lose its identity in the process? How will people of today look in the face of future generation and fumble at excuses to explain why they are not regarded as a cultural group of its own? This paper tries to show how globalization has led to the loss of cultural identity in Nigeria.

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