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Doru Botezat
Revista de Economie Sociala , 2012,
Abstract: Articolul de fa propune o sintez non-comprehensiv a teoriilor sociologice i economice cu privire la rolul pe care-l de in institu iile sub toate formele de manifestare n economia i societatea comunit ilor mici. Institu iile, analizate mai ntai din perspectiva culturii comunitare al turi de elitele locale i de leadership precum i de institu iile organizate formal prin stat sau prin organiza ii nonguvernamentale creeaz osatura unei a a-numite infrastructuri spirituale, intangibil , dar necesar progresului social la nivele primare de agregare. Studiul s-a realizat prin analiza critic a literaturii de specialitate la care s-au grefat unele exemple din societatea romaneasc . n final, articolul propune cateva idei practice de interven ionism institu ional pentru dezvoltarea comunitar .
Deficite bugetare si datoria publica
Bogdan Andrei MOLDOVAN,Alexandru PAVEL,HOGYE Mihaly
Revista Transilvan? de ?tiin?e Administrative , 2010,
Abstract: Perioada anilor recenti in care statele se confruntau cu o profunda criza economica este caracterizata de o crestere semnificativa a nivelurilor deficitelor bugetare si datoriei publice. Lucrarea de fata incearca sa identifice principalele riscuri legate de nivelul deficitului bugetar si cel al datoriei publice, precum si sa identifice posibile cai spre o crestere economica solida, analizand modele teoretice si exemple viabile ale practicii abordarii situatiilor economice dificile. Totodata, aceasta lucrare face o succinta evaluare a situatiei in care se afla tara noastra in aceasta perioada, si doreste a analiza daca o parte din masurile de reducere a cheltuielilor publice luate de guvernanti pot avea un efect benefic pe termen lung si care sunt conditionalitatile in acest sens.
Simona Maria St?nescu
Revista de Economie Sociala , 2013,
Abstract: Articolul trece n revist institu ile interna ionale i na ionale cu impact asupra domeniului economiei sociale. ntrebarea de cercetare care a stat la baza acestui demers tiin ific este: ce institu ii au responsabilit i n activit ile specifice privind nfiin area, func ionazare i, nu n ultimul rand sprijinirea activit ii entit ilor de economie social . Din punct de vedere metodologic, cercetarea se bazeaz pe analiza documentelor sociale publice, metode calitative i cantitative. Principala limitare metodologic a unui astfel de demers este acela c nu surprinde gradul de asumare al responsabilit ilor i eficien a activit ilor desf urate de c tre institu iile identificate. Acest subiect poate reprezenta f r ndoial un subiect de cercetare pentru viitor.
?tefan Pete,Ildikó Réka Cardo?
Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis Arad, Seria Stiinte Economice , 2011,
Abstract: During the recent years managerial accounting and the managerial accounting profession attracted high level of interest from both researchers and practitioners. Researchers consider that the role of managerial accounting and managerial accountants changed from beingoriented around number crunching and maintaining the overall functioning of the accounting systems to an increasingly business-oriented role (Jarvenpaa, 2007). Because of these changes the purpose of this paper is to present how managerial accounting and the managerial accounting profession changed all over the world and in Romania. After analyzing the existing literature in the field we would like to identify the skills and competences of yesterday’s and today’s accounting professional, worldwide and within Romanian organizations, pointing out that globalization and intensive competition must lead to interdisciplinary and flexible managerial accounting systems and accounting professionals.
Chirtoc Irina - Elena,Mungiu Pup?zan Mariana Claudia
Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis Arad, Seria Stiinte Economice , 2011,
Abstract: In an economy where all entities regardless of the scope of activity aimed at making aprofit, no exception makes credit institutions. So their profit is derived from commissionand the difference between the resources attracted and placed both on the interbank marketand at non-bank customers. For this reason the price of attracted resources is intended to beas low as possible. It is calculated based on interest rates practiced by those who have asurplus of resources.
Codru?a OSOIAN,Ioan LAZ?R,Monica ZAHARIE,Corina GAVREA
Revista Transilvan? de ?tiin?e Administrative , 2008,
Abstract: The micro approach of the human resourcemanagement requires the focus upon theemployees’ individual development within theinstitution. This process includes the identificationof the human resources’ development needs, theestablishment of the methods and strategiesnecessary for developing the employees, andthe implementation of the training program. Thepresent study focuses on the identification of theindividual development needs, which includesthree phases: the identification of the knowledgeand further on, the competences required for ahigh level performance, and the evaluation ofthe highly performing employees. Starting fromthe distinction between development needs anddevelopment wants, the purpose of this paper isto develop and propose a set of instruments whichto facilitate the identification of the employees’professional development needs (needs that areboth present on the individual and organizationallevel).
Incrementalism sau ra ionalitate n luarea deciziei n institu iile publice de la nivel local i jude ean din Romania?  [PDF]
Bianca RADU,Cristina HARU?A
Revista Transilvan? de ?tiin?e Administrative , 2011,
Abstract: The article examines the decision-making process in public institutions at local and county levels in Romania according to the features of several theoretical models presented in the literature, namely: rational comprehensive approach, incremental approach, rule following approach, mixed scanning approach and garbage can model. The analysis is based on the findings of a research conducted at national level on a representative sample of public institutions. The sample included top level civil servants and public officials working for County Councils and Local Councils from county seats, municipalities, cities and communes. A questionnaire was drafted to ask the respondents to rate their perceptions with regard to several characteristics of the decision-making process in public institutions. The findings indicate a limited rationality bounding the decision-making process in the analyzed institutions, which is constrained by the budget, legislation and procedures. Further researches are required to better understand the decision process on particular domains and with regard to specific characteristics of some policy issues.
Karl Polanyi et le processus institué de démocratisation économique  [cached]
Marguerite Mendell
Interventions économiques , 2006,
Abstract: Polanyi fait une incursion dans les sociétés non marchandes (en citant souvent des ouvrages d’anthropologie économique) et décrit l’activité économique encastrée dans les formes sociétales, processus économique institué qui ne peut être compris que dans son plus large contexte sociétal. Les spécialistes de Polanyi connaissent bien ce concept. Ce qu’ils connaissent peut-être moins bien, et qui fait écho aux objectifs de cet article consacré aux processus d’institutionnalisation et de désinstitutionnalisation, ce sont les textes que Polanyi a écrits antérieurement au sujet du processus de transformation sociale, en l’abordant sous un autre angle. Polanyi makes an incursion into the non-trading societies (by often quoting works of economic anthropology) and describes the economic activity embedded in society’s forms, an instituted economic process which can only be understood in the broader societal context. The Polanyi specialists know this concept well. What they know perhaps less better, and which echoes with the objectives of this article devoted to the processes of institutionalization and of desinstitutionnalization, are these texts that Polanyi wrote before studying the process of social transformation, and where he approaches the subject from another angle.Polanyi, social transformation, not merchant, institutionalization
Les particularités lexicales de la presse algérienne d’expression fran aise
Nadjet Koribaa
Synergies Algerie , 2012,
Abstract: Dans la presse algérienne d’expression fran aise, la plupart des journalistes n’écrivent plus en fran ais standard et recourent plut t àdes termes d’arabe dialectal ou classique propres à la société algérienne à la culture algérienne et même à la civilisation arabo-musulmane écrits en lettres latines. Ces particularités lexicales de la presse algérienne d’expression fran aise peuvent être considérées comme des particularismes lexicaux ou tout simplement des algérianismes
Priapism: clinical aspects and etiology Le Priapisme: particularités cliniques et étiologiques
Papa Ahmed Fall, B Diao, AK Ndoye, E Ndiaye Diop, C Sylla, SM Gueye, BA Diagne
African Journal of Urology , 2005,
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the clinical, etiological and therapeutical aspects of priapism. Patients and Methods: Sixty-three patients were retrospectively studied regarding their age, the time elapsed between onset of the condition and presentation at the hospital, their medical and surgical history, additional examinations such as blood count and hemoglobin electrophoresis, treatment modalities and outcome of treatment. Results: The mean age of the patients was 22,4 years (range: 3-68 years). The time elapsed between onset of the condition and presentation at the hospital ranged from 4 hours to 41 days. Two patients (3,2%) presented about 6 hours after the onset of priapism, while 80,9% presented more than 24 hours later. Hemoglobin electrophoresis revealed sickle-cell disease in 29 (46%) patients. In two patients, priapism occurred after intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs. The patients were treated medically and/or surgically. Immediate penile flaccidity after treatment was obtained in 53 cases (84,1%). At a mean follow-up of 8 months 51 patients could be evaluated; 23 of them (45,1%) reported a satisfactory erection. Fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa occurred in 24 (38.1%) patients. Conclusion: Priapism represents a urologic emergency which in Africa is commonly associated with sickle-cell disease. A timely and adequate treatment in our environment is rendered difficult due to the fact that most patients present very late. This situation can only be changed by an improvement of the socio-economic situation and a large-scale education of the population as well as the establishment of a larger number of specialized medical and health centers. Resume Objectif : L\'objectif de ce travail était d\'étudier les particularités de cette affection sur les plans clinique, étiologique et thérapeutique. Patients et Méthode : Il s\'agit d\'une étude rétrospective portant sur 63 patients. Les paramètres étudiés ont été: l\'age, le délai écoulé avant la consultation, les antécédents médicaux et chirurgicaux, les examens complémentaires avec essentiellement un hémogramme et une électrophorèse de l\'hémoglobine ainsi que les modalités et résultats du traitement. Résultats : L\'age moyen des patients était de 22,4 ans avec des extrêmes de 3 et 68 ans. Le délai entre le début des troubles et le traitement variait de 4 heures à 41 jours. Deux patients (3,2%) ont consulté avant la 6ième heure alors que 80,9% ont consulté après les 24 premières heures. L\'électro-phorèse de l\'hémoglobine a permis de retrouver 29 (46%) patients drépanocytaires. Chez 2 patients, le priapisme était survenu après injection intra-caverneuse de drogues vasoactives. La prise en charge des patients a été médicale et/ou chirurgicale. Sur le plan local, une fibrose des corps caverneux a été retrouvée chez 24 patients (38,1%) après un recul moyen de 8 mois. Sur la même période, 51 patients étaient évaluables sur le plan de la fonction érectile et 23 patients (45,1%) estimaient avoir un
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