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Pannonian plain as a morphostructural unit of Serbia
?ali? Jelena,Milo?evi? Marko V.,Gaudenji Tivadar,?trbac Dragoljub
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd1201047c
Abstract: Differentiation between the terms “Pannonian Basin” and “Pannonian Plain” is not clear enough in geographical literature. The paper discusses the usage of the term “plain” in geomorphology, as well as the usage of a quantitative method for plain delineation, through calculation of relief roughness coefficient (using a digital elevation model). Qualitative analysis, which includes the definition of dominant geomorphological processes and the distribution of Quaternary sediments, is an addition to the quantitative analysis. In the Republic of Serbia, the area of the Pannonian plain defined in this way is 24,448 km2, which is 27.5% of the total territory of the country. The paper gives the overview of the geotectonic structure and evolution of the Pannonian Basin System, with special stress on the territory of Serbia, as well as the chronology of the Pannonian sedimentation area in Serbia from the Lower Miocene till present. In order to explain the status of the Pannonian plain as one of the morphostructural units of Serbia, the theoretical basics of morphostructures are discussed, as well as the principles of their spatial definition and the relation to the notion of a geological structure. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 47007]
Activity concentrations of 137Cs and 40K in mosses from spas in Eastern Serbia
?u?ulovi? Ana,?u?ulovi? R.,Sabovljevi? M.,Veselinovi? D.
Archives of Biological Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/abs1203917c
Abstract: With the aim of detecting the presence of radionuclides in moss samples in eastern Serbia, 129 samples of mosses were collected from 2000 to 2010 in the region of the spas: Sokobanja, Banja Jo anica and Gamzigradska banja. The data obtained show that 137Cs was present in all of the 129 samples from 3 sampling areas and 15 sampling localities and in 20 moss taxa. This indicates that pollution with this radionuclide resulting from the Chernobyl accident still exists. Changes in the average activity concentrations of 40K are within measurement error limits, while for 137Cs changes in the average activity concentrations are more noticeable, i.e. they have decreased with time. [Acknowledgments. This work was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, project code III 43009.]
Water temperature adjustment in spas by the aid of heat pumps  [PDF]
Rizni? Dejan T.,Kova?i? Bojan J.
Thermal Science , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/tsci1204127r
Abstract: Mineral spas are considered an important national resource, used mainly for therapeutical and recreational purposes. However, raw mineral waters are often at temperatures different from the required ones and need to be cooled or heated to be adjusted to the level adequate for a specified purpose. For such an adjustment, energy is either released (when cooling down the mineral water) or consumed (for heating up the mineral water). Heat pumps may be used to multiply the gain of energy when released, or reduce the energy needed for heating the water. The report deals with technical possibilities and economic benefits of the use of heat pumps in such case studies in two spas of Serbia, Mataruska spa near Kraljevo, and Bukovicka spa in Arandjelovac.
Radiochemical analysis of waters and mud of Euganean spas (Padua)  [cached]
Cantaluppi C.,Fasson A.,Ceccotto F.,Cianchi A.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20122403001
Abstract: The area around the Euganean Hills (North-East Italy) is concerned with thermal phenomena known and used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. The thermal waters collected in this area have taken up a natural radionuclides content due to the leaching of hot and permeable deep rocks, with which they come into contact, before their rising to the surface. During the "maturation" process of the mud used for treatment purposes, the thermal waters make happen a complex series of biochemical changes and release a series of chemical species to the mud, resulting, in particular, in an enrichment phenomenon for some radionuclides. In this work, the first radiochemical analysis extended to all the Euganean Thermal District is reported. In particular, chemical analyses of mud, as well as radiochemical analyses of both mud and waters were performed; the enrichment of the radioisotopes in mud used for treatments was also documented. The results show that the 226Ra content in mud, during the "maturation" process, presents an enrichment even of one order of magnitude with respect to the value found in the unprocessed mud. Furthermore, in the same thermal waters, high concentrations of "unsupported" 222Rn have been found, which have shown to be not completely negligible both for people under treatment and particularly for spa workers.
Fungi in the legislation of the Republic of Serbia  [PDF]
Ivan?evi? Boris N.,Matavulj Milan N.,Vukojevi? Jelena B.,Karaman Maja A.
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Prirodne Nauke , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/zmspn1223051i
Abstract: Conservation and protection of fungi have lately been considered as extremely important elements of the environmental conservation, and numerous environmental, scientific, medical, economic, cultural, ethical, and other reasons for such attitude exist today. This paper presents an overview of official regulations on the protection of fungi in the Republic of Serbia from the Act of Protection of 1991 until today. The paper lists and analyses the good and bad provisions of individual legal regulations. It registers the effects of the adopted regulations on the actual efficiency of protection of endangered species of fungi (macrofungi, mushrooms), and considers the impact of chronological development of legislation on the population of fungi in nature, and presents general measures to improve protection of mushrooms in the future. These measures primarily include reliable information and study of fungi as a basis for their effective protection based on scientific knowledge. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. OI-179079]
Ahmet ATASOY,M. Dursun ??T??
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: Kolan spas on the border of Elaz and Tunceli are formed between Karako an, Pamuklu and Bardakl fracture zones which are matched around Hamam Mountain geometrically. The slopes looking the north of Hamam Mountain and the spring waters which is on Peri Water valley, because of the area’s geomorphological and techtonical structure, they are in a very deep valley. Because of the area’s limestone structure, in some way canyon seemed as if it is a valley. Peri Water valley has been rasing by techtonical activities and the exit of spa water have changed several times. The existence of spring water is related to techtonical structure and lithological features of the area. Because of the spring water’s being direct into Karako an limestone zone, it has been formed, in this techtonical structure which is lined north and south and from these directions fractures and cracks, hot waters come out of the surface. Controlling these spa water, like stalactite, stalagmite, pillar, travertine, limestone tufa karst froms or shapes are encountered. With the model “Do, run and transfer” foundations are formed and a lot of visitors come to visit especially from the vicinity every year. Kolan Kapl calar , Elaz ile Tunceli s n r nda Karako an, Pamuklu ve Bardakl Fay Zonlar ’n n Hamam Da ’n n evresinde geometrik olarak ak t yerlerde olu mu lard r. Hamam Da ’n n kuzeye bakan yama lar ve Peri Suyu vadisinde bulunan kapl calar, sahan n jeomorfolojik ve tektonik yap s ndan dolay olduk a derin bir vadi i erisinde bulunmaktad r. Kalkerli arazinin zelli inden dolay yer yer kanyon vadi g rünümünü alm t r. Peri Suyu vadisi tektonik hareketlerle yükselmekte ve kapl ca sular n n k yerleri de birka defa de i mi tir. Kapl ca kaynaklar varl n sahan n tektonik yap s ile litolojik zelliklerine bor ludur. Kapl ca sahas do rultu at ml Karako an Fay Zonu i erisinde bulunmas ndan dolay ekillenmekte, bu tektonik yap i erisinde olu an kuzey – güney y nlü a l mlar n k r k ve atlaklar ndan da s cak kaynak sular yüzeye kmaktad r. Bu kaynak sular denetimde sark t, dikit, sütün, traverten, kalker tüfü gibi karstik ekillere rastlan lmaktad r. ok e itli hastal klara iyi geldi inden dolay Kolan Kapl calar ’na y re halk n n ilgisi büyüktür. üzerinde sosyal tesislerin de bulundu u Kolan Kapl calar geli me a amas ndad r. yi bir ekilde tan t ld taktirde ok geni bir sahaya hizmet verebilme potansiyeline sahiptir.
Tax system performance in the Republic of Serbia
Djordje Cuzovic
Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business , 2009,
Abstract: Determination of Serbia to join and integrate into European Union (EU) calls for further reforms in economic laws and standards, among which, taxation policy takes one of the top places. After many years of preparations and delays, the Republic of Serbia adopted a set of laws in the field of taxation policy. However, achieved results are not sufficient to provide full-fledged tax system consistent in its taxation structure and attractive to FDI.
Search for source rocks of the crude oils of the Drmno depression (southern part of the Pannonian Basin, Serbia)
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2002,
Abstract: In a search for source rocks of the crude oils of the Drmno depression (southern part of the Pannonian Basin, Serbia), based on bulk and specific organic geochemical parameters, six out of eight Sirakovo, Bubusinac and Bradarac sedimentary core samples were found to possess typical source rock characteristics. By comparing the results observed for these sedimentary samples with the corresponding properties of the crude oils from the Sirakovo and Bradarac oil-gas fields, a positive organic geochemical oil-source rock correlation was experienced for the first time within this basin. This finding may be considered as an important step towards the ultimate organic geochemical/geological interpretation of the Drmno depression.
Immigration of Roma from Republic of Serbia  [cached]
Tatjana Vukeli?
Sfera Politicii , 2013,
Abstract: The questions of immigration are topics of high interest for the contemporary migration studies. Particularly relevant for the Western European countries is the immigration of Roma. This study analyzes the case of Roma asylum-seekers from Republic of Serbia to Federal Republic of Germany, which assumed a new dimension following the visa liberation. Focus of this article are the links among the social, economical, transitional and political conditions of Roma asylum-seeking, as well as an analysis of potential networks and knowledge transfer among Roma. In particular is to be understand if there is any transnational networking between Roma in home countries and abroad as well if Roma asylum-seekers have to be seen as perpetrators or rather victims of the political occurrences in the concerning country.
Mortality rate of adolescents in the Republic of Serbia  [PDF]
Ron?evi? Nevenka,Stojadinovi? Aleksandra
Medicinski Pregled , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0810503r
Abstract: Introduction. Adolescents are the healthiest age group of the population but many studies show that period of adolescence is marked by significant morbidity and mortality. Health indicators of adolescent population have been getting worse during past decades. The aim of this study was to determine mortality rate of adolescents in the Republic of Serbia to determine most common causes of death in adolescence and to explore regional differences in adolescent mortality. Materials and methods: Documentation tables of vital statistics in the Republic of Serbia in 2004, and Documentation Tables of Census 2002 were used. The causes of mortality were classified according to ICD 10. Results and discussion. Specific morality rate in the Republic of Serbia is 32.08 on 100.000 adolescents. The leading causes of death in adolescence are injuries, malignancies and non specified causes, and there are significant regional differences, as well as gender and age differences. The mortality rate of male adolescents is about 2.4 times higher than the mortality rates in female adolescents. The mortality rate of older adolescents is significantly higher than mortality rate of younger adolescents. The mortality of adolescents is higher in Vojvodina than in Central Serbia. Precise data of external causes of death do not exist in vital statistics in our country. Conclusion. The mortality of adolescents is high, especially for older male adolescents (15 to 19 years of age) and majority of deaths among adolescents could be prevented. It is necessary to improve data of vital statistics to get better insight into causes of adolescent death.
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