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Collection security management at university libraries: assessment of its implementation status  [PDF]
A. A. Maidabino,A. N. Zainab
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: This study examines the literature on library security and collection security to identify factors to be considered to develop a collection security management assessment instrument for university libraries. A "house" model was proposed consisting of five factors; collection security governance, operations and processes, people issues, physical and technical issues and the security culture in libraries. An assessment instrument listing items covering the five factors was pilot tested on 61 samples comprising chief librarians, deputy librarians, departmental, sectional heads and professional staff working in four university libraries in Nigeria. The level of security implementation is assessed on a scale of 1=not-implemented, 2=planning stage, 3=partial implementation, 4=close to completion, and 5=full implementation. The instrument was also tested for reliability. Reliability tests indicate that all five factors are reliable with Cronbach's alpha values between 0.7 and 0.9, indicating that the instrument can be used for wider distribution to explore and assess the level of collection security implementation in university libraries from a holistic perspective.
Okul Kütüphanelerinde Derme Geli tirme: Politikalar ve Dermelerin Betimlenmesi / Collection Develepment in School Libraries: Policies and Collection Descriptions  [PDF]
H. ?nci ?nal
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2005,
Abstract: Traditionally one of the most important tasks of the librarians has been book selection and collection development. In this research, the relation between the current situation of collection development and the collection development policy in the school libraries is discussed. Hereby, the collection development studies and the standard book list of the Ministry of National Education in Turkey are explained. A survey was conducted in 117 high school libraries in Ankara during the academic year 2004 – 2005, in order to get a picture of the current situation. The findings are expected to contribute to the understanding on how librarians should prepare and use collection development policies for school libraries.
HONEI: A collection of libraries for numerical computations targeting multiple processor architectures  [PDF]
Danny van Dyk,Markus Geveler,Sven Mallach,Dirk Ribbrock,Dominik Goeddeke,Carsten Gutwenger
Computer Science , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.cpc.2009.04.018
Abstract: We present HONEI, an open-source collection of libraries offering a hardware oriented approach to numerical calculations. HONEI abstracts the hardware, and applications written on top of HONEI can be executed on a wide range of computer architectures such as CPUs, GPUs and the Cell processor. We demonstrate the flexibility and performance of our approach with two test applications, a Finite Element multigrid solver for the Poisson problem and a robust and fast simulation of shallow water waves. By linking against HONEI's libraries, we achieve a twofold speedup over straight forward C++ code using HONEI's SSE backend, and additional 3-4 and 4-16 times faster execution on the Cell and a GPU. A second important aspect of our approach is that the full performance capabilities of the hardware under consideration can be exploited by adding optimised application-specific operations to the HONEI libraries. HONEI provides all necessary infrastructure for development and evaluation of such kernels, significantly simplifying their development.
Books from Prince Auersperg’s collection in modern Slovenian libraries  [PDF]
Stanislav Ju?ni?
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 2007,
Abstract: Previously unknown in Carniola preserved books of the Volf’s, later Ljubljanian “Prince’s” Trust Library were found. Just the scientific part of the library was examined by using Count Volf Engelbert Auersperg’s manuscript catalogue (1668) transcribed in 1762 and sales catalogues (1982-1983). Carniolan libraries preserved six scientific books from the former Ljubljanian “Prince’s” Trust Collection. Most of them are at Ljubljanian National and University Library. Last but not least, several Volf’s medicine books are kept in private collections of Slovenian owners. The examined part of Volf’s collection covered just a tenth of his 7000 titles. Therefore many other Volf’s books should have remained in his native country, which is put at the limelight for the first time to attract other researches interested in Slovenian Library and Science History. Former Volf’s books could be identified with characteristic Sch nleben’s manuscript bookplates. The “life paths” of some discovered Ljubljanian “Prince’s” Trust Library books were described to show how Carniolans succeeded to keep them at home. Some items with bookplate of Wolf Engelbert Auersperg were found in Library of National Museum and in Provincial Museum of Ko evje. It is claimed that those were not a part of Governor General Count Wolf Engelbert Auersperg (1610) and his descendants’ library, but rather a part of the former collection of Wolf’s cousin’s son, hereditary Marshal of Carniola Wolf Engelbert Auersperg (1641).
大學圖書館之館藏管理 Collection Management in Academic Libraries
Mei-hwa Yang
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 1987,
Abstract: 無 Since the concept of Collection Planning arises, numerous articles dedicated to this subject can be seen in foreign literature. However, it was seldom discussed in this country. Therefore, this article tries to provide some thoughts in regard to Collection Management, which include collection development, collection control and conservation, and collection evaluation. In addition, it also introduces three models for collection management: i.e., the Concept Model for Collection Analysis and Measurement, the Structural/ functional System Model, and the North American Collection Inventory Project, which, the author believes, can be profitably adopted by libraries here in Taiwan.
Isotopic composition of precipitation in Portoro (Slovenia)  [PDF]
Polona Vre?a
Geologija , 2011,
Abstract: The stable isotopic composition of hydrogen and oxygen (δ2H and δ18O) and tritium activity (3H) have been monitored in monthly precipitation at Portoro airport meteorological station since October 2000. Here we present a complete set of numerical data and a statistical analysis for the period 2000–2006. Seasonal variations of δ2H and δ18O were observed but are much less pronounced than for continental stations of the Northern Hemisphere. The weighted mean δ2H and δ18O values are -43 ‰ and -6.6 ‰, respectively. The relation between hydrogen and oxygen isotopic composition is expressed by the orthogonal Local Meteoric Water Line as δ2H = (8.05 ± 0.22) δ18O + (9.35 ± 1.55), and the temperature coefficient of d18O is 0.13 ‰/°C. The deuterium excess weighted mean value is 9.8 ‰ and shows some seasonal variations that reflect the variable influence of air masses of different origin (either Atlantic or Mediterranean). Tritium activity in monthly precipitation also showed seasonal variations, with a weighted mean value of 6.9 TU.
Collection Development Policies and Practical Guidelines for Academic and Research Libraries in Asia


现代图书情报技术 , 1999,
Abstract: This paper deals with the evaluation and selection aspects of collection development within Asian libraries. Collection development policies must be specific and usage studies conducted on a regular basis. New technology and access options along with budget restrictions are creating opprtunities for the networking of regional libraries. As institutions shift emphasis from the local library to the consortia, this directly impacts the policy for selecting materials, too. In light of these changes, the traditional method for purchasing information (and in what format it will be accessed)must be adapted to accept today's new realities. The goal of this paper is to encourage the leaders of today's libraries to actively participate in the creation of collection development policies that reflect not only the needs of their own organization and the consortia,but which focus on the ultimate users and their needs.
Book Review: Digital preservation of cultural heritage collection: Among libraries of India and Iran: A comparative study  [cached]
Mohamed Taher
Webology , 2012,
Abstract: Digital libraries universally have emerged in two ways. One, they are born digital (also known as electronic resource). Two, they are converted to become digital-by scanning or other data capturing techniques –from printed, microform, manuscripts, etc.. The converted digital resources demand greater attention by decision makers with regards design, plan and implementation– i.e., in the process of preservation of cultural heritage collections. The book depicts both the types of digital collections, albeit in a limited way, viz., a) sample population for libraries based on heritage resources and level of digitization, and b) two developing countries.
「臺灣地區醫學圖書館館藏暨服務統計共建共享系統」 The Taiwan Area Medical Libraries Joint-Input/Joint-Use Collection and Service Tabulation System
Huei-chu Chang
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 1999,
Abstract: 無 This article introduces the objectives, set-up framework, procedures, functions, statistical information applications, and effectiveness of the Taiwan Area Medical Libraries Joint-Input/Joint-Use Collection and Service Tabulation System. The aim is to utilize the practical experience of domestic medical libraries to provide statistics from a comprehensive medical libraries collection and service tabulation system for libraries and scholarly research. A further aim is to provide a reference for The National Central Library of R.O.C. to implement nationwide library statistical inquiry service.
縣市立(文化中心)圖書館與地方文獻服務 | The Local Collection Services of Cultural Center Libraries in Taiwan, R.O.C.  [cached]
陳仲彥 Chung-yen Chen
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2002,
Abstract: 頁次:65-71 本文係根據「縣市立(文化中心)圖書館推展地方文獻服務調查問卷」所得之結果,將各縣市立(文化中心)圖書館辦理地方文獻的情況,做一概要性的描述。同時歸納出一些相關的問題,以供未來圖書館進行地方文獻服務工作時參考。最後並建議必須結合政府與民間的力量,才能夠做好此項工作。 According to the result of one questionnaire survey, this article describes the current situations of local collection services of cultural center libraries in Taiwan, R.O.C. In order to improve the qualities of local collection services, some key points and suggestions are presented. The author believe that the successes of local collection services must be based on the cooperation of governments, private institutions, and common people.
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