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Ye Haosheng,

心理学报 , 1998,
Abstract: There are three misdirected trends in westem psychology. They are individualism, irrationalism, and objectivism. The factors that contribute to these trends were analyzed, and the aftermaths of these trends were considered.
New Trends of Exercise Psychology Research from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

- , 2016, DOI: 10.19582/j.cnki.11-3785/g8.2016.09.011
Abstract: 摘要:基于积极心理学的视域,对身体锻炼与积极情绪、幸福感、乐商、积极心理品质以及成功老龄化等积极心理健康指标的关系进行综述分析,提出以往研究中存在的问题和薄弱环节以及锻炼心理学未来研究趋势。结果表明,锻炼心理学在身体锻炼与积极情绪、主观幸福感方面的研究取得了一定成果,但在身体锻炼与乐商、社会幸福感、积极心理品质等方面研究相对不足;研究对象过于集中,抽样科学性不高,研究范式缺乏严格的实验设计,研究结果普适性不高,因果关系结论匮乏。未来锻炼心理学应重视身体锻炼的积极心理效益、积极心理品质的运动处方以及身体锻炼积极心理功效的神经机制和心理机制等问题,并在研究中注重概念和测量工具的本土化以及研究范式的创新与融合。
Abstract: From the perspective of positive psychology, summary and analysis are conducted on the relationship between physical exercise and each of the positive psychological health indexes including positive emotion, sense of happiness, optimistic intelligence quotient, positive psychological quality and successful aging, and the existed problems and weakness and the trends of exercise psychology research are pointed out. The findings indicate that achievements have been made in the studies of the relationship between physical exercise and positive emotion, and subjective sense of happiness while weaknesses are found in the studies of the relationship between physical exercise and optimistic intelligence quotient, social well-being and positive psychological quality. In addition, the research object is too concentrated, sampling is not high scientific, research paradigms lack rigorous experimental design, the results of universality is not high and lack of causal conclusions. In future, exercise psychology should focus on the influence of physical exercise on positive psychological factors, the exercise therapy of positive psychological quality, neurotic and psychological mechanism of positive psychological efficacy of physical exercise. Meanwhile, localization of the related concept and measuring instruments and innovation and fusion of research normal forms should be taken into consideration
Gli investimenti di portafoglio nelle economie di mercato emergenti:tendenze, dimensioni e problemi (Portfolio Investment in Emerging Market Economies: Trends, Dimensions and Issues)  [cached]
Dilip K. Das
Moneta e Credito , 2000,
Abstract: Securitised financial flows to emerging market economies have become an important feature of the global capital flows. The principal focus of this paper is on an in-depth analysis of current trends in securitised financial flows. It lays special emphasis on private portfolio equity investment into the emerging market economies. The paper begins with the analysis of the process of stimulation of these flows, and identifies the institutional, structural and non-cyclical factors behind them. One of the points it emphasises is the progressively important role of institutional investors, which is the causal factor behind a significant increase in the quantum of portfolio investment into the emerging market economies. These flows were adversely affected by the financial crises of the 1990s. The subject matter of this paper also includes two of the most important policy issues, namely, the "hot money and cold money" issue and the volatility issue.

Ye Haosheng,

心理学报 , 1997,
Abstract: the current state of psychology in westerm countires was examined from theperspective, that there were three opposite trends in the development of psychology,These opposite trends are applied psychology\discourage unified psychology,centrifugal\centripetal trends, and the efforts to constrcuct\discourage unified psychology.Factors contributing to tensions between these two trends were analyzed.
Portfolio Optimization  [PDF]
Aizhan Issagali,Damira Alshimbayeva,Aidana Zhalgas
Quantitative Finance , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper Portfolio Optimization techniques were used to determine the most favorable investment portfolio. In particular, stock indices of three companies, namely Microsoft Corporation, Christian Dior Fashion House and Shevron Corporation were evaluated. Using this data the amounts invested in each asset when a portfolio is chosen on the efficient frontier were calculated. In addition, the Portfolio with minimum variance, tangency portfolio and optimal Markowitz portfolio are presented.
The Use of Portfolio to Assess Students’ Performance  [PDF]
Osman B?RG?N,Adnan BAK?
Journal of Turkish Science Education , 2007,
Abstract: Recent educational developments such as constructivism and multiple intelligence theories as well as society requested new trends engendered to radical change in traditional approaches of instruction and assessment. For this reason, alternative assessment approaches are needed in assessing both learning process and learning product. Nowadays, one of the alternative assessment techniques used in various disciplines such as mathematics, science and social sciences so forth is portfolio. The purpose of this study was to introduce portfolio assessment method which is used commonly in educational contexts recently. To achieve this aim, some information of portfolio such as its definition, its developing process, selection of contexts, its advantage and disadvantage were presented. Also, portfolio assessment method is compared with traditional one in terms of different aspects. Further, to exploit portfolio assessment method effectively some suggestions were made.
Lopera Echavarría, Juan Diego
Acta Colombiana de Psicología , 2006,
Abstract: Two tendencies have been present in psychology since antiquity to our days: the ascetic tendency (purification, self care and transformation of the soul) and the epistemic tendency (systematic knowledge of the soul). Both of them are evidence of the undeniable philosophical foundation of psychology. With modern science and its Galilean paradigm, some thinkers believed that it was possible to leave behind the philosophical past and turn psychology into a natural science. This paper emphasizes that philosophical inheritance is essential for psychology and points out that not all the schools in that discipline intend to become a science. Finally, the paper shows that ascetic and epistemic tendencies can be dialectically articulated in psychology
Development of a longterm dataset of solid/liquid precipitation
B. Chimani, R. B hm, C. Matulla,M. Ganekind
Advances in Science and Research (ASR) , 2011, DOI: 10.5194/asr-6-39-2011
Abstract: Solid precipitation (mainly snow, but snow and ice pellets or hail as well), is an important parameter for climate studies. But as this parameter usually is not available operationally before the second part of the 20th century and nowadays is not reported by automatic stations, information usable for long term climate studies is rare. Therefore a proxy for the fraction of solid precipitation based on a nonlinear relationship between the percentage of solid precipitation and monthly mean temperature was developed for the Greater Alpine Region of Europe and applied to the existing longterm high resolution temperature and precipitation grids (5 arcmin). In this paper the method is introduced and some examples of the resulting datasets available at monthly resolution for 1800–2003 are given.
Integrative Psychology: the Return to the Subject of Psychology  [PDF]
Vladimir V. Kozlov
Psychology in Russia : State of Art , 2009,
Abstract: The article analyzes the basic paradigms of psychology and put forward the thesis of the expansion of the subject area of psychology in the course of historical development, and describes the main features of integrative psychology. Highlighted in the article the new paradigm of psychology (transpersonal, communicative, integrative), make it possible to trace a vector of development of modern psychology as a multidimensional communicative environment that has intention to make a perusal of psychic reality.
Personnel Psychology
E van Zyl
South African Journal of Industrial Psychology , 1999, DOI: 10.4102/sajip.v25i1.663
Abstract: On reading the table of contents it is already clear that the authors of this book covered the field of personnel psychology very fully and extensively.
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