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Antioxidant Properties of Cap and Stipe from Coprinus comatus  [PDF]
Bo Li,Fei Lu,Xiaomin Suo,Haijuan Nan,Bin Li
Molecules , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/molecules15031473
Abstract: Coprinus comatus, also called chicken drumstick mushroom, is currently commercially available in China. Hot water and ethanolic extracts were prepared from cap and stipe of C. comatus fruit bodies and their antioxidant properties were studied. Ethanolic extract from stipe showed high antioxidant activity (80.6%) at 1 mg/mL. Reducing power of hot water extracts from cap was 1.653 at 10 mg/mL. Extracts from cap showed better scavenging ability on DPPH (57.9% at 1 mg/mL) than stipe ones. Ethanolic extracts were more effective in scavenging ability on hydroxyl radicals (57.4–61.3% at 5 mg/mL) than hot water extracts. Ethanolic extracts showed moderate scavenging ability on superoxide radicals (46.3–47.0% at 20 mg/mL). Naturally occurring antioxidant components including total phenols (3.60–20.00 mg/g), tocopherols (0.58–11.93 mg/g), flavonoids (0.19–3.52 mg/g) and polysaccharides (58.52–547.86 mg/g) were found in the extracts. Overall, extracts from cap were more effective for the antioxidant properties assayed.
Anti-Oxidative Activity of An Aqueous Suspension of Commercial Preparation of The Mushroom Coprinus comatus  [PDF]
Mira Popovi?,Sa?a Vukmirovi?,Neboj?a Stilinovi?,Ivan ?apo,Vida Jakovljevi?
Molecules , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/molecules15074564
Abstract: In this study the effects of an aqueous suspension of a commercial preparation of the mushroom Coprinus comatus on oxidative stress induced in rats by alloxane and carbon tetrachloride was examined. The effects were estimated from changes in the biochemical parameters (xanthine oxidase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase activity, reduced glutathione content, and extent of lipid peroxidation) of liver homogenate as well as histological changes in the liver of the rats treated with alloxane and carbon tetrachloride. Two screening doses of alloxane sufficient to induce diabetes in rats did not have any significant effect on the examined biochemical parameters of liver homogenate or on the cytoarchitectonics of liver cross-sections. Treatment with carbon tetrachloride resulted in a significant increase in the intensity of lipid peroxidation and peroxydasis activity, as well as with decrease in catalase activity. Certain changes in liver cross sections were detected, such is lymphocyte infiltration of dilated sinusoid capillaries. Administration of Coprinus comatus suspension thus showed antioxidative potential, evidenced by an increase of antioxidative status of liver homogenate and prevention of histological changes in liver cross sections.
Production of ligninase by co-fermentation of Coprinus comatus and Trichoderma reesei

Chunmei Ge,Juanjuan Xu,Qinying Sun,Jie Zhang,Jingmin Cai,Renrui Pan,

生物工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: In order to enhance the utilization efficiency,reduce the environmental pollution of traditional chemical treatment and the agriculture waste incineration;we studied the ligninase production by Coprinus comatus,Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma reesei through the plate screening.The results showed that C.comatus mixed culture with T.reesei have a good compatibility and higher yields of Laccase.On the basis of this pre-experiment,we studied the optimal conditions of mixed culture for enzyme production.Under ...

NI Xin-jiang,FENG Zhi-Yong,LIANG LI-Kun,YOU Cui-Rong,PAN Ying-Jie,

微生物学通报 , 2002,
Abstract: Coprinus comatus cultivated on cotton seed hull medium decomposed lignocellulose straggly and was high of absolute biological efficiency. Lignocellulose is the main carbon source for the fruiting stage of the fungus. There existed the positive correlation between the degradation rates of the cellulose and hemicellulose in the medium and the activities of extracellular CMCase (carboxymenthelcel lulase), FPase (filter paper cellulase) and HCase (hemicellu-lase), there also existed the positive correlation between the degradation rate of the lignin in the medium and the activity of extracellular laccase, but no correlation between the degradatio rate of the lignin in the medium and the activity of peroxidase. The activity of extracellular amylase was comparatively high at mycelial growth stage, and the protease activity peek was at teh time when the fruitbody matured.
毛头鬼伞(Coprinus comatus)中一种碱性蛋白的纯化及其活性
微生物学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 用离子交换层析(CMsepharose FF)和凝胶层析(SuperdexTM75)方法,从新鲜食用菌毛头鬼伞(Coprinus comatus)子实体中分离纯化出一碱性蛋白y3,经SDSPAGE初步确定其分子量约为14.4kD。活性检测结果显示:当其浓度为12.5μg/mL时,对烟草花叶病毒(TMV)在心叶烟枯斑寄主上的侵染抑制率达83.0%;y3对兔血凝集活性滴度为2.5,对人血凝集活性滴度为26,其浓度分别为1.562μg/mL和0.781μg/mL;利用胃癌细胞株MGC803检测y3体外抗肿瘤活性,其IC50为12μg/mL。y3 N端序列为NRDVAACARFIDDFCDTLTP,为一新的蛋白序列。在SWISSPORT上登录号为P83477。
Analysis of genetic diversity among germplasm resource of 57 strains of Coprinus comatus

JIANG Yu-Ji,XIE Bao-Gui,DENG You-Jin,LIU Xin-Rui,JIANG Hong,

菌物学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 运用SRAP、RAPD、ISSR 3种分子标记技术对来源不同地区的57株毛头鬼伞Coprinus comatus进行了遗传多样性分析,通过3种分子标记进行聚类分析,当相异系数D为0.48时,可以把57株毛头鬼伞分为4类:Ⅰ类包括Co0001;Ⅱ类包括Co0003;Ⅲ类包括Co0005;Ⅳ类包括其余54个菌种。供试的57个菌株间的相异系数范围从0–0.72,具有一定的遗传多态性。但其中有许多菌株两者之间的相异系数为0,说明毛头鬼伞菌种存在着比较严重的同种异名现象。
Engineering the Expression and Characterization of Two Novel Laccase Isoenzymes from Coprinus comatus in Pichia pastoris by Fusing an Additional Ten Amino Acids Tag at N-Terminus  [PDF]
Chunjuan Gu, Fei Zheng, Liangkun Long, Jing Wang, Shaojun Ding
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0093912
Abstract: The detail understanding of physiological/biochemical characteristics of individual laccase isoenzymes in fungi is necessary for fundamental and application purposes, but our knowledge is still limited for most of fungi due to difficult to express laccases heterologously. In this study, two novel laccase genes, named lac3 and lac4, encoding proteins of 547 and 532-amino acids preceded by 28 and 16-residue signal peptides, respectively, were cloned from the edible basidiomycete Coprinus comatus. They showed 70% identity but much lower homology with other fungal laccases at protein level (less than 58%). Two novel laccase isoenzymes were successfully expressed in Pichia pastoris by fusing an additional 10 amino acids (Thr-Pro-Phe-Pro-Pro-Phe-Asn-Thr-Asn-Ser?)tag at N-terminus, and the volumetric activities could be dramatically enhanced from undetectable level to 689 and 1465 IU/l for Lac3 and Lac4, respectively. Both laccases possessed the lowest Km and highest kcat/Km value towards syringaldazine, followed by ABTS, guaiacol and 2,6-dimethylphenol similar as the low redox potential laccases from other microorganisms. Lac3 and Lac4 showed resistant to SDS, and retained 31.86% and 43.08% activity in the presence of 100 mM SDS, respectively. Lac3 exhibited higher decolorization efficiency than Lac4 for eleven out of thirteen different dyes, which may attribute to the relatively higher catalytic efficiency of Lac3 than Lac4 (in terms of kcat/Km) towards syringaldazine and ABTS. The mild synergistic decolorization by two laccases was observed for triphenylmethane dyes but not for anthraquinone and azo dyes.
Selenium-enriched fermentation mycelia of Coprinus comatus enhance the antihyper- glycemia and antioxidant activities in alloxan-induced diabetic mice

YU Jie,CUI Peng-Ju CHEN Mei-Zhen ZHONG Ming-Qi CUI Shi-Chao,WU Qing-Yang,ZHUO Jian-Yong,
,崔鹏举 陈美珍 钟名其 崔仕超 吴清洋 卓健勇

菌物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: This study evaluated the effect of selenium-enriched fermentation mycelia of C. comatus (SMCC) on reducing oxidative stress and hyperglycemia in alloxan-induced diabetic mice. After induction of diabetes, a significant increase of the levels of blood glucose and lipid peroxidation associated with the diminution of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) was observed in all diabetic mice. Treatment of diabetic mice with SMCC for 21 days resulted in a significant reduction in blood glucose and the injuries of pancreas. In addition, a significant increase in the activities of SOD and GSH-Px and a significant decrease in the content of malondialdehyde (MDA) were observed in serum, liver and kidney. The results showed that SMCC might be able to inhibit hyperglycemia, and helpful in the prevention of diabetic complications associated with oxidative damage. It is concluded that SMCC possesses potent antioxidant activity, which may be directly or indirectly responsible for inhibiting hyperglycemia of alloxan-induced diabetic mice.
Cultivation of three types of indigenous wild edible mushrooms: Coprinus cinereus, Pleurotus flabellatus and Volvariella volvocea on composted sisal decortications residue in Tanzania
AM Mshandete, J Cuff
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: The periods for spawn running, pinhead and fruit body formation, number of flushes, yield and biological efficiency of the three Tanzanian wild edible mushrooms, Coprinus cinereus, Pleurotus flabellatus and Volvariella volvocea, grown on composted sisal decortications residue were studied. Results revealed that the organic ingredients in sisal decortications residue composted well within 21 days of composting, resulting in the formation of suitable compost, to support the growth of mycelia of the three edible mushrooms. The time for the first appearance of mushrooms was shortest for C. cinereus (10-11 days), followed by V. volvaceae (12-14 days), while that for P. flabellatus was 16-18 days. All three mushrooms produced at least five flushes; flush 1 gave the highest yield while flush 5 the lowest yield. The biological efficiency (B.E.) for C. cinereus, P. flabellatus and V. volvaceae was 68, 64 and 28%, respectively. Significant differences (P<0.05) in mushroom size, yield and % B.E. of the three mushrooms species were recorded. The results also showed that the B.E. (74%) of P. flabellatus grown on non-composted sisal decortications residue was significantly higher (P<0.05) than that grown on composted sisal decortications residue. The implications of this study are that sisal decortications residue could be used to cultivate very protein rich mushrooms for food while at the same time promoting environmental sustainability.
Cloning of y3 gene encoding a tobacco mosaic virus inhibitor from Coprinus comatus and transformation to Nicotiana tabacum

Xueren Wang,Tao He,Gaina Zhang,Jianguo Hao,Jingfen Jia,

微生物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 摘要:【目的】 y3基因的表达产物Y3蛋白具有抑制TMV的活性。本文拟克隆y3基因cDNA 全长序列,构建植物表达载体并转化植物,以进一步了解y3基因的功能及它在活体中的表达状况。【方法】首先用试剂盒5′ -Full RACE Core Set(TaKaRa)进行5′ -RACE扩增y3基因cDNA的5′末端未知序列,随后用RT-PCR扩增毛头鬼伞(Coprinus comatus)总RNA以克隆y3基因cDNA全长序列,并用它构建植物表达载体,通过农杆菌介导法转化烟草。【结果】我们得到了y3基因cDNA全长序列。y3基因由534个碱基对构成,含有1个开放阅读框(ORF)。此ORF编码130个氨基酸残基。在本实验中得到的cDNA序列和由此推导的氨基酸序列都表现出了与先前发表的y3基因的部分对应片断具有高度的相似性,均达94%。利用y3基因全长序列信息,我们克隆了y3基因cDNA 序列,并用它与pBI121和pCAMBIA1301构建了植物表达载体pCAMBIA1301-y3。新构建的载体主要由pCAMBIA1301构成,并在它的多克隆位点(MCS)上插入了y3基因序列和来自pBI121的CaMV 35S启动子和NOS末端。这种植物表达载体pCAMBIA1301-y3用于烟草转化, 获得的转基因植株经PCR,RT-PCR和Northern杂交分析证实y3基因已经整合到烟草基因组中,并在其中得到表达。对TMV的抗性鉴定表明,转基因烟草表现出一定的抗病毒活性。【结论】y3基因在转基因烟草植株中得到整合与表达,并表现出一定抗病毒活性。y3基因全长序列的获得和对烟草(Nicotiana tabacum)的成功转化为y3基因的进一步研究奠定了基础。
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