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Local Utility Elicitation in GAI Models  [PDF]
Darius Braziunas,Craig Boutilier
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Structured utility models are essential for the effective representation and elicitation of complex multiattribute utility functions. Generalized additive independence (GAI) models provide an attractive structural model of user preferences, offering a balanced tradeoff between simplicity and applicability. While representation and inference with such models is reasonably well understood, elicitation of the parameters of such models has been studied less from a practical perspective. We propose a procedure to elicit GAI model parameters using only "local" utility queries rather than "global" queries over full outcomes. Our local queries take full advantage of GAI structure and provide a sound framework for extending the elicitation procedure to settings where the uncertainty over utility parameters is represented probabilistically. We describe experiments using a myopic value-of-information approach to elicitation in a large GAI model.
基于GAI多属性依赖的协商模型  [PDF]
模式识别与人工智能 , 2008,
Abstract: 多属性之间的依赖关系增加协商Agent效用函数的复杂性,从而也增加多属性协商问题的复杂度.本文提出一种基于GAI多属性依赖的协商模型.该模型使用GAI分解将协商Agent的非线性效用函数表示为依赖属性子集的子效用之和.在协商过程中,协商双方采用不同的让步策略和提议策略来改变提议的内容.卖方Agent利用本文提出的GAI网合并算法将协商双方的GAI网合并,并利用生成的GAI树产生使社会福利评估值最大的提议.实验表明当买方Agent采用局部让步策略且卖方Agent采用全局让步策略时,协商双方能够在有限的协商步内达到接近Pareto最优的协商结局.
The generalized difference gai sequences of fuzzy numbers defined by Orlicz functions  [cached]
N. Subramanian,Ayhan Esi,U.K. Misra,M.S. Panda
Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper we introduce the classes of gai sequences of fuzzy numbersusing generalized difference operator Delta^m(m fixed positive integer) and the Orlicz functions. We study its different properties and also we obtain some inclusion results of these classes.
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: The present work deals with traditional medicines used on treating the hair problems i.e. hair fall, dandruff, discoloration of hair etc from Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Authors have collected the traditional knowledge from villagers, took the interviews noted on paper and recorded their knowledge For this authors visited the villages of different talukas in Marathwada such as Kannad, Sillod, Soygaon, Vaijapur, of Aurangabad districts which are dominated by few tribal inhabitants like Bhil, Pardhi, Andh, Thakar Vaidu and other while Kalamnuri, Sengaon, Umri, Sonpeth, Hadgaon, Talukas of Hingoli, Nanded and Parbhani districts of Marathwada region were dominated by Andh Tribes. Products from natural sources are an integral part of human health care system because there are major concern about synthetic drugs owing to their side effects and toxicity . The present study is an attempt to investigate the medicinal plants used for hair disorders / problems by tribal communities based in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. 20 Plant species belonging to 18 families of ethnomedical interest are recorded after survey and screening.
小麦赤霉酸不敏感基因Gai3的遗传研究  [PDF]
南京农业大学学报 , 1999, DOI: 10.7685/j.issn.1000-2030.1999.02.001
Abstract: 以小麦Rht3的两个株高等基因系及其BC23F2分离群体为材料,分析了与Rht3矮秆基因连锁的赤霉酸不敏感基因Gai3的遗传规律及其与Rht3的遗传关系。结果表明赤霉酸不敏感性由单个显性基因控制,F2分离比率为3∶1(不敏感∶敏感),非常符合χ2测验。Gai3基因与Rht3基因连锁紧密,交换值为0.060±0.012和0.055±0.013。
基因枪法获得gai转基因橡胶植株的研究  [PDF]
热带亚热带植物学报 , 2010, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1005-3395.2010.2.2362
Abstract: 将含有camv35s启动子、卡那霉素抗性基因和gus报告基因,目的基因为gai基因的转化载体质粒pbi121,通过基因枪轰击巴西橡胶树(heveabrasiliensismuell.-arg.)花药愈伤组织,50mgl-1卡那霉素的继代培养基进行抗性筛选。获得了抗性再生植株,经过pcr、southern检测结果表明:gai基因已经成功转入橡胶树基因组中。
基因枪法将gai基因导入巴西橡胶的研究  [PDF]
热带亚热带植物学报 , 2006, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1005-3395.2006.3.001
Abstract: 为了探讨利用基因工程技术进行橡胶树品质改良的可行性,用基因枪轰击巴西橡胶(heveabrasiliensis)愈伤组织,将gai矮化基因导入橡胶受体中,通过50mgl-1卡那霉素筛选鉴定,优化了基因枪法转化橡胶的各种参数。结果表明,dha金弹与靶细胞的距离为9cm,每皿轰击一次时,胚状体诱导率可以达到1.87%。经过gus组织染色和pcr扩增鉴定,初步确定gai基因已经整合到橡胶基因组中。
拟南芥DELLA蛋白编码基因RGA和GAI的原核表达和多克隆抗体制备 Prokaryotic expression and polyclonal antibodies preparation of the DELLA Protein-coding gene,RGA and GAI,in Arabidopsis  [PDF]
- , 2016,
Abstract: 通过聚合酶链反应方法扩增了RGA和GAI两个拟南芥DELLA蛋白基因,并将其克隆到pGEX-4T-3原核表达载体上,转化大肠杆菌Rosetta菌株,利用异丙基硫代半乳糖苷诱导表达了分子量为90 kD的GST-RGA和分子量为85 kD的GST-GAI融合蛋白,这两种融合蛋白均以包涵体的形式存在.将包涵体直接作为抗原免疫新西兰白兔,制备出多克隆抗体血清,血清效价超过1:400 000.WB分析结果表明这两种抗体可以特异性识别拟南芥RGA和GAI蛋白,为进一步研究DELLA蛋白的调控机制奠定了基础
Desenvolvimento e estudos preliminares de estabilidade de formula es fotoprotetoras contendo Granlux GAI-45 TS
Revista de Ciências Farmacêuticas Básica e Aplicada , 2009,
Abstract: A tendência atual no desenvolvimento de formula es fotoprotetoras é a associa o de filtros químicos de amplo espectro e filtros físicos microparticulados fotoestáveis. Para assegurar a estabilidade do filtro é indispensável sua incorpora o em veículo adequado que contribua para a melhora da aparência, do sensorial e da aceita o do produto pelo consumidor. O objetivo deste trabalho foi desenvolver e realizar estudos preliminares de estabilidade de formula es cosméticas para incorpora o de 20% de filtro solar constituído por metil bisbenzotriazolil tetrametilbutil fenol e dióxido de titanio (Granlux GAI-45 TS ). As formula es selecionadas foram ent o acrescidas do filtro solar e novamente sujeitas à estudos preliminares de estabilidade. De um total de 20 formula es desenvolvidas, foram selecionados um gel fluido, um gel viscoso, um gel-creme e uma emuls o, aos quais incorporou-se o filtro solar. Após serem submetidas a estudos preliminares de estabilidade, as formula es n o apresentaram varia o de pH e mantiveram-se estáveis frente ao teste de centrifuga o. Diante das condi es experimentais, conclui-se que as formula es selecionadas apresentaram espalhabilidade adequada, oleosidade mínima, n o apresentaram varia o de pH e mantiveram-se estáveis frente ao teste de centrifuga o, sendo excipientes adequados para incorpora o do Granlux GAI-45 TS . Palavras-chave: formula es fotoprotetoras; filtro físico; filtro químico; Granlux GAI-45 TS ; estudos preliminares de estabilidade.
The anthracological data from la Balma del Gai (Bages, Barcelona): a contribution to knowledge of the vegetation and exploitation of forest resources during the Late Glacial of the NE peninsula
Allué, Ethel,Nadal, Jordi,Estrada, Alicia,García-Argüelles, Pilar
Trabajos de Prehistoria , 2007,
Abstract: Balma del Gai has a stratigraphic sequence with archaeological materials from ca. 12000-8.500 BP. The charcoal record is abundant in the sediments and has yielded important data on the vegetation and the exploitation strategies of forest resources. The aim of this work is to establish the different problematic in this period in relation to vegetal transformations and changes in late hunter-gatherers subsistence strategies. Conifers dominate the charcoal assemblage, but climatic changes permit the development of other taxa that characterize the vegetal formation on the surroundings of Balma del Gai. Furthermore charcoal record is also affected by the changing in the exploitation strategies of forest resources, as fuel or human diet. La secuencia de la Balma del Gai presenta una sucesión estratigráfica con materiales arqueológicos que abarcan un período entre ca. 12.000-8.500 BP. El registro antracológico de la secuencia es abundante y aporta datos importantes sobre el medio vegetal y las estrategias de explotación de los recursos forestales. El objetivo de este trabajo es plantear las diferentes problemáticas de este período con relación a las transformaciones del medio natural y de los cambios en las estrategias de subsistencia de los últimos cazadores recolectores. Las coníferas dominan entre los restos antracológicos en la base de la secuencia, pero el cambio climático permite el desarrollo de otros taxones que caracterizan las formaciones vegetales en el entorno de la Balma del Gai. Asimismo el cambio en las estrategias de explotación de los recursos naturales, combustible y consumo alimenticio, afectan también el registro antracológico.
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