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The development of biomedical engineering as experienced by one biomedical engineer  [cached]
Newell Jonathan C
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-11-94
Abstract: This personal essay described the development of the field of Biomedical Engineering from its early days, from the perspective of one who lived through that development. It describes the making of a major invention using data that had been rejected by other scientists, the re-discovery of an obscure fact of physiology and its use in developing a major medical instrument, the development of a new medical imaging modality, and the near-death rescue of a research project. The essay concludes with comments about the development and present status of impedance imaging, and recent changes in the evolution of biomedical engineering as a field.
Remembering Professor Mauro Francaviglia  [PDF]
Luciana De Rose
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2013,
Abstract: Remembering Professor Mauro Francaviglia
Remembering Ruby  [PDF]
Pam Johnston,Janie Conway-Herron
Coolabah , 2012,
Abstract: ‘Remembering Ruby’ is a tribute to Doctor Ruby Langford Ginibi, a remarkable woman andan important Australian writer. Winner of numerous awards for her contribution to literature,as well as to Australian culture, Ruby was an Aboriginal Elder of the Bundjalung nation and atireless campaigner for the rights of her people.Ruby’s writing is passionate, sincere and heart-felt, as well as extraordinarily funny andarticulate. She knew that getting people to listen to her story would be fundamental to namingthe hidden history of Indigenous Australia and to changing cultural perceptions in a broadercontext. As an elder she took on the complex and demanding role of ‘edumacation’, as shecalled it, and her representations of life and culture continue to provide important reflections,from an Indigenous perspective, on the effects of ignorance, racism and colonisation in anAustralian context. As Aboriginal mother, aunty, teacher and scholar her writing represents aparticular Australian experience for a readership of people interested in human rights andequality the world over.This monograph, in honouring Ruby Langford Ginibi, is the written expression of an ongoingdialogue between the two authors about their experiences living in Australia and the way thatRuby has interconnected with us and influenced our experiences of growing up in anAustralian cultural context. It also brings into focus the many ways that Ruby LangfordGinibi’s writing has been central to challenging and changing prevailing perspectives on thelives of Indigenous people over the last twenty-five years. An excellent communicator with awicked sense of humour, Ruby’s tireless telling of the truth about the impacts of invasion on Indigenous people makes her an important cultural ambassador for all Australians. Ruby’stotem, the Willy Wagtail, is connected to being a messenger for her people and in writing‘Remembering Ruby’ we aim to contribute to keeping her message of hope and resiliencealive and, on the anniversary of her passing, to continue to honour her inimitable and eternalspirit.
The Industrial Engineer and Energy and Environment  [cached]
Sirichan Thongprasert
Engineering Journal , 2009, DOI: 10.4186/ej.2009.13.1.43
Abstract: Industries have always been a major consumer of energy and a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, causing environmental problems. Concerns about the impact of industries on the environment have led industries to change or adapt their methodologies to be more efficient and environmentally responsible. This article explains the impact that has on the industrial engineer.
On the Fascinating Structure of the Littlewood Polynomials and their Zero Sets  [PDF]
Raphael Renya,Steven Damelin
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Littlewood polynomials are polynomials of degree $d$ with coefficients of $\pm 1$. In this paper we study the fascinating and beautiful algebraic structure of the Littlewood polynomials and their zero sets.
Collectivity and Agency in Remembering and Reconciliation  [cached]
David Middleton,Kyoko Murakami
Outlines : Critical Practice Studies , 2003,
Abstract: This paper examines how British war veterans fold together war time and post war experiences in practices of remembering and reconciliation. We examine these practices as networks of association between British ex-servicemen (veterans) and the people, places and circumstances associated with their experiences as prisoners in Japan during WW2. We focus on the experience of World War 2 British ex-servicemen (veterans) who were prisoners of war in Far East. During their period of captivity they worked to build Thai-Burma Railway before transfer to a copper mine in Japan. Some 50 years later they participated in a "reconciliation trip" to Japan. We discuss two related issues. First, how and in what ways are the post war lives and war time experiences of these veterans gathered up in the emergent collectivity of such practices? In other words in what ways do these practices emerge and sustain themselves as a process of collection and dispersion of circulating reference in networks of association between people places and things. Second, we examine how accounts of redemption (claims to the consequences of experience as being other than you would expect them to be) create the basis for emergent forms of agency and settlement in expanding networks of remembering and reconciliation.
Evaluation of the 'Engineer Your Life' Initiative  [cached]
Christine Andrews Paulsen,Chris P. Bransfield,Thea Sahr
International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: The Engineer Your Life (EYL) project is a national initiative to encourage college-bound young women to consider pursuing a degree and a career in engineering. The project aims to communicate to young women the societal value and rewards of being an engineer, rather than the traditional emphasis on the process of becoming an engineer. Target audiences include academically prepared high school girls, career counselors, and professional engineers. Evaluation data were collected in Year 1 and Year 2 of the EYL initiative to assess its impact. We found that young women were especially interested in engineering when they had a fuller understanding of the skills that are required to be a successful engineer—skills that are not traditionally associated with the field, such as writing and people skills, imagination and creativity. We also found evidence that the EYL initiative has had a significant and positive impact on members of its target population who have used EYL resources.
Remembering Robert Seydel  [cached]
Lauren van Haaften--Schick,Sura Levine
continent. , 2011,
Abstract: This January, while preparing a new course, Robert Seydel was struck and killed by an unexpected heart attack. He was a critically under-appreciated artist and one of the most beloved and admired professors at Hampshire College.At the time of his passing, Seydel was on the brink of a major artistic and career milestone. His Book of Ruth was being prepared for publication by Siglio Press. His publisher describes the book as: “an alchemical assemblage that composes the life of his alter ego, Ruth Greisman— spinster, Sunday painter, and friend to Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp. Through collages, drawings, and journal entries from Ruth’s imagined life, Seydel invokes her interior world in novelistic rhythms.”This convergence of his professional triumph with the tragedy of his death makes now a particularly appropriate time to think about Robert Seydel and his work. This feature contains a selection of excerpts from Book of Ruth (courtesy of Siglio Press) alongside a pair of texts remembering him and giving critical and biographical insights into his art and his person. These texts, from a former student and a colleague respectively, were originally prepared for Seydel's memorial at Hampshire College and have since been revised for publication in continent.
Tania Kharlamova
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2012,
Abstract: Розглянуто визначення та особливост поняття профес йно компетентност та роль у формуванн нженера ав ац йно галуз . Подано необх дн компетенц нженера, як мають удосконалюватися п д час п дготовки до профес йно д яльност . The article is devoted to the definition and notion of professional competency and its role in competence formation of an aviation engineer. It refers to engineer’s competences that must be upgraded upon training to his performance. Рассмотрены определение и особенности понятия профессиональной компетентности и ее роль в формировании инженера авиационной отрасли. Представлены необходимые профессиональные компетенции, которыми должен владеть инженер авиационной отрасли.
Guest Editorial: Master of engineering program in biomedical engineering at Cornell University: Collaboration with external sponsors to prove concepts in assistive devices  [PDF]
David Lipson, PhD
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development , 2010,
Abstract: As a biomedical engineer, one seldom gets the opportunity to help patients return to health in areas in which the magnitude of the need, or the adoption of the approach, is unproven. Returning to my alma mater, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in late 2004, I was given the opportunity to coordinate the master of engineering program in biomedical engineering. Teaching students about the biomedical engineering arts and the Food and Drug Administration environment, and using projects proposed by external companies and physicians, we began to build a new Department of Biomedical Engineering.
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