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Improvement in Gain and Bandwidth of Rectangular and U Slot Loaded Patch
Aruna Rani,A. K. Gautam
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2011,
Abstract: This paper discusses analysis and optimization for rectangular and U slit or slot loaded micro strip antenna. For analysis, many parameters have been varied to optimize the resonant frequency 15 GHz, upper frequency 21GHz and lower frequency 9 GHz. The dielectric permittivity of the substrate is considered 4.8. In this paper we specially emphasize on the height of the substrate. By changing the height of the substrate from 1mm to 3.2mm. The patch will be fed by a micro strip transmission line, which usually has a 50#8486; impedance. The antenna is usually fed at the radiating edge along the width (W) as it gives good polarization, however the disadvantages are the spurious radiation and the need for impedance matching [1]. This is because the typical edge resistance of a micro strip antenna ranges from 150#8486; to 300#8486; [2]. The bandwidth is optimized from 754.13 to 4196.50 MHz for rectangular patch and 949.90 to 207099.33 MHz for parasitic patch.
Compact Shorted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual Band Operation
Anurag Mishra;Prabhakar Singh;Nagendra Prasad Yadav;Jamshed Aslam Ansari;Babau Ram Vishvakarma
PIER C , 2009, DOI: 10.2528/PIERC09071007
Abstract: In the present paper notch loaded shorted microstrip patch antenna has been analysed using cavity model. The proposed antenna shows dual band operation which depends on notch dimensions as well as shorting wall. The frequency ratio is found to be 1.5278 for the notch loaded rectangular patch, while in notch loaded shorted patch, the frequency ratio varies from 2.9764 to 2.725 for increasing value of notch width and it is almost invariant with notch depth. Further a slot loaded shorted patch antenna shows the dual frequency nature with the frequency ratio1.7. The theoretical results are compared with IE3D simulation as well as reported experimental results.
Broadband Shorted Sectoral Microstrip Antenna
Amit A. Deshmukh;Kamla Prasan Ray
PIER C , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIERC11010202
Abstract: The broadband microstrip antenna is realized by cutting the slot inside the patch. The slot introduces a resonant mode near the fundamental resonance frequency of the antenna and realizes broadband response. The compact variations of circular microstrip antenna are realized by placing the shorting posts along the zero field line at the fundamental mode. These shortened antennas have narrower bandwidth. In this paper, a compact half U-slot cut shorted sectoral microstrip antenna is proposed. The detailed analysis has been carried out to study the effect of the slot on various modes of the Sectoral patch. It has been observed that the half U-slot does not introduce any additional mode, but reduces the resonance frequency of the higher order mode of the shorted Sectoral patch and along with its fundamental mode realizes broader bandwidth. The bandwidth of more than 700 MHz, at the center frequency of approximately 2700 MHz, has been realized.
Novel Design of Triple Band Rectangular Patch Antenna Loaded with Metamaterial
Mahdy Rahman Chowdhury Mahdy;Md. Rashedul Alam Zuboraj;Abdullah Al Noman Ovi;Md. Abdul Matin
PIER Letters , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIERL10112005
Abstract: In this letter, for the very first time, triple band rectangular patch antenna loaded with metamaterial has been reported. Maximum directivities demonstrated here for all the three bands are quite high in comparison with previously reported any kind of rectangular patch antenna. This unique triple band performance has been achieved with the help of newly produced TM (3<δ<4) mode, symmetric slot loading and parasitic patch adjustment. Application of etched slot and parasitic patch in DPS (double positive)-metamaterial juxtaposed layer loaded antenna has been also demonstrated for the first time. Considering the quite satisfactory performance (S-parameter, radiation pattern and radiation efficiency) of this novel design, we expect that our proposed ideas will be very effective to design all these metamaterial loaded novel rectangular patch antennas.
Mahesh C. Bhad,Veeresh G. Kasabegoudar
International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: This article addresses the design and optimization of electrically small antenna suitable for MIMO (multiple input multiple output) applications. The proposed antenna was designed and optimized using HFSS software. Simulation results presented in this paper show that the optimized antenna operates in the 0.8GHz to 2.6GHz band with good radiation characteristics. The antenna has an operating frequency of 1.7GHz with impedance bandwidth of 105%, and the total size of 20x40 mm2.
Rectangular Ring-Slot Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Metallic Patch
R. G. Madhuri;Pradeep Mallikarjun Hadalgi
PIER M , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIERM11041210
Abstract: This paper presents an innovative design approach that improves the characteristics of rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (RDRA). In this design the dielectric resonator (DR) fed by microstrip line feed through a rectangular ring slot. This slot represents the coupling mechanism between the resonator and microstrip line. Both DR and slot are resonant structures. Further a comparative study is made by depicting a metallic patch over the DR. The antenna has been fabricated and measured for the study, such as impedance bandwidth, return loss, radiation pattern and antenna gain. Measurement results show dual band property with an achievable impedance bandwidth of 63.67% with return loss of -34.3 dB and antenna gain 2.32 dB.
Wideband electromagnetically coupled coaxial probe fed slot loaded stacked patch antenna
DK Srivastava, JP Saini, DS Chauhan
International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: A wideband U-slot loaded rectangular patch stacked with horizontal slot loaded rectangular patch antenna is presented in this paper. The resonating behavior of antenna depends on slot width, slot length of side arm and base arm of U-slot. Similarly, it depends on separation between the two patches. Optimization of these parameters gives impedance Bandwidth of 54.6%.
Design of Single Pin Shorted Three-Dielectric-Layered Substrates Rectangular Patch Microstrip Antenna for Communication Systems
Aditi Sharma;Ghanshyam Singh
PIER Letters , 2008, DOI: 10.2528/PIERL08010703
Abstract: In this paper, we have simulated a single-pin-shorted microstrip line fed three-dielectric-layer (with different permittivity and thickness) rectangular patch microstrip antenna for all those communication systems whose limited antenna size is premium. Low permittivity hard foam has been used as one substrate to achieve wide bandwidth. The simulation of this proposed antenna has been performed by using CST Microwave Studio, which is a commercially available electromagnetic simulator based on the finite difference time domain technique.
H And U-Slotted Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
Bharat Rochani,Sanjay Gurjar
International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: The microstrip patch is one of the most preferred antenna structures for low cost and compact design for wireless system. Dual and triple band antennas are of a relative interest since they can support multiple communication systems. In this paper we present designs of compact small size microstrip antennas suitable for dual and triple band operations. By loading properly arranged slots on a rectangular microstrip patch, dual and triple frequencies and broadband operations of a single feed rectangular patch is achieved. Dual and triple frequency operation is achieved by loading U and H slots in rectangular patch. The impedance bandwidth of 150MHz, 1.26GHz band for U slot and 154MHz, 484MHz, 396MHz for H slot is obtained in the proposed designs
Rectangular Slot Antenna with Patch Stub for Ultra Wideband Applications and Phased Array Systems
Abdelnasser A. Eldek;Atef Z. Elsherbeni;Charles E. Smith
PIER , 2005, DOI: 10.2528/PIER04092701
Abstract: This paper presents a coplanar waveguide fed rectangular slot antenna tuned by a patch stub. The presented antenna has 98% impedance bandwidth, and 6 dB average gain. The antenna can be used in phased array applications with more than 61% usable bandwidth.
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