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郭绍虞辑《清诗话续编》提要  [PDF]
- , 2016,
Abstract: 郭绍虞先生选辑之《清诗话续编》,久已脍炙人口。该辑承民国初丁福保《清诗话》来,故云“续编”。而丛书之名“诗话”者,则可昉自清中叶何文焕所辑之《历代诗话》。此亦近世以来诗话丛书名称之源流大较也。然若究其实,吾国传统诗学体例向有诗评、诗法及诗话三类之分,《四库全书总目》集部“诗文评”类小序已言之矣,郭先生此辑专收诗评之作,其凸显者,在清人之诗观方面,故久为学界所乐用。今各就其成书始末、版本异同、议论长短,略撰成提要,用便读者,并藉以勾稽清人之诗学大观也。
Abstract:Guo Shaoyus Qing shihua xubian (The Sequel of the Notes on Poetry in Qing Dynasty) has been a very popular work in the circle of academia. The “xubian” means a sequel of Qing shihua by Ding Fubao in the Republic China, and the “shihua” came from Lidai shihua by He Wenhuan in the mid-Qing Dynasty, which was the name source of the poetics collections in modern times. As has been stated in The Imperial Catalog of the Four Treasuries, the genre of traditional poetics includes reviews, composing skills and notes. And Guos collection is focused on reviews. It collected poetics books written by intellectuals in the Qing Dynasty. This article tries to make a summary of the ins and outs of each book, the differences of each version, and its merits and faults, with a wish to be easier use for the reader and making a panoramic view of the poetics in the Qing Dynasty.
Axiomatic Quantum Theory  [PDF]
W. Luecke
Physics , 1995,
Abstract: A rough overview is given over the most essential structures underlying all working quantum theoretical models as well as axiomatic and algebraic quantum field theory .
On Constructive Axiomatic Method  [PDF]
Andrei Rodin
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this last version of the paper one may find a critical overview of some recent philosophical literature on Axiomatic Method and Genetic Method.
Axiomatic Characterizations of Information Measures  [PDF]
Imre Csiszár
Entropy , 2008, DOI: 10.3390/e10030261
Abstract: Axiomatic characterizations of Shannon entropy, Kullback I-divergence, and some generalized information measures are surveyed. Three directions are treated: (A) Characterization of functions of probability distributions suitable as information measures. (B) Characterization of set functions on the subsets of {1; : : : ;N} representable by joint entropies of components of an N-dimensional random vector. (C) Axiomatic characterization of MaxEnt and related inference rules. The paper concludes with a brief discussion of the relevance of the axiomatic approach for information theory.
Axiomatic Method and Category Theory  [PDF]
Andrei Rodin
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Lawvere's axiomatization of topos theory and Voevodsky's axiomatization of heigher homotopy theory exemplify a new way of axiomatic theory building, which goes beyond the classical Hibert-style Axiomatic Method. The new notion of Axiomatic Method that emerges in Categorical logic opens new possibilities for using this method in physics and other natural sciences.
Axiomatic Foundations of Thermostatics  [PDF]
G. Puccini,S. Perez Bergliaffa,H. Vucetich
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: A realistic and objective axiomatic formulation of Thermostatics for composite systems is presented. The main feature of our axiomatics is that it is free of empirical definitions. In particular, the basic concepts of the theory, such as those of entropy, heat and temperature, are characterized only by the axiomatic basis and the theorems derived from it. We also show that the concept of (quasi)static process does not belong to the body of Thermostatics.
Towards an axiomatic system for Kolmogorov complexity  [PDF]
Antoine Taveneaux
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In [She82], it is shown that four basic functional properties are enough to characterize plain Kolmogorov complexity, hence obtaining an axiomatic characterization of this notion. In this paper, we try to extend this work, both by looking at alternative axiomatic systems for plain complexity and by considering potential axiomatic systems for other types of complexity. First we show that the axiomatic system given by Shen cannot be weakened (at least in any natural way). We then give an analogue of Shen's axiomatic system for conditional complexity. In a the second part of the paper, we look at prefix-free complexity and try to construct an axiomatic system for it. We show however that the natural analogues of Shen's axiomatic systems fails to characterize prefix-free complexity.
An axiomatic approach to diversity  [PDF]
Chris Dowden
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: The topic of diversity is an interesting subject, both as a purely mathematical concept and also for its applications to important real-life situations. Unfortunately, although the meaning of diversity seems intuitively clear, no precise mathematical definition exists. In this paper, we adopt an axiomatic approach to the problem, and attempt to produce a satisfactory measure.
Naive Axiomatic Mengenlehre for Experiments  [PDF]
Werner DePauli-Schimanovich
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: The main goal of "Naive Axiomatic Mengenlehre" (NAM) is to find a more or less adequately explicit criterion that precisely formalizes the intuitive notion of a "normal set". NAM is mainly a construction procedure for building several formal systems NAMix, each of which can turn out to be an adequate codification of the contentual naive set theory. ("i" is a natural number which enumerates the used "normality" condition, and "x" is a letter which points to the variants of the used axioms.) Parallel to NAM, the Naive Axiomatic Class Theory NACT is constructed as a system of systems too.
Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy: axiomatic characterization and application
C. G. Chakrabarti,Kajal De
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2000, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171200000375
Abstract: We present axiomatic characterizationsof both Boltzmann and Gibbs entropies together with anapplication.
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