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计算机科学 , 2000,
Abstract: SQL plays a very important role in the data base area,so its standardization attracts the at-tention of data base cooperation and the related standard organizations. Seven years later form the emer-gence of SQL-92,the SQL‘s new version SQL:1999 at last conies up at 1999. This paper describes themain contents of SQL: 1999 ,especially the changes to SQL-92 ,including the new added data types ,com-paring predicates ,semantics ,security ,trigger mechanism and other object relational characteristics,suchas user defined structured type ,stored procedure, function,method, typed relation and reference type.Some under developing parts and the future works are also described.
《御药院方》药物净选的特点  [PDF]
中国中药杂志 , 1996,
Abstract: 《御药院方》药物净选的特点刘世刚(安徽省医药学校合肥230031)《御药院方》是元代许国帧编纂,书中搜集金元及其前的宫廷用方,以丸散膏丹之成药为主。《御药院方》极为讲究药物品优精细,对药物净选较为重视,现就该书有关药物净选的内容及特点作一初步探讨。1《御药院方》药物净选内容1.1去皮入药的药物(去粗皮、去皮脐、去皮尖)有苍术、桑白皮、白附子、杏仁、肉桂、白茯苓、天南星、黄岑、赤芍、蔓荆子、郁李仁、麻子仁、杜仲?...
The Research of Dynamic SQL Technology in an Embedded SQL System

YAN Qing,YANG Guo-Gui,CHEN Hong-Sheng,JING Ning,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: The technology of dynamic SQL is researched and three methods for using dynamic SQL statements in an embedded SQL system are implemented. The whole embedded SQL system GKD-ESQL is introduced, and then three methods for using dynamic SQL statements are proposed. The design and implementation of the Method 3 is mainly discussed. At last, the mechanism of the error handler of the dynamic SQL is described.
Fuzzy improvement of the SQL  [PDF]
Hudec Miroslav
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/yjor1102239h
Abstract: Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to obtain data from relational databases. Fuzzy improvement of SQL queries has advantages in cases when the user cannot unambiguously define selection criteria or when the user wants to examine data that almost meet the given criteria. In this paper we examine a realization of the fuzzy querying concept. For this purposes the fuzzy generalized logical condition for the WHERE part of the SQL is created. It allows users to create queries by linguistic terms. The proposed model is an extension of the SQL so that no modification inside databases has to be undertaken.
明洪武十九年前的“御海洋”击倭战略 The Positive Maritime Strategy and the Naval Forces in the Early Ming Hongwu Dynasty  [PDF]
- , 2016,
Abstract: 有关洪武十九年以前海防建设的成效,学界往往多为忽略或估量太低。事实上,明太祖在早年征战中整合了内陆水军以及元末的海上力量,并在"御海洋"的战略下组建成一支强大的巡洋舰队。洪武朝前期的海军力量不仅保障了海运的开展,而且在击倭上也能采取主动巡捕、御之于远洋的军事行动,使得沿海终于基本无事。但遗憾的是洪武十九年以后因海防战略的转变,这种主动进取的海洋精神随之颓废,明初海防在"固海岸"的战略布局下从海上退缩到海岸线一带
嵌入式sql中动态sql技术的研究  [PDF]
计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: 对动态sql技术进行了研究,实现了一个嵌入式sql系统中动态sql语句处理的3种方法。首先介绍了整个嵌入式sql系统gkd-esql系统,然后详细描述了3种动态sql语句的处理方法,重点讲述了方法3的设计与实现,最后讲述了动态sql语句的错误处理机制。
Framework of SQL Injection Attack  [PDF]
Neha Patwari,Parvati Bhurani
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: With the changing demographics of globalization, the emergence and prevalence of web application have acquired a central and pivotal role in the domains of technology and advancements. It thus becomes imperative to probe deeply into the architecture, significance and different facets of usages. Web applications enclose the functioning between a user and the services provided by the server, which contains a database as its backend. The user can access the required information through sending a request in the form of text to the web server, which is interpreted by the server side script to construct an SQL. The query is sent to the database which responds in order to generate an HTML page that is sent back to the user. Since the functioning of web application is a dynamic and complicated matter, certain threats to the database security have been registered. One such alarming threat is the prevalence of SQL Injection Attack. Hence a dynamic algorithm is given in this paper for preventing SQL Injection Attacks which is based on context free grammars and compiler parsing techniques. The paper attempts to present the notation of a SQLI Prevent Parser for the prevention of SQL Injection Attacks. This Parser determines the structure of queries and compares whether the queries are functionally equivalent or not. This parser has been used on a sample web application and the results have come out to be positive majors to prevent SQL Injection Attacks.
Methods of Identifying and Preventing SQL Attacks  [PDF]
Bojken Shehu,Aleksander Xhuvani,Shqiponja Ahmetaj
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: The paper begins by identifying the organizations which are vulnerable to the SQL attack referred to as an SQL injection attack. The term SQL injection attack is defined and a diagram is used to illustrate the way that attack occurs. In another section, the paper identifies the methods used to detect an attack to SQL, whereby the techniques are discussed extensively using relevant diagrams for illustration. The other sections cover the preventive methods, where the methods are also discussed with an illustration using diagrams.
Improving SQL Server Perform  [PDF]
Informatica Economica Journal , 2010,
Abstract: With the development of client server technology and multilayer architectures the systems ef-ficiency issue has been increasingly discussed. Lacking knowledge in optimization methods and tools offered by DBMS's, database administrators and developers of applications based on Microsoft technologies cannot optimally design and service performing systems. In this article we review the objectives that should be considered (in order) to improve performance of SQL Server instances and we describe the techniques used to optimize queries. Also, we explain and illustrate the new optimization features offered by SQL Server 2008.
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Nowadays SQL injection attacks (SQLIAs) and cross scripting increased in real web applications very much, and the SQL injection attacks damages the databases through web applications. Injection queries are different type of way to attack the databases. This paper address the issue of SQLIA’s and script in an efficient way. The proposed approach detects and prevents all the Injection queries as well as the cross scripting through the Framework and Static analysis and Dynamic analysis. The contribution is twofold 1. SQL Injection AttackDetection and prevention 2. SQL Injection Reports. These techniques have been implemented in ASP.Net and SQL Server and tested by conducting various experiments and prove that the web applications and database is protected from scripting and SQL injection queries.
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