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DICOM in Radiotherapy
A. Nikfarjam,E Ganjalikhan Hakemi,E. Negahbani,MR. Khajeaminian
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2007,
Abstract: Noticeable development in achieving data from patients is acquired by means of designing a system that connects these systems: imaging, archive and monitoring systems. When several imaging devices work based on DICOM standard; they can connect to each other without any interface. There are many applications for DICOM standard in radiotherapy; however its main usage is in imaging. It has other applications such as RT Structure Set, RT Dose, RT Plan and RT Brachy Treatment. "nNow DICOM is a complete and widespread standard to use in radiotherapy. Most of the radiotherapy machines have ability to use DICOM. Before installing a new Linac, it is necessary to predict all aspects of DICOM standard in this device. Therefore, as regards to entrance of 12 Linac to Iran, it is important to have enough knowledge about it. This article is a review about development of DICOM in radiotherapy. We try to stress on DICOM applications and abstain from technological agenda.
红外 , 2003,
Abstract: 本文简要介绍了DICOM标准、PACS系统以及DICOM标准的应用。
TebAx Pardaz DICOM Server
Arash Ebrahimi,Mohammad Reza Alinaghizadeh
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2007,
Abstract: Noor Medical Imaging Center was using a viewing station as Dicom-Server when all imaging devices like Spiral CT and MRI was sending their images to this computer. Therefore, other viewers in PACS network could access to images of server via Di-com-Query and imported them to their computer for diagnosis. In this plan a single computer received images from two imaging sources and compressed them for archiving. Meanwhile if another viewer had a request, it should search patients and sent images to that computer."nConsidering capacity limitations, images must be removed to CD. Hence, if physician wanted to access to the older images, he/she must wanted computer administrator to retrieve images from CD to server. "nConsidering all above problems we planed a Di-com-Server with these futures: 1) Each imaging device must send images to its own unique archiving computer (we named it DicomX). 2) Capacity of each DicomX could be increased via adding new hard disks. 3) For DVD backing up, images must send from DicomXs to Query-Server computer 4) Query-Server stored patient information in its Database for searching services. 5) DicomXs must re-send each received images to predefined viewers for eliminating of query of new studies. "nThat design was working well until installation of MSCT with arising of two problems: 1) DVD backup manner didn't work, as computer administrator couldn't write many DVDs and reconstruction of damaged HDD from DVDs is not applicable 2) Internal networking traffic between DicomXs and Query-Server was still high. For solv-ing the problem, we stored Dicom images on two hard disks in each DicomX. One for archiving and another for backing up, instead of using DVDs. Therefore, DicomX just send patient information to Query-Server for reducing of network traffic. "nIn our work, Viewing Stations just are used as Diagnostic Computers and multi-processor Dicom-Server satisfies archiving needs.
General aspects for choosing the DICOM viewer
Afshin Niakan,Maryan Zibaeefard,Hady Daivary
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2007,
Abstract: Most of physicians choose the PACS by its viewer. DICOM Image viewers, the programs that run in workstations, facilitate accessing to the digital im-ages via a DICOM network. A good workstation should be equipped with professional monitors and other hardware requirements. A wide range of DICOM image viewers are available from simple 2D viewers which offer means of manipulating the im-ages (rotate, zoom, brightness, contrast and others) to 3D or 4D programs with sophisticated features such as multimodality image fusion, vessel segmentation and computer aided diagnostic tools."nThese programs can be categorized to client-based and web-based viewers. Despite the client-based viewers, which are heavy-weighted programs, equipped with strong features, web-based viewers are usually light-weighted with essential imaging features and suitable for TeleRadiology. Accessing to the digital images via the Internet is the main propose behind a web-based viewer. Web-based viewers may be used for remote consulting when a city or region lacks of native specialists."nAn image viewer as a part of PACS should be in conformance with DICOM standard as communication protocol instated of customized networking. This issue allows the viewer to communicate with any DICOM server and operate as an independent module. Structured Report (SR) editor is an essential part of a DICOM viewer. This kind of reporting benefits the archiving system because of small data size in comparison with keeping reports as scanned images or Secondary Capture Images (SC). Also, connection of DICOM viewer to RIS/HIS is important and as our previous experiences in RIS/HIS we connected Payvand DICOM viewer to the RIS/HIS. "nPayvand DICOM viewer has a lot of features and abilities, but for reaching to the high performance image processing by BARCO-EPD collaboration contract, we integrated our DICOM viewer to the VOXAR 3D and now our users have advanced 3D, vessel, cardiac and colon processing, PET CT Fusion and 3D Enterprise solutions.
DICOM数据的动态边界检测  [PDF]
中国图象图形学报 , 2008, DOI: 10.11834/jig.20080816
Abstract: 根据广义模糊集理论,提出了用于DICOM数据的动态边界检测算法。该算法可以动态提取DICOM数据的多种边界。既可以忽略细节提取DICOM数据的粗略边界,也可以增强细节提取DICOM数据的细节边界。?文献[5]和?[8]是该算法的特例。最后给出彩色图像的动态边界检测方法。
红外 , 2003,
Abstract: 本文就医学影像及相关信息通讯标准(DICOM)的附录标准23——结构化报告技术进行了讨论,还谈到了如何使用XML语言对结构化报告的使用进行扩展,使医学报告能够扩展到Internet环境。
Friedmann equation and SCP-results  [PDF]
Hellmut Baumgaertel
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: This note emphasizes that only special solutions of the Friedmann equation are compatible with the results of the "Supernovae Cosmology Project" (SCP). The curvature parameter of these solutions equals +1 and there is a simple relation between the minimal Hubble parameter, the cosmological constant and the total mass
Dynamic Edge Detection of DICOM Data

HAN Peiyou DONG Guiyun,

中国图象图形学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 根据广义模糊集理论,提出了用于DICOM数据的动态边界检测算法。该算法可以动态提取DICOM数据的多种边界。既可以忽略细节提取DICOM数据的粗略边界,也可以增强细节提取DICOM数据的细节边界。文献5]和8]是该算法的特例。最后给出彩色图像的动态边界检测方法。
System for digitalization of medical images based on DICOM standard  [PDF]
?abarkapa Slobodan,Zaji? Goran,Pavlovi? Milan,Slavkovi? Nikola
Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/sjee0903409c
Abstract: According to DICOM standard, which defines both medical image information and user information, a new system for digitalizing medical images is involved as a part of the main system for archiving and retrieving medical databases. The basic characteristics of this system are described in this paper. Furthermore, the analysis of some important DICOM header's tags which are used in this system, are presented, too. Having chosen the appropriate tags in order to preserve important information, the efficient system has been created. .
DICOM Structured Reporting and Cancer Clinical Trials Results
David A. Clunie
Cancer Informatics , 2007,
Abstract: The use of biomarkers derived from radiological images as surrogate end-points in therapeutic cancer clinical trials is well established. DICOM is the ubiquitous standard for the interchange of images for both clinical use as well as research. It also has capabilities for the exchange of image-related information, including categorical and quantitative information derived from images. The use of DICOM Structured Reporting for the encoding and interchange of clinical trial results in a standard manner is reviewed.
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