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Color image watermark algorithm based on SVD and lifting wavelet transformation

XU Guo-rong,WANG Li-ping,

计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: This paper proposed a color image digital watermarking algorithm based on SVD and LWT.At first transformed the color image to YUV spatial domain from RGB.Then transformed the luminance component Y of color image in YUV color space with the lifting wavelet,decomposed the coefficients of low frequency by SVD,similarly decomposed the watermark image by SVD and embedded in SVD of the coefficients of low frequency.The simulation results indicate that the algorithm has both good quality for watermarked image invi...
Performance Evaluation of Block Based Svd Image Watermarking
Rania A. Ghazy;Nawal Ahmed El-Fishawy;Mohiy Mohammed Hadhoud;Moawad Ibrahim Dessouky;Fathi El-Sayed Abd El-Samie
PIER B , 2008, DOI: 10.2528/PIERB08041306
Abstract: This paper presents a block based digital image watermarking algorithm that is dependent on the mathematical technique of singular value decomposition (SVD). Traditional SVD watermarking already exists for watermark embedding on the image as a whole. In the proposed approach, the original image is divided into blocks, and then the watermark is embedded in the singular values (SVs) of each block, separately. The watermark embedding on a blockby- block basis makes the watermark more robust to the attacks such as noise, compression, cropping and lowpass filtering as the results reveal. The watermark detection is implemented by extracting the watermark from the SVs of the watermarked blocks. Extracting the watermark from one block at least is enough to ensure the existence of the watermark.
生物化学与生物物理进展 , 1987,
Abstract: New England Nuclear(NEN)公司1984年推出一个组建DNA物理图谱的最新方法:Southern十字转印杂交系统。其构思之巧、效率之高、结果之精为其他方法所望尘莫及。此法是将一个限制酶的消化物制成放射性探针,与另一个酶的消化物分别进行制备性电泳,并转印到特制的膜上。将两膜面对面、垂直的叠合进行固体杂交。经放射自显影后,在一张X光片上可直接排出各片段的顺序,组建成这两个酶的物理图谱。一次实验甚至可完成十个酶物理图谱的组建。
southern十字转印杂交法——一个组建dna物理图谱的最新技术  [PDF]
生物化学与生物物理进展 , 1987,
Abstract: newenglandnuclear(nen)公司1984年推出一个组建dna物理图谱的最新方法:southern十字转印杂交系统。其构思之巧、效率之高、结果之精为其他方法所望尘莫及。此法是将一个限制酶的消化物制成放射性探针,与另一个酶的消化物分别进行制备性电泳,并转印到特制的膜上。将两膜面对面、垂直的叠合进行固体杂交。经放射自显影后,在一张x光片上可直接排出各片段的顺序,组建成这两个酶的物理图谱。一次实验甚至可完成十个酶物理图谱的组建。
A Reliable SVD based Watermarking Schem  [PDF]
Chirag Jain,Siddharth Arora,Prasanta K. Panigrahi
Computer Science , 2008,
Abstract: We propose a novel scheme for watermarking of digital images based on singular value decomposition (SVD), which makes use of the fact that the SVD subspace preserves significant amount of information of an image, as compared to its singular value matrix, Zhang and Li (2005). The principal components of the watermark are embedded in the original image, leaving the detector with a complimentary set of singular vectors for watermark extraction. The above step invariably ensures that watermark extraction from the embedded watermark image, using a modified matrix, is not possible, thereby removing a major drawback of an earlier proposed algorithm by Liu and Tan (2002).
基于多字典稀疏表示的遥感图像亚像元映射  [PDF]
电子学报 , 2015, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.0372-2112.2015.06.001
Abstract: 本文提出了一种基于多字典稀疏表示的亚像元映射算法,利用已知的同类型高空间分辨率地物分布图像,构建能够更好反映不同类别地物空间分布模式的多个字典,将待分类亚像元用每一类字典稀疏表示,并依据重构误差最小化原则以及光谱失真程度约束条件来划分亚像元的地物类别.模拟与真实数据上的实验结果表明,本文算法能有效应对地物空间分布模式的多样性,具有更高的亚像元映射精度和更好的算法鲁棒性.
Digital watermark  [PDF]
Jasna Maver
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 2000,
Abstract: The huge amount of multimedia contents available on the World-Wide-Web is beginning to raise the question of their protection. Digital watermarking is a technique which can serve various purposes, including intellectual property protection, authentication and integrity verification, as well as visible or invisible content labelling of multimedia content. Due to the diversity of digital watermarking applicability, there are many different techniques, which can be categorised according to different criteria. A digital watermark can be categorised as visible or invisible and as robust or fragile. In contrast to the visible watermark where a visible pattern or image is embedded into the original image, the invisible watermark does not change the visual appearance of the image. The existence of such a watermark can be determined only through a watermark ex traction or detection algorithm. The robust watermark is used for copyright protection, while the fragile watermark is designed for authentication and integrity verification of multimedia content. A watermark must be detectable or extractable to be useful. In some watermarking schemes, a watermark can be extracted in its exact form, in other cases, we can detect only whether a specific given watermarking signal is present in an image. Digital libraries, through which cultural institutions will make multimedia contents available, should support a wide range of service models for intellectual property protection, where digital watermarking may play an important role.
Reliable SVD based Semi-blind and Invisible Watermarking Schemes  [PDF]
Subhayan Roy Moulick,Siddharth Arora,Chirag Jain,Prasanta K. Panigrahi
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: A semi-blind watermarking scheme is presented based on Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), which makes essential use of the fact that, the SVD subspace preserves significant amount of information of an image and is a one way decomposition. The principal components are used, along with the corresponding singular vectors of the watermark image to watermark the target image. For further security, the semi-blind scheme is extended to an invisible hash based watermarking scheme. The hash based scheme commits a watermark with a key such that, it is incoherent with the actual watermark, and can only be extracted using the key. Its security is analyzed in the random oracle model and shown to be unforgeable, invisible and satisfying the property of non-repudiation.
Digital watermarking algorithm based on DWT and SVD

ZHOU Peng-ying,SHEN Lei,TIAN Xiao-lin,XIA Shao-wei,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: To protect copyrights of digital products effectively, proposed a new scheme of digital image watermarking based on the combination of discrete wavelet transformation (DWT) and singular value decomposition(SVD). The algorithm used DWT and SVD inherent characteristic fully, and decomposed the original image to the subbands of multi-DWT, then applied SVD to transform some of subbands. The Arnold transformation could increase the security of watermark, and decomposed the gray-level watermark image with blocked-DCT transform after being Arnold scrambled. Then classified DCT coefficients and inserted into the middle of third level of SVD of original image. The experimental based on this algorithm demonstrates that the watermark is invisible, and it is robust to the common signal processing technology.
Robust digital watermark algorithm in Contourlet domain based on singular value decomposition

ZHANG Fei-yan,QUAN Huan-li,LIN Li-yu,QIN Qian-qingc,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: To protect the copyright of digital media, this paper proposed a digital watermark algorithm in Contourlet domain. The original image was decomposed with Contourlet transformation(CT), the scrambled watermark image was decomposed with singular value decompositino(SVD), then, the singular values of watermark image were used to modulate the chosen Contourlet coefficient matrixs. After inverse transformation, obtained a watermarked image. In watermark detection, only the SVD vector of the original image was needed, which meant the blind detection was nearly achieved. Finally, applied a series attacks, the results show that compared with traditional watermark algorithm in wavelet domain, the proposed method achieves great impovement in both invisibility and robustness.
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