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Research of USB Device Driver in Linux

LIANG Zheng-ping,WU Guo-qing,XIAO Jing,

计算机应用研究 , 2004,
Abstract: Introduces some related concepts of USB and the pattern,data structures in Linux USB device driver.The general method and skill in Linux USB device driver are concluded by design and implement a representative example.
Optimization of setting location and remaining period of blocked-out coal reserves in flat and multi-coal seams surface mine

- , 2017, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1000-582X.2017.01.005
Abstract: 为了确定经济合理的露天矿备采煤量留设位置和保有期,运用露天开采基本原理与统计分析方法,分析新时期露天煤矿的发展变化特点及其对备采煤量留设位置和保有期的影响;以经济效益最优为判断准则,研究复合煤层露天矿备采煤量留设位置与内排运距的关系,建立备采煤量留设位置优化模型;研究季节性剥离露天矿备采煤量保有期与剥离成本、运输成本以及资金时间价值的关系,建立备采煤量保有期优化模型。以内蒙古东部地区某露天矿为研究实例,确定了该矿经济合理的备采煤量保有期为6.5个月,备采煤量应全部留在1号煤层。研究结果表明:该优化模型可用于指导露天矿生产,有效降低剥离成本,提高经济效益。
To ascertain economic setting location and remaining period of blocked-out coal reserves in surface mine, with the basic principle of the surface mining and statistical method, we analyzed the characteristics of developing change and its influence on setting location and remaining period of blocked-out coal reserves. Based on the principle of optimal economy benefit, the relationship between setting location of blocked-out coal reserves and internal dumping transportation distance in multi-coal seam surface mine was studied, and an optimization model of setting location of blocked-out coal reserves was built. We also studied the relationship between remaining period of blocked-out coal reserves and stripping cost, transportation cost, time value of money, and built an optimization model of remaining period of blocked-out coal reserves. Taking a surface mine in east of Inner Mongolia as an example, we ascertained the economic remaining period of blocked-out coal reserves in this surface mine should be 6.5 months, and blocked-out coal reserves should be set in 1# coal seam. The results show that the optimization model can guide production, decrease stripping cost and increase economic benefit of surface mines
Design and Implementation of USB Ultrasonic Acquisition Device Driver in Windows CE
WindowsCE 平台下USB 超声波采集设备驱动的设计与实现

CAO De-Hua,LEI Yue-Ming,

计算机系统应用 , 2011,
Abstract: This paper describes the specific implementation of device USB driver based on studying USB system architecture and principle of USB device driver in WindowsCE platform,the device is ultrasonic acquisition device that use EZ-USB FX2 series USB controllers maded by Cypress company.Using device driver.The paper acquires ultrasnoic data and control ultrasonic device successfully.
Design of USB Driver Based on EZ-USB CY7C68013

HU Wen-jing,CHEN Song,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: A brief introduction of the basic features of EZ-USB CY7C68013 is provided. The Enumeration and Reenumeration of EZ-USB CY7C68013 are discussed in details. The development method of Costumed Driver and Firmware Loader Driver based on EZ-USB CY7C68013 is presented.
Easy Implementation Scheme of USB Device

YANG Ren-huan,LUO Xiao-shu,LI Ting-hui,

计算机应用研究 , 2007,
Abstract: A brief introduction of an easy implementation scheme of a USB device based on USB interface chip CH372 is provided.By using the chip,you need not care about the development method of costumed Driver and Firmware Loader Driver.And then introduces the application of the scheme in devising the multi-function bioelectrical signal monitoring system in detail.
USB-based radiation monitor  [PDF]
Drndarevi? Vujo,Jevti? Nenad,?uri? Radivoje
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/ntrp0602073d
Abstract: The Universal Serial Bus has become a dominant interface for the connection of standard peripheral devices to a PC computer. This paper analyzes the possibilities of USB bus applications in the field of measurement and environmental monitoring. As a result, a gamma radiation monitor consisting of an USB-based universal peripheral device and a gamma probe with a GM counter, has been designed. For the interfacing monitor with the powerful and easy to use LabVIEW software package, an instrument driver as a set of virtual instruments has been developed. The proposed monitor is a flexible instrument which can be used for laboratory measurements, as an environ mental radiation monitor or for training purposes. Connected to the laptop computer, the monitor becomes a portable instrument suitable for field measurements. Basic measurements and functionality properties of the radiation monitor are presented here.
User-Space Device Driver Framework Based on USB Device

YE Xiao-Long,ZHOU Xue-Hai,CHEN Chao,

计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to achieve high performance, traditional linux operating system run device drivers in kernel space. Unfortunately, this architecture inevitably decreases reliability and stability of the system. Based on commonly used equipment USB devices, this paper presents a new driver architecture which run device drivers as unprivileged user-level code, encapsulated into a process, this architecture also support features such as hotplug, driver management and so on. Experiments on several usb devices show it works well in user space without significant performance degradation.
USB-to-CAN Adapter Based on MCF51JM128
基于MCF51JM128 的USB-CAN 适配器

ZHANG Jian-Wu,CHEN Wen-Jie,JU Xiao-Ming,

计算机系统应用 , 2011,
Abstract: In order to achieve the communication between on-board computer and vehicle sub-systems,in general,we need to design a CAN bus adapter.This article describes one method to design and implement a CAN bus adapter based on USB.As USB OTG module and MSCAN module is integrated in the MCF51JM128 microcontroller,the design and implementation of the adapter of MFC51JM128 microcontroller is simpler and easier.The way to realize the adapter driver on Linux system is also included.
Design and Implementation of Image System Based on USB2.0 Transmission Mode in Corneal Topography

隋成华, 韩勇浩, 徐丹阳
Optoelectronics (OE) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/OE.2016.63016
Through comparing the data transmission advantages and disadvantages of USB2.0 and 1394 in-terface, and combining the data acquisition and transmission requirement of corneal topography, the array CCD driver and USB2.0 data acquisition and transmission system was designed. In the system, Sony ICX445ALA array CCD was chosen as image sensor, according to the ICX445ALA drive timing characters requirements, using CPLD and AD timing framework and MCU timing control, the drivering circuit design was realized. According to MCU’s USB2.0 firmware driver, USB2.0 data output was completed. By controlling the I/O port of the MCU, the open and close of the LED backlight, the automatic discrimination of the left and right eyes and the acquisition of the corneal image were realized. The final test shows that the obtained corneal image is clear; the USB2.0 data transmission is fast and stable. The MCU auxiliary function is effective. It can achieve the requirements of image acquisition and transmission well in corneal topography.
Design and Implementation of a Low Cost USB Duplicator  [cached]
Muhammad Usman Rashid,Zeashan Hameed Khan
Buletin Teknik Elektro dan Informatika , 2012,
Abstract: USB devices and flash disks are the most common storage device being used but very little work has been done on it at university project level. Considering the increasing capacity and popularity of USB flash disks, it is believed that in the near future they will replace CDs/DVDs and will be used as a primary storage medium. For this purpose, a USB flash disk duplicator will also be required just as a CD/DVD duplicator is required today. The aim of the present work is to develop a portable and stand-alone device capable of copying the contents of one USB flash disk/mass storage device to another USB flash drive without the use of an intermediary computer.
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