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金属学报 , 1992,
Abstract: 将模式识别方法与专家系统技术相结合,建立了小型专家系统ASPRES,用于合金钢研制过程中配方和工艺条件的优化。已在耐深冲钢和耐低温钢研制方面实际应用。
Computer Aided Design of Couplings  [PDF]
Adeyeri Michael Kanisuru, Adeyemi Michael Bolaji , Ajayi Olumuyiwa Bamidele, Abadariki Samson Olaniran
International Journal of Engineering , 2011,
Abstract: The research work explores computer-aided approach to the design of ten different couplings, viza viz: flange, solid rigid, hollow rigid, old ham/ cross-sliding, pin type flexible, sleeve, seller cone/compression, split muff, pulley flange and fairbian’s lap-box couplings. The approach utilizesstandard design equations of these couplings and link them together in computer software todetermine the design parameters of the couplings. The work reviews the procedural stepsinvolved in the design of couplings and the development of the software package using java as atool for the design and dratfting of couplings. The design software named COUPLINGCADcombines with sketch template of a single process so as to generate the required parameters ofthe couplings. The COUPLINGCAD was tested with a number of case studies and the resultsobtained therein were quite satisfactory.
Computer Aided Diagnosis in Digital Mammography
"H. Mirzaalian,M.R. Ahmadzadeh,A. Hekmatnia,F. Kolahdoozan "
Iranian Journal of Radiology , 2005,
Abstract: Introduction & Background: Breast cancer is a lead-ing cause of cancer deaths among women.Early de-tection is the most effective way to reduce mortality. Mammography is the best method for early detection. In order to improve the accuracy of interpretation of mammogram, Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) sys-tems have been proposed. The main goal of this re-search is to implement one of the algorithms and techniques for the enhancement of mammogram for easier detection of abnormalities. Patients & Methods: In the presented algorithm, morphological methods are used first for removing artifacts. Then thresholding, labeling, and active con-tours methods are used to extract the breast region, which allow the search for abnormalities to be lim-ited to the region of the breast. Finally, Gaussian fil-ter and White Top Hat Transform is used for contrast enhancement of mammogram. This algorithm has been applied on 50 images from Mammography Im-age Analysis Society (MIAS). An expert radiologist then verified improvement on the processed images. Results and Conclusions: Implementing the presented algorithm causes easier and better interpretation of mammogram without increasing the number of false positive and false negative results. Because of the spe-cial shapes and statistical features of abnormal tex-tures, it is possible to apply pattern recognition and artificial intelligence techniques as an aid for diagnos-ing suspicious regions. Research on using some of these techniques to distinguish benign abnormalities from malignant ones is on the way.
Computer aided planning for orthognatic surgery  [PDF]
Matthieu Chabanas,Christophe Marecaux,Yohan Payan,Franck Boutault
Physics , 2006,
Abstract: A computer aided maxillofacial sequence is presented, applied to orthognatic surgery. It consists of 5 main stages: data acquisition and integration, surgical planning, surgical simulation, and per operative assistance. The planning and simulation steps are then addressed in a way that is clinically relevant. First concepts toward a 3D cephalometry are presented for a morphological analysis, surgical planning, and bone and soft tissue simulation. The aesthetic surgical outcomes of bone repositioning are studied with a biomechanical Finite Element soft tissue model.
Computer Aided Diagnosis of Digital Mammograms  [PDF]
H.S. Sheshadri,A. Kandaswamy
Information Technology Journal , 2006,
Abstract: This study deals with a novel approach for the development of a Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) system for mammogram image analysis. Now a days a CAD system is playing vital role in the visual inspection of mammogram images and for the detection of breast cancer at an early stage.Here the authors have made an attempt to implement a CAD system for the detection of microcalcifications from a mammogram image segmentation and analysis. The system is implemented over a PC with the most common environment and also the algorithm used is easy and simple for any radiologist to take clear decision
Computer Aided Composition Design of Prehardened-Mould Steel for Plastic
Yanlin HE,Lin LI,Xiaochun WU,Patrick WOLLANTS,

材料科学技术学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The improvement of machining behavior of prehardened-mould steel for plastic is realized by using computer-aided composition design in this work. The results showed that the matrix composition of large sectional prehardened mould steel for plastic markedly influences the precipitation of non-metallic inclusion and the control of composition aided by Thermo-Calc software package minimizes the amount of detrimental oxide inclusion. In addition the modification of calcium is optimized in the light of composition design.
A Framework for Computer Aided Investigation of ATM Fraud in Nigeria
Azeez Nureni Ayofe,Sulaimon Bashir Adebayo,Azeez Raheem Ajetola,Atanda Funsho Abdulwahab
International Journal of Soft Computing , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/ijscomp.2010.78.82
Abstract: The conventional approach for criminal investigation and trial of cases in the law courts in developing countries like Nigeria is usually slow and unreliable. Consequently, the society is characterized by prolonged periods of detention of the suspects awaiting trial and congestion in the prisons and law courts. This paper attempts to describe the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the investigation of ATM fraud in Nigeria. An Expert System (ES) is proposed which provides and supports the storage and intelligent interactive processing of the knowledge acquired by and experience of the human expert in the domain of criminal investigation, law and justice. One of the objectives of the study is to provide an intelligent computer-based system which will smooth, enhance and speed the efficient and reliable performance of the human expert in the domain of criminal investigation of ATM fraud in Nigeria. Other objective is to provide a system for computer aided learning of criminal investigation.
Computer Aided Education System SuperTest. Present and Prospective  [PDF]
Dumitru TODOROI,Elena NECHITA,Zinaida TODOROI,Gloria Cerasela CRISAN
Informatica Economica Journal , 2007,
Abstract: This paper analyzes the testing and self-testing process for the Computer Aided Education System (CAES) SuperTest, used at the Academy of Economic Studies of Chisinau, Moldova and recently implemented at the University of Bacau, Romania. We discuss here the future of this software, from the Information Society and Knowledge Society point of view.
Computer-aided experimental testing in photoelasticity  [cached]
Oskar Ostertag,Eva Ostertagová,Ladislav Novotny
Bulletin of Applied Mechanics , 2008,
Abstract: The paper deals with automatic experimental determination of stress state in structural members using photostress method. First part treats a utilization of RGB spectrum component. Second part is concerned with application used method in computer aided experimental testing.
Computer Aided Design of a Spur Gear
J.O. Nordiana,S.O. Ogbeide,N.N. Ehigiamusoe,F.I. Anyasi
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: In recent times, the design of gears using computer has become a highly complicated and comprehensive subject.This study therefore present a new method of how the spur gear can be designed and detailed with computer aided design, previously, emphasis was laid on primitive and probabilistic design processes which resulted in high operation cost and prolong time. A reliability model of the spur gear when designed using computer aided performed repetitive and routine tasks involved in design drawings, review and evaluation, produces accurate and efficient design drawings as a result of interactive computer graphics and provides substantial saving in time and cost of production.
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