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Research on Trustworthy Distributed System  [cached]
LUO Chen,HE Ming,LIU Xiao-Ming,LI Yuan
International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies , 2012, DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2012.03.07
Abstract: To arrive at the goal of intensifying the trustworthiness and controllability of distributed systems, the core function of secure algorithms and chips should be fully exerted. Through building the trustworthy model between distributed system and user behaviors, constructing the architecture of trustworthiness distributed systems, intensifying the survivability of services, and strengthening the manageability of distributed systems, the secure problem of distributed systems is to be radically solved. By setting up the trustworthy computing circumstance and supplying the trustworthy validation and the active protection based on identity and behavior for trustworthy distributed system, we will reach the goal of defending the unaware viruses and inbreak. This research insists that the security, controllability, manageability, and survivability should be basic properties of a trustworthy distributed system. The key ideas and techniques involved in these properties are studied, andrecent developments and progresses are surveyed. At the same time, the technical trends and challenges are briefly discussed.
應用資訊檢索技術於論文評閱者推薦模式之評估 Evaluation of Information Retrieval Based Models for Recommendation of Paper Reviewers  [PDF]
Shih-Chieh Wei,Hsin-Yu Luo
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: 隨著傳統期刊逐漸採用電子形式出刊,也帶動投稿及評閱過程愈來愈多採用電子自動化之潮流。目前一般的線上投稿暨評閱系統雖然功能逐漸齊備,但仍少有推薦評閱者功能。為評估現有可推薦評閱者技術之表現,本文分別用標題、關鍵詞、摘要、全文4種不同長度的論文表示方式,搭配7種評閱者匹配法,其中包括向量空間模式下的4種相似度匹配法,及應用於OpenConf線上投稿系統中的3種主題式匹配法,交叉組合出4×7=28種推薦模式。測試結果顯示,向量空間模式匹配法優於主題式匹配法。又所有推薦模式中,以摘要為論文表示方式,搭配向量空間模式的餘弦相似度匹配法,其推薦效果最好。 As more e-journals appear and the e-review process becomes more popular, the demand for automatic recommendation of a good peer reviewer has been ever increasing. To automate the process of paper reviewer recommendation, this work evaluates four kinds of paper representations, which include full text, abstract, title, and author defined keywords. To match reviewers with papers, this work evaluates seven scoring methods including three topic-based methods from OpenConf, a popular online submission system with source, and four similarity-based methods from the vector space model of traditional information retrieval. The results of the 28 experiments show that recommendation methods based on the vector space model are better than the three topic-based methods of OpenConf in most document representations. Among them, the abstract paper representation combined with cosine similarity matching measure has the highest average precision.
The Crypto-democracy and the Trustworthy  [PDF]
Sebastien Gambs,Samuel Ranellucci,and Alain Tapp
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: In the current architecture of the Internet, there is a strong asymmetry in terms of power between the entities that gather and process personal data (e.g., major Internet companies, telecom operators, cloud providers, ...) and the individuals from which this personal data is issued. In particular, individuals have no choice but to blindly trust that these entities will respect their privacy and protect their personal data. In this position paper, we address this issue by proposing an utopian crypto-democracy model based on existing scientific achievements from the field of cryptography. More precisely, our main objective is to show that cryptographic primitives, including in particular secure multiparty computation, offer a practical solution to protect privacy while minimizing the trust assumptions. In the crypto-democracy envisioned, individuals do not have to trust a single physical entity with their personal data but rather their data is distributed among several institutions. Together these institutions form a virtual entity called the Trustworthy that is responsible for the storage of this data but which can also compute on it (provided first that all the institutions agree on this). Finally, we also propose a realistic proof-of-concept of the Trustworthy, in which the roles of institutions are played by universities. This proof-of-concept would have an important impact in demonstrating the possibilities offered by the crypto-democracy paradigm.
西 瓜 杂 交 制 种 技 术 研 究  [PDF]
王志强,刘声锋,田 梅,郭守金,李 程,黄 莉
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201017029
野 菊 的 扩 繁 技 术 研 究  [PDF]
韩 磊,杨兴芳,丁雪珍,房师梅,王洪波
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201021033
Promoting Unity of Marketing Design Process by Using QFD

KONG Zao,|jie,HAO Yong,|jing,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2001,
Abstract: This paper introduces the basic concept of QFD and HOQ , and formulates the feasibility of the application of QFD to marketing management . A conceptual model and two methods of marketing survey are presented and a procedure design of marketing management using QFD is described.
cs战略及其实施手段qfd  [PDF]
武汉理工大学学报 , 2000,
Abstract: ?对cs的战略思想和qfd的决策模式进行了系统的剖析,在此基础上,通过构建质量屋,对qfd作了适当改进,并将qfd作为一种实施手段运用于cs战略。基于qfd对cs运作的功效,cs战略更具实践特色和可操作性
Aplica??o de QFD integrando o modelo de akao e o modelo QFD estendido
Peixoto, Manoel Otelino da Cunha;Carpinetti, Luiz Cesar R.;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X1998000300005
Abstract: this paper presents an approach to the application of quality function deployment that brings together the enhanced qfd and the approach developed by akao. in this way, the proposed approach benefits from focusing, at the same time, on: parameter extraction, systematizing the decision-taking process within its matrices (enhanced qfd); and the identification of relationships among different parameters of the product development process (qfd by akao). the steps involved in the proposed approach are depicted and justified. finally, we discuss the effect of qfd on time to market and the benefits of the proposed approach.
The Estimation of Trustworthy of Grid Services Based on Neural Network  [cached]
Zhengli Zhai,Wei Zhang
Journal of Networks , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jnw.5.10.1135-1142
Abstract: Though research on the Grid Services has progressed at a steady pace, its promise has yet to be realized. One major difficulty is that, by its very nature, the Grid Service is a large, uncensored system to which anyone may contribute. This raises the question of how much credence to give each source. The concept and definition of trustworthy of Grid Service is given. Estimating trustworthy of Grid Services with the method of Neural Network from the aspect of trustworthy history sequence is proposed. The principle of the method, applicable Neural Network structure, Neural Network constructing, input standardization, training sample constructing, and the procedure of estimating trustworthy of Grid Services with trained Neural Network are presented. Experiments confirm that the methods with Neural Network are feasible and effective to estimate trustworthy of Grid Service, and do not put unreasonable expectations on users. We hope that these methods will help to move the Grid Service closer to fulfilling its promise.
Survey on trustworthy software evaluation

ZHOU Jian,ZHANG Ming-xin,
周 剑

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: In recent years, software trustworthy evaluation is a new hot research and a tough job in the field of computer science. It contributes to promoting the rejuvenation and development of the software industry through the research of software trustworthy evaluation. Firstly, this paper analyzed the necessity of the software trustworthy evaluation, and then, it summarized the research statue of which mainly included presenting the following four aspects: the credible attributive character, the definition of the credible level of software, the model of software trustworthy evaluation, the implementation plan of software trustworthy evaluation. And at the same time, it also analyzed the insufficient of software trustworthy evaluation in present and the reasons for these insufficient. Finally, it pointed out the trend of software trustworthy evaluation in the future.
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