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基于像底点的机载POS视准轴误差检校  [PDF]
测绘学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 基于灭点理论,提出一种利用像底点检校机载POS系统视准轴误差的新方法。首先从理论上建立了像底点与POS系统视准轴误差之间严格的数学关系,并在此基础上推导出求解视准轴误差的误差方程式,然后用一组带有POS数据的航空影像进行了试验验证。试验结果表明,所建立的利用像底点检校POS系统视准轴误差的模型是正确的,用两张以上像片上的像底点坐标即可检校出POS系统的视准轴误差,而无需布设特定的检校场和地面控制点,对城区大比例尺航空摄影时POS系统视准轴误差检校具有一定的实用价值。
Vague Set

计算机科学 , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper,we first introduce vague set,then give the definition of intersection and union based on vague set with t-norm and t-conorm of the point value. Thus we gain some properties of intersection and union of vague set.
Vague Partions

LIANG Jia-rong,LIU Li,WU Hua-jian,

计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: The concepts of degree of truth-compatibility, degree of false-compatibility degree of truth-equality, degree of falscequality based on t-norm and t-conorm were introduced, because a vague set has the characteristic of truth-membership function and fase-membership function. Futhermore we presented the concepts of semi-vague partitions and vague partitions by using locically degree of truth-compatibility, degree of false-compatibility degree of truth-equality,degree of falscequality, and we investigated the characters of semi-vague partitions and vague partitions.
vague划分  [PDF]
计算机科学 , 2009,
Abstract: 根据vague集具有真假隶属度的特点,首先提出了基于t-模和t-余模的真相容度、假相容度、真相等度和假相等度的概念。然后合理地利用真相容度、假相容度、真相等度和假相等度提出了半vague划分和vague划分的概念,并讨论了它们的性质。
(α,β,T)-Convex vague sets  [cached]
Arsham Borumand Saeid
Le Matematiche , 2012,
Abstract: By using vague sets we generalize the notion of convex sets and introduce the notion of (α, β ,T )-convex vague sets and study their properties, where T is a triangular norm on [0, 1].
Topological structures of vague soft sets  [PDF]
D. Tokat,?. Osmano?lu
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to construct topology on vague soft sets. The concept of vague soft topology is introduced and its basic properties are given.
Vague topological space and Vague continuous mapping

WANG Chang,YUAN Min,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: Based on the presented theory of Vague sets and the topological theory of classical sets and Fuzzy sets,this paper spreaded the relative topological theory of classical sets and Fuzzy sets through the method of analysis, presented the basic concepts of Vague topological space and Vague continuous mapping, and discussed some relative properties of them. These results further extended the scope of the research on Vague sets, and proposed the future study aspects in this field.
Vague BCK/BCI-algebras
Arsham Borumand Saeid
Opuscula Mathematica , 2009,
Abstract: In this note, by using the concept of vague sets, the notion of vague BCK/BCI-algebra is introduced. And the notions of $\alpha$-cut and vague-cut are introduced and the relationships between these notions and crisp subalgebras are studied.
Similarity Measure of Vague Set

ZHU Zhen-guo,WANG Guo-yin,

计算机科学 , 2008,
Abstract: Vague set is a valid tool for processing uncertain information.The similarity measure of two uncertain patterns is important for intelligent reasoning.It is also a key problem to measure the similarity of vague values or vague sets in vague information processing systems.Many methods for similarity measure of vague sets have been proposed in recent years.However,these methods could not precisely describe the essences of the similarity between two vague sets.In this paper,some evaluation criterions for simil...
Vague Filters of Residuated Lattices  [PDF]
Shokoofeh Ghorbani
Journal of Discrete Mathematics , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/120342
Abstract: Notions of vague filters, subpositive implicative vague filters, and Boolean vague filters of a residuated lattice are introduced and some related properties are investigated. The characterizations of (subpositive implicative, Boolean) vague filters is obtained. We prove that the set of all vague filters of a residuated lattice forms a complete lattice and we find its distributive sublattices. The relation among subpositive implicative vague filters and Boolean vague filters are obtained and it is proved that subpositive implicative vague filters are equivalent to Boolean vague filters. 1. Introduction In the classical set, there are only two possibilities for any elements: in or not in the set. Hence the values of elements in a set are only one of and . Therefore, this theory cannot handle the data with ambiguity and uncertainty. Zadeh introduced fuzzy set theory in 1965 [1] to handle such ambiguity and uncertainty by generalizing the notion of membership in a set. In a fuzzy set each element is associated with a point-value selected from the unit interval , which is termed the grade of membership in the set. This membership degree contains the evidences for both supporting and opposing . A number of generalizations of Zadeh’s fuzzy set theory are intuitionistic fuzzy theory, L-fuzzy theory, and vague theory. Gau and Buehrer proposed the concept of vague set in 1993 [2], by replacing the value of an element in a set with a subinterval of . Namely, a true membership function and a false-membership function are used to describe the boundaries of membership degree. These two boundaries form a subinterval of . The vague set theory improves description of the objective real world, becoming a promising tool to deal with inexact, uncertain, or vague knowledge. Many researchers have applied this theory to many situations, such as fuzzy control, decision-making, knowledge discovery, and fault diagnosis. Recently in [3], Jun and Park introduced the notion of vague ideal in pseudo MV-algebras and Broumand Saeid [4] introduced the notion of vague BCK/BCI-algebras. The concept of residuated lattices was introduced by Ward and Dilworth [5] as a generalization of the structure of the set of ideals of a ring. These algebras are a common structure among algebras associated with logical systems (see [6–9]). The residuated lattices have interesting algebraic and logical properties. The main example of residuated lattices related to logic is and BL-algebras. A basic logic algebra (BL-algebra for short) is an important class of logical algebras introduced by Hajek [10] in
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