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The Development of Cadastral Data Standard in USA and Australia

Yao Yanmin,Jin Si,Cheng Changxiu,

地球信息科学 , 2000,
Abstract: Cadastral data standard plays an important role in promoting data sharing This paper analyzed development process and contents of cadastral data standards of USA and Australia, and brought forward proposals on cadastral data standard development in China
Pondering of Teaching Reformation of the Course of Cadastral and Real Estate Surveying in Higher Vocational Colleges

葛山运, 周宏达, 王云, 李建
Geomatics Science and Technology (GST) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/GST.2013.11001
Combining the teaching practice of the “Cadastral and Real Estate Surveying Course” in higher vocational colleges, the problem in the teaching process is analyzed, and some reform suggestion of teaching content, method and practice, which will improve teaching quality, is brought up.
Topology relationship analysis of cadastral spatial database and validity method based on rule

FENG Hang-jian,MA Tu-hua,LIU Wei-hong,LI Wei,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: In order to enhance the efficiency of spatial data quality checking and realize the intelligent topology relationship testing between feature classes, the topology relationship classification of the cadastral spatial database was analyzed and a topology relationship verification method was proposed based on topology rules. A spatial data quality checking system LR_Checker was developed by using GIS development platform AreEngine. The testing with massive cadastral spatial data indicate that, the use of LR_Checker can greatly reduce the data checking work, and the proposed verification method is accurate, effective and reasonable.
Study of cadastral data loading based on MapObjects and ArcSDE C-API
基于MapObjects和ArcSDE C-API的地籍数据入库方法

HE Yu-bing,ZOU Le-jun,SHEN Xiao-hua,LU Shan-long,

计算机应用 , 2007,
Abstract: To solve the problems in the process of developing the Cadastral Information Management System of Zhejiang Province,we proposed a new method of data loading of AutoCAD DWG,and developed a component based on MapObjects and ArcSDE C-API.Applications show that the component indicates the feasibility of setting conditions of data loading according to users' requirements.

Qiao Yanyou,

地理学报 , 1996,
Abstract: 时间GIS是当前地理信息系统发的重要领域之一,它的应用不仅方便了历史数据的存储,而且使得基于时间的空间数据分析成为可能,改善了传统GIS的动态管理,分析和决策支持功能。本文对在地籍信息系统的建立过程中应用这一技术的有关问题进行了研究。用时间标识的方法建立了各种地籍要素的时空数据结构,以数据更新和查询为例研究了时空数据的操作和应用。
A study on the cadastral management information system based on technology of spatial database

PAN Yu chun,ZHONG Er shun,LIANG Jun,

地理研究 , 2003,
Abstract: Traditional geographical information system uses file system to manage spatial data, which only suits to personal GIS (or named expert GIS), but cannot meet the requirement of enterprise GIS. The technology of spatial database, which uses Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to manage spatial data, is an advanced technology driven by the socializationof GIS application. Integrating spatial data and other data into relational database, it is possible to give its rights of management spatial data to RDBMS, this can achieveseamless integration and take advantages of RDBMS, include data sharing, bulky amount of spatial data management, data consistent maintenance, data safety, high query efficiency, and more others. Therefore, studies on spatial database (also named Spatial Data Engine) to manage spatial data have become a research focus in GIS fields. In this paper, the author brought forward and analyzed the spatial data object which has four properties: common attributes, temporal, geometry, and behavior. Among these properties the geometry is the essential property of spatial data object distinguishedcommon data object which is the componentof the database. The mapping of spatial dataobject's properties to relational database are columns (or fields), methods and valid rules respectively. Alsothe author analyzed the realization of the application of spatial database technology in Cadastral Administration System from the points of spatial data interoperability, large quantity of spatial data management, the efficiency of queryin large area, and the control of the data safety and others based on the development of specific application system, it figuredout the frame of Land Information System using spatial database technology.
IT Solution for Security Management in the Cadastral Field  [PDF]
Emanuil REDNIC
Informatica Economica Journal , 2011,
Abstract: There are presented the particularities of cadastral system which should be reflected in the software development. It is shown as well the design of the cadastral software application. The online solution for the security management in the cadastral field, it is projected in this way to accomplish all the requirements. Another step is to identify the risks and vulnerability for the future processes, which gather all the functionality of the security system. It will be determined all the functions and new functionalities of the security management solution for the cadastral system. The future system will assure the security of the cadastral content which will act as a content management system for the new cadastral software application. A new evaluation system will be created in order to track, optimize and define new feature to increase the security system for the related cadastral system.
Refinement of Cadastral Maps
Alena Berková
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 2011,
Abstract: The amended cadastral ordinance takes effect from 1.7. 2009. Until this date the only cadastral maps for which two listsof coordinates for detailed survey points were filed were digitalized cadastral maps in stable cadastre coordinate systems. The entry intoforce of the amended ordinance has introduced the obligation to file these lists in all forms of cadastral maps. We have one file withcoordinates of image and a second one with coordinates of position. The accuracy of the detailed survey points is defined by a qualitycode. The quality code is indicated in only one of the lists: either that of the image coordinates or that of the positional coordinates.The type of quality code depends on the willingness of property owners to sign a substantiating declaration of consent regardingthe demarcation of a boundary line or the refinement of a boundary line. An integral part of the substantiating declaration is a surveysketch. The paper deals with survey sketch variants with regard to the amended ordinance.
The Integrated Cadastral System in Poland  [PDF]
Olga Kaszowska
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 2007,
Abstract: The conception and the present state of advance in creation of the Integrated Cadastral System in Poland are presented in the paper. Projects realized in 2000 - 2006 were characterized and tasks of the Central Office for Geodesy and Cartography, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance were presented. Moreover, problems associated with creation of the System were described. In particular, the possibilities of realization of a conception of the Integrated Cadastral System for mining areas were analyzed.
Congruence successions in compositions  [PDF]
Toufik Mansour,Mark Shattuck,Mark C. Wilson
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: A \emph{composition} is a sequence of positive integers, called \emph{parts}, having a fixed sum. By an \emph{$m$-congruence succession}, we will mean a pair of adjacent parts $x$ and $y$ within a composition such that $x\equiv y(\text{mod} m)$. Here, we consider the problem of counting the compositions of size $n$ according to the number of $m$-congruence successions, extending recent results concerning successions on subsets and permutations. A general formula is obtained, which reduces in the limiting case to the known generating function formula for the number of Carlitz compositions. Special attention is paid to the case $m=2$, where further enumerative results may be obtained by means of combinatorial arguments. Finally, an asymptotic estimate is provided for the number of compositions of size $n$ having no $m$-congruence successions.

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