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Predictive Validity of English and Mathematics Mock Examination Results of Senior Secondary School Students Performance in WASCE in Ekiti-State, Nigeria
M.S. Omirin,V.M. Ale
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This study was designed to investigate the predictive validity of English and Mathematics MOCK results of students in WASCE in Ekiti-State Nigeria. Three hundred and sixty students were selected by a simple random sampling technique from 12 public secondary schools in 6 Local Government Areas of Ekiti State Nigeria. The design used was an expo-facto type, it made use of already existing data, the data used for the study were the results of WASCE of students and unprocessed raw scores of mock examination from the various schools selected. The findings of the revealed that mock English and Mathematics helped significantly in predicting the success in academic performance of students in WASCE. However, English mock result was a better predictor of success in WASCE than Maths mock. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended that mock examination should be made compulsory for students intending to sit for WASCE, it has been found to be helpful to students in predicting their performance in WASSCE.
Information and Estimation over Binomial and Negative Binomial Models  [PDF]
Dongning Guo
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In recent years, a number of results have been developed which connect information measures and estimation measures under various models, including, predominently, Gaussian and Poisson models. More recent results due to Taborda and Perez-Cruz relate the relative entropy to certain mismatched estimation errors in the context of binomial and negative binomial models, where, unlike in the case of Gaussian and Poisson models, the conditional mean estimates concern models of different parameters than those of the original model. In this note, a different set of results in simple forms are developed for binomial and negative binomial models, where the conditional mean estimates are produced through the original models. The new results are more consistent with existing results for Gaussian and Poisson models.
Mock theta double sums  [PDF]
Jeremy Lovejoy,Robert Osburn
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We first prove a general result on Bailey pairs and show that two Bailey pairs of Bringmann and Kane are special cases. We then derive several more Bailey pairs of a similar type and use these to find a number of new q-hypergeometric double sums which are mock theta functions. Additionally, we prove identities between mock theta double sums and classical mock theta functions.
Binomial Residues  [PDF]
Eduardo Cattani,Alicia Dickenstein,Bernd Sturmfels
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: A binomial residue is a rational function defined by a hypergeometric integral whose kernel is singular along binomial divisors. Binomial residues provide an integral representation for rational solutions of A-hypergeometric systems of Lawrence type. The space of binomial residues of a given degree, modulo those which are polynomial in some variable, has dimension equal to the Euler characteristic of the matroid associated with A.
Marijuana Craving Questionnaire (MCQ-SF/Vers?o Brasil): valida??o semantica
Pedroso, Rosemeri Siqueira;Castro, Maria da Gra?a Tanori de;Araujo, Renata Brasil;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852009000400001
Abstract: objective: the aim of this study was to translate and adapt culturally the marijuana craving questionnaire (mcq-sf)10 which evaluates the craving for marijuana in a brazilian sample. method: the marijuana craving questionnaire (mcq-sf) was translated from english to portuguese, administered to 10 subjects, submitted to a brainstorming in a group of three people for individual and verbal reproduction, item by item. back-translation was executed, a translation for the original language, based on first translation and from brainstorming. soon after, it was translated again into portuguese. a committee of specialists analyzed all translations. results: after the committee considerations and a pilot study with 30 subjects, the final version of mcq-sf/vers?o brasil was built. conclusion: the results showed a satisfactory semantic equivalence between versions. the mcq/vers?o brasil can be useful to evaluate the craving for marijuana on the dependents of this substance.
Mock Tridiagonal Systems  [PDF]
Tatsuro Ito,Paul Terwilliger
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We introduce the notion of a {\it mock tridiagonal system}. This is a generalization of a tridiagonal system in which the irreducibility assumption is replaced by a certain non-vanishing condition. We show how mock tridiagonal systems can be used to construct tridiagonal systems that meet certain specifications. This paper is part of our ongoing project to classify the tridiagonal systems up to isomorphism.
Binomial Ideals  [PDF]
David Eisenbud,Bernd Sturmfels
Mathematics , 1994,
Abstract: We investigate the structure of ideals generated by binomials (polynomials with at most two terms) and the schemes and varieties associated to them. The class of binomial ideals contains many classical examples from algebraic geometry, and it has numerous applications within and beyond pure mathematics. The ideals defining toric varieties are precisely the binomial prime ideals. Our main results concern primary decomposition: If $I$ is a binomial ideal then the radical, associated primes, and isolated primary components of $I$ are again binomial, and $I$ admits primary decompositions in terms of binomial primary ideals. A geometric characterization is given for the affine algebraic sets that can be defined by binomials. Our structural results yield sparsity-preserving algorithms for finding the radical and primary decomposition of a binomial ideal.
Coverage Probability of Wald Interval for Binomial Parameters  [PDF]
Xinjia Chen
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper, we develop an exact method for computing the minimum coverage probability of Wald interval for estimation of binomial parameters. Similar approach can be used for other type of confidence intervals.
The Bailey chain and mock theta functions  [PDF]
Jeremy Lovejoy,Robert Osburn
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Standard applications of the Bailey chain preserve mixed mock modularity but not mock modularity. After illustrating this with some examples, we show how to use a change of base in Bailey pairs due to Bressoud, Ismail and Stanton to explicitly construct families of q-hypergeometric multisums which are mock theta functions. We also prove identities involving some of these multisums and certain classical mock theta functions.
International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: We implemented “THE MOCK MANAGER TOOL” which deals with the problems stated below and overcome the difficulties. Developers face difficulty when it comes to develop and test an application when there is no actual data available and they are asked to test it with mock data. With mock people try to replicate the Data from database and data from the Web Services.And from many other sources which is time consuming. The practice till now is to prepare mock through java mock class or property file or XML structured text file that developer needs to develop or maintain manually, and depends upon the other team members may be working at different location or in different shifts to validate its consistency. The various Issues are that many time while developing or defect fixing, though data is available on the production server, but developers or testers are requested not to trigger too many queries (As each query execution and the time it is taking is charged).So there is need to have an application that interrupts the request from the user, trigger it at the backend and cache the result so that when the user makes same request again, it shouldn’t result in the execution of query on database. To solve this issue, we developed an application which will improve the response time of the dummy data required during developing and testing phase by dynamic caching [8]the data in a pair once it is retrieved from the database and next time retrieving it using the map if it is required again. Also facilities to provide the data in the required format which tester or developer wants like XML to JSON either for databases or web services. Also the response time is consecutively increased.Additionally, the data required by the tester is got from the cache or database and can be directly imported in the method for which testing is to be carried out and provide the result. Thus as a conclusion, all the above facilities is proposed through the usage of Mock Manager.
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