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Systematic studies on Paeonia sect. Moutan DC. based on RAPD analysis

ZOU Yu,Ping,CAI Mei,Lin,WANG Zi,Ping,

植物分类学报 , 1999,
Abstract: Plants in Paeonia sect.Moutan DC.,whose wild types are endemic to China, are deciduous subshrubs.Taxonomic treatments of most species in this section have long been in dispute. To address this question, both intraspecific and interspecific relationships of the species in this section were analyzed using RAPD markers. The dendrogram constructed by UPGMA showed that the accessions of the same species were always grouped together earlier than those of different species.The intraspecific similarity coefficients ranged from 0.60 to 0.90 , grouping precisely those species of the same subsection together. Hence,the seven species under question can be well distinguished from each other. The similarity coefficient between P.delavayi and P.ludlowii was 0.60, and they were clustered in a clade. The similarity coefficients between P. jishanensis and the three species P.rockii, P.ostii, P.qiui, and between P.jishanensis and P.decomposita were both 0.48. These five species were clustered in another clade. These two clades corresponded well to Subsect. Delavayanae and Subsect. Vaginatae. Our results support the taxonomic treatment of Sect. Moutan recently proposed by Hong (1998,1997).
Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews 的界定,兼论栽培牡丹的分类鉴定问题
中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 栽培牡丹一直称为Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews。 在把作丹皮用的栽培牡丹(凤丹)描述为新种P. ostii后,观赏的栽培牡丹仍然被统称为P. suffruticosa。 但在P. suffruticosa复合体内, P. rockii, P. jishanensis, P. qiui 和P. suffruticosa ssp. yinpingmudan 等野生类型相继被描述并得到承认。于是,有人提出了栽培牡丹多元发生的观点,同时也出现了P. suffruticosa “是牡丹组数
Detection of Paeonia ostii autotoxins and their mechanism
凤丹(Paeonia ostii T.)自毒物质的检测及其作用机制

QIN Yi-ming,and NIE Liu-wang,

生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 药用牡丹的种植中存在明显的连作障碍现象,为探讨其机制,利用已萌发长根的凤丹(Paeonia ostii)种子对凤丹根际土壤和根的水浸提液进行了自毒化感检测;采用高效液相色谱法(HPLC)对种植4a的凤丹根际土壤及其根皮中的化感自毒物质进行了定性和定量分析;在此基础上,利用外源法研究了盆栽凤丹幼苗对5种检出物质(阿魏酸、肉桂酸、香草醛、香豆素和丹皮酚)及其混合物在3种不同浓度下对植株生长的影响和生理响应.结果表明:(1)连续种植4a的凤丹根际土壤和根浸提液对已萌发种子根的生长有显著的抑制作用(p<0.05),显示凤丹根分泌物具有自毒化感的潜势;(2)HPLC分析表明在凤丹根际土壤中存在5种以上的酚酸类物质 (阿魏酸、肉桂酸、香草醛、香豆素和丹皮酚),其中阿魏酸、肉桂酸、香草醛、香豆素为前人已报道的化感物质;(3)在实验室条件下,所设浓度范围内,5种物质及其混合物对凤丹幼苗的高度、根长及地下和地上生物量均有明显影响,尤其对根长和地下生物量的影响最为明显(p<0.05),此结果与连作移栽幼苗时,根部首先发黑死亡的现象相一致;(4)凤丹幼苗的根系活力和叶绿素含量在各处理中表现出相似性,即低浓度时根系活力和叶绿素含量高,高浓度时根系活力和叶绿素含量低,低浓度的阿魏酸和香草醛对幼苗根系活力和叶绿素合成有促进作用.此结果显示自毒物质可能是通过影响根系酶活性和叶绿素合成来影响群体中其它个体的生长.本实验的结果显示栽培4a的凤丹土壤水提液具有抑制自身种子根系生长的活性,此提示栽培凤丹连作障碍可能主要与自身分泌到土壤中的酚酸类物质的自毒作用有关.
Dormancy Properties of Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan’

- , 2016, DOI: doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-7461.2016.04.28
Abstract: 以凤丹种子(Paeonia ostii)为试验材料,通过对凤丹种子种皮透水性、种胚形态和生活力、种子内源抑制物质活性的测定,研究凤丹种子休眠特性。结果表明:凤丹种皮降低种子吸水速度,但不影响最终吸水率,完整种子浸种56 h种子吸水基本达到饱和,对凤丹种皮进行酸蚀或去皮处理不会提高萌发率,凤丹种皮不是休眠的主要原因;成熟的凤丹种子生活力达95.6%,但种胚发育不完全,其需经过一定时间的层积,种胚才能不断生长分化,完成后熟;种皮和胚乳中含有的萌发抑制物质对白菜种子和自身种子萌发有显著抑制作用,且种皮和胚乳中的抑制物含量和种类不同;300 mg?L- 1的外源GA3能够有效提高凤丹种子萌发率。凤丹种子休眠是由于种胚发育不完全和生理后熟以及种子内存在抑制物质引起的综合休眠。
This research focused on the dormancy traits of the seeds of a tree peony cultivar,Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan’,by studying the water permeability of the seed coat,form and vitality of the seed embryo as well as activity of the endogenous inhibitors.The results indicated that the seed coat hindered the speed of water absorption,but it did not affect the final water absorbance ratio of the seeds.The seeds were saturated after they were immersed in water for 48 hours,from which the germination rate would not be enhanced by de-coating or acid degradation treatments.The vitality of the mature seeds could reach to as high as 95.6%.However,the embryos were not fully developed,stratification treatment should be carried out to accelerate embryo differentiation and to finish post-mature process.The endogenous inhibitors contained both in seed coat and embryo had significant inhibiting effects on seeds of Brassica pekinensis and peony itself.The contents and the types of endogenous inhibitors in seed coat were different from those in seed embryo.Extraneous hormone GA3 with a concentration of 300 mg?L-1 could enhance the seed germination rate.In conclusion,the seed dormancy of P.ostii ‘Feng Dan’ was a comprehensive result caused by the immaturity of seeds and the inhibitors
Paeonia rockii and Its One New Subspecies from Mt. Taibai, Shaanxi of China

HONG De-Yuan,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1998,
Abstract: The history of exploration and classification of Paeonia rockii is reviewed in the present paper. Two allopatric subspecies in this species are recognized. The new subspecies, subsp, taibaishanica Hong, found on northern slope of the Qingling Range has leaflets ovate or rounded, totally or mostly lobed. P. rockii subsp, linyanshanii T. Hong et G. L. Ostiis found to be a superfluous name of P. rockii subsp, rockii.
Studies on Tissue Culture of Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan’

- , 2016, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1001-7461.2016.02.28
Abstract: 以‘凤丹’牡丹芽为材料,对其外植体消毒、褐化防治、组培苗扩繁和生根技术进行研究。结果表明:用75% 酒精消毒30 s,0.1% 升汞消毒8 min消毒效果最佳,外植体的污染率和成活率分别为32.31%和64.32%;其最适初代诱导和继代增殖培养基为MS+6-BA 1.0 mg?L-1+NAA 0.2 mg?L-1和MS+6-BA 1.0 mg?L-1+NAA 0.2 mg?L-1+PIC (毒莠定,Picloram) 1.0 mg?L-1,增殖系数为4.84;生根培养基为1/2MS+CaCl2 220 mg?L-1+IBA 3.0 mg?L-1+NAA 0.5 mg?L-1,生根率为74.30%;低温结合3 mg?L-1硝酸银培养可使褐化率降至29.15%。
Buds of Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan’ were used as explants to study its culture techniques,such as disinfection,anti-browning,proliferation and rooting.Best disinfection result could be achieved by 75% ethanol for 30 s and 0.1% HgCl2 for 8 min.Under this treatment,the contamination rate reduced to 32.31% and the survival rate reached 64.32%.The most appropriate medium for explants inducing was the medium of MS+6-BA 1.0 mg?L-1+NAA 0.2 mg?L-1,and the most suitable medium for propagation was MS+6-BA 1.0 mg?L-1+NAA 0.2 mg?L-1+PIC (Picloram) 1.0 mg?L-1.The best rooting medium was 1/2MS+CaCl2(220 mg?L-1)+IBA 3.0 mg?L-1+NAA 0.5 mg?L-1,on which the rooting rate reached 74.30%.Browning rate could be controlled to 29.15% under the cultivation combined chilling with 3 mg?L-1 AgNO3
Further research on chemotaxonomy of paeonol and analogs in Paeonia(Ranunculaceae)

Bao-Lin GUO,De-Yuan HONG,Pei-Gen XIAO,

植物分类学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 本文在对芍药属Paeonia 3个组14种及2亚种植物根皮中丹皮酚类和芍药苷类成分进行分析的基础上,探讨了这些成分在牡丹组sect.Moutan、芍药组sect.Paeonia和北美芍药组sect.Onaepia中的存在和含量情况.sect.Moutan中,丹皮酚类化合物是所有种类的高含量成分:sect.Paeonia有4个类群即芍药P lactiflora、川赤芍P anomala ssp.veitchii、美丽芍药P mairei和块根芍药P.intermedia检测出微量的丹皮酚类成分,北美芍药组中不含有丹皮酚类成分.丹皮酚是结构简单和在植物中比较常见的化合物,该化合物的减少和缺失可能是进化的结果.可推测芍药属三个组的关系为木本类型的牡丹组最为原始,最先从芍药属的祖先类型中衍生出来,而草本类型为次生类群.在草本类型中,与牡丹组关系较近的是芍药组.在牡丹组中,肉质花盘亚组subsect.Vaginatae的种类较革质花盘亚组subsect.Delavayanae种类的丹皮酚类成分为少,表现出较后者更进化一些.牡丹组中,含微量丹皮酚类成分的几个类群除美丽芍药外均是分布于中国的二倍体种,特别是芍药和川赤芍形态上属于芍药属的原始类群,而芍药组中形态特化的种类均未发现含有丹皮酚类.
Effects of Shading on the Photosynthetic Characteristics of Paeonia ostii cv.‘Phoenix White’

- , 2017, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1001-7461.2017.05.09
Abstract: 在大田栽培条件下研究不同程度遮荫对凤丹白光合特性和叶绿素荧光参数的影响。2 a数据表明:夏季晴天、自然光照条件下,凤丹白的光合速率日变化为“双峰型”,有明显的“光合午休”现象;遮荫75%条件下,净光合速率没有出现“光合午休”现象。经过连续2 a遮荫后,遮荫75%条件下的净光合速率显著低于其他处理,净光合速率在一天中始终处于最低水平;遮荫45%和60%条件下的净光合速率在一天中保持较高。随着遮荫程度增加,最大净光合速率、光补偿点、光饱和点降低。经过遮荫处理的Fv/Fm均显著高于全光照植株。结果表明,夏季大田中午强光、高温条件下,凤丹白光合作用的光抑制显著,遮荫叶片优于全光照叶片,适度遮荫提高了光合效率,综合比较各参数可知,遮荫45%~60%最适合凤丹白的生长。
A 2-year-long investigation was carried out on the effects of shading treatment on the photosynthetic characters and the chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of Paeonia ostii cv.‘Phoenix White’ in the field.In sunny day in summer,under natural fully sunshining treatment,the diurnal variation of the net photosynthetic rate (Pn) demonstrated a two-peak curve with midday depression of photosynthesis,no midday depression was observed under 75% shading treatment,in which Pn maintained lower levels all day than the other treatments.However,Pn maintained higher levels all day under 45% and 60% shading treatments.The maximum Pn,the light compensation point,and the light saturation decreased with the increase of shading degree.Through shading treatment,the value of Fv/Fm was significantly higher than that of fully sunshining treatment.These results demonstrated that moderate shading could alleviate the photo damage of PS II reaction center and then improve the total photosynthetic efficiency under strong midday light in the field.Shading treatment in summer could improve photosynthetic function.It was concluded that P.ostii would grow well under 45%-60% shading treatment
Effect of Cu on Compositions of Seed Oil in Paeonia ostii

赵晓菊, 秦薇, 陈华峰
ZHAO Xiao-Ju
, QIN Wei, CHEN Hua-Feng

植物研究 , 2017, DOI: 10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2017.01.020
Abstract: 高含量不饱和脂肪酸,特别是高含量亚麻酸是牡丹籽油品质的主要体现,但到目前为止,在凤丹传统栽培区(铜矿区)土壤铜含量是否影响牡丹籽油品质并没有被调查。本研究通过调查安徽省凤凰山-丫山30个凤丹(Paeonia ostii)栽培区土壤Cu元素含量和凤丹籽油组成,显示凤丹栽培区土壤铜含量为18.98~298.82 mg·kg-1,变异系数为83.06%;凤丹籽油中棕榈酸、硬脂酸、油酸、亚油酸和亚麻酸5种主要脂肪酸含量分别为5.62%、1.89%、24.59%、29.76%、38.13%,变异系数在5.66~9.72,其中亚油酸变异系数最高为9.72;土壤和叶片中Cu含量与亚油酸和不饱和脂肪酸含量均存在明显的负相关性,与亚麻酸含量没有显著相关性;土壤和叶片中Cu含量呈显著正相关,r=0.778。以上表明以油用为目的的凤丹栽培应该避免土壤中铜含量过高影响牡丹籽油品质。
Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews 的界定,兼论栽培牡丹的分类鉴定问题
植物分类学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 栽培牡丹一直称为Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews。在把作丹皮用的栽培牡丹(凤丹)描述为新种P.ostii后,观赏的栽培牡丹仍然被统称为P.suffruticosa。但在P.suffruticosa复合体内,P.rockii,P.jishanensis,P.qiui和P.suffruticosa ssp.yinpingmudan等野生类型相继被描述并得到承认。于是,有人提出了栽培牡丹多元发生的观点,同时也出现了P.suffruticosa“是牡丹组数种植物复合体”的说法。本文在详细论述P.suffruticosa复合体分类历史的基础上,根据我们自己对野生类型和栽培类型的考察研究,认为观赏栽培牡丹的形成是多元的,并且包含几个物种;P.suffruticosa有明确的概念,它是观赏栽培牡丹的组成部分,而不代表栽培牡丹的全部,更不是数种植物的复合体。我们认为应根据形态特征正确鉴定观赏栽培牡丹,不应把它们一概鉴定为P.suffruticosa。通过文献和标本引证,文中界定了P.suffruticosa的范围。此外,把P.yinpingmudan(D.Y.Hong,K.Y.Pan&Z.W.Xie)B.A.Shen作为P.suffruticosa ssp.yinpingmudan D.Y.Hong,K.Y.Pan&Z.W.Xie的异名,并且认定P.yinpingmudan(D.Y.Hong,K.Y.Pan&Z.W.Xie)B.A.Shen ssp.henanensis(D.Y.Hong,K.Y.Pan&Z.W.Xie)B.A.Shen是不合法名称。
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