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The Role of Empathy in Mental Attribution.
Brunsteins, Patricia
Revista Argentina de Ciencias del Comportamiento , 2011,
Abstract: This work examines in what extent a notion of empathy may clarify mindreading’s debate. Taking into account an interdisciplinary and integrative notion of empathy, compatibility with mental attribution strategies both mental simulation and theory-theory, in non pure versions, is evaluated. Firstly, new empirical research is supposed to contribute strengthening an integrative empathy instead of theory-theory or mental simulation `s points of view. Secondly, new empirical research will bring better tools to distinguish between empathy and simulation. Consequently, the relationship between empathy and mental attribution theories may be better delimited and a full mental attribution theory may possibly be proposed.
Automated Attribution and Intertextual Analysis  [PDF]
James Brofos,Ajay Kannan,Rui Shu
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: In this work, we employ quantitative methods from the realm of statistics and machine learning to develop novel methodologies for author attribution and textual analysis. In particular, we develop techniques and software suitable for applications to Classical study, and we illustrate the efficacy of our approach in several interesting open questions in the field. We apply our numerical analysis techniques to questions of authorship attribution in the case of the Greek tragedian Euripides, to instances of intertextuality and influence in the poetry of the Roman statesman Seneca the Younger, and to cases of "interpolated" text with respect to the histories of Livy.
Attribution style of patients with depression  [PDF]
Leposavi? Ivana,Leposavi? Ljubica
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0910529l
Abstract: Introduction The role of attribution in psychopathology has been investigated most systematically within the depression context. The presumption which makes people depressive consists, to an excessive degree, of internal, stable and global attributions to negative occurrences. Negative attributions for unpleasant events are associated with the loss of self-respect which follows. Objective Establishing the characteristics of attribution style of depressive patients. Methods The investigation included 62 subjects. The first group consisted of 32 patients with endogenous depression in remission. The second group included 30 healthy subjects. The characteristics of attribution style, in both groups, were tested by the Attribution Style Questionnaire (ASQ). Results The group of depressive patients, in comparison with healthy subjects, exhibited a significantly more marked internal attribution for negative events (t(60)=-3.700; p<0.01) and global internal negative attributions (t(60)=-4.023; p<0.01). There was no significant difference between the groups in the stability of these negative attributions (t(60)=-1.937; p>0.05), and also the composite score which represents the measure of hopelessness did not make a significant difference between depressive and healthy subjects (t(60)=-1.810; p>0.05). Conclusion Depressive patients exhibit an inclination towards internal and global attribution for negative events. These negative attributions do not have stable character, i.e. these attributions vary in time. Characteristics of attribution judgments of depressive people do not represent a permanent pattern within their cognitive style.
Detection and attribution of abrupt climate changes in the last one hundred years

Zhang Wen,Wan Shi-Quan,

中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: Based on physical backgrounds, the four time series of the Guliya (Tibetan plateau) ice core (GIC) \textit{$\delta $}$^{18}$O, and three natural factors, i.e. the rotation rate of earth, sunspots, and El Nino--Southern Oscillation (ENSO) signals, are decomposed into two hierarchies, i.e. more and less than 10-year hierarchies respectively, and then the running $t$-test is used to reanalyse the data before and after filtering with the purpose of investigating the contribution of natural factors to the abrupt climate changes in the last one hundred years. The results show that the GIC \textit{$\delta $}$^{18}$O evolved with a quasi-period of 7--9 years, and the abrupt climate changes in the early 1960s and in the period from the end of the 1970s to the beginning of the 1980s resulted from the joint effect of the two hierarchies, in other words, the two interdecadal abrupt changes of climate in the last one hundred years were global. The interannual variations of ENSO and sunspots were the important triggering factors for the abrupt climate changes in the last one hundred years. At the same time, the method of Information Transfer (IT) is employed to estimate the contributions of ENSO signals and sunspots activities to the abrupt climate changes, and it is found that the contribution of the interannual variation of ENSO signals is relatively large.
Axiomatic Attribution for Multilinear Functions  [PDF]
Yi Sun,Mukund Sundararajan
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: We study the attribution problem, that is, the problem of attributing a change in the value of a characteristic function to its independent variables. We make three contributions. First, we propose a formalization of the problem based on a standard cost sharing model. Second, we show that there is a unique attribution method that satisfies Dummy, Additivity, Conditional Nonnegativity, Affine Scale Invariance, and Anonymity for all characteristic functions that are the sum of a multilinear function and an additive function. We term this the Aumann-Shapley-Shubik method. Conversely, we show that such a uniqueness result does not hold for characteristic functions outside this class. Third, we study multilinear characteristic functions in detail; we describe a computationally efficient implementation of the Aumann-Shapley-Shubik method and discuss practical applications to pay-per-click advertising and portfolio analysis.
中药“归经”辨别  [PDF]
中国中药杂志 , 1982,
Abstract: <正>归经,是中药药性理论的重要组成部分之一,自其创立以来,就颇为历代医家所重视。今天,归经已成为归纳和阐述中药功效重要的理论方法之一,并有效地指导着中医临床用药。但是,纵观历代本草著作,我们发现,不但没有专著论述归经,而且各家对大多数常用中药归经的载述都有不同程度的差异。这样,就给归经的学习、理解、运用、研究等造成了某些混乱,带来了一定的困难。所以,对现有归经理论进行进一步的学习、探讨,实属必要。本文仅就中药归经众载不一的情况作一初步辨析。
物理学报 , 1990,
Abstract: 本文提出一种构造光子消灭算待高次幂αN的正交归一本征态的一般方法,并着重研究了N=3场合下正交归一本征态的数学结构和量子统计性质,发现这些本征态均具有非经典效应,它们组成一个以非经典光场态作基矢的完备表象。
Exploring the influence of scale on artist attribution  [PDF]
Nanne van Noord,Eric Postma
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Previous work has shown that the artist of an artwork can be identified by use of computational methods that analyse digital images. However, the digitised artworks are often investigated at a coarse scale discarding many of the important details that may define an artist's style. In recent years high resolution images of artworks have become available, which, combined with increased processing power and new computational techniques, allow us to analyse digital images of artworks at a very fine scale. In this work we train and evaluate a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) on the task of artist attribution using artwork images of varying resolutions. To this end, we combine two existing methods to enable the application of high resolution images to CNNs. By comparing the attribution performances obtained at different scales, we find that in most cases finer scales are beneficial to the attribution performance, whereas for a minority of the artists, coarser scales appear to be preferable. We conclude that artist attribution would benefit from a multi-scale CNN approach which vastly expands the possibilities for computational art forensics.
论重力归算  [PDF]
大地测量与地球动力学 , 2007,
Abstract: ?利用构造参考地球模型的观点解释重力归算的物理意义。通过对不同模型的比较表明,厘米级大地水准面的确定必须考虑地球内部质量分布的不均匀性,且密度数据的精度应达到0.001g/cm3。
Lightning Strikes and Attribution of Climatic Change  [PDF]
Anthony J. Webster
Statistics , 2015,
Abstract: Using lightning strikes as an example, two possible schemes are discussed for the attribution of changes in event frequency to climate change, and estimating the cost associated with them. The schemes determine the fraction of events that should be attributed to climatic change, and the fraction that should be attributed to natural chance. They both allow for the expected increase in claims and the fluctuations about this expected value. Importantly, the attribution fraction proposed in the second of these schemes is necessarily different to that found in epidemiological studies. This ensures that the statistically expected fraction of attributed claims is correctly equal to the expected increase in claims. The analysis of lightning data highlights two particular difficulties with data-driven, as opposed to modeled, attribution studies. The first is the possibility of unknown "confounding" variables that can influence the strike frequency. This is partly accounted for here by considering the influence of temperature changes within a given month, so as to standardise the data to allow for cyclical climatic influences. The second is the possibility suggested by the data presented here, that climate change may lead to qualitatively different climate patterns, with a different relationship between e.g. strike frequency and temperature.

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