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Effect of Strain on the Growth of InAs/GaSb Superlattices: An X-Ray Study  [PDF]
J. H. Li,D. W. Stokes,J. C. Wickett,O. Caha,K. E. Bassler,S. C. Moss
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1063/1.3429100
Abstract: We present a detailed x-ray diffraction study of the strain in InAs/GaSb superlattices grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The superlattices were grown with either InSb or GaAs interfaces. We show that the superlattice morphology, either planar or nanostructured, is dependent on the chemical bonds at the heterointerfaces. In both cases, the misfit strain has been determined for the superlattice layers and the interfaces. We also determined how the magnitude and sign of this strain is crucial in governing the morphology of the superlattice. Our analysis suggests that the growth of self-assembled nanostructures may be extended to many systems generally thought to have too small a lattice mismatch.
掠出射x射线荧光分析  [PDF]
物理 , 2002,
Abstract: ?掠出射x射线荧光分析技术是全反射x射线荧光分析技术的延伸和发展,文章介绍了掠出射x射线荧光分析技术的形式、特点、基本原理和作者在实验室搭建的实验装置,简述了掠出射x射线荧光分析技术的发展史,以及该技术在化学元素微量和痕量分析及薄膜特性分析等领域中的应用,展望了这种技术今后的发展前景.
The Study of InAsxSb1-x on GaSb Substrate Grown by LP-MOCVD

Li XiaoTing,Wang YiDing,Wang Tao,Yan JingZhi,Wang JingWei,Sai XiaoFeng,Gao HongJie,Zhang ZhiYong,
,王一丁,汪 韬,殷景致,王警卫,赛小锋,高鸿楷,张志勇

光子学报 , 2005,
Abstract: InAsSb epitaxy had been obtained on(100) GaSb substrate by a home-made low pressure MOCVD system.The characteristic of InAsSb epitaxy was investigated by means of x-ray diffraction technique,optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy(SEM),and electron microprobe analysis(SEM).And the dependence of surface morphology and solid composition of epitaxy on growth temperature,Ⅴ/Ⅲ ratio and buffer layer is studied.High quality mirror-like surfaces with a minimum lattice mismatch was obtained.
半导体学报 , 1992,
Abstract: 本文报道用常压金属有机物气相外延方法在 GaSb衬底上生长 Ga_(1-x)In_xSb/GaSb应变层超晶格材料.X射线双晶衍射谱和反射电子显微像表明超晶格结构的周期性,GalnSb阱的组分均匀性和异质结界面质量较好.观察到当In含量提高时起源于超晶格-衬底界面处的失配位错.低温光荧光测量显示出因量子尺寸效应导致的带间跃迁向高能方向的移动.
基于热光伏电池GaSb多晶薄膜的可控生长  [PDF]
红外与毫米波学报 , 2015,
Abstract: 采用物理气相沉积(PVD)法在ITO透明导电衬底上制备GaSb多晶薄膜.研究了衬底温度及薄膜厚度对GaSb薄膜结构特性、电学特性以及光学特性的影响.在一定条件下生长的GaSb薄膜择优取向由GaSb(111)晶向转变为GaSb(220)晶向,这是在玻璃衬底上生长GaSb薄膜没有发现的现象.择优取向改变为(220)晶向的GaSb薄膜具有更高的霍尔迁移率.因为这种薄膜材料具有更少的晶粒间界和更少的缺陷.经优化后的GaSb薄膜的光学吸收系数在104cm-1以上,适用于热光伏薄膜太阳电池中.
128x128 infrared focal plane arrays based on Type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice
128x128元InAs/GaSb II类超晶格红外焦平面探测器

XU Jia-Ji,JIN Ju-Peng,XU Qing-Qing,XU Zhi-Cheng,JIN Chuan,ZHOU Yi,CHEN Hong-Lei,LIN Chun,CHEN Jian-Xin,HE Li,
,金巨鹏,徐庆庆,徐志成,靳川,周易,陈洪雷,林春,陈建新,何 力

红外与毫米波学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 报道了128?128元InAs/GaSb II类超晶格红外焦平面阵列探测器的研究成果。实验采用分子束外延技术在GaSb衬底上生长超晶格材料。红外吸收区结构为13 ML(InAs)/9 ML(GaSb),器件采用PIN结构,焦平面阵列光敏元大小为40 μm ? 40 μm。通过台面形成、侧边钝化和金属电极生长,以及与读出电路互连等工艺,得到了128?128面阵长波焦平面探测器。在77 K 时测试, 器件的100%截止波长为8 μm,峰值探测率6.0?109 cmHz1/2 W-1。经红外焦平面成像测试,探测器可得到较为清晰的成像.
Optical Properties of GaSb Nanofibers  [cached]
Zhou Xiuli,Guo Wei,Perez-Bergquist Alejandro,Wei Qiangmin
Nanoscale Research Letters , 2011,
Abstract: Amorphous GaSb nanofibers were obtained by ion beam irradiation of bulk GaSb single-crystal wafers, resulting in fibers with diameters of ~20 nm. The Raman spectra and photoluminescence (PL) of the ion irradiation-induced nanofibers before and after annealing were studied. Results show that the Raman intensity of the GaSb LO phonon mode decreased after ion beam irradiation as a result of the formation of the amorphous nanofibers. A new mode is observed at ~155 cm-1 both from the unannealed and annealed GaSb nanofiber samples related to the A1g mode of Sb–Sb bond vibration. Room temperature PL measurements of the annealed nanofibers present a wide feature band at ~1.4–1.6 eV. The room temperature PL properties of the irradiated samples presents a large blue shift compared to bulk GaSb. Annealed nanofibers and annealed nanofibers with Au nanodots present two different PL peaks (400 and 540 nm), both of which may originate from Ga or O vacancies in GaO. The enhanced PL and new band characteristics in nanostructured GaSb suggest that the nanostructured fibers may have unique applications in optoelectronic devices.
LPE Growth and Properties of In_xGa_(1-x)As_ySb_(1-y)Lattice-Matched to (100) GaSb

Liu Xuefeng/Institute of Semiconductors,Academia Sinica,Beiiing Gong Xuiying/Institute of Semiconductors,Academia Sinica,Beiiing Wang Zhangou/Institute of Semiconductors,Academia Sinica,Beiiing,

半导体学报 , 1990,
Abstract: 本文利用液相外延方法,在较大组分范围内(0≤x≤0.17,0≤y≤0.12),成功地生长出了晶格匹配于(100)GaSb衬底的In_xGa_(1-x)As_ySb_(1-x)四元材料,并对其性质进行了实验观察和研究。结果表明,这种表面光亮、层厚均匀、异质结界面平直以及纯度较高、完整性好的外延薄膜是制作超长波长光电器件的理想材料。
Optical properties of nanostructured GaSb  [PDF]
M. Kildemo,I. S. Nerbo,E. Sondergard,L. Holt,I. Simonsen,M. Stchakovsky
Statistics , 2008, DOI: 10.1002/pssc.200777903
Abstract: Optical measurements of nanostructured GaSb prepared by sputtering is presented. The optical response is studied by Mueller Matrix Ellipsometry (MME) in the visible range (430--850nm), and by spectroscopic ellipsometry in the range 0.6--6.5eV. The nano-structured surfaces reported in this work, consist of densely packed GaSb cones approximately 50nm high, on bulk GaSb. The nanostructured surfaces are here shown to considerably modify the optical response of the surface, hence giving a strong sensitivity to the far field spectroscopic (Mueller matrix) ellipsometric measurements. The off-specular scattering and the depolarization is found to be low. The anisotropic response is particularly emphasized by studying nano-structured GaSb cones approximately 45 degrees tilted with respect to the surface normal. In the latter case, one observes upon rotating the sample around the surface normal, that the Mueller matrix elements $m_{13}$ and $m_{14}$ oscillate as a function of the rotation angle. Finally, Mueller matrix techniques have been applied to the measured data, in order to analyze the acquired Mueller matrix in terms of physical realizability and noise.
x射线三晶衍射及其应用  [PDF]
物理 , 1994,
Abstract: ?x射线三晶衍射由于同时采用了单色器和分析器,因而能区分样品中由完美晶体部分对x射线的动力学衍射和由缺陷部分引起的运动学散射,还可把晶体中晶格常数的变化和晶格取向缺陷区别开,并可测定倒易点附近x射线散射强度的二维分布图。近来,x射线三晶衍射技术广泛应用于研究晶体的表面和界面粗糙度、表面损伤、晶体内的微缺陷以及精确确定外延膜的结构参数等。此外,还简要地介绍了x射线三晶衍射的技术、原理和应用。

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