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Bs Physics  [PDF]
Thomas Kuhr,for the Belle collaboration,the CDF collabortion,the D0 collaboration
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: While B0 and B+ mesons are well studied, mainly by the B factories, less is known about Bs mesons. Specifically large new physics effects may still be present in the Bs system. This unexplored region is studied by the CDF, D0, and Belle experiments. In this article their recent measurements on the Bs physics sector are presented.
Bs Mixing and decays at the Tevatron  [PDF]
Mossadek Talby
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: This short review reports on recent results from CDF and D0 experiments at the Tevatron collider on Bs mixing and the lifetimes of Bs and Lambdab.
Suppressed Bs decays at CDF  [PDF]
Mirco Dorigo,for the CDF Collaboration
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We review three recent results of the CDF collaboration on Bs suppressed decays: the first search for CP--violation in the Bs-->phi phi decay, where two CP--violating asymmetries expected to be zero in the Standard Model are measured, and the observation and the branching ratio measurements of Bs-->jpsi fnot and Bs-->jpsi K(*) decays.

Ma Xuemei,Gao Dong,Zou Wen,

微生物学通报 , 1994,
Abstract: In filter mating between E.coli strain CG120(pAM120)and Corynebacterium BeikinGM93,conjugative transposon Tn916 was used to mutagenize in GM93.The resulting conjugantswere stable and retained the transposon-encoded resistance Te when incubated for several genera-tions under nonselective conditions.The frequency of auxotrophic mutants in the population was88%,in which about 84%requires amino acid.They include the six kinds of amino acid(Thr,Leu,Lys,Met,Val,Ile)which related to the production of L-Ile.
Bs Decays at the Tevatron  [PDF]
Gavril Giurgiu
Statistics , 2010,
Abstract: We present measurements of the branching ratio and of the polarization amplitudes in charmless Bs to Phi Phi decays using data corresponding to 2.9/fb of integrated luminosity, collected by the CDF experiment at the Tevatron. The branching ratio in Bs to Phi Phi decays is measured relative to the normalization mode Bs to J/Psi Phi$ to be B(Bs to Phi Phi)/B(Bs to J/Psi Phi) = [1.78 +/- 0.14 (stat) +/- 0.20 (syst)] x 10^{-2}. Using the experimental value of B(Bs to J/Psi Phi) we determine the Bs to Phi Phi branching ratio B(Bs to Phi Phi) = 2.40 +/- 0.21(stat) +/- 0.27(syst) +/- 0.82 (BR)] x 10^{-5}. The polarization fractions are measured for the first time in this analysis and found to be: |A_0|^2 = 0.348 +/- 0.041 (stat) +/- 0.021 (syst) |A_parallel|^2 = 0.287 +/- 0.043 (stat) +/- 0.011 (syst) |A_perp|^2 = 0.365 +/- 0.044 (stat) +/- 0.027 (syst).
Bs Properties at the Tevatron  [PDF]
Sergey Burdin,for the CDF Collaboration,the D0 Collaboration
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: Results on Bs properties obtained by the CDF and D0 collaborations using the data samples collected at the Tevatron Collider in the period 2002-2006 were presented at the Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2006 (Duke University, Durham). The measurements of Bs mass and width differences are discussed in details. Prospects on measurements of CP violation in Bs system are given.
薄板结构弹簧操动机构结构优化  [PDF]
高压电器 , 2014,
Abstract: 结合设计制造薄板结构弹簧操动机构的实践经验,论述了薄板结构弹簧操动机构设计制造中有效的结构优化方法,并提供了一些具体应用案例。简单的结构优化方法,可以达到较为理想的设计和应用目的,能够有效促进薄板结构在弹簧操动机构中的应用。
Bs0 Decays at Belle  [PDF]
R. Louvot,for the Belle collaboration
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: The large data sample being recorded with the Belle detector at the Y(5S) energy provides a unique opportunity to study the poorly-known Bs0 meson. Three analyses, using a sample of 23.6 /fb, are presented. We report the first observation of the three dominant exclusive Bs0 decays, Bs0 -> Ds*- pi+, Bs0 -> Ds- rho+ and Bs0 -> Ds*- rho+, the first observation of the CP-eigenstate decay Bs0 -> J/psi eta, and the results from a study of the charmless Bs0 -> K+K-, Bs0 -> K+pi-, Bs0 -> pi+pi- and Bs0 -> K0 K0bar decays.
特高压断路器液压操动机构仿真研究  [PDF]
孙艳玲, 王永良, 雷 琴, 李 铁
高压电器 , 2014,
Abstract: 特高压断路器是特高压输电系统的重要控制和保护设备,而液压操动机构是其核心部件之一。介绍了特高压断路器用大功率液压操动机构的工作原理,建立了相应的数学模型,在此基础上建立了液压操动机构的仿真模型,对其机械行程特性与缓冲特性进行仿真分析,并通过试验测试来验证仿真模型的准确性,最后对液压操动机构的缓冲特性进行优化。
Bs0 Decays at Belle  [PDF]
Remi Louvot,for the Belle collaboration
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: The large data sample recorded with the Belle detector at the Y(5S) energy provides a unique opportunity to study the poorly-known Bs0 meson. Several analyses, made with a data sample representing an integrated luminosity of 23.6 /fb, are presented. We report the study of the large-signal Bs0 -> Ds(*)- h+ (h+ = pi+ or rho+) decays including the first observations of Bs0 -> Ds*- pi+ and Bs0 -> Ds(*)- rho+. In addition, several results on CP-eigenstate Bs0 decays are described. These include the study of the Bs0 -> J/psi eta(') and Bs0 -> J/psi f0(980) decays, the charmless Bs0 -> K+ K-, Bs0 -> pi+ pi pi- and Bs0 -> Kshort Kshort decays and the simultaneous fit of the three Bs0 -> Ds(*)Ds(*) modes from which Delta(Gamma_s)/Gamma_s is extracted. The preliminary measurement of B(Bs0 -> J/psi f0(980))<1.63x10^-4 (at 90% C.L.) is presented for the first time.
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