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苹 果 专 用 授 粉 品 种 生 物 学 特 性 研 究  [PDF]
薛晓敏,王金政,路 超
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201018016
Odour Removal in Leather Tannery  [PDF]
Rames C. Panda, Chokalingam Lajpathi Rai, Venkatasubramaniam Sivakumar, Asit Baran Mandal
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2012.22024
Abstract: Toxic odour causes pollution to environment. Removal of odour from wet processing sections of leather tanneries is important to preserve safety and occupational health. Such odour causing gases are identified in nature and are identified mostly as ammonia, Hydrogen sulfide and Volatile organic compounds. These gases, evolving from tanning drums, were experimentally quantified and analysed. Techniques for the abatement of odorous gases are designed using chemical methods. Scrubbing towers based on absorption of gases by liquid are designed and fabricated to evaluate the performance of the system in laboratory scale. Those gases were reduced in the concentration by absorbing through the packed bed vapour phase absorption using the activated carbon as the adsorbent. Results are helpful to conclude that the absorption technique presented here to reduce these toxic emission loads, seems to be simpler and economically cheaper.
(胡传炯,(周平贞,(周启,(陈华癸,(A.D.L. Akkermans
科学通报 , 1998,
Abstract: 从马桑根瘤中分离获得4株具曲型弗兰克氏菌形态特征的内生菌纯培养物。结瘤试验证实它们均能侵染原寄主形成要根瘤。特异性寡核苷酸探针杂交结果也表明这些内生菌 培养物属于Frankia属的成员。
An Analysis of Odour Concentration Using Odour Concentration Meter XP-329 at Landfill Vicinity
Zaini Sakawi,S.A. Sharifah Mastura,Othman Jaafar,Mastura Mahmud
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjasci.2011.324.329
Abstract: Odour is an environmental element consisting of organic and inorganic components. Odour is also referred to as properties or quality of a source which effects, stimulates or conceivable by the senses. Hence, odour can be sensed or detected by the sensory organs in the form of aroma, fragrance and offensive smell. Odour pollution is an indicator of a change or altered equilibrium in an ecosystem with adverse effects on health. Thus this empirical study was conducted to detect the concentration of odour and perceptions of adverse effects in the vicinity of the Ampar Tenang landfill. The concentration of the odour was measured by using the Odour Concentration Meter Model XP-329. The odour concentration was observed over three periods i.e., morning, evening and night in various situations. The analysis of the findings indicated obvious differences in concentrations between the periods of the time, particularly after rainfall.
Conversion of the chemical concentration of odorous mixtures into odour concentration and odour intensity: a comparison of methods  [PDF]
C. Wu,J. Liu,P. Zhao,M. Piringer,G. Schauberger
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.12.051
Abstract: Continuous odour measurements both of emissions as well as ambient concentrations are seldom realised, mainly because of their high costs. They are therefore often substituted by concentration measurements of odorous substances. Then a conversion of the chemical concentrations C (mg m-3) into odour concentrations COD (ouE m-3) and odour intensities OI is necessary. Four methods to convert the concentrations of single substances to the odour concentrations and odour intensities of an odorous mixture are investigated: (1) direct use of measured concentrations, (2) the sum of the odour activity value SOAV, (3) the sum of the odour intensities SOI, and (4) the equivalent odour concentration EOC, as a new method. The methods are evaluated with olfactometric measurements of seven substances as well as their mixtures. The results indicate that the SOI and EOC conversion methods deliver reliable values. These methods use not only the odour threshold concentration but also the slope of the Weber-Fechner law to include the sensitivity of the odour perception of the individual substances. They fulfil the criteria of an objective conversion without the need of a further calibration by additional olfactometric measurements.
Odour Pollution Measurement from Refuse Derive Fuel Operations Using Odour Concentration Meter (OCM) XP-329  [cached]
Zaini Sakawi,Lukman Ismail,Mohd Rozaimi Ariffin,School of Social, Development, Environmental Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Current World Environment , 2013, DOI: 10.12944/cwe.8.1.02
Abstract: Odour perception is subjective and difficult to be accurately measured between individuals. Hence many studies on odour issues are more commonly pertain to its intensity, concentration, types, standards, measurement methods, law and impacts on physical and human environments. Nevertheless, odour analysis can be conducted empirically or based on human sensorial. Among major sources of odour pollution are animal rearing, oil palm and rubber mills, dumpsites, industries and sewage treatments. This study attempted to measure odour pollution generated by Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) operation. The analysis was conducted at different times of day (morning, evening and night) and weather conditions (normal days and after rains). 10 sampling stations were selected for observations using the Odour Concentration Meter Siri XP-329 III.The results indicated that there existed different level of odour concentrations on normal days and after rains due to the influence of meteorological environment. Distance factors also influenced the odour concentrations, whereby gradually, the stations further from RDF operation recorded higher odour concentrations
Development of an Electronic Nose for Environmental Odour Monitoring  [PDF]
Licinia Dentoni,Laura Capelli,Selena Sironi,Renato Del Rosso,Sonia Zanetti,Matteo Della Torre
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s121114363
Abstract: Exhaustive odour impact assessment should involve the evaluation of the impact of odours directly on citizens. For this purpose it might be useful to have an instrument capable of continuously monitoring ambient air quality, detecting the presence of odours and also recognizing their provenance. This paper discusses the laboratory and field tests conducted in order to evaluate the performance of a new electronic nose, specifically developed for monitoring environmental odours. The laboratory tests proved the instrument was able to discriminate between the different pure substances being tested, and to estimate the odour concentrations giving correlation indexes (R2) of 0.99 and errors below 15%. Finally, the experimental monitoring tests conducted in the field, allowed us to verify the effectiveness of this electronic nose for the continuous detection of odours in ambient air, proving its stability to variable atmospheric conditions and its capability to detect odour peaks.
陆相湖盆生物类脂物早期生烃机制研究  [PDF]
中国科学 地球科学 中国科学 地球科学 , 1996,
Abstract: ?以临清坳陷东部和苏北盆地为例,从低熟油的地球化学特征,烃类和显微组分生源构成剖析入手,揭示藻类生物类脂物和高等植物蜡质混合生源输入,是陆相半咸水-咸水湖盆低熟油生烃母质的基本特征。
Odour Prevention at Biodiesel Fuel Producing Enterprises  [cached]
Kristina Montrimaite,Asta Maryt? Lapinskien?
Environmental Research, Engineering and Management , 2012, DOI: 10.5755/j01.erem.59.1.676
Abstract: Gaseous, unpleasant, pungent and even harmful odour frequently leads to complaints and appeals to the authorities. For this reason an environmental review was carried out in a certain biodiesel fuel production enterprise, odour pollution sources were identified, their quantities estimated and their impact on the environment assessed. Following the initial environmental review, significant environmental aspects of biodiesel fuel production processes were evaluated. It was found that in technological processes of heating and pressing oil, triglycerides disintegrated in aromas causing discomfort. In order to reduce this impact, the appropriate economic management method and odour removal equipment are to be chosen. When solving this problem it is suggested to install biofilters - activated carbon adsorbers with a stationary adsorber layer and probiotics. In order to choose the adsorber, a calculation method of adsorber technical parameters has been developed in accordance with literature data. The proposed preventive odour reduction means and feasibility of their technical and economical application have been analysed. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.erem.59.1.676
无 氧 条 件 下TiO2 薄 膜 界 面 光 催 化 反 应 的XPS 研 究  [PDF]
杨喜昆,胡显智,何 兵,楚国栋
分子催化 , 2009,
Abstract: 设 计 利 用 X 射 线 光 电 子 能 谱 仪 的 高 真 空 系 统 作 为 无 氧 条 件 下 光 催 化 反 应 和 分 析 的 场 所 , 研 究 真 空 无 氧 环 境 和 大 气 有 氧 环 境 中 紫 外 光 激 发 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 的 光 催 化 反 应 , 并 对 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 降 解 亚 甲 基 蓝 进 行 初 步 探 索 . 结 果 表 明 , 在 大 气 有 氧 和 真 空 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 经 紫 外 光 照 后 , 表 面 的 化 学 组 成 和 化 学 状 态 均 发 生 了 变 化 ; 在 有 氧 环 境 中 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 氧 含 量 增 加 , 而 在 无 氧 环 境 中 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 氧 含 量 减 少 . TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 的 吸 附 氧 是 维 持 无 氧 条 件 下 光 催 化 反 应 的 重 要 原 因 , 增 加 薄 膜 表 面 吸 附 氧 的 含 量 能 提 高 TiO2 薄 膜 在 无 氧 环 境 中 的 催 化 活 性 . 此 外 , 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 降 解 亚 甲 基 蓝 光 催 化 反 应 过 程 中 , 亚 甲 基 蓝 分 子 只 是 脱 去 了 某 个 含 氮 的 基 团 , 生 成 了 中 间 产 物 , 而 并 没 有 完 全 降 解 .
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