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A Toy Model of Flying Snake's Glide  [PDF]
Koji Matsumura,Y-h. Taguchi
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1143/JPSJ.72.3002
Abstract: We have developed a toy model of flying snake's glide [J.J. Socha, Nature vol. 418 (2002) 603.] by modifying a model for a falling paper. We have found that asymmetric oscillation is a key about why snake can glide. Further investigation for snake's glide will provide us details about how it can glide without a wing.
宋代应策时文概论  [PDF]
- , 2016,
Abstract: 宋代应策时文最早出现在制科考试中,熙宁三年进士殿试,首次采用制策问答的方式考试,此后,殿试以策取士,大致沿袭不变。熙宁以后,士人逐渐将更多的学习热情转移到策问的写作上。殿试制策,考核士人两个方面的能力:对现实政治弊病的了解和应对方案,综合分析、归纳等逻辑思考能力和语言表达能力。宋代士人必须时时联系现实政治思考问题,他们进入仕途后,热衷于变革,时而大胆批评朝政,直抒己见,这与应策考试的训练有一定的关系。从格式角度考察,制策需要考核考生对现实社会和政治的多方面综合思考的能力,一道制策中总是提出多个问题。所以,应策时文事实上是由多篇政论文组成,与平常一题一议的政论文不同。应策时文受题目、时间、地点的限定,又有考试录取的现实目的,考生为了进入仕途,必须揣摩帝王或当政者的想法,以此作为应策时文的主要论点,贯穿全文。更有甚者,恶意攻击当时政坛上受排挤压迫的政治派别,应策时文遂堕落为朝廷鹰犬。此外,考生有个人经历的局限,回答问题时又有诸多功名利禄的考虑,面对现实政治和制策提问,绝大多数应策时文不可能提供深刻的见解,空疏肤浅是应策时文的通病。
Abstract:The stratagem and suggestion writing first appeared in the zhike examination (a special imperial examination in the Song Dynasty). In the palace examination in 1070, the text took a form of policy-making questionnaire. Afterwards, this kind of examination was regularized and inherited through dynasties. Thus scholars gradually devoted more efforts into stratagem and suggestion writing. In palace examination, two capacities were considered important: knowledge of political ills and corresponding policies, comprehensive analysis and expression ability. Song scholars, who were requested to consider problems with the context of real politics, were keen to make changes and bold in criticizing the government, which could be partly related to the training before examination. From the perspective of the format, the system needed to assess the candidates of comprehensive thinking on social and political dimensions, and usually had several questions under one subject. Therefore, the answering sheet was actually composed of a few pieces of article, different from the one-question-one-answering sheet. As the policy essays were limited by subject, time and place, with practical purposes in addition, most candidates tried to cater for the rulers in praise of the current politics. They would figure out the real thought of authority and took it as the main argument of the essay. Some of them went so far in malicious attacks against the groups in disadvantage. Limited by personal experiences and consideration on fame and fortune, most policy essays could not provide insightful opinions. Shallow emptiness was the common defect
Robust Feedback Zoom Tracking for Digital Video Surveillance  [PDF]
Tengyue Zou,Xiaoqi Tang,Bao Song,Jin Wang,Jihong Chen
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s120608073
Abstract: Zoom tracking is an important function in video surveillance, particularly in traffic management and security monitoring. It involves keeping an object of interest in focus during the zoom operation. Zoom tracking is typically achieved by moving the zoom and focus motors in lenses following the so-called “trace curve”, which shows the in-focus motor positions versus the zoom motor positions for a specific object distance. The main task of a zoom tracking approach is to accurately estimate the trace curve for the specified object. Because a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller has historically been considered to be the best controller in the absence of knowledge of the underlying process and its high-quality performance in motor control, in this paper, we propose a novel feedback zoom tracking (FZT) approach based on the geometric trace curve estimation and PID feedback controller. The performance of this approach is compared with existing zoom tracking methods in digital video surveillance. The real-time implementation results obtained on an actual digital video platform indicate that the developed FZT approach not only solves the traditional one-to-many mapping problem without pre-training but also improves the robustness for tracking moving or switching objects which is the key challenge in video surveillance.
Zoom-Whirl Orbits in Black Hole Binaries  [PDF]
James Healy,Janna Levin,Deirdre Shoemaker
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.103.131101
Abstract: Zoom-whirl behavior has the reputation of being a rare phenomenon. The concern has been that gravitational radiation would drain angular momentum so rapidly that generic orbits would circularize before zoom-whirl behavior could play out, and only rare highly tuned orbits would retain their imprint. Using full numerical relativity, we catch zoom-whirl behavior despite dissipation. The larger the mass ratio, the longer the pair can spend in orbit before merging and therefore the more zooms and whirls seen. Larger spins also enhance zoom-whirliness. An important implication is that these eccentric orbits can merge during a whirl phase, before enough angular momentum has been lost to truly circularize the orbit. Waveforms will be modulated by the harmonics of zoom-whirls, showing quiet phases during zooms and louder glitches during whirls.
Dictionary Learning for Deblurring and Digital Zoom  [PDF]
Florent Couzinie-Devy,Julien Mairal,Francis Bach,Jean Ponce
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: This paper proposes a novel approach to image deblurring and digital zooming using sparse local models of image appearance. These models, where small image patches are represented as linear combinations of a few elements drawn from some large set (dictionary) of candidates, have proven well adapted to several image restoration tasks. A key to their success has been to learn dictionaries adapted to the reconstruction of small image patches. In contrast, recent works have proposed instead to learn dictionaries which are not only adapted to data reconstruction, but also tuned for a specific task. We introduce here such an approach to deblurring and digital zoom, using pairs of blurry/sharp (or low-/high-resolution) images for training, as well as an effective stochastic gradient algorithm for solving the corresponding optimization task. Although this learning problem is not convex, once the dictionaries have been learned, the sharp/high-resolution image can be recovered via convex optimization at test time. Experiments with synthetic and real data demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, leading to state-of-the-art performance for non-blind image deblurring and digital zoom.
Glide and Superclimb of Dislocations in Solid $^4$He  [PDF]
D. Aleinikava,E. Dedits,A. B. Kuklov
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s10909-010-0288-y
Abstract: Glide and climb of quantum dislocations under finite external stress, variation of chemical potential and bias (geometrical slanting) in Peierls potential are studied by Monte Carlo simulations of the effective string model. We treat on unified ground quantum effects at finite temperatures $T$. Climb at low $T$ is assisted by superflow along dislocation core -- {\it superclimb}. Above some critical stress avalanche-type creation of kinks is found. It is characterized by hysteretic behavior at low $T$. At finite biases gliding dislocation remains rough even at lowest $T$ -- the behavior opposite to non-slanted dislocations. In contrast to glide, superclimb is characterized by quantum smooth state at low temperatures even for finite bias. In some intermediate $T$-range giant values of the compressibility as well as non-Luttinger type behavior of the core superfluid are observed.
周代策命的礼仪背景及文体特点  [PDF]
- , 2013,
Abstract: 周代策命是周天子策封赏赐诸侯或臣下的仪式上使用的实用文体,一般在太庙举行策命仪式时颁布,见证者为傧者,宣读者多为内史,有时是尹氏或其他史官。周代策命形成稳定的体制,通常包括封赏的原因、具体的赏赐及教导与勉励三部分。周代策命语言诚挚恳切,语气温润亲切,典雅舒缓,成为后世策命文体模仿的典范。
Alfredo Gardel,Jose Luis Lazaro,Jean Marc Lavest
Image Analysis and Stereology , 2003, DOI: 10.5566/ias.v22.p21-25
Abstract: As it is well known, varying the focus and zoom of a camera lens system changes the alignment of the lens components resulting in a displacement of the image centre and field of view. Thus, knowledge of how the image centre shifts may be important for some aspects of camera calibration. As shown in other papers, the pinhole model is not adequate for zoom lenses. To ensure a calibration model for these lenses, the calibration parameters must be adjusted. The geometrical modelling of a zoom lens is realized from its lens specifications. The influence on the calibration parameters is calculated by introducing mechanical errors in the mobile lenses. Figures are given describing the errors obtained in the principal point coordinates and also in its standard deviation. A comparison is then made with the errors that come from the incorrect detection of the calibration points. It is concluded that mechanical errors of actual zoom lenses can be neglected in the calibration process because detection errors have more influence on the camera parameters.
Parallel glide: flow of dislocations with internal stress source/sink distribution
Karlo T Rai?
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials , 2008,
Abstract: The unexpected glide of dislocations on a plane parallel to the film/substrate interface in ultrathin copper films, which has been called parallel glide (Balk et al 2003 Acta Metall. 51 447), is described using an analytical model. The phenomenon is observed as a problem involving inlet/outlet flow from different positions of a grain boundary into the grain channel. In this sense, parallel glide is presented as the flow of dislocations with an internal stress source/sink distribution.
Translation by adaptor-helicase cycle in oligomer world  [PDF]
Hayato Tsuda,Osamu Narikiyo
Quantitative Biology , 2013,
Abstract: A mechanism of the translation in oligomer world is proposed. The translation is carried out by a minimum cycle, which is sustained by adaptors and helicases, and the first information processing in oligomer world. We expect that such a cycle actually worked in a primitive cell and can be constructed in vitro. By computer simulation we have shown that a proofreading is achieved by the fluctuation in the cell. It is rather paradoxical that the proofreading is effective for the system consisting of molecular machines with low efficiency.
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