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Opinions of Teachers on Using Internet Searching Strategies: An Elementary School Case in Turkey  [PDF]
I??l Kabak??,Mehmet F?rat,Serkan izmirli,Elif Bu?ra Kuzu
Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of the current study is to determine opinions of teachers on using internet searching strategies in an elementary school. The study conductad through qualitative method was designed on survey research model. Participants were consisted of 21 teachers at an elementary school in Eski ehir in Turkey. Questionnaires consisting of open-ended questions were used to collect data in the spring semester of 2008, which were analyzed through inductive coding technique. Findings reveal that elementary school teachers primarily use Google for searching on the internet. It is revealed that internet search strategies applied by teachers differ between the inception and the development processes of the search. In addition, teachers have several problems like irrelevant information, accessing insufficient information, accessing websites with virus threats while searching. A need for in-service training regarding the ways of accessing and retrieving information from nternet was stated along with creative suggestions in accordance with the content and structure of the instructional process assumed.
Analysis of Teachers’ Attitude towards Internet Use: Example of Chemistry Teachers  [PDF]
Mehmet Tekerek, Orhan Ercan
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.33047
Abstract: Web technology is changing rapidly every day and the Internet has become a lifestyle for people all over the world. It is obvious that the life style of societies is in a process of change, as new habits are acquired. Even though Internet use is one of the new social habits, it is one of the most important factors that induce this change as regards the convenience it brings to communication and other areas. The widespread use of Internet implies the idea that it can also be more widely used for educational purpose. Since chemistry teachers have a very important function in education, the determination of teachers’ attitude towards Internet use is also important. In the literature it is possible to see many studies on teacher candidates’ attitude towards Internet use; however studies on appointed teachers’ attitude are not very common. In our study, which aims to determine the attitude of appointed chemistry teachers according to different variables, we used the Internet use attitude scale. Participant teacher’s attitude towards Internet use was analyzed and interpreted according to the variables of gender, years on the job, type of school at which they are teaching, and duration of their weekly Internet use. It was seen that a vast majority of the teachers have personal computers, they connect to Internet at home and have positive attitude towards Internet use. It was also seen that female teachers have more positive attitude than male teachers in use of Internet for social interaction and communication.
Reflections From The Mirror of TIMSS-R-I: A General Profile of Science Teachers In Turkey  [PDF]
Journal of Turkish Science Education , 2006,
Abstract: In the framework of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat (TIMSS-R) a part of collected original data, which were gathered with cooperation of several countries, is brought at the focus in the present study, and various indicators are reexamined. In the study some components of science teachers’ views in Turkey are described, and based upon the total normized scores of their competence which were calculated become a subject for discussion and comparison. The science teachers at 204 schools in Turkey where TIMSS-R were carried out, believe that they are competent for teaching science to a great extent, and perceive many variables related to schools, for example physical infrastructure, the lack of equipment and instructional materials etc, are main barriers and constraints. Moreover, when we examine the indicators of some members of European Union it is understood that various unfruitful situation should be removed in a short time; the educational system of Turkey must be renewed and become contemporary. Thus considering the findings the developments of general and coherent views on the all components of science education, and on new and well-established structure for training teachers in the primary schools of Turkey becomes important and necessary, and the benefits of the in-service education program for the professional development of teachers based on scientific investigation and evidence are emphasized.
A Study into the Relationship of Personal Characteristics of Preschool Pre-Service Teachers with Some Variables
ümit DEN?Z,O?uz Serdar KES?C?O?LU
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2012,
Abstract: The current study was carried out to investigate the relationship of personal characteristics of preschool pre-service teachers with some variables. The sample is 449 pre-service teachers attending to Faculty of Education, the Department of Preschool Teaching of five universities in Turkey. The data of the research was gathered through Data Collection Form and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Shortened Form (EPQ). In the analysis of the data, mean scores for four dimensions of EPQ were obtained. The relation between the mean scores obtained while the variables of class and gender was studied through t test and the relation between parents education level and score means was studied through “one way variance analysis (ANOVA). No relation was found between the class and parents education levels and personality sub-dimensions. A significant relation was found between the variables of gender and lying sub-dimensions, and between the mother education level and extraversion sub-dimension.
The Investigation of Kafkas University of Candidate Teachers’Att tudes towards Environmental Problems With Respect to Some Variables  [PDF]
Sibel GüRBüZO?LU YALMANCI,Ali ?brahim Can G?ZüM
International Online Journal of Educational Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: The purpose of the study is to determine the Kafkas University of Candidate Teachers’Att tudes Towards Environmental Problems With Respect to Some Variables (gender, the neighbourhood where they lived the longest, whether they took environmental education course in their earlier education life and the departments which they attend to). In this study general survey method has been used which takes part among the survey method.This research was went through with 170 candidate teachers between 2009-2010 teaching years in Kafkas University of Education Faculty. The research’s universe is done by all of the candidate teachers in Turkey and the resarch’s sample is done by the candidate teachers who attend to the departments such as class teaching, social sciences teaching, pre-primary school teaching, sciences teaching, Turkish teaching. In this research, Environmental Attitude Scale is used as a way of date aggregation by ama (2003).For the analysis of the data was used Anova stasittics and t test to determine whether the candidate teachers’ attitude change meaningfully according to various differences. Additionally, Mann Whitney U- test and Kruskal Wallis H- test was applied to expose whether to show significant difference between the scores obtained from unbound sampleConseguently, what is confirmed is that the candidate teachers’ attitude toward the environmental problems do not show a meaningful difference according to the neighbourhood where they lived the longest [X2 (sd=2, n=170)=.814; p>.05], whether they took enviromental education course in their earlier education life [U=2.82 p>.05], the departments which they attend to [F(4,165)=.44; p>.05]. However, it was found that significant differences according to gender [t(168)=2.204, p<.05].
Barriers to Information and Communication Technologies Integration into Elementary Schools in Turkey
H.oo. Yalin,o. Karadeniz,S. oahin
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: With the fact that integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into teaching and learning to improve and update the education provided to younger generations is important, Turkish government has made considerable investment in acquiring hardware and software for schools, connecting them to the Internet and helping educators improve their ICT-related knowledge and skills. However, it is important to periodically assess the actual situation of ICT in educational practice in order not only to account for the financial investments, but also to inform decisions about the content and directions of future policies. The purpose of this article is to present the perceptions of classroom teachers and school principals in Turkey regarding barriers to ICT integration into teaching-learning process.
Assessing the Attitudes of Pre-Service English Teachers towards the Use of the Internet  [PDF]
Gül?ah KüLEK??
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2009,
Abstract: In the effective implementation of the Internet in the language classroom, it is important that language teachers and preserviceteachers have positive attitudes towards using the Internet in teaching English as a foreign language (EFL). This study reveals pre-service English teachers’ use and needs of the Internet. 195 third and fourth year students from DEU Buca the Faculty of Education, Department of English Language and Teaching constitute the sample of the study. The instrument used to accomplish the research purposes is Pre-service Teachers’ Attitudes towards the use of and needs for Internet Applications in English Language Teaching survey questionnaire. The results indicate that most of the pre-service teachers are eager to use Internet applications and they mostly have good opinions about using it. The study also points out that pre-service teachers have some concerns about using the Internet. They also need training in using Internet applications for EFL teaching.
Abdullah Ad?güzel
International Journal of Instruction , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study is investigating the Levels of Strain, From the Point of Various Variables (according to gender, branch, working at a job which provides financial gain, the reason to prefer the teaching profession, the number of digests of related field which have been followed, the frequency of weekly using internet, the aim of using internet, the frequency of weekly utilization from a library at studies related with branch, and the number of read books monthly) , at Their Efforts of Obtain Information of Preservice Teachers’ of Secondary Education. Study carried out by general screening model and data has been collected by content validity and reliability has been through a survey. The opinions of 115 teachers were included in the study. The scale developed by the researcher used in the research. Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient of the scale has been determined as .968. The value of the normal distribution of the data set as 6.57. Preservice teachers’ in their efforts to obtain information, the information needed to identify, access to information, assessment, use and in this process to consider the ethical and legal values of stages have been forced from time to time. Preservice teachers’ views on the strain level did not vary according to personal characteristics. Preservice teachers in the social field to learn to work less hard than Preservice teachers in the fields of science and mathematics. Study skills and habits of the prospective teachers to learn to be scraped in pre-service education and in-service training of vocational qualifications to support this have been proposed.
Examination of the Views of Preservice Teacher Regarding the Curriculum of the Course of Information Technologies with Respect to Various Variables
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2011,
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the views of preservice information technologies teachers about the appropriateness of the curriculum of the Information Technologies course in terms of various variables on the basis of the curriculum components. In line with this purpose, single and correlational survey model were used in this study. The population of the study contained 330 pre-service information technologies teachers attending to various higher education institutions in Turkey in the spring term of 2008-2009 academic years. For data collection, the questionnaire for the “Evaluation of the Appropriateness of the Curriculum of the Course of Information Technologies” was developed by three researchers, then 227 preservice teachers, out of 330, completed the questionnaire, thus %73 rate of return was accomplished. Consequently, it was revealed that in general, the preservice information technologies teachers had positive views about the appropriateness of the curriculum of the course and that they also reported positive views about the appropriateness of the components of the curriculum, which were goal, content, teaching-learning and assessment. Furthermore, it was found out that in terms of the gender of the preservice teachers, there were differences in favor of the female preservice teachers regarding such components of the curriculum as goal, teaching-learning and assessment; however, with respect to the school type the preservice teachers, no difference was found between their views regarding the curriculum components. Finally, it was concluded that the views of the preservice teachers in terms of the curriculum components differed with respect to the universities they attended. Within the framework of the obtained results, implementations and further research were suggested.
The Improvement of Foreign Language Teachers’ Affective Variables in Universities for Ethnic Minorities  [cached]
Kun Li
English Language Teaching , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/elt.v5n12p70
Abstract: This paper states the current situation of foreign language teachers’ affective variables in universities for ethnic minorities when teaching a foreign language. It emphasizes the urgent need of improvement of affective variables in such universities based on relevant research results and an interview performed in a university for ethnic minorities. Its purpose is to arouse people’s attention on teachers’ quality development, especially teachers’ affective variables. Several methods are mentioned to help teachers build a harmonious atmosphere in the classroom and improve teachers’ quality and future language teaching.
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