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Education of mining engineers with the specialization in Rescue, fire and safety technique at the BERG Faculty of the Technical University of Ko ice  [PDF]
Sedlaty Václav
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 2002,
Abstract: After the separation of Czechoslovakia, in 1993, the Mining Faculty (now BERG Faculty) of the Technical University of Ko ice started a teaching program with the specialization in mining rescue, fire guard and safety technique at the Detachment in Prievidza, because of all the needs and conditions related to the education of engineers in the mentioned areas. During the last 10 years, the Detachment in Prievidza has been growing in terms of number of students. From the beginning of this period to present days 75 students graduated. The full-time studies last five years and the academic years are divided into two semesters of 15 weeks each. The semesters are finished by examination sessions. The first 2 years, in principle, include basic studies in mathematics, scientific subjects and some subjects related to earth sciences. The third and fourth year are generally devoted to basic technical subjects of mining and underground works, and then to rescue, fire and safety subjects. A practical work experience has to be gained by students in a mine or fire and safety stations. The practical training term is scheduled after the third academic year. During the last two semesters the students are preparing their Master s degree thesis using a stay in the mine company or other firms to receive the necessary information and data.
A Hybrid Three Layer Architecture for Fire Agent Management in Rescue Simulation Environment
Alborz Geramifard,Peyman Nayeri,Reza Zamani-Nasab,Jafar Habibi
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems , 2008,
Abstract: This paper presents a new architecture called FAIS for imple- menting intelligent agents cooperating in a special Multi Agent environ- ment, namely the RoboCup Rescue Simulation System. This is a layered architecture which is customized for solving fire extinguishing problem. Structural decision making algorithms are combined with heuristic ones in this model, so it's a hybrid architecture.
A Hybrid Three Layer Architecture for Fire Agent Management in Rescue Simulation Environment  [PDF]
Alborz Geramifard,Peyman Nayeri,Reza Zamani-Nasab,Jafar Habibi
Computer Science , 2006,
Abstract: This paper presents a new architecture called FAIS for imple- menting intelligent agents cooperating in a special Multi Agent environ- ment, namely the RoboCup Rescue Simulation System. This is a layered architecture which is customized for solving fire extinguishing problem. Structural decision making algorithms are combined with heuristic ones in this model, so it's a hybrid architecture.
Fire and climate: Biomass burning recorded in ice and lake cores  [cached]
Kehrwald N.,Zangrando R.,Gambaro A.,Barbante C.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2010, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/201009008
Abstract: Human activities including fossil fuel burning are currently altering the global climate system at rates faster than ever recorded in geologic time. Biomass burning causes carbon dioxide emissions equal to 50% of those from fossil-fuel combustion and so are highly likely to influence future climate change. However, aerosols continue to be one of the least understood aspects of the modern climate system and even less is known about their past influence. Ice and lake core proxy records provide quantifiable data on past fire regimes across most spatial and temporal scales. Some monosaccharide anhydrides such as levoglucosan, mannosan and galactosan are used as specific molecular markers for biomass burning as they can only be produced by combustion processes at temperatures greater than 300 °C and are present in both ice and lake cores. Other paleofire tracers such as microcharcoal, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and pollen records augment the fire history derived at single sites or across regions. As both pyrochemical and climate parameters are determined from the same depth and time within the ice or sediment matrix, the multi-proxy nature of ice and lake cores presents an ideal material to investigate the links between fires and climate change.
Selenium, zinc and magnesium: serum levels in members of the czech republic rescue fire brigade
Hana St ítecká, Pavol Hlubik
Interdisciplinary Toxicology , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10102-010-0055-6
Abstract: The Czech Republic ranks among the countries with the highest prevalence of dyslipoproteinemia and cardiovascular diseases (CVD). As a valid tool in their primary prevention, the authors consider monitoring of selected components (including metal ions and vitamins) of the body's antioxidant system. The study was focused on monitoring the health condition of members of the Czech Republic Rescue Fire Brigade. The concept of the study made it possible to reveal relationships between the serum magnesium, zinc, selenium levels and the age or biochemical and anthropometrical parameters generally used as risk indices of cardiovascular disease. The results contribute to the information about normal values of serum magnesium, zinc and selenium concentrations in the Czech population. The mean serum concentration of magnesium was 0.82±0.06 mmol/l, that of zinc was 18.25±2.54 μmol/l, and the mean selenium serum concentration was 0.80±0.14 μmol/l.
Can Fire and Rescue Services and the National Health Service work together to improve the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable older people? Design of a proof of concept study
Karen Lowton, Anne H Laybourne, David G Whiting, Finbarr C Martin
BMC Health Services Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-10-327
Abstract: Secondary prevention services for older people who have fallen or who are identifiable as being at high risk of falling include NHS Falls clinics, where a multidisciplinary team offers an individualised multifactorial targeted intervention including strength and balance exercise programmes, medication changes and home hazard modification. A similar preventative approach is employed by most Fire and Rescue Services who conduct Home Fire Safety Visits to assess and, if necessary, remedy domestic fire risk, fit free smoke alarms with instruction for use and maintenance, and plan an escape route. We propose that the similarity of population at risk, location, specific risk factors and the commonality of preventative approaches employed could offer net gains in terms of feasibility, effectiveness and acceptability if activities within these two preventative approaches were to be combined.This prospective proof of concept study, currently being conducted in two London boroughs, (Southwark and Lambeth) aims to reduce the incidence of both fires and falls in community-dwelling older adults. It comprises two concurrent 12-month interventions: the integration of 1) fall risk assessments into the Brigade's Home Fire Safety Visit and 2) fire risk assessments into Falls services by inviting older clinic attendees to book a Visit. Our primary objective is to examine the feasibility and effectiveness of these interventions. Furthermore, we are evaluating their acceptability and value to key stakeholders and services users.If our approach proves feasible and the risk assessment is both effective and acceptable, we envisage advocating a partnership model of working more broadly to fire and rescue services and health services in Britain, such that effective integration of preventative services for older people becomes routine for an ageing population.There are around 61 million people resident in the UK, 1 in 6 of whom are aged 65 years or older [1]; in London alone there are nearly
Mine fire rescue based on weighted aggregation particle swarm optimization

福州大学学报(自然科学版) , 2016, DOI: 10.7631/issn.1000-2243.2016.06.0868
Abstract: 提出一种基于加权聚合的最小中心粒子群算法,对粒子群优化算法的搜索范围与目标权重进行改进. 仿真实验结果表明,采用此算法在典型的标准函数测试中训练速度快、精度高,对其在矿井火灾救援最佳救援路线优化模型中的性能进行测试和分析,可知该方法有利于避免早熟收敛,增强全局搜索能力,同时提高非劣最优解的精度,可为矿井火灾事故救援的决策提供重要技术支持.
This paper presents a minimum center particle swarm optimization based on the weighted aggregation,which improves the hunting zone and goal weight of particle swarm optimization algorithm. The simulation results show that this algorithm has fast speed and high precision in typical standard function test training. Its performance in the mine fire rescue optimization route model is tested and analyzed. It was found that the method helps to avoid premature convergence,and enhance the global search capability,while increasing the accuracy of Pareto optimal solution,which can provide important technical support for mine fire accident rescue decisions
Maritime Rescue
Constantin Anechitoae,Calin Marinescu
EIRP Proceedings , 2012,
Abstract: The maritime rescue, as any other legal institution related to maritime events - collision, crash, etc.- has its distinctive features. The maritime rescue may be considered as the operation that arises frommaritime collision, because, while collision stems from a breach of a negative duty necessary in maritimenavigation, i.e. of not harming the other, the maritime rescue is the implementation of positive obligationsrequired to vessel captains by the material requirements of the marine life that adds to the elements of thelegal concept which can be summed up as follows: to go to the aid of a vessel in danger, provided that thevessel does not expose itself, through this action, to a serious danger. The institution of maritime rescueencourages maritime commercial activities by the fact that, thus, there are governed such clear rights andobligations saving life at sea and shipping goods.
The Research on Fire Helmets and Fire Suits

文莉, 文根保, 史文
Journal of Security and Safety Technology (JSST) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/JSST.2013.12003

It is difficult to imagine the fatalness that faced by firefighters. They may lose their lives at all times. At present, the fire helmets and fire suits developed by other countries are not possible to ensure safety of firefighters fur- thest. In 1993, 7 fire fighters died in a fire in Hengyang, while more than 250 firefighters sacrificed in “9.11” event that happened in the World Trade Center in New York, the USA. In late December 2007, the fire fighters extinguished the fire at a temperature of below ?20?C in the Trade Center in Uulumuqi, Xinjiang and in that case, water would switch to ice very quickly. There are endless examples like these. Why the fire fighters can sacrifice themselves to rescue the lives and properties? Can the fire fighters protect themselves as much as possible while saving lives and properties? There is only one life for each person. What does sacrifice mean to their families? This article contains many original ideas. If the ideas can be achieved, all of them will be original innovation.

A Zigbee WSN Location System for the Fire System  [PDF]
Deng Hubin,Zhang Lei
Advances in Mathematical and Computational Methods , 2011, DOI: 10.5729
Abstract: Today, fire always causes great damage to people and their properties, and the risk of fireoften comes suddenly and unconsciously. Because of lacking of efficient fire-fighting facilities, thefiremen in the rescue of the property and lives of the people got trouble in the fire environment. Sothe fire system equipments were hardly needed and the performance must meet the practical use. Inour paper, we design a system which is based on received signal strength indicator (RSSI) in theZigBee wireless sensor network (WSN) positioning system. This is a very good demonstrationsystem for the fire system. The system for firefighters could reflect the location of the firefightersand the information of current fire-site. The commanding officers outside the scene of the fire canalso learn this information. Finally, we test our system in real indoor environment, and ourpositioning system shows good stability and the positioning accuracy is improved.
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