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Christina Gustafsson,Tobias Richards
BioResources , 2009,
Abstract: This article describes the pyrolysis behavior of precipitated washed lignin in a Laminar Entrained Flow Reactor between 700 and 1000°C and at different residence times. Lignin was precipitated by acidification of softwood black liquor using CO2. After acid washing, the solid material was dried and sieved (80-100 μm). This material was then fed into the reactor at a rate of about 0.1 g/min. The formed gases were analyzed with respect to CO, CO2, and CH4, and char was collected and weighed. A traditional first order Arrhenius kinetic expression, based on the temperature of the particles with respect to residence time, was adapted to the experimental results. The activation energy was found to be 32.1 kJ/mol. The low ash content in the washed lignin gave a very low solid material residue after the reactor.
Jean-Michel Vives
Psicanálise e Barroco em Revista , 2009,
Abstract: The invocatory drive, whose have the voice as object, was proposed by Lacan without major developments. His followers do not seem interested in this new object, the elucidation of which is very essential to understand his elements, both metapsychologically (Superego) clinical (hallucinations, passion) and procedural (identification). The author proposes from the clinical practice and some theoretical scattered elements existing on Freud and Lacan texts, a reading - primarily the invocatory drive function on the subject birth and the treatment dynamics, - secondly, to outline the destinations of the voice in the superego formation.
Management & Marketing , 2010,
Abstract: Over the past six decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and diversification to become one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Over time, more and more destinations have opened up and invested in tourism development, turning modern tourism into a key driver for socioeconomic progress. Tourism has become one of the major international trade categories. Today, the export income generated by international tourism ranks fourth after fuels, chemicals and automotive products. For many developing countries, it is one of the main income sources and the number one export category, creating much needed employment and opportunities for development. There are many roles and various responsibilities in the management of the tourist destination and marketing. These are lead in different ways, in different countries, but, in general, they are divided among the national, regional and local levels. The national level is normally responsible for more strategic roles, while the local level is responsible for the operational elements.
Preservation of Washed Spermatozoa of Mehsana Buck at Refrigeration Temperature
V R Parmar,B N Suthar,V K Sharma,H C Nakhashi
Veterinary World , 2012,
Abstract: The study was done to understand the preservation of Washed Spermatozoa of Mehsana Buck at Refrigeration temperature. The washed spermatozoa from 78 semen ejaculates, 26 each from 3 Mehsana bucks, were preserved at 4 ± 10C temperature in SM and TCFEY diluents up to 72 hours and the physical characteristics of spermatozoa were studied to assess the suitability of diluents. The individual sperm motility and live spermatozoa decreased significantly whereas abnormal spermatozoa increased significantly (P<0.05) at each 12 hrs interval of preservation in two diluents. The effect of diluents on spermatozoan characteristics was less pronounced in SM than TCFEY diluent. Among the interaction studies, stage of preservation affected the live spermatozoa and their morphology. The findings suggested superiority of SM diluent over TCFEY for preservation of Mehsana buck semen. [Vet. World 2012; 5(5.000): 294-296]
Predictors of trips to food destinations
Jacqueline Kerr, Lawrence Frank, James F Sallis, Brian Saelens, Karen Glanz, Jim Chapman
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1479-5868-9-58
Abstract: Atlanta residents (N?=?4800) who completed a travel diary and reported purchasing or consuming food at one of five food locations were included in the analyses. A total of 11,995 food-related trips were reported. Using mixed modeling to adjust for clustering of trips by participants and households, person-level variables (e.g. demographics), neighborhood-level urban form measures, created in GIS, and trip characteristics (e.g. time of day, origin and destination) were investigated as correlates of distance travelled for food and frequency of grocery store and fast food outlet trips.Mean travel distance for food ranged from 4.5 miles for coffee shops to 6.3 miles for superstores. Type of store, urban form, type of tour, day of the week and ethnicity were all significantly related to distance travelled for food. Origin and destination environment, type of tour, day of week, age, gender, income, ethnicity, vehicle access and obesity status were all significantly related to visiting a grocery store. Home neighborhood environment, day of week, type of tour, gender, income, education level, age, and obesity status were all significantly related to likelihood of visiting a fastfood outlet.The present study demonstrated that people travel sizeable distances for food and this distance is related to urban. Results suggest that researchers need to employ different methods to characterize food environments than have been used to assess urban form in studies of physical activity. Food is most often purchased while traveling from locations other than home, so future studies should assess the food environment around work, school or other frequently visited destinations, as well as along frequently traveled routes.
Development of Washed Cell Fowl Cholera Vaccine in Bangladesh  [PDF]
M.S.I. Akand,K.A. Choudhury,S.M.L. Kabir,S.K. Sarkar
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2004,
Abstract: An experiment was conducted to develop washed cell fowl cholera (WCFC) vaccine with virulent avian Pasteurella multocida (PM 38) serotype 1 (X-73). A total of 20 Fayoumi birds of either sex of 10 weeks aged were divided into two groups as group A (immunized with washed cell fowl cholera vaccine) and group B (unvaccinated control). Primary vaccination was given through IM route in each birds of group A and booster dose was given through SC route after 15 days of primary vaccination. The presence of antibody against P. multocida was determined by slide agglutination test (SAT) and growth inhibition test (GIT). The degree of antibody levels of prevaccination and post vaccination sera were determined by passive haemagglutination assay (PHA). Sera mean PHA titres at 15, 21, 28 and 42 days post-vaccination in group A were 30.4±4.43, 46.4±6.06, 67.2±11.14 and 134.4±22.28 respectively. The present results revealed that WCFC vaccine worked satisfactory in terms of protection rate against Avian Pasteurellosis. It was also demonstrated that experimental WCFC vaccine conferred 80% protection against challenge infection when all chickens of control group failed to survive against challenge infection.
ACTUAL TREATS AND THE OPPORTUNITIES OF TOURIST DESTINATIONS DEVELOPMENT IN THE KRASNODAR REGION Современные угрозы и возможности развития туристских дестинаций в краснодарском крае
Kizim A. A.,Saidasheva O. V.
Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University , 2012,
Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of the main regularities and the modern trends of tourist destinations foundation and development. Actual treats of tourist destinations development in the Krasnodar region are detected. Opportunities and instruments of regional tourist destinations advancement are considered
Role of specific geographic landscapes in city break destinations
?teti? Sne?ana,?imi?evi? Dario
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0901095s
Abstract: Urban tourist destinations or City Break destinations are representing one of main destination products on tourist market. City Break destinations are big cities, administrative, economic and political centers of states and regions. These cities are 'open' 24 hours per day, seven days in week. Inside these tourist destination we can find different range of products (culture, entertainment, recreation, leisure, history, modern infrastructure). In these destinations season is not present and it lasts trough out the year. Promotional campaigns in City Break destinations are truing to create distinguished images in tourists mind as also as on investors, consumers and future residents. They emphasize advantages that those cities are delivering to their consumers, but often we forget that all these cities are having specific geographic landscapes. In the era of limiting of mass tourism to preserve resources for future generations and emphasizing the importance of sustainable development for tourism perspectives, the importance of specific geographic landscapes inside urban destinations for their further development as tourist destinations an their overall development is slightly neglected.
Tourism destinations as digital business ecosystems  [PDF]
Rodolfo Baggio,Giacomo Del Chiappa
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Tourism has been experiencing very relevant changes since when Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), in all their forms, have started to pervade the industry and the market. In the last decade, a new concept gained the attention of both researchers and practitioners, that of Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE). It can be considered as a technological infrastructure aimed at creating a digital environment to support and enhance networking between enterprises and stakeholders operating within a sector. Aim of this paper is to assess the extent to which the technological connection has affected the structural configuration of the tourism system and, specifically, of tourism destinations. The present study argues that two components can be considered when assessing the relationships among stakeholders within a tourism destination: a real and a virtual one. Further it shows how these two components are structurally strongly coupled and co-evolve forming a single system.
Relativistic Linear Restoring Force  [PDF]
D. Clark,J. Franklin,N. Mann
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/0143-0807/33/5/1041
Abstract: We consider two different forms for a relativistic version of a linear restoring force. The pair comes from taking Hooke's law to be the force appearing on the right of the relativistic expressions: dp/dt or dp/dtau . Either formulation recovers Hooke's law in the non-relativistic limit. In addition to these two forces, we introduce a form of retardation appropriate for the description of a linear (in displacement) force arising from the interaction of a pair of particles with a relativistic field. The procedure is akin to replacing Coulomb's law in E&M with a retarded form (the first correction in the full relativistic case). This retardation leads to the expected oscillation, but with amplitude growth in both its relativistic and non-relativistic incarnations.
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