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Technology, Wealth and Modern Management of Technology
Slavko Dolin?ek,Peter ?trukelj
Managing Global Transitions , 2012,
Abstract: In the paper, we propose somewhat different conceptualizations oftechnology, of a fundamental relationship between technology andwealth in a society, of technological capability, and of management oftechnology. We based our proposed conceptualizations on the currentgeneral and relevant technological practice. In order to infer these conceptualizations,we studied today’s largest companies worldwide in differentproduction and technology sectors as well as some general reportingon technology from technology-oriented media. These fundamentalconceptualizations may be of interest to all those who are practicallyor theoretically concerned with technology, wealth, technologicalcapability and management of technology, and who want to comprehendthe essence of technology and its relations to phenomena, such aswealth and management (‘to get the big picture’). At the end, we explainwhy there is a need inmodern companies tomanage technologiesand what a new paradigm of management of technology is, i. e. whatnew challenges and trends a modern management of technology has toface.
Review of Research , 2012,
Abstract: The technology is shifting its focus from teacher to learner and also from teaching to self-learning. The new technology promises to enhance individual and institutional productivity. These tools enable quick and effective communication. Technology helps in the creKey words : Higher Education, new technology, challenges, government effortsINTRODUCTIONNowadays knowledge has become a primary resource which begun to impact human efforts in all walks of life. Education is essential to attain socio-economic empowerment of individuals. An individual can acquire capacity
Personality disorders and modern culture  [PDF]
Francisco Martín Murcia
Psychology, Society & Education , 2009,
Abstract: In this work, the relation between the modern social context and personality —as an essential psychological entity— and its disorders were analyzed from a dialectic perspective. Therefore, I have specified the bidirectional influences of social paradigmaticchanges in modernity —and in the case of postmodernity— on the construction of personal identity. A historiography of the Self throughout the diverse eras and of the more relevant social changes was carried out, emphasizing the consequences in the development ofcharacter. The analysis includes a reflection on one of the pathologies of increasing incidence in modern societies: image disorders. In the discussion, the difficulties to organize the self in an extremely subjective world, which forces a person to self-realization asexistential task, is criticized.
The Culture of Criticism – an Ideal of the Modern Thought  [PDF]
Studii de Stiinta si Cultura , 2011,
Abstract: The modern criticism concentrated on a new human pattern meant to replace rationalityand the virtuous ancient behavior. The modern man is dominated by passions and interests thus hisbehavior is a passionate and interested one. But the end of an age represents only the end of anillusion, the dependences vary and they lead to new solutions imposed by the new social structure.The culture of duty available for the ancient times was changed by the moderns due to their focuson rights and freedom and is interpreted by the Postmodernism at the level of a new structure whichinvolves international organizations meant to decide the image of the world democracy. The cultureof criticism has become a communicative culture having political influences spread by the principleof federalization. The crisis of the modern world will have to face obstacles from the spiritual fieldand its effects will be extended over the present stage to a new human condition characteristic fornew premises of criticism.
Progress of Modern Pyrolysis Furnace Technology  [PDF]
Guotai Zhang, Bruce Evans
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2012.24B044
Abstract: This paper presents the fundamentals of thermal pyrolysis and discusses the modern ethylene furnace technology and its design trends. Technip’s proprietary SPYRO? program is discussed for prediction of hydrocarbon cracking.
Research on the Characteristics of Modern Advertising Culture  [PDF]
Yangyang Qin
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2019.78026
Abstract: Currently, advertising is everywhere in the media environment we are in. Our lives are full of advertising, and advertising is an integral part of our lives. French advertising critic Robert Grange said, “We breathe nitrogen, oxygen and advertising every day”. Advertising is more than just a means of propaganda and business. It has its own distinctive characteristics of the times and is not acceptable. Neglected cultural phenomena, modern advertising culture has distinct characteristics of the times and traces of social life.
The enlightenment and the beginnings of modern Serbian culture  [PDF]
Trgov?evi? Ljubinka
Balcanica , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/balc0637103t
Abstract: The Enlightenment, mostly in its Austrian form, influenced in many ways the Serbs both in the Habsburg Empire and in the Principality of Serbia, still under Ottoman suzerainty. First, its emphasis on the value of knowledge and science raised the awareness of the importance of education and contributed to its development. Religious tolerance and anticlericalism placed Orthodox Serbs side by side with representatives of other nations and religions and helped them to liberate themselves from the strong traditionalist impact of their church. Both education and a new awareness of their own rights strengthened national consciousness, eventually leading to the creation of a nation state and modern national culture.
Localisation - When Language, Culture and Technology Join Forces  [cached]
Jody Byrne
Language at Work : Bridging Theory and Practice , 2012,
Abstract: When you switch on your computer and type up a letter, what language do you see? What about when you visit a website or play a computer game? Does your mobile phone speak your language? Chances are that each of these technological marvels of the modern age communicates with you in your own language. For many of us, this is so commonplace and seamless that we hardly give it a moment's thought but behind the scenes there is a whole industry dedicated to making sure that technology bridges the gap between language and culture without you even noticing.
Discussion on Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Garden with the Guiding of Agricultural Ecotourism-analyzing Conception Planning for Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Field of Ten Thousands’ Mu Coffee and Nuts of Huaqiaoba
Yang Liu,Zhongren Peng,Dan Shen,Jianxi Li
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Modern agricultural science and technology demonstration fields emerge and flourish with the increasing of the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure and the rising of characteristic ecotourism. The study tried to discuss the modern agricultural science and technology demonstration garden with the guiding of agricultural ecotourism by analyzing conception planning for modern agricultural science and technology demonstration field of ten thousands’ Mu coffee and nuts in Huaqiaoba, Mangshi, Dehong, Yunnan. The planning respected current situation of natural ecology, established a tourism theme image of “planting coffee trees and also drawing golden phoenixes” in view of SWOT analyzing of ecotourism, put forward a planning idea of “nature and ecology, culture and human, science and technology and modern” and especially expounded the structure of total planning layout of “one axis, one circle, one nucleus, sixteen areas and twenty four points” and the contents of specific functional areas around three key functions: coffee planting demonstration, agricultural ecotourism, industrial leisure vacation.
Rational Criticism on Technology of Visual Culture's Spreading  [cached]
Qiong-lin MEI,Li-hui Gong
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2006, DOI: 10.3968/599
Abstract: Visual culture has been the fact in the field of culture and communicates today. Visual culture communicates has been a great challenge to traditional culture communicate. From the visual change, people’s living surroundings are also be changed. Rational thought depending language gives way to sensible thought depending sight, image displace language become the tool of thought. The image world which focuses on technology hegemony is a world made of message and sign which are dominated by mode, code and control demonstration. Media of “unreality implosion” made illusory equal to the reality is present. There are more and more super-real and super-clear images. Today, people lack of communicate; they dislike talk to each other; there’re lots of misunderstandings in modern society. The day of post-technology provide people with several new Medias and communicative ways. Everyone can be the subject by using the new media of high technology but low-skill operating. At the back of technology, there are many kinds of communication texts. The culture value orientation of Mass communication becomes amusing and ordinary. The communicate bureau’s value conception and behaviors cosmos in post-technology times become more instability. Keywords: visual culture, media technology, post-technology times, amusement Résumé La culture visuelle est déja devenue la réalité dans les domaines de culture et de diffusion. La diffusion de la culture visuelle constitue un défi considérable pour la diffusion culturelle traditionnelle. Le virage visuel qu’il s’en suit change l’environnement d’existance de l’homme : la réflexion rationnelle tablant sur la langue fait place à la pensée sensible s’appuyant sur la vision ; l’image devient l’outil de la pensée en rempla ant la langue. Le monde des images fictives ayant pour foyer la suprématie technique est un monde des informations et signes dominé par le modèle, le code, le signe, et la cybernétique. Les médias font égaler la réalité ficfive et la réalité présente par l’explosion interne de la réalité. Des images visuelles super-réelles et super-claires arrivent à flot continu. Donc, le grand publique se tait, on manque de communication et s’enferment sur soi-même. La société, pleine de malententus, dépérit faute de feedback. Les nouveaux médias qui demandent peu de technique permettent à chacun de devenir le sujet de l’action de diffusion. La nouvelle ère où la diffusion individuelle et la diffusion de masse s’entremêlent est ainsi créée. Avec le soutien de la technique, des contenus de diffusion de toutes sortes apparaissent s
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