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As Verne Smiles
Walter James Miller
Verniana : Jules Verne Studies/études Jules Verne , 2008,
Abstract: In this piece, Walter James Miller describes the “resurrection” of Jules Verne among English-speaking countries and interviews five Vernian scholars about the current state of Verne’s reputation. He begins with the fact that, in an effort to profit from Verne’s international fame in the 19th century, British and American publishers rushed into print very poorly translated and edited versions of his works. As a result, by the 1930s, Verne had developed a reputation as an author only of “children’s books,” which persisted for many decades. This situation began to change in 1963 when Miller was asked to write the introduction to a new edition of an 1872 version of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This version was riddled with errors that had stripped the work of its humor, philosophy, and science. The first printing sold out quickly and began to inspire a new generation of Verne scholars. In 1976, the first volume of The Annotated Jules Verne was published, containing a new and annotated translation of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. A second volume followed 2 years later, performing the same service for From Earth to the Moon. In all, more than 30 new translations have been published since 1965, and 9 new titles have been published in English. Perhaps most validating is the news that French publishers are now preparing their first critical editions of Vernian works, which will be modeled after the American annotated versions. Truly, an international victory for those seeking Verne’s rehabilitation.
Literatura traduzida e forma o do leitor: a recep o de As aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, traduzida por Monteiro Lobato = Translated literature and reader development: the reception of As aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, translated by Monteiro Lobato
Líliam Cristina Marins,Vera Helena Gomes Wielewicki
Acta Scientiarum : Language and Culture , 2009,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho é realizar uma análise da leitura dos alunos do curso de licenciatura em Letras da Universidade Estadual de Maringá com rela o à obra As aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, traduzida por Monteiro Lobato e originalmente escrita por Mark Twain (The adventures of Huckleberry Finn). Deve-se salientar que os alunos, salvo alguns casos, n o foram introduzidos em técnicas tradutórias e, consequentemente, buscavam essas tradu es sem qualquer instru o como forma de sanar suas dificuldades linguísticas, já que a leitura de textos traduzidos n o é considerada como uma prática pedagógica válida pela maior parte do corpo docente. Por meio deste estudo, pretende-se investigar a importancia de se trabalhar a tradu o nas aulas de Literatura de Língua Inglesade modo que essa prática possa ocorrer concomitantemente com a análise literária, desenvolvendo estratégias de leitura de tradu es em sala de aula. This study aims at analyzing the reading of As aventuras de Huckleberry Finn, by students of Letras (language teacher education) at the State University of Maringá. This book was originallywritten by Mark Twain (The adventures of Huckleberry Finn), and afterwards, it was translated by Monteiro Lobato. These students, except some of them, were not introduced into translation techniques and searched for translations without any academic instruction, inorder to solve their linguistic problems. This situation happens because the reading of translated texts is not considered a pedagogic practice by most part of the professors. Through this study, we intend to investigate the relevance of working with translation inEnglish Language Literature Classes, so that this practice can happen pari passu with the literary analysis, developing translation reading strategies in teacher education.
Jules Verne’s visits to Gibraltar in 1878 and 1884
Ian Thompson,Philippe Valetoux
Verniana : Jules Verne Studies/études Jules Verne , 2008,
Abstract: Gibraltar occupied a special place in Verne’s creative life, both as a geographical locale and as a symbol of British imperialism. He frequently alluded to Gibraltar in his Voyages extraordinaires and in his satirical short story, Gil Braltar he lampoons the Garrison which secured British control of the colony. This fascination with the “Rock” was greatly enhanced by the fact that he twice visited Gibraltar in the Saint-Michel III, in 1878 and 1884. This paper reconstructs the detail of these two visits by reference to Verne’s own rather terse notes in his carnets de voyage, and by fieldwork, interviews and archival work conducted in Gibraltar in 2008. Relevant features are indicated in the accompanying map. In addition, doubt is expressed on the version of events published by M. Allotte de la Fu e.
Jules Verne in English: A Bibliography of Modern Editions and Scholarly Studies
Arthur B. Evans
Verniana : Jules Verne Studies/études Jules Verne , 2008,
Abstract: This chronological bibliography provides an overview of English-language editions and scholarship on Jules Verne from 1965 to 2007. It is divided into three parts: new translations of Verne’s works, monographs and other book-length studies on Verne, and shorter critical essays about Verne. The content of this bibliography suggests that both the quantity and the quality of English-language editions and criticism on Jules Verne have increased dramatically since 1965.
Astronomy and astronomers in Jules Verne's novels  [PDF]
Jacques Crovisier
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: Almost all the "Voyages Extraordinaires" written by Jules Verne refer to astronomy. In some of them, astronomy is even the leading theme. However, Jules Verne was basically not learned in science. His knowledge of astronomy came from contemporaneous popular publications and discussions with specialists among his friends or his family. In this article, I examine, from the text and illustrations of his novels, how astronomy was perceived and conveyed by Jules Verne, with errors and limitations on the one hand, with great respect and enthusiasm on the other hand. This informs us on how astronomy was understood by an "honn\^ete homme" in the late 19th century.
L’Asie mystérieuse : premier numéro du Bulletin du Club Verne  [cached]
Alain Chiron
Strenae : Recherches sur les Livres et Objets Culturels de l'Enfance , 2012,
Abstract: Depuis 2007 l’Association des Amis du Roman populaire a son siège et son centre de documentation à Vignacourt près d’Amiens. Si la revue Le Rocambole qu’elle produit perdure, cette association a souhaité replacer dans des objectifs de vulgarisation l’ uvre de Jules Verne dans le contexte de production de romans populaires pour la période allant des débuts du XIXe siècle à la Grande Guerre. D’où la création du nouveau périodique le Bulletin du Club Verne. Il est nécessaire de distinguer ce der...
Workspace and Kinematic Analysis of the VERNE machine  [PDF]
Daniel Kanaan,Philippe Wenger,Damien Chablat
Computer Science , 2007,
Abstract: This paper describes the workspace and the inverse and direct kinematic analysis of the VERNE machine, a serial/parallel 5-axis machine tool designed by Fatronik for IRCCyN. This machine is composed of a three-degree-of-freedom (DOF) parallel module and a two-DOF serial tilting table. The parallel module consists of a moving platform that is connected to a fixed base by three non-identical legs. This feature involves (i) a simultaneous combination of rotation and translation for the moving platform, which is balanced by the tilting table and (ii) workspace whose shape and volume vary as a function of the tool length. This paper summarizes results obtained in the context of the European projects NEXT ("Next Generation of Productions Systems").
Las aventuras del Sr. Maíz -El héroe atrapado entre dos mundos-  [cached]
Santiago Vega
Altre Modernità , 2011,
Abstract: Las aventuras del Sr. Maíz -El héroe atrapado entre dos mundos-
Un viaje al interior de la lectura con Julio Verne
Carretero Gómez, Ma.B
Revista Eureka sobre Ense?anza y Divulgación de las Ciencias , 2008,
Abstract: Este trabajo se ha centrado en la lectura de textos de ciencia ficción en las clases de ciencias. El objetivo más importante de esta experiencia ha sido conseguir que los alumnos desarrollen la capacidad de relacionar conceptos que aparecen en la lectura con los conocimientos adquiridos previamente en clase. Como bien dice Loscertales y Nú ez (1997) los alumnos de nuestro sistema educativo son los que configuran el trabajo del profesor, el cual deberá poner en práctica todos los recursos a su alcance para adecuar el proceso de ense anza-aprendizaje a los intereses, necesidades, y características del alumnado. Por ello la idea de acudir a la lectura de textos de ciencia ficción sería una buena forma de hacer este proceso más atractivo. Es muy importante acercar la ciencia y hacerla más accesible. La ciencia ficción ayuda a fomentar el interés por las ciencias estimulando la curiosidad del alumnado, por lo que utilizarla en las clases Biología ha sido una buena estrategia para conseguir aproximar la ciencia y mejorar la capacidad lectora del alumnado. Para llevarla a cabo se ha elegido la novela “Viaje al centro de la Tierra” de Jules Verne.
Workspace Analysis of the Parallel Module of the VERNE Machine  [PDF]
Daniel Kanaan,Philippe Wenger,Damien Chablat
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: The paper addresses geometric aspects of a spatial three-degree-of-freedom parallel module, which is the parallel module of a hybrid serial-parallel 5-axis machine tool. This parallel module consists of a moving platform that is connected to a fixed base by three non-identical legs. Each leg is made up of one prismatic and two pairs of spherical joint, which are connected in a way that the combined effects of the three legs lead to an over-constrained mechanism with complex motion. This motion is defined as a simultaneous combination of rotation and translation. A method for computing the complete workspace of the VERNE parallel module for various tool lengths is presented. An algorithm describing this method is also introduced.
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