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Valida o Concorrente de Escores de Enfermagem (NEMS e TISS-28) em terapia intensiva pediátrica Concurrent Validation of Nursing Scores (NEMS and TISS-28) in pediatric intensive care  [cached]
Simone Travi Canabarro,Kelly Dayane Stochero Velozo,Olga Rosária Eidt,Jefferson Pedro Piva
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2013,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Examinar a validade concorrente do escore Nine Equivalents of Nursing Manpower Use Score (NEMS) em compara o ao Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System-28 (TISS-28) em uma Unidade de Terapia Intensiva Pediátrica (UTIP). MéTODOS: Estudo de coorte prospectivo observacional, realizado na UTIP de um hospital universitário brasileiro, no período de dois anos, com uma amostra de 816 pacientes. Foram realizadas 7.702 observa es de cada um dos escores. RESULTADOS: A média da pontua o máxima do NEMS foi 26,6±9,2 e do TISS-28 21,3±8,2. Em todas as médias, o TISS-28 foi inferior ao NEMS (p<0,001). Houve uma boa correla o entre eles (r2=0,704 para todas as observa es). A concordancia entre o TISS-28 e o NEMS foi boa, apresentando apenas 6,2% de diferen a entre os escores. CONCLUS O: Os resultados mostraram boa correla o e concordancia entre o TISS-28 e o NEMS, permitindo validar o NEMS nessa popula o de pacientes pediátricos. OBJECTIVE: Examine the concurrent validity of the Nine Equivalents of Nursing Manpower Use Score (NEMS) in comparison to the Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System-28 (TISS-28) in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). METHODS: Prospective observational cohort study conducted in a PICU of a Brazilian university hospital over a period of two years with a sample of 816 patients. A total of 7,702 observations were obtained for each of the scores. RESULTS: The average maximum score of the NEMS was 26.6±9.2 and for the TISS-28 it was 21.3±8.2. The TISS-28 was lower than the NEMS (p<0.001) for all the averages. A good correlation was observed between them (r2=0.704) for all observations. Agreement between the TISS-28 and the NEMS was good, presenting only a 6.2% difference between the scores. CONCLUSION: The results show good correlation and agreement between the TISS-28 and the NEMS, enabling the NEMS validation in this population of pediatric patients.
Nursing workload measurement scales in Intensive Care Units. Correlation between NAS and NEMS
Gloria Ma Rollán Rodríguez,Francisco Javier Carmona Monge,Cristina Quirós Herranz,Isabel Cerrillo González
NURE Investigación , 2011,
Abstract: The high costs of intensive care and the importance of patient safety and quality of care highlight the need to develop instrument to measure, as precisely as possible, nursing workload and staffing levels in intensive care. To assess the ideal staff number, we need instruments to measure the real nursing workload. The aim of this research is to compare two nursing workload measurement scales in Intensive Care Units, the Nursing Activities Score (NAS) and Nine Equivalents of Nurse Manpower Use Score (NEMS). We also want to assess the staffing needs of our ICU. A descriptive correlational study will be performed in a mixed medical ICU. The sample will be composed of of a minimum of 70 patients. Data regarding individual patients and unit global workload will be recorded, measured both with the NEMS and NAS scales. The required nursing staff will be calculated according to the measured workload. Nursing staffing needs using both scales will be calculated and compared to the actual staff. A descriptive analysis of the variables will be performed, and the existing correlation between both scales will be assessed using the Pearson correlation coefficient. A Student-t test will be performed to determine the differences between the calculated staffing requirements and the actual nursing staff. All data analyses will be done using a statistical software.
Manpower Assessment by Technical Audit
Prof. S. B. Srivastava
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2009,
Abstract: Manpower Assessment of a Reputed Chemical Industry was done by me during the period from 23/03/09 to 22/04/09. The existing strength of manpower is as under:Workman ( 93), Staff and supporting staff (18), Executives (04)After conducting the full assessment of manpower requirement to run the industry smoothly based on the principle of work sampling and job evaluation techniques, it is suggested that there should be the following strength:Workman ( 82), Staff and supporting staff (17), Executives (05)Thus the savings of Hands is as under:Workman (11), Staff and executives (01), Executives ( -01 )Some very important suggestions were also given as such to make the reactors / furnaces fuel efficient and making the control of different equipments at one places. To increase the utilization of the workmen, it is pointed out that some extra work should be shared among the workers.The potential of savings on Manpower is approx. Rs. 10.00 lacs per annum.
Transient dynamics of an adiabatic NEMS  [PDF]
M. Biggio,F. Cavaliere,M. Storace,M. Sassetti
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1002/andp.201400140
Abstract: This paper is focused on the transient dynamics of an adiabatic nano-electromechanical system (NEMS), consisting of a nano-mechanical oscillator coupled to a quantum dot. By numerically solving the nonlinear stochastic differential equation governing the oscillator, the time evolution of the oscillator position, of the dot occupation number and of the current are studied. Different parameter settings are studied where the system exhibits bi-stable, tri-stable or mono-stable behavior on a finite-time horizon. It is shown that, after a typically long transient, the system under investigation exhibits no hysteretic behavior and that a unique steady state is reached, independently of the initial conditions. The transient dynamics is marked out by one or two well separated characteristic times, depending on the considered case (i.e., mono- or multi-stable). We evaluate these times for a dot on-resonance or off-resonance. It turns out that the characteristic time scales are long in comparison to the period of the uncoupled oscillator, particularly at low bias, suggesting that the predicted transient dynamics may be observed in state-of-the-art experimental setups.
Modeling of graphene-based NEMS  [PDF]
Irina V. Lebedeva,Andrey A. Knizhnik,Andrey M. Popov,Yurii E. Lozovik,Boris V. Potapkin
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.physe.2011.07.018
Abstract: The possibility of designing nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) based on relative motion or vibrations of graphene layers is analyzed. Ab initio and empirical calculations of the potential relief of interlayer interaction energy in bilayer graphene are performed. A new potential based on the density functional theory calculations with the dispersion correction is developed to reliably reproduce the potential relief of interlayer interaction energy in bilayer graphene. Telescopic oscillations and small relative vibrations of graphene layers are investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. It is shown that these vibrations are characterized with small Q-factor values. The perspectives of nanoelectromechanical systems based on relative motion or vibrations of graphene layers are discussed.
Andrey Shevyakin
Sovremennye Issledovania Social?nyh Problem , 2012,
Abstract: In article modern conditions of reproduction and use of a manpower in regional economy are considered, factors of increase of social and economic differentiation in a society are allocated. Negative consequences of formation of a manpower in the conditions of their accruing differentiation are analyzed.
In vitro skin equivalents  [cached]
Hemant P. Joshi
Pharmaceutical Reviews , 2006,
Abstract: Sun Pharmaceutical Advanced research Centre (SPARC),17/B, Off Mahakali caves road, Mahal Indl. Estate,Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 093,INDIA,email : hemantjoshee@sify.comTo assess the role of genes required for skin organogenesis, tissue regeneration and homeostasis, in vitro skin equivalents composed of primary cells or cell lines, respectively. In these organotypic cocultures keratinocytes generate a normal epidermis irrespective of the species and tissue origin of fibroblasts. The combination of cells derived from mouse and human tissues facilitates the identification of the origin of compounds involved in epidermal tissue reconstitution and thus the precise analysis of growth regulatory mechanisms.Keywords: In vitro models, keratinocytes, fibroblasts, skin re-epithelialization, in situ hybridization, cadaver skin
Manpower Development for Effective Information Management in Nigeria  [PDF]
Rose Ojohwoh
International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment , 2011,
Abstract: The paper discussed manpower development and how it can bring about effective information management in Nigeria. It stressed that effective management of information can only be guaranteed when there is proper training to develop manpower irrespective of age and level of education. One of the problems found to be militating against effective management of information in Nigeria is shortage of technical manpower. As such, schools and institutions in Nigeria have the challenges to efficiently and effectively train manpower to meet the needs of modern information management. This can be done by starting from the cradle that is reviewing school curriculum generally. For our dream of effective management of information to be actualized, there is need to invest significant proportion of the country's wealth to manpower development.
3D heterostructures and systems for novel MEMS/NEMS
Victor Yakovlevich Prinz, Vladimir Alexandrovich Seleznev, Alexander Victorovich Prinz and Alexander Vladimirovich Kopylov
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials , 2009,
Abstract: In this review, we consider the application of solid micro- and nanostructures of various shapes as building blocks for micro-electro-mechanical or nano-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS). We provide examples of practical applications of structures created by MEMS/NEMS fabrication. Novel devices are briefly described, such as a high-power electrostatic nanoactuator, a fast-response tubular anemometer for measuring gas and liquid flows, a nanoprinter, a nanosyringe and optical MEMS/NEMS. The prospects are described for achieving NEMS with tunable quantum properties.
Few-hundred GHz Carbon Nanotube NEMS  [PDF]
J. O. Island,V. Tayari,A. C. McRae,A. R. Champagne
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1021/nl3018065
Abstract: We study 23 to 30 nm long suspended single-wall carbon nanotube quantum dots and observe both their stretching and bending vibrational modes. We use low-temperature DC electron transport to excite and measure the tubes' bending mode by making use of a positive feedback mechanism between their vibrations and the tunneling electrons. In these nano-electro-mechanical-systems (NEMS), we measure fundamental bending frequencies $f_{bend}\approx$ 75 - 280 GHz, and extract quality factors $Q \sim 10^{6}$. The NEMS' frequencies can be tuned by a factor of two with tension induced by mechanical breakjunctions actuated by an electrostatic force, or tension from bent suspended electrodes.
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